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Jerusalem’s original

Gop, unto Jerusalem; Thy birth and thy nativity is of the land of Canaan,; thy father war, an rito, and thy mother a Hittite.

4 And as for thy nativity, in the day thou wast born thy navel was not cut, neither wast thou washed in water to supple thee; thou wast o salted at all, nor swaddled at a

5 N9ne eye pitied thee, to do any of these unto thee, to have compassion upon, thee; but thou wast, cast, out in the open field, to the loathing of thy person, in the day that thou wastborn. 6, is And when, I passed by thee, and saw thee polluted in thine own blood, I said unto, thee when thou wast in thy blood, Live; yea, I said unto thee when thou wastin thy blood, Live. I have caused thee to multiply as the bud of the field, and thou hast increased and waxen great, and thou art come to excellent or. naments: thy breasts are fashioned, and thy hair is grown, whereas thou wast naked and bare. 8. Now when I passed § thee, and looked, upon thee, behold, # time was the time of sovo ini spread my skirt over thee, and covered thy nakedness; yea, Isware unto thee, and entered into a coyenant with thee, saith the Lord GQD3 and thou becamest mine. §: Then wish if the with water; yea, . I thoroughly washed away thy, blood from thee, and I anointed thee with oil. . 10 I clothed thee also with broidered work, and shod thee with badgers' skin, and I girded thee about with fine linen, and I covered thee with silk. 11 I decked thee also with ornaments, and Iput bracelets uponthy hands, and a chain on neck. And I put a jewel on, thy forehead, and ear-rings in thine ears, and a beautiful crown upon thy head. 13 Thus wast thou, decked with gold and silver; and thy raiment goas, of fine linen, and silk, and broidered work; thou didst eat fine flour, and honey, and oil; and thou was exceeding beautiful, and thou didst prosper into a king

om. 14 And thy renown went forth among the heathen for thy beauty: for it was perfect, through my comeliness, which I had put upon thee, saith the Lord God. . . . . 15 s[ But thou didst trust in thine

state described.

pouredst out thy fornications on every one that passed by; his it

Was. 16And of thy garments thou didst take, and deckedst thy high places with divers colours, and playedst the harlot, thereupon: to: like #. shall not come, neither shall It be so. . 17.Thou hast also taken thy fair jewels of of #! and of my silver, which ad given thee, and madest, to thyself images of men, and didst commit whoredom with

em. 18 And tookest thy broidered arments, and coveredst them: and thou hast set mine oil and mine incense before them. 19 My meat also which, I gave thee, fine flour, and oil, and honey, wherewith, I fed thee, thou hast even set it before them for a sweet savour; and thus it was, saith the Lord God. 20 Moreover, thou hast taken thy sons and thy daughters, whom thou hast borne unto me, and these ast thou sacrificed unto them to be devoured. Is this of thy whoredoms a small matter,, . 21 That thou hastslain my children, and delivered them to cause them jo pass through the fire for

22 And in all thine abominations

and thy whoredoms thou hast not

remembered the days of thy youth

when thou wast, naked ant

§ and wast polluted in thy 000.

23 And it came to pass, after all thy wickedness, (wo, wounto thee! saith the ford God,)

24 That thou hast also built unto thee, an eminent place, and hast made thee a high place in every

treet. 25 Thou hast built - thy high place at ‘. head of the way, and hast made thy beauty to be abhorred, and hast opened thy feet to every, one that passed by, and mgo. thy whoredoms. . 26. Thou hast, also committed fornication with the #so thy


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27 Behold, therefore I have
stretched out, my hand over thee,
and have diminished thine ordinary
food, and delivered thee unto the
will of them that, hate thee, , the
daughters of the Philistines, which
are ashamed of thy lewd way.
Thou hast, played the whore
also with the Assyrians, because

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thou wast unsatiable; ** thou

