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That Beafiły Rabble that came donm pocry the Cause -up heretofore
From all the Garretts in the Town And bawl the Bishops-outof Door Are carbonar

And ftulls & Shop tvards in vapwarmd are now drann up in greater/heale Knights Citiz
With nen chalko Bills & mufiylimo ITReaft and Broil is on the toals Vitilo pôrth by R

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all Grendees of our Memberek
Tarhondo ng on the Embers; Bi

ens and Burgettes
umps ofNigs & Geefe, lae

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Who star'd about, as pale as death,
And, for awhile, as out of breath,
Till, having gathered up his wits,
He thus began his tale by fits :

That beastly rabble—that came down 1505
From all the garrets—in the town,
And stalls, and shopboards—in vast swarms,
With new-chalk'd bills, and rusty arms,

cry the cause-up, heretofore,
And bawl the Bishops—out of door ;
Are now drawn up—in greater shoals,
To roaft—and broil us on the coals;
And all the grandees—of our members
Are carbonading on the embers;
Knights, citizens, and burgesses-
Held forth by rumps—of pigs and geese,
That serve for characters—and badges
To represent their personages.



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