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7 9 Be not wise in thine are peace. own eyes : fear the Lord, 18 She is a tree of life to and depart from evil. them that lay hold upon her:

8 It shall be health to thy and happy is every one that, navel, and marrow to thy retaineth her. bones.

19. The Lord by wil99 Honour the Lord dom hath founded the earth i with thy substance, and with by understanding hath he efthe first-fruits of all thine tablished the heavens increase ;

20 By his knowledge the 10 So shall thy barns be depths are broken up, and filled with plenty; and thy the clouds drop down the presses shall burit out with dew, new wine,

21 My son, let not II 9 My son, despise not ther depart from thine eyes : the chastening of the Lord; keep found wisdom and difneither be


of his cor- creticn. rection :

22 So shall they be life 12 For whom the Lord unto thy soul, and grace to loveth he correcteth, even as thy neck. a father the son in whom he 23 Then shalt thou walk delighteth.

in thy way safely, and thy 13 9 Happy is the man toot shall not stumble. that findeth wisdom, and the 24 When thou liest down man that getteth understand thou ihalt not be afraid : yea, ing.

thou fhalt lie down, and thy 14 For the merchandize feep thall be sweet. of it is better than the mer 25 Be not afraid of fud. chandize of silver, and the den fear, neither of the defogain thereof than fine gold. lation of the wicked, when it

15 She is more precious cometh. than rubies; and all the 26 For the Lord shall be things thou canst desire are thy confidence, and shall keep not to be compared unto thy foot from being taken. her.

27 q With-hold not good 16 Length of days is in from them to whom it is due, her right hand : and in her w.en it is in the power of left hand riches and honour. thine hand to do it.

17 Her ways are ways of 28 Say not unto thy pleasantness, and all her paths neighbour, Go, and come

of his ways.

again, and to-morrow I will commandments, and live. give, when thou hast it by

57 Get wisdom, get unthee.

derstanding : forget it not: 29 Devise not evil against neither decline from the thy neighbour, seeing he words of my mouth. dwelleth securely by thee, 6 Forsake her not, and

30 q Strive not with a fhe shall preserve thee : love man without cause, if he have her, and the shall keep thee, done thee no harm,

7 Wisdom is the princi31 g Envy thou not the pal thing; therefore get wisoppreffor, and choose none dom: and with all thy get

ting get understanding. 32 For the froward is 8 Exalt her, and she shall abomination to the Lord : promote thee : fhe shall but his secret is with the bring thee to honour, when righteous.

thou doft embrace her. 33 The curse of the 9 She shall give to thine Lord is in the house of the head an ornament of

grace : wicked: but he blesseth the a crown of glory shall she dehabitation of the just. liver to thee.

34 Surely he scorneth the 10 Hear, O my son, and scorners : but he giveth receive my sayings; and the grace unto the lowly. years of thy life shall be

35 The wise ihall inherit many, glory; but shame shall be the ii I have taught thee in promotion of fools. : the way of wisdom; I have

led thee in right paths. CHAP. IV.

12 When thou, goeft thy EAR, ye children, steps shall not be ftraitened';

the instruction of a and when thou runnest, thou father, and attend to know fhält not stumble, understanding

13 Take fast hold of in2 For I give you good ftruction : let her not go doctrine, forfake ye not my keep her: for she is thy life. law.

14 9 Enter not into the 39 For I was my father's path of the wicked, and go fon, tender and only beloved not in the way of evil men. in the fight of my mother. 15 Avoid it, pass not by

4 He taught me also, and it ; turn from it, and pass faid unto me, Let thine heart away. retain my words : keep my **

16 For they sleep not ex6



fome to fall.

cept they have done mif

CHAP. V. chief; and their sleep is taken away unless they cause Y fon, attend unto


wisdom, and bow 17 For they eat the bread thine ear to my understand of wickedness, and drink the ing. wine of violence.

2 That thou mayest regard 18 But the path of the just discretion, and that thy lips is as the shining light, that may keep knowledge. shineth more and more unto 3 For the lips of a the perfect day.

strange woman drop as an 19 The way of the wicked honey-comb, and her mouth is as darkness; they know is smoother than oil: not at what they stumble. 4 But her end is bitter as

20 My son attend to wormwood, sharp as a twomy words, incline thine ear edged sword, unto my sayings.

5 Her feet go down to 21 Let them not depart death; her steps take hold on from thine eyes; keep them hell. in the midst of thine heart,

6 Left thou shouldest pon22 For they are life unto der the path of life, her ways those that find them, and are moveable, that thou canst health to all their Aesh. not know them.

