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Each bonfire is a funeral pile,
In which they roast, and scorch, and broil, 1520
And ev'ry representative
Have vow'd to roast and broil alive :
And 'tis a miracle we are not
Already facrific'd incarnate;
For while we wrangle here, and jar, 1525
We're grilly'd all at Temple-bar ;
Some, on the sign-post of an alehouse,
Hang in effigy, on the gallows,
Made up of rags to personate
Respective officers of state ;
That, henceforth, they may stand reputed,
Profcrib'd in law, and executed,
And, while the work is carrying on,
Be ready listed under Dun,
That worthy patriot, once the bellows,
And tinder-box of all his fellows;


1535 1540


The activ'st member of the five,
As well as the most primitive ;
Who, for his faithful service then,
Is chosen for a fifth agen:
For since the state has made a quint
Of generals, he 's listed in't.
This worthy, as the world will say,
Is paidin specie, his own way:
For, moulded to the life, in clouts,
Th' have pick'd from dunghills hereabouts,
He's mounted on a hazel bavin
A cropp'd malignant baker gave 'em ;
And to the largest bonfire riding,
They've roasted Cook already, and Pridein ;
On whom, in equipage and state,
His scare-crow fellow-members wait,
And march in order, two and two,
As at thanksgivings th' us’d to do,



Each in a tatter'd talisman,
Like vermin in effigy slain.
But, what's more dreadful than the rest,
Those rumps are but the tail o'th' beast,
Set up by popish engineers,
As by the crackers plainly appears ;
For none, but Jesuits, have a mission
To preach the faith with ammunition,
And propagate the church with powder ;
Their founder was a blown-up foldier.
Those sp’ritual pioneers o' th' whore's,
That have the charge of all her stores;
Since first they fail'd in their designs,
To take in heav'n by springing mines,
And, with unanswerable barrels
Of gunpowder, dispute their quarrels,
Now take a course more practicable,
By laying trains to fire the rabble,


1570 1575

And blow us up, in th’ open streets,
Disguis’d in rumps, like Sambenites,
More like to ruin and confound,
Than all their doctrines underground.
Nor have they chosen rumps amiss,
For symbols of state-mysteries ;
Tho' some suppose, 'twas but to shew
How much they scorn'd the saints, the few,
Who, 'cause they ’re wasted to the stumps,
Are represented best by rumps.
But Jesuits have deeper reaches
In all their politic far-fetches ;
And from the Coptic priest, Kircherus, 1585
Found out this mystic way to jeer us :
For, as the Egyptians us'd by bees
T'express their antique Ptolomies,
And by their stings, the swords they wore,
Held forth authority and pow'r ;


Because these subtle animals


Bear all their int’rests in their tails;
But when they 're once impair'd in that,
Are banish'd their well-order'd state :
They thought all governments were best, 1595
By hieroglyphic rumps exprest.
For, as in bodies natural,
The rump's the fundament of all ;
So, in a commonwealth or realm,
The government is called the helm :

With which, like vessels under fail,
They ’re turn'd and winded by the tail.
The tail, which birds and fishes steer,
Their courses with, thro' sea and air ;
To whom the rudder of the rump is 1605
The same thing with the stern and compass,
This shews, how perfectly the rump
And common-wealth in nature jump.

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