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cunning workman than the?

13 Moreover, by the 7 And if a man love righ- means of her I shall obtain teousness, her labours are immortality, and leave bevirtues : for the teacheth hind me an everlasting metemperance and prudence, morial to them that come afjustice and fortitude; which ter me, are such things as men can 14 I shall set the people in have nothing more profitable order, and the nations thall in their life.

be subject unto me. 8 If a man desire much 15 Horrible tyrants shall experience, she knoweth be afraid, when they do but things of old, and conjectur- hear of me; I shall be found eth aright what is to come : good among the multitude, she knoweth the subtilties of and valiant in war. speeches, and can expound 16 After I am come into dark fentences: she foreseeth mine house, I will repose myfigns and wonders, and the self with her: for her conevents of seasons and times, versation hath no bitterness,

9 Therefore I purposed to and to live with her, hath no take her to me to live with sorrow, but mirth and joy. me, knowing that she would

17 Now when I contibe a counsellor of good dered these things in myself

, things, and a comfort in cares and pondered them in my and grief,

heart, how that to be allica 10 For her fake I shall unto wisdom, is immortahave estimation among the lity, multitude, and honour with

18 And great pleasure it the elders, though I be is to have her friendship, and young

in the works of her hands are II Į shall be found of a infinite riches, and in the exquick conceit in judgment, ercise of conference with her and shall be admired in the prudence; and in talking fight of great men,

with her, a good report: 12 When I hold my went about seeking how to tongue, they shall bide my take her to me. leisure ; and when I speak, 19 For I was a witty they shall give good ear un-child, and had a good spirit. to me: if I talk much, they 20 Yea, rather

being good, thall lay their hands upon I came into a body undetheir mouth,


21 Never

O Lord of mercy, who

2 And

21 Nevertheless, when I 7 Thou hast chosen me perceived that I could not to be a king of thy people, otherwise obtain her, ex- and a judge of thy sons and cept God gave her me, (and daughters. that was a point of wisdom 8 Thou haft commanded also to know whose gift she me to build a temple upon thy was ;) I prayed unto the holy mount, and an altar in Lord, and befought him, and the city wherein thou dwellwith my whole heart I said, est, a resemblance of the

holy tabernacle which thou CHAP. IX.

hat prepared from the beGod of my fathers, and ginuing.

9 And wisdom was with haft made all things with thy thee: which knoweth thy word,

works, and was present when ordained man thou madelt the world, and through thy wisdom, that he knew what was accepiable should have dominion over in thy sight, and right in thy the creatures which thou hast commandments. made,

10 O send her out of thy 3 And order the world ac- holy heavens, and from the cording to equity and righ-throne of thy glory, that beteousness, and execute judg-ing present she may labour ment with an upright heart: with me, that I may know

4 Give me wisdom that what is pleasing unto thee. fitteth by thy throne, and re- Il For she knoweth and ject me not from among thy understandeth all things, and children:

she shall lead me soberly in 5 For I thy servant, and my doings, and preserve me son of thine handmaid, am a in her power. feeble perfon, and of a short 12 So shall my works be time, and too young for the acceptable, and then shall I understanding of judgment judge thy people righteously, and laws.

and be worthy to fit

in my fa6 For thouglı a man be ther's seat. ever so perfect among the 13 For what man is he children of men, yet if thy that can know the counsel wisdom be not with hims of God; or who can think he shall be nothing regard- what the will of the Lord ed.


is ?

li 4

14 For

14 For the thoughts of mor- 4 For whose cause the tal men are miserable, and our earth being drowned with the devices are but uncertain. food, wisdom again preserv.

15 For the corruptible ed it, and directed the course body presseth down the soul, of the righteous in a piece and the earthy tabernacle of wood of small value. weigheth down the mind that 5 Moreover, the nations muleth upon many things. in their wicked conspiracy

16 And hardly do we being confounded, she found guess aright at things that are out the righteous, and preupon earth, and with labour served him blameless unto do we find the things that are God, and kept him strong beforeus : but the things that against his tender compassion are in heaven, who hath toward his son. searched out?

6 g When the ungodly 17 And thy counsel who perished, she delivered the hathi known, except thou righteous man, who fled give wisdom, and send thy from the fire which fell down Holy Spirit from above?


the five cities. 18 For so the ways of 7

Of whore wickedness them which lived on the even to this day, the waste earth were reformed, and, land that smoketh is a testimen were taught the things mony, and plants bearing that are pleasing unto thee, fruit that never

to and were saved through wif- ripeness: and a standing pildom.

lar of salt is a monument of CHAP. X.

an unbelieving foul.

8 For regarding not wifHE preserved the first-dom, they gat not only this

formed father of the hurt, that they knew not world, that was created a- the things which were good; lone, and brought him out but also left behind them to of his fall,

the world a memorial of 2 And gave himn power to their foolishness; so that in rule all things.

the things wherein they of3 But when the unrigh- fended, they could not so teous went away from her much as be hid. in his anger, he perished also


But wisdom delivered in the fury, wherewith he from pain those that attended murdered his brother.

upon her.

10 9 When



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10 9 When the righteous Lord, and withstood dread. fied from his brother's wrath, ful kings in wonders and fhe guided him in right paths, signs ; Thewed him the kingdom of 17. Rendered to the God, and gave him know-righteous a reward of their ledge of holy things, made labours, guided them in a hirn rich in his travels, and marvellous way, and was multiplied the fruit of his la- unto them for a cover by day, bours.

and a light of stars in the 11 In the covetousness of night sealon: such as oppressed him, she 18 Brought them through stood by him, and made him the red sea, and led them rich.

through much water. 12 She defended him from

19 But she drowned their his enemies, and kept him enemies, and cast them up safe from those that lay in out of the bottom of the wait, and in a fore confict deep. The gave him the victory ; 20 Therefore the rightthat he might know that eous spoiled the ungodly, and godliness is stronger than praised thy holy name,

O all.

Lord, and magnified with 13 9 When the righteous one accord thine hand that was sold, the forsook him fought for them. not, but delivered him from 21 For wisdom opened fin: she went down with him the mouth of the dumb, into the pit,

and made the tongues of 14 And left him not in them that cannot speak, elobonds, till the brought him quent, the scepter of the kingdom, and power against those that

CHAP. XI. oppressed him: as for them that had accused him, the HE prospered their works Thewed them to be liars, and in the hand of the holy gave him perpetual glory. prophet.

15 She delivered the right- 2 They went through the eous people and blameless wilderness that was not inseed from the nation that op- habited, and pitched tents in pressed them.

places where there lay ‘no 16 9 She entered into the way, soul of the servant of the 3 They stood against their



and a

enemies, and were avenged 12 For a double grief of their adverfaries.

came upon them, 4 When they were thirsty, groaning for the rememthey called upon thee, and brance of things past, water was given them out of 13 For when they heard the Ainty rock, and their by their own punishments thirst was quenched out of the other to be benefited, the hard stone.

they had some feeling of the 5 For by what things Lord. their enemies were punish- 14 For whom they rejected, by the same they in their ed with scorn, when he was need were benefited. long before thrown out, at

6 For instead of a foun- the casting forth of the intain of a perpetual running fants; him in the end, when river troubled with foul they saw what came to pass, blood,

they admired. 7 For a manifest reproof of 15 But for the foolish dethat commandment, where- vