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reflections which are the produce of many years enquiry: so, I hope, my reader will not be surprized, or make it a matter of complaint, is he should find me in one part to differ from myself in another; but would rather think it strange, is I should not, seeing it is what men of free enquiry are always liable to; because those evidences, which are the ground of their persuasions, are, by such enquiry, liable to be differently perceived by them. A proper and well-grounded assent to the truth os any proposition, is found- . ed on a perception of the evidence, upon which the truth of that proposition is supposed to depend: and, therefore, as our perception of such evidence is, in many cases, liable to alter and change; that is; what we perceive to


be conclusive to day may appear otherwise to morrow j so our opinions arc liable to alter and change likewise. And as I have, in the course of my enquiries, had a strict regard to truth, and this has led me sometimes to differ from myself, by a change of my opinions: so I am ready to retract and

give up my opinion I have embraced or maintained, when mch farther evidence shall appear, as renders it just and proper so to do.

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Tract. IX. An Enquiry concerning the justice of*

God. 222

Tract. X. An Enquiry concerning Infinite justice,

and Infinite Satisfaction'.. 242

Tract. XL An Enquiry concerning Faith and My-

steries: Or, a four-fold Enquiry; first, what Faith

is; secondly, what the object of Faith is; thirdly,

what a Mystery is; fourthly, whether a Mystery

is the Object of Faith. 249

Tract. XII. An Enquiry concerning the Use of Rea-

son in matters of Revelation. 261

Tract. XIII. An Enquiry concerning Prayer 265

Tract. XIV. An Enquiry concerning the Unity, or

Oneness of the Church, or Body of Christ. 296

Tract. XV. An Enquiry into that important Questi-
. en, tyhether Christ is sole King in his own Kingdom?

.gtr, Whether the Civil Magistrate, or the Pastors in

Christ's Church, are invested with Authority to rule

Christ's Subjects, by making Laws to direct their

Behaviour and Conduct in Christ's Service? which'

Laws they (viz. Christ's Subjects) are obliged in

Conscience to pay active Obedience to. In a Letter

te a Gentleman. 325

Tract. XVI. Part of a Letter to another Gentleman,

relating to the foregoing Enquiry. 335

Tract. XVII. The Previous Question, with Re-

. gard to Religion. Humbly offered to be considered,

in Order to the Settling and Determining all other

Questions on this Subject. 339

Tract. XVIII. A Supplement to the Previous

Question, with Regard to Religion, Wherein se-

veral Objections made to the Previous Question are

examined, and in which God's Moral Character,

is more fully vindicated, fit a Letter to a Friend.


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