23 9 Keep thy heart with 7 Hear me now therefore, all diligence ; for out of it are O'ye children, and depart the issues of life.

not from the words of my 24

Put away from thee a mouth. froward mouth, and perverse

8 Remove thy way far lips put far from thee. from her, and come not nigh

25 Let thine eyes look the door of her house : right on, and let thine eye 9 Left thou give thine hclids look straight before thee. nour' unto others, and thy

26 Ponder the path of thy years unto the cruel : feet ; and let all thy ways be 10 Left strangers be filled established,

with thy wealth and thy 27 Turn not to the right labours be in the house of a hand nor to the left : remove stranger; thy foot from evil.

11 And thou nourn at the laft, when thy feíh and thy body are consumed,

M furety for thy friend,

12 And fay, How have the cords of his fins. bated instruction, and my 23 He shall die without beart despised reproof;

instruction: and in the great13 And have not obeyed ness of his folly he shall go the voice of my teachers, nor astray. inclined mine ear to them that instructed me!

CHAP. VI. 14 I was almost in all evil in the midst of the congrega

, tion and assembly

if thou hast stricken thy 15 g Drink waters out of hand with a stranger, thine own cistern, and run 2 Thou art snared with ning waters out of thine the words of thy mouth, own well.

thou art taken with the words 16 Let thy fountains be of thy mouth. dispersed abroad, and rivers 3 Do this now, my son, of waters in the streets. and deliver thyself, when

37 Lct them be only thine thou art come into the hand own, and not strangers with of thy friend; go, humble thee.

thyself, and make sure thy 18 Let thy fountain be friend. hleffed : and rejoice with the 4 Give not sleep to thine wife of thy youth.

eyes, nor Number to thine 19 Let her be as the cye-lids : loving hind, and pleasant 5 Deliver thyself as a roe roe: let her breafts fatisfy froin the hand of the hunter, thee at all times, and be thou and as a bird from the hand ravished always with her of the fowler. Jote.

6 9 Go to the ant, thou 20 And why wilt thou, fluggard; consider her ways, my fon, be ravished with a and be wise: ftrange woman, and embrace 7 Which having no guide, the bofom of a stranger? overseer, or ruler,

21 For the ways of man 8 Provideth her meat in are before the eyes of the the summer, and gathereth Lord, and he pondereth all her food in the harvest. his goings.

9 How long wilt thou 22 4 His own iniquities sleep, O Nuggard? when wilt shall take the wicked himself, thou arise out of thy sleep? and he shall be holden with 10 Yet a little sleep, a lit



de Number, a little folding 21 Bind them continually of the hands to sleep: upon thine heart, and te

11 So shall thy poverty them about thy neck. come as one that travelleth, 22 When thou goeit, it and thy want as an armed shall lead thee; when tou man.

Neepest, it shall keep ther; 12 F A naughty person, a and when thou awakeft, it wicked man walketh with a shall talk with thee. froward mouth.


For the commandment 13 He winketh with his is 'a lamp: and the law is eyes, he speaketh with his light: and reproofs of inféet, he teacheth with his fin-struction are the way of life; gers:

24 To keep thee from the 14 Frowardness is in his evil woman, from the flattery heart; he deviseth mischief of the tongue of a strange continually: he loweth dif- woman. cord.

25 9 Lust not after her 15 Therefore shall his ca. beauty in thine heart: neilamity come suddenly; fud-ther let her take thee with denly shall he be broken her eye-lids. without remedy.

26' For by means of a 169 These fix things doth whorish woman a man is the Lord hate; yea, feven brought to a piece of bread:: are an abomination unto and the adulteress will hunt

for the precious life. 17 A proud look, a lying 27 Can a inan take fire tongue, and hands that thed in his bosom, and his clothes innocent blood,

not be burned? 18 An heart that deviseth 28 Can one go upon hot wicked imaginations, feet that coals, and his feet not be be swift in running to mif- burned? chief,

29 So he that goeth in to 19 A false witness that his neighbour's wife : whospeaketh lies, and he that foever toucheth her shall not foweth difcord among bre- be innocent. thren.

30 Men do not despise a 209 My son, keep thy fa- thief, if he steal to satisfy his ther's commandment, and soul when he is hungry; forsake not the law of thy 31 But if he be found he mother:

Thail restore seven-fold, he


him :

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