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that is his portion; for who saw under the moreover, Ihall be after him ?

ginning to the end.

falleth them: as the one di12 I know that there is no eth, so dieth the other, yea, good in them, but for a man they have all one breath; so to rejoice, and to do good in that a man hath no pre-emi. his life.

nence above a beast : for all 13 And also that every is vanity: man should eat and drink, 20 All go unto one place; and enjoy the good of all his all are of the dust, and all turn Jabour, it is the gift of God.

to dust again. 14 I know that whatsoever 21. Who knoweth the spiGod doeth, it shall be for rit of man that goeth upever : nothing can be put to ward, and the spirit of the it, nor any thing taken from beast that goeth downward to it': and God doeth it that the earth? men should fear before him. 22. Wherefore I perceive

15 That which hath been that there is nothing better is now; and that which is to than that a man should rebe hath already been, and joice in his own works; for past,

shall bring him to see what 16 , I

place of judgment, that wickedness

CHAP. IV.. was there ; and the place of righteousness, that, iniquity

O I returned, and con

fidered all the oppressions 17 I said in mine heart, that are done under the sun : God shall judge the righteous and behold, the tears of such as and the wicked; for there is were oppressed, and they had a time there for every pur- no comforter; and on the pose and for every work. side of their oppressors ther.

18 I said in mine heart was power, but they had no concerning the estate of the comforter. sons of men, that God might 2. Wherefore I

praised manifeft them, and that they the dead which are already might see that they them- dead, more than the living felves are bealts.

which are yet alive. 19 For that which befall. 3 Yea, better is he than eth the fons of men befalleth both they which hath not bcasts; even one thing beyet been, who hath not seen

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was there.

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pho will no ië Book II. ; ECCLESIASTES. the evil work that is done againft him, two'shall withunder the sun.

stand him : and a threefold 4 q Again, I considered cord is not quickly broken. all travail, and every right - 13 Better is a poor and work, that for this a man is a wise child than an old and This is also vanity and vexa- more be admonished. tion of spirit.

** 14 For out of prison he 5 The fool foldeth his cometh to reign; whereas hands together, and eateth also be that is born in his kis own Aesh.

kingdom becometh poor, 6 Better is an handful with 15 I considered all the quietness, than both the hands living which walk under the full with travail and vexation fun, with the second child of {pirit.

that fhall stand up in his 7 Then I returned, and stead. I saw vanity under the sun. 16 There is no end of all

8. There is one alone, and the people, even of all that there is not a second; yea, have been before them: they he hath neither child nor also that come after shall not brother : yet is there no end rejoice in him. Surely this of all his labour; neither is also is vanity and vexation of kis eyes satisfied with riches; fpirit

. neither faith he, For whom do I labour, and bereave my

CHAP. V. foul of good ? this is also EEP thy foot when vanity, yea, it is a sore trá thou goeft to the house vail.

of God, and be more ready 91 Two are better than to hear than to give the faone; because they have a crifice of fools: for they congood reward for their labour. lider not that they do evil.

10 For if they fall, the one 2 Be not rash with thy will lift up his fellow: but mouth, and let not'thine heart wo to him that is alone when be hilty to utter any thing he falleth ! for he hath not before God for God is in another to help him tip. bo...'heaven, and thou upon earth :

11 Again, if two lie togetherefore let thy Words be ther, then they have heat few."" but how can one' be warın 3 Fot la dream cometh alone ?

through the multitude of bu-' (,112 And if one prevail 'finels, and a fool's voice is





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ther say tho

known by multitude of words. saving the beholding of them

When thou vowest a with their eyes? vow unto God, defer not to 12 The fleep of a labourpay it, for he hath no plea- ing man is sweet, whether he sure in fools : pay that which eat little or much : but the thou haft vowed.

abundance of the rich will not 5 Better is it that thou suffer him to sleep. shoulde not vow, than that

13 There is a fore evil thou shouldest vow and not which I have seen under the pay:

fun, namely, riches kept for 6 Suffer not thy mouth to the owners thereof to their cause thy flesh to fin; nei- hurt. thou before the an 14

But those riches perish gel that it was an error : by evil travail: and he begetwherefore should God be an- teth a son, and there is nogry at thy voice, and destroy thing in his hand, the work of thine hands?