Jerusalem's unnatural EZEKIEL, abominations and zchoredoms

hast played the harlot with them, and yet couldest not be satisfi

ed. 29. Thou hast, moreover, multi-. plied thy fornication in the land of Çanaan unto Chaldea ; and, yet thou wast not satisfied herewith. 30 How weak is thy heart, saith the Lord GoD, seeing thou doest all these things, the work of an imperious, whorish woman; 3i in that thou buildest, thine too in the head of every way, and makest thy high o lil every street; and hast not been as a harlot, in that thou scornest

lre; 32. But as a wife that committeth adultery, which taketh strangers instead of her husband! 33 They give gifts to all whores: but thou givest thy, gifts to all thy lovers, and hirest them, that they may come unto thee on every side for thy whoredom. - 34 And the contrary is in thee from other women in thy whoredoms, whereas none followeth thee to commit whoredoms: and in that thou, givest a reward, and no reward is given unto thee; therefore thquartoontrary. 35 | Wherefore, Oharlot, hear the word of the LQRD: 36 Thus saith, the Lord God; Because thy filthiness was poured out, and thy nakedness discovered through thy whoredoms, with thy lovers, and with all the idols of thy abominations, and by the blood of thy children, which thou didst give unto them : 37 Behold, therefore, I will gather all thy lovers, with whom thou hast taken pleasure, and all them that thou hast loved, with all them that thou hast hated; I will even gather them, round about against thee, and will discover thy nakedness unto them, that they may see all thy nakedness. . 38 And I will judge thee, as women that break wedlock, and shed blood are judged ; and I will give thee blood in fury and jea

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41 And they shall burn thy houses with fire, and execute judgments upon thee in the #: of many women: and I, will gause thee to cease from playing the harlot, and thou also shalt give no hire any

in Ore.

42 So will I make my fury toward thee to rest, and my jealous shall depart from thee, and I .# be quiet, and be no more

angry. '# Because thou hast not remembered the days of thy, youth, but hast fretted me in all these things; behold, therefore, I also will recompense thy way, upon thy head, saith the Lord God ... and thou shalt not, commit this. lewdness above all thine abominations. 44 "I Behold, every one that useth proverbs, shall use is proverb against thee, saying, As is uţor ther, so is her daughter. 35 Thou art thymother's daugh: ter, that loatheth her husband and her children; and thou art the sister. of thy sisters, which leathed their husbands and their children your mother was a Hittite, and your father, an Arnorite. 46. And thine elder sister is Samaria, she and her daughters that dwell at thy left hand; and thy younger sister, that dwelleth at th; right hand, is Sodom and her daughters. 37 yet hast thou not walked after their ways, nor done after their abominations: but as if thct were a very little thing, thou wast corrupted more than they, in all thy Ways. - 48.4s I live, saith the Lord God, Sodom sh; sister hath not done, she nor her daughters, as thou hast done, thou and thy daugh

ers. 49 Behold, this was the ini#. of thy sister #". ulness of bread, and, abundance of idleness was in her and in her daughters, neither did she strengthen the hand of the poor and needy. 50 And they were haughty, and committed abomination before me; therefore. I took them away as i

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mitted half of thy sins: but thou

mast multiplied thine

more than they, and hast justified thine

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mitted more abominable than they:

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discovered, as at the time of thy
reproach of the daughters of Syria,
and all that are round about her, v
the daughters of
which despise thee round about.

and thine abominations, saith the I will even deal with thee as thou hast done, which hast despised the oath in breaking the covenant.

ber my covenant with thee in the days of thy

shame, in that thou hast thy sisters., . - When I shall bring again their

aughters, and the captiviSamaria and her daughters,

return to your for56. For thy sister Sodom was not

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the Philistines,

Thou hast borne thy lewdness

on D. 59. For thus saith the Lord God:

evertheless, I will remem

*: and I will establish unto thee an everlasting covenant. t;1. Then thou shalt remember thy ways, and be ashamed, when tiou shalt receive thy sisters, thine elder and thy younger: and I will give them unto thee for daughters, out not by thy covenant: 62 And I will establish my covemant with thee; and thou shalt know that I am the Lok D : §3. That thou may est remember, and be confounded, ond never open thymouth any more because of thy shame, when I am pacified toward

