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me all his heart. Then the hath delivered into our hands lords of the Philistines came our enemy, and the destroyer up unto her, and brought of our country, which flew money in their hand.

many of us. 19 And she made him

25 And it came to pass sleep upon her knees.

And when their hearts were merthe called for a man, and ty, that they faid, Call for the caused him to shave off Samson, that he may make the seven locks of his head, us fport. And they called and she began to afflict him, for Samfon out of the priand his strength went from fon-house; and he made him.

them sport: and they sot 20 And she said, The Phi- him between the pillars. listines be upon thee, Sam 26 And Samson said unto ron. And he awoke out of the lad that held him by his sleep, and said, I will go the hand, Suffer me that I out as at other times before, may feel the pillars where and shake myself. And he upon the house standeth, wist not that the Lord was that I may lean


them. departed from him.

27 Now the house was 21 q But the Philistines full of men and women : took him, and put out his and all the lords of the Phieyes, and brought him down liftines were there : and there to Gaza, and bound him were upon the roof about with fetters of brafs; and he three thousand men and wodid grind in the prison- men, that beheld while Samhouse.

fon made sport. 22 Howbeit, the hair of 28 And Samson called his head began to grow unto the Lord, and faid, Q ugain, after he was fhaven. Lord God, remember me,

237 Then the lords of the I pray three, and strengthen Philistines gathered them to me, I pray thee, only this gether, for to offer a great once, O God, that I may facrifice unto Dagon their be at once avenged of the god, and to rejoice: for they Philistines for my two eyes. said, Our god hath delivered 29 And Samfon took hold Samson our enemy into our of the two middle pillars hand.

upon which the house stood, 24 And when the people and on which it was borné saw him, they praised their up, of the one with his right god : for they faid, Our god hånd; and of the other with

his left.

in his life. 30 And Samson said, Let 3. Then his brethren, and me die with the Philistines: all the house of his father,

and he bowed himself with came down and took him, I all his might; and the houfe and brought him up, and bu

fell upon the lords, and upon ried him between Zorah all the people that were and Eshtaol, in the burying . therein. So the dead which place of Manoah his father : he flew at his death were and he judged Ifrael twenty more than they which he few years.

From the Book of R U T H.



5 And Mahlon and ChiOW it came to pass lion died also both of them:

in the days when the and the woman was left of judges ruled, that there was her two fons and her hufa famine in the land. And band. a certain man of Beth-lehem, 6 & Then she arose with judah went to sojourn in the her daughters-in-law, that country of Moab, he and his she might return from the wife and his two sons.

country of Moab: for the 2 And the name of the had heard in the country of man was Elimelech, and the Moab, how that the Lord name of his wife Naomi, had visited his people in give and the name of his two ing them bread. fons Mahlon and Chilion, 7 Wherefore she went Ephraithites of Beth-lehem-forth out of the place where judah. And they came into the was, and her two daughthe country of Moab, and ters-in-law with her: and continued there.

they went on the way to re3 And Elimelech Naomi's turn unto the land of Judah. husband died; and she was 8 And Naomi said unto left, and her two sons. her two daughters-in-law,

4 And they took them Go, return each to her mowives of the women of Mo-ther's house; the Lord deal abs the me of the one kindly with you, as ye have was Orpah, and the name of dealt with the dead, and with the other Ruth: and they me. dwelled there about ten years. 9 The Lord grant you




that ye may find rest, each me not to leave thee, or ta of you in the house of her return from following after husband. Then the kissed thee: for whither thou goeft, them. And they lifted up I will go; and where thou their voice and wept. lodgest, I will lodge: thy

10 And they said unto her, people hall be my people, Surely we will return with and thy God my God: thee unto thy people.

17 Where thou dieft will 11 And Naomi said, Turn I die, and there will I be again, my daughters; why buried: the Lord do fo to will ye go with me? are me, and more also, if ought there yet any more sons in my but death part thee and me. womb, that they may be your 18 When she saw that the husbands?

was stedfastly minded to go 12 Turn again, my daugh- with her, then she left speakters, go your ways : for I am ing unto her. too old to have an husband. So they two went until If I should say, I have hope, they came to Beth-lehem, if I should have an husband And it came to pass when also to night, and should also they were come to Bethbear fons ;

lehem, that all the city was 13 Would ye tarry for moved about them; and they them till they were grown? said, Is this Naomi ? would ye stay for them from 20 And she said unta having husbands? nay, my them, Call me not Naomi; daughters, for it grieved me call me Mara : for the Almuch for your lakes, that mighty hath dealt very bitthe hand of the Lord is gone terly with me, out against me.