15 As he came forth of his 7 For in the multitude of mother's womb, naked shall dreams and many words there he return to go as he came, are also divers vanities: but and shall take nothing of his fear thou God.

labour, which he may carry 8 If thou seest the op- away in his hand, preffion of the poor, and vio. 16 And this also is a sore lent perverting of judgment evil, that in all points as he and justice in a province, came, so thall he go: and marvel not at the matter : what profit hath he that hath for be that is higher than the laboured for the wind ? highest regardeth, and there

17. All his days also he be higher than they.

eateth in darkness, and be 99 Moreover the profit of hath much forrow and wrath the earth is for all : the king with his fickness. himself is served by the field. 18 g Behold that which I

10 He that loveth silver have seen : it is good and shall not be satisfied with filo comely for one to eat and ver; nor he that loveth abun- to drink, and to enjoy the dance, with increase. This good of all his labour that also is vanity.

he taketh under the sun, all 11 When goods increase, the days of his life which they are increased that eat God giveth him ; for it is his them: and what good is portion. there to the owners thereof, 19 Every man also to


TWhich I have seen un leyes that the wandering of

whom God hath given riches than the other. and wealth, and hath given 64 Yea, though he live a him power to eat thereof, and thousand years twice told, yet to take his porţion, and to re- hath he seen no good: do not joice in his labour ; this is all go to one place ? the gift of God.

7 All the labour of man is 20 For he shall not much for his mouth, and yet the remember the days of his appetite is not filled. life; because God answereth 8 For what hath the wise him in the joy of his heart. more than the fool? what CHAP. VI.

hath the poor that knoweth

to walk before the living? HERE is an evil

the which I have seen un


than der the sun, and it is com- the desire. This is also vamon among men:

nity and vexation of spirit. 2 A man to whom God

10 That which hath been hath given riches, wealth, is named already, and it is and honour, so that he want, known that it is man: nei. eth nothing for his soul of all ther may he contend with that he desireth, yet God him that is mightier than giveth him not power to eat he, thereof, but a stranger eateth

II Seeing there be mait : this is vanity; and it is

ny things that increase va. an evil disease.

nity, what is man the better? 3 9 If a man beget an For who knoweth hundred children, and live what is good for man in this many years, so that the days life, all the days of his vain of his years be many, and his life which he spendeth as a soul bé not filled with good, Madowfor who can tell a and also that he have no bu

man what shall be after him rial ; I say, that an untimely under the sun ? birth is better than he : 4 For he cometh in with

CHAP. VII. vanity, and departeth in dark

GOOD name is betness, and his name shall be ter than precious oint. covered with darkness, ment: and the day of death,

s Moreover, he hath not than the day of one's birth. seen the sun, nor known any 2 It is better to go to thing; this hath more rest the house of mourning, than




to go to the house of feasting: 12 For : wisdom is a defor that is the end of all men ; fence, and

and money is a de and the living will lay it to fence : but the excellency of his heart.

knowledge is, that wisdom 3 Sorrow is better than giveth life to them that have laughter; for by the sadness lit. of the countenance the heart 13 Confider the work of is made better.

God: for who can make that 4 The heart of the wife is straight which he hath made in the house of mourning : crooked? but the heart of fools is in 14 In the day of profpethe house of mirth.

rity be joyful; but in the day 5. It is better to hear the of adversity confider: God rebuke of the wise, than for also hath set the one over aa man to hear the fong of gainst the other, to the end fools :

that man should find nothing 6 For as the crackling of after him. thorns under a pot, so is the 15 All things have I seen laughter of the fool. This in the days of my vanity : also is vanity

there is a just. man that pe7 Surely oppreflion ma- risheth in his righteousness, keth a wise man mad, and a and there is a wicked man gift destroyech the heart. that prolongeth his life in his

8 Better is the end of a wickedness, thing than the beginning 16 Be not riglateous overthereof: and the patient in much; neither make thyself {pirit is better than the proud over-wise : why shouldest in spirit.

thou destroy thyself? 9 Be not hasty in thy

not' overmuch spirit to be angry; for anger wicked; neither be thou refteth in the bofom of fools. foolish: why Mouldeft thou

10 Say not thou, What is die before thy time? the cause that the former days 18 It is good that thou were better than these? for shouldest take hold of this; thou dost not enquire wisely yea, also from this withdraw. concerning this.

not thine hand: for, he that II Wisdom is good with feareti God fhall come forth an inheritance: and by it of them all. 7.A there is profit to them that fee 19:Wisdom strengtheneth the sun...

the wife more than ten


17 Be


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