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From the First Book of SAMUEL.

the beggar from the dunghill, CHAP. II.

to set them among princes, ND Hannah prayed, and to make them inherit the

and said, My heart re-throne of glory: for the piljoiceth in the Lord, mine lars of the earth are the horn is exalted in the Lord : Lord's, and he hath set the my mouth is enlarged over world upon them. mine enemies : because I re

9 He will keep the feet of joice in thy falvation.

his saints, and the wicked 2 There is none holy as shall be silent in darkness : the Lord: for there is none for by strength shall no man beside thee : neither is there prevail. any rock like our God,

10 The adverfaries of the 3 Talk no more so ex- Lord shall be broken to pie. ceeding proudly; let notar- ces : out of heaven shall he rogancy come out of your thunder upon them: the Lord mouth: for the Lord is a thall judge the ends of the God of knowledge, and by earth; and he shall give him actions are weighed. strength unto his king, and

4 The bows of the mighty exalt the horn of his amen are broken, and they nointed. that tumbled are girded with 11 And Elkanah went to

Ramah to his house: and the 5 They that were full, have child did minister unto the hired out themselves for Lord before Eli the priest. breau; and they that were 12 9 Now the sons of hungry, ceased ; so that the Eli were fons of Belial : they barren hath borne seven, and knew not the Lord. she that hath many children is 13 And the priest's culwaxed feeble.

tom with the people was, that 6 i'he Lord killeth, and when any man offered sacria maketh alive ; he bringeth fice, the priest's servant came, down to the grave, and bring, while the flesh was in feeth

ing, with a felh hook of three 7 The Lord maketh poor, teeth in his hand; and maketh rich : he bring

14 And he struck it inta eth low, and lifteth up. the pan, or kettle, or caldron,

8 He raiseth up the poor or pot: all that the fleshout of the dust, and lifteth up hook brought up, the priest



eth up:

took for himself. So they Hannah, so that fhe condid in Shiloh, unto all the ceived and bare three sons Ifraelites that came thither. and two daughters. And the

15 Also before they burnt child Samuel grew before the the fat, the priest's servant Lord. came, and said to the man 22 q Now Eli was veryold, that facrificed, Give flesh to and heard all that his sons did roast for the priest: for he unto all Ifrael; and how they will not have fodden flesh of lay with the women that althee, but raw.

sembled at the door of the 16 And if any man said tabernacle of the congregaunto him, Let them not fail tion. to burn the fat presently, and 23 And he said unto them, then take as much as thy soul Why do ye such things? for defireth; then he would an- I hear of your evil dealings fwer him, Nay; but thou shalt by all this people. give it me now: and if not, 24 Nay, my sons : for it is I will take it by force. no good report that I hear :

17 Wherefore the fin of ye make the Lord's people the young men was very great to tranfgress. before the Lord: for men 25 If one man sin against abhorred the offering of the another, the judge shall judge Lord.

him: but if a man sin against 18 9 But Samuel minif- the Lord, who shall intreat tered before the Lord, being for him ? notwithstanding a child, girded with a linen they hearkened not unto the ephod.

voice of their father, because 19 Moreover, his mother the Lord would say them. made him a little coat, and 26 And the child Samuel brought it to him from year grew on, and was in favour to year, when she came up both with the Lord, and also with her husband to offer the with men. yearly facrifice.

27 9 And there came a 20 q And Eli blessed El-man of God unto Eli, and kanah and his wife, and said unto him, Thus faith the faid, The Lord give thee feed Lord, Did I plainly appear of this woman, for the loan unto the house of thy father, which is lent to the Lord. when they were in Egypt in And they went unto their Pharaoh's house? own home.

28 And did I choose him 21 And the Lord visited ou of all the tribes of Israel

to be my priest, to offer upon grieve thine heart: and all mine altar, to burn incense, the increase of thine house to wear an ephod before me? Thall die in the flower of and did I give unto the house their age. of thy father all the offerings 34 And this shall be a sign made by fire of the children unto thee that shall come of Israel?

upon thy two sons, on 29 Wherefore kick ye at Hophni and Phinehas : in my facrifice, and at mine of- one day they shall die both of fering, which I have com- them. manded in my habitation, and 35 And I will raise me up honourest thy fons above me, a faithful priest, that shall do to make yourselves fat with according to that which is the chiefest of all the offer- in mine heart and in my ings of Israel my people? mind : and I will build him

30 Wherefore the Lord a fure house ; and he shall God of Israel faith, I said in-) walk before mine Anointed deed, that thy house and the for ever. house of thy father should 36 And it shall come to walk before me for ever: but pass, that every one that is now the Lord faith, Be it far left in thine house shall come from me; for them that ho- and crouch to him for a piece nour me I will honour, and of silver, and a morsel of they that despise me shall be bread, and shall say, Put me, lightly esteemed.