21 I went out full, and 14. And they lift up their the Lord hath brought me voice, and wept again: and home again empty: why then Orpah kissed her mother- call ye me Naomi, seeing in-law: but Ruth clave unto the Lord hath teftified against her.

me, and the Almighty hath 15 And she said, Behold, afflicted mę? thy fifter-in-law is gone back 22 So Naomi returned, unto her people, and unto and Ruth the Moabitefs her her gods : return thou after daughter-in-law with her, thy lifter-in-law.

which returned out of the 16 And Ruth said, Intreat country of Moab. And they



came to Beth-lehem in the you, let me glean, and

ga beginning of barley-harvest. ther after the reapers, among

the sheaves : so she came, CHAP. II.

and hath continued even from ND Naomi had a kinf- the morning until now, that

man of her husband's, the arried a little in the a mighty man of wealth, of house. the family of Elimelech; and 8 9 Then said Boaz unto his name was Boaz.

Ruth, Hearest thou not, my 2 And Ruth the Moabi- daughter? Go not to glean tess said unto Naomi, Let in another field, neither go me now go to the field, and from hence, but abide here glean ears of corn after him fast by my maidens: in whose fight I shall find

9 Let thine


be on the grace. And she said unto field that they do reap, and her, Go, my daughter. go thou after them: have I

3 And she went, and came, not charged the young men and gleaned in the field af- that they shall not touch ter the reapers : and her hap thee? and when thou art was to light on a part of the athirst, go unto the vessels, field belonging unto Boaz, and drink of that which the who was of the kindred of young men have drawn. Elimelech.

10 Then she fell on her 4 And behold, Boaz face, and bowed herself to came from Beth-lehem, and the ground, and said unto faid unto the reapers, The him, Why have I found Lord be with you and they grace in thine eyes, that answered him, The Lord thou shouldest take knowbless thee.

ledge of me, seeing I am a 5 Then said Boaz unto stranger ? his servant that was set over I And Boaz answered, the reapers, Whose damsel and said unto her, It hath is this?

fully been shewn me all that 6 And the servant that thou hast done unto thy mowas set over the reapers, ther-in-law' since the death answered and said, It is the of thine husband: and how Moabitish damsel that came thou hast left thy father and back with Naomi out of the thy mother, and the land of country of Moab :

thy nativity, and art come 7 And she said, I pray unto a people which thou


i knewest

knewest not heretofore. her mother-in-law faw what

12 The Lord recompense she had gleaned. And Ibe thy work, and a full reward brought forth and gave to be given thee of the Lord her that she had reserved God of Israel, under whose after she was sufficed. wings thou art come to trust. 19 And her mother-in

13 Then she faid, Let me law said unto her, Where find favour in thy sight, my haft thou gleaned to-day? lord: for that thou hast com- and where wroughtest thou? forted me, and for that thou blessed be he that did take haft spoken friendly unto knowledge of thee. And thine handmaid, though I be the fhewed her mother-innot like unto one of thine law with whom she had handmaidens.

wrought, and said, The man's 14 And Boaz faid unto name with whom I have her, At meal-time come thou wrought to-day is Boaz. bither, and eat of the bread, 20 And Naomi said unto and dip thy morfel in the her daughter-in-law, Blessed vinegar. And she sat befide be he of the Lord, who hath the reapers ; and he reached not left off his kindness to her parched corn, and she the living and to the dead. did eat, and was sufficed, and And Naomi said unto her, left.

the man is near of kin unto 15 And when she was us, one of our next kinsmen. rifen up to glean, Boaz com 21 And Ruth the Moab. manded his young men, fay-itess faid, He said unto mo ing, Let her glean even also, Thou shalt keep fast among the sheaves, and re- by my young men, until they proach her not:

have ended all


harveft, 16 And let fall also fome of 22 And Naomi said unto the handfuls on purpose for Ruth her daughter-in-law, her, and leave them that she It is good, my daughter, that máy glean them, and rebuke thou go out with his maidher not.

ens, that they meet thee not 17 So fhe gleaned in the in any other field. field until even, and beat 23 So she kept fast by the out that she had gleaned : maidens of Boaz, to glean and it was about an ephah until the end of barley-harof barley.

veft, and of wheat-harvest; 18 And the took it up, and dwelt with her motherand went into the city. And I in-law,


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