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is pleasant, and praise is ened the bars of thy gates :: somely.

he hath blessed thy children 2 The Lord doth build up within thee. Jerusalem : he gathereth to 14 He maketh peace in gether the outcasts of Il-thy borders, and filleth thee rael.

with the finest of the wheat. 3

He healeth the broken 15 He sendeth forth his in heart, and bindeth up their commandment upon earth : wounds.

his word


very He telleth the number (wiftly. of the stars; he calleth them

16 He giveth snow like all by their names.

wool: he scattereth the hoar, 5 Great is our Lord, and frost like alhes. of great power : his under 17 He cafteth forth his standing is infinite.

ice like morsels : who can 6 The Lord lifteth up the stand before his cold? meek: he cafteth the wicked 18 He sendeth out his down to the ground. word, and melteth them; he

7 Sing unto the Lord with causeth his wind to blow, and thanksgiving : fing praises the waters flow. upon the harp unto our God. 19 He sheweth his word

8 Who covereth the hea- unto Jacob, his statutes and ven with clouds, who prepa- his judgments unto Ifrael. reth rain for the earth, who 20 He hath not dealt se maketh grass to grow upon with any nation: and as for the mountains.

his judgments, they have not 9 He giveth to the beast known them. Praise ye

the his food, and to the young Lord. ravens which cry.

PSALM CXLVIII. 10 He delighteth not in the strength of the horse: he RAISE ye the Lord. . taketh not pleasure in the Praise


the Lord from legs of a man.

the heavens : praise him in in The Lord taketh plea- the heights. sure in them that fear him, in 2 Praise ye him, all his anthose that hope in his mercy. gels: praise ye, him, all his

12 Praise the Lord, O Jé-hosts. rusalem ; praise thy God, o 3 Praise ye him, fun and Zion.

moon : praise him, all ye stars 13 For he hath frength of light.

4 Praise


that be above the heavens. PRAISE ye the Lord :

4 Praise him, ye heavens

PSALM CXLIX. of heavens, and ye waters



the Lord: the

à name of the Lord: for he new song, and his praise in commanded, and they were the congregation of saints. created.

2 Let Israel rejoice in him 6 He hath also ftablished that made him : let the them them for ever and ever: children of Zion be joyful in he hath made a decree which their King. shall not pafs.

3 Let them "praise his 7

Praise the Lord from name in the dance ; let them the earth, ye dragons, and all sing praises unto him with deeps :

the timbrel and harp. 8 Fire and hail : snow 4 For the Lord taketh and vapour : stormy wind pleasure in his people: he will fulfilling his word;

beautify the meek with fal. 9 Mountains, and all hills; vation. fruitful trees, and all cedars; 5 Let the faints be joyful

10 Beasts and all cattle; in glory: let them fing aloud creeping things, and flying upon their beds. fowl;

PSALM CL, 1 Kings of the earth, and all people, princes, and all RAISE ye the Lord, judges of the earth;

Praise God in his fanca 12 Both young men and tuary: praise him in the firmaidens ; old men and chil-mament of his power.

2 Praise him for his mighty 13 Let them praise the acts: praise him according name of the Lord; for his to his excellent greatness. name alone is excellent; his 3 Praise him with the glory is above the earth and sound of the trumpet : praise heaven.

him with the psaltery and 14 He also exalteth the harp. horn of his people, the praise 4 Praise him with the of all his faints; even of the timbrel and dance : praise children of Israel, a people him with stringed instrunear unto him. Praise ye ments and organs. the Lord.

5 Praise him upon the



A 2 3

loud cymbals, praise him 6 Let every thing that upon

the high - founding hath breath praise the Lord, cymbals. 1



the Lord.

;"? The PRO VER BS.


10 & My son, if finners proverbs of Sorentice thee, consent thou lomon the son of Dar not. vid, king of Israel;

11 If they say, Come with 2. To know wisdom and us, let us lay wait for blood, instruction, to perceive the let us lurk privily for the inwords of understanding ;nocent without cause :

3. To 'receive the initruc 12. Let us swallow them tion of wisdom, justice, and up alive as the grave; and judgment, and equity; whole, as those that go down

4 To give subtilty to the into the pit : simple, to, the young man 13 We shall find all preciknowledge and discretion. ous substance, we shall fill

5 A wise man will hear, our houses with spoil : and will increase learning; 14 Caft in thy lot among and a man of understanding us; let us all have one Thall attain unto wise coun- purse ; fels :

15 My son, walk nct thou 6 To understand a pro- in the way with them ; reverb, and the interpretation : frain thy foot from their the words of the wire, and path. their dark fayings.