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and speak a parable unto the house

of Israel; 3 And say, Thus saith the Lord Gop; A great eagle with great


Zedekiah’s judgment thers, which had divers colours, game unto Lebanon, and took the high. branch of the cedar: He cropped off the top of his so twigs, and carried it into a and of traffic ; he set it in a city of merchants. 5 He, took also of the seed of the land, and planted it in a fruitful field ; he placed it, by great waters, Set it as a willow-tree. nd it grew, and became a to: vine of low stature whose branches turned toward him, and the roots thereof were under him: so it became a vine, and brought forth branches, and shot forth sprigs. There was also another great eagle with great wings, and many feathers: and behold, this vine did bend her roots toward him, and shot forth her brancies toward him. that he might water it by the furrows of her plantation. 8. It was planted in a good soil by ;"| waters, that it might bring forth branches, and that it might bear fruit, that it might be a goodly

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wings, long-winged, full of fea

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Christ's kingdom promised. EZE

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ead. 20 And I will spread my net upon him, and he shall be taken in my snare, and I will bring him to Babylon, and will plead with him there for his trespass that he hath trespassed against me. ... 21, And all his fugitives with all his bands, shall fall by the sword, and they that remain shall be scattered toward all winds: and ye shall know that I the LoRD have spoken it. ? I Thus saith the Lord God, I will also take of the highest branch of the high gedar, and will set it; I will crop off from the top of his young twigs a tender one, and will plant it upon a high mountain and eminent: - 23 In the mountain of the height of Israel will I § it: and it shall bring forth boughs, and bear fruit, and be a §§§ cedar: and under it shall, dwell all fowl of every wing; in the shadow o

the branches thereof shall they lb well

24 And all the trees of the field shall know that, I the Lord have brought down the high tree, have exalted the low tree, have dried up the green tree, and have made the dry tree to flourish : I, th LoRD have spoken and have done t


. . . CHAP. xviii. Unjust Parable of sour Grapes. E. word of the LoRD came

; .unto me again, saying,

2. What mean ye, that ye use this ob concerning the land of srael, saying, The fathers have eaten sour grapes, and the children's teeth are set on edge?

KIEL, The equity of more to use this proverb in

rael. 4 Behold, all souls are mine; as e soul of the father, so also the soul of the son, is mine: the soul that sinneth, it shall die: 5 of But is a man be just, and de that which is lawful and right, 6 And hath. not eaten upon the mountains, neither hath lif up his eyes to the idols of the house of Israel, neither hath defiled neighbour's wife, neither Come near to a menstruous woman, And hath not oppressed any, but, hath restored to the debtor his o hath spoiled none by vioence, hath #. his bread to the hungry, and hath covered the naked with a garment; 8 He that hath, not given forth upon usury, neither, hath taken any, increase, that hath withdraw: his hand from iniquity, hath executed true judgment between man

and man, 9. Hath walked in my statutes,

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a son that is a robber, ashedder of blood, and that ; the like to any one of these things, 11 And that, doeth not any of those duties, but even hath eaten upon the mountains, and defiled his nogo wife, sed th and an oppres e poor needy, hath spoiled by violence hath not restored the pledge, and hath lifted up his eyes to the idols, hath committed abomination, 13 Hath given forth upon usury, and hath taken increase: shall he then live? he shall not live: he hath done all these abominations; he shall surely die; his blood shall *N.ho...of OW 10, e et a son, that seeth all his {{...}: which he hath done, and considereth, and doeth not such like, 5 That hath not eaten upon the mountains, neither hath HR. up his eyes to the idols of the house of Israel, hath not defiled his neigho:ir hath ressed either hath opp any, hath not withholden the is: neither hath spoiled, by violence, but hath given his bread to the hungry, ... and hath covered the naked with a garment, 17 That hath taken off his hand from the poor, that hath not reCelv Alsury nor increase, hath