I pray thee, into one of the 3. Behold, the days come priests' offices, that I may eat that I will cut off thine arm, a piece of bread. and the arm of thy father's house, that there shall not be CHAP. III. an old man in thine house.

ND the child Samuel 32

And thou shalt see an ministered unto the enemy in my habitation, in Lord before Eli. And the all the wealth which God shall word of the Lord was pregive Ifrael: and there shall cious in those days; there not be an old man in thine was no open vision. house for ever.

2 And it came to pass at 33 And the man of thine, that time, when Eli was laid whom I shall not cut off from down in his place, and his mine altar, shall be to con- eyes began to wax dim, that fume thine eyes, and to he could not fee;


3 And ere the lamp off and stood, and called as at God went out in the temple other times, Samuel, Samuof the Lord, where the ark of el. Then Samuel answered, God was, and Samuel was Speak; for thy servant hearlaid down to sleep;

eth. 4. That the Lord called If And the Lord faid Samuel. And he answered, to Samuel, Behold, I will do Here am I.

a thing in Israel, at which 5 And he ran unto Eli, both the ears of every one and said, Here am I; for that heareth it shall tingle. thou calledst me. And he 12 In that day I will perfaid, I called not ; lię down form against Eli all things again. And he went and lay which I have spoken consown.

cerning his house : when I 6 And the Lord called begin, I will also make an yet again, Samuel. - Andend. Samuel arose and went to 13 For I have told him, Eli, and said, Here am I ; for that I will judge his house thou didst call me. And he for ever, for the iniquity answered, I called not, my which he knoweth : because fon ; lie down again, his fons made themselves

7 Now Samuel did not yet vile, and he restrained them know the Lord, neither was not. the word of the Lord yet re 14 And therefore I have vealed unto him.

sworn unto the house of Eli, 8 And the Lord called that the iniquity of Eli's Samuel again the third time. house shall not be purged. And he arose and went to with facrifice nor offering for Eli, and said, Here am I; forever. thou didst call me. And 15 9 And Samuel lay until Eli perceived that the Lord the morning, and opened the had called the child.

doors of the house of the 9 Therefore Eli said unto Lord. And Samuel feared Samuel, Go, lie down: and to shew Eli the vision. it shall be, if he call thee, that 16 Then Eli called Sathou shalt fay, Speak Lord; muel, and said, Samuel, my for thy servant heareth. So son. And he answered, here Samuel went and lay down am I. in his place.

17 And he said, What is 10 And the Lord came the thing that the Lord hath

said unto thee? I pray thee, 1


hide it not from me? God donets againit me before the

fó to thee, and more also, if | Lord, and before his anthou hide any thing fro:n me nointed : whole ox have [ of all the things that he faid taken? or whose ass lave I unto thee.

taken? or whom have I de18 And Samuel told him frauded ? whom have I opevery whit, and hid nothing pressed? or of whose hand from him. And he fait, lt' have I received any bribe to is the Lord : let him do what blind mine eyes therewith? feemeth him good.

and I will restore it

you. 199 And Samuel grew, and 4 And they faid, Thou the Lord was with him, and hast not defrauded us, nor did let none of his words fall oppressed us, neither haft to the ground.

thou taken ought of any 20 And all Ifrael, from man's hand. Dan even to Beer-fheba, 5 And he said unto them, knew that Samuel was estab- The Lord is witness against lished to be a prophet of the you, and his anointed is witLord.

ness this day, that ye have 21 And the Lord appear- not found ought in my hand. ed again in Shiloh ; for the And they answered, He is Lord revealed himself to Sa-witness. muel in Shiloh by the word of 69 And Samuel faid unto the Lord.

the people, It is the Lord

that advanced Mofes and CHAP. XII.

Aaron, and that brought ND Samuel faid unto your fathers up out of the

all Ifrael, Behold, I land of Egypt. have hearkened unto your

7 Now therefore itand voice in all that ye faid unto ftill, that I may reason with me, and have made a king you before the Lord, of all

the righteous acts of the 2 And now, behold, the Lord, which he did to you king walketh before you : and to your fathers. and I am old and gray-head 8 When Jacob was come ed; and behold my sons are into Egypt, and your fathers with you: and I have walked cried unto the Lord, then the before you from my child. Lord sent Mofes and Aaron, hood unto this day

which brought forth your



over you.

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