16 For their feet run to : 79 The fear of the Lord evil, and make haite to shed is the beginning of know- blood. ledge: but fools defpise wif 17 Surely in vain the net doin and instruction. is spread in the sight of any

8 My son, hear the in- bird. struction of thy father, and 18 And they lay wait for forlake not the law of thy their own blood; they lurk mother:

privily for their own lives, i 9. For they shall be an or- 19 So are the ways of nainent of grace untó thy every one that is greedy of head, and chains about thy gain; which taketh away the

life of the owners thereof. choose the fear of the Lord. 209 Wisdom crieth with

30 They would none of out; she uttereth her voice my counsel, they despised all in the streets :

my reproof. 21 She crieth in the chief 31 Therefore shall they place of concourse, in the eat of the fruit of their own openings of the gates : in way, and be filled with their the city the uttereth her own devices. words, saying,

32 For the turning away 22 How long, ye fimple of the simple shall slay them, ones, will ye love fimplicity; and the prosperity of fools and the scorners delight in Thall destroy them. their scorning, and fools hate 33 But whoso hearkeneth knowledge ?

unto me shall dwell safely, 23 Turn ye at my reproof; and shall be quiet from fear behold, I will pour out my of evil. fpirit unto you, I will make known my words unto you,

CHAP. II. 24 q Because I have cal

Y son, if thou wilt led, and ye refused; I have

, stretched out my hand, and and hide my commandments no man regarded;

with thee; 25 But ye have set at 2 So that thou incline nought all my counsel, and thine ear unto wisdom, and would none of my reproof : apply thine heart to under

26 I will also laugh at standing ; your calamity ; I will mock 3. Yea, if thou criest after when your fear cometh : knowledge, and listest up thy

27 When your fear co-voice for understanding ; meth as desolation, and your 4

If thou seekest her as destruction cometh' as a silver, and searchest for her whirlwind ; when distress as for hid treasures ; and anguilh cometh upon 5. Then shalt thou under. you:

stand the fear of the Lord, 28 Then shall they call and find the knowledge of upon me, but I will not an- God, fwer; they shall seek me 6 For the Lord' giveth early, but they shall not find wisdom: out of his mouth

coineth knowledge and under29 For that they hated standing, knowledge, and did not 7 He layeth up found wif


M receive "my words


Аа 4

M law

dom for the righteous : he is unto the dead.
a buckler to them that walk 19 None that go unto her

return again, neither take
8 He keepeth the paths of they hold of the paths of life,
judgment, and preserveth the 20 g That thou mayest
of his faints.

walk in the way of good ☆ Then shalt thou under- men, and keep the paths of ftand righteousness, and judg- the righteous. ment, and equity ; yea, every 21 For the upright shall good path,

dwell in the land, and the 10 When wisdom en perfect shall remain in it. tereth into thine heart, and 22 But the wicked shall be knowledge is pleasant unto cut off from the earth, and thy foul;

the transgressors shall be 11 Discretion shall pre-rooted out of it. serve thee, understanding

CHAP. III. Ihall keep thee :

12 To deliver thee from Y son, forget not my the way of the evil man, from

but let thine the man that speaketh fro-heart keep my commandward things :

ments : 13 Who leave the paths of 2 For length of days, and uprightness, to walk in the long life, and peace shall they ways of darkness;

add to thee. 14 Who rejoiceth to do 3 Let not mercy and truth evil, and delight in the fro-forsake thee : bind them awardness of the wicked : bout thy neck; write them

15 Whose ways are crook- upon the table of thine ed, and they froward in their heart. paths,

4 So shalt thou find fa16 To deliver thee from vour and good understanding the strange woman, even in the light of God and from the stranger which flat- man. tereth with her words :

59 Trust in the Lord 17 Which forfaketh the with all thine heart: and guide of her youth, and for- lean not unto thine own ungetteth the covenant of her derstanding. God.

6 In all thy ways ac18 For her house inclineth knowledge him, and he thall unto death, and her paths direct thy paths,

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