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executed my judgments, hath walked in my statutes; he shal

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God's dealings.

not die for the iniquity of his father, he shall o;

18,54s for his father, because he *". oppressed, spoiled his brother by violence, and did that which is not good among his people, lo, even he shall die in his no


the son bear the iniquity of the father? When the son haih done that which is lawful and right, and ha kept all jo, statutes, and hath done them, he shall surely live., .

20 The jthat sinneth, it shall die. The son shall not bear the iniquity of the father, neither shall the father bear the iniquity of the son: the righteousness of the #. ous, shall upon him, and, the wickedness of the wicked shall be upon him. -

21 But if the wicked will turn from all his sins that he hath committed, and keep all. my statutes and do that, which is lawful an right, he shall surely live, he shall

not die. 22 All his transgressions that he hath committed, they shall not be mentioned unto him: in his righteQusness that he hath done he shall lve. 23 Have I any pleasure, at all that the wicked should die? saith he Lord God: and not that he should return from his ways, an

vei 24 || But when the righteous turneth, away from his righteousness, and committeth,iniquity, and doeth according to all the abominations that the wicked man doeth, shall he live? All his righteousness that he hath done shall not be mentioned: in his trespass that he hath #o. and in his sin, that he hath sinned, in them shall he die. 25 T.Yet ye say, The way of the Loop"is not equal. Hear now, Ö house of Israel; Is not my way equal 4 are not your ways un

•ol When a righteous man turnway 1rom nus rig r eth away from his righteousness and committeth iniquity, and dieth in them; for his iniquity that he hath done, shall he die; 27 Again, when, the , . wicked man turneth away from his wickedness that he hath , committed and doeth, that which is jawful #. right, he shall save his soul lve. 28 Because he considereth and turneth away from is transessions that he hath committed, i. shall surely live, he shall not


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XIX. Israel's princes lamented

29 Yet saith the house of Israel. The way of the Lord is not equal O house of Israel, are not my ways | # are not your ways un

* Therefore, I will judge you, O house of Israel, everyone according to his ways, saith the Lord God. pent, and turn yourselves from all so. transgressions; so iniquity shall not be your ruin. 31 T. Cast away from you all }. transgressions, whereby ye ave transgressed; and make you a new heart and a new spirit: for why will ye die, O house of Israel ? 32, For I have no pleasure in the death of him that dieth, saith the Lord GoD :, wherefore turn yourselves, and live ye. Ap. xix. Parable of the Lion's Whelps. QREOVER, take thou up a lamentation for the princes of

rael, 2.And say, What is thy mother? A lioness: she lay down among lions, she mourished her whelps among young lions. 3 And she brought up one of her whelps: it became a young lion, and it learned to catch the prey; it devoured men. 4 The nations also heard of him; he was taken in their pit, and they brought him with chains unto the land of of: 5. Now when, she saw that, she had waited, and her hope was lost, then she took another of herwhelps, and made him a young lion. 6 And he went up and down among the lions, he came a young lion, and learned to catch e prey, and devoured men. And he knew their desolate pa" laces, and he laid waste their cities; and the land was desolate, and the fulness thereof, by the noise of his roaring. - - 8Then themations set against him on every side from the provinces, and spread their net, over : he was taken in their pit. . 9 And they put him, in ward in chains, and brought him to the king of Babylon;, they brought him into holds, that his voice should no moré be heard upon the mountains of Israel. - - - o bl o mother is like o in ood, plan y the waters: . was #. and full of branches by reason of many waters. 11 And she had o for the sceptres of them that bare rule, and her stature was exal

ted among the thick brancond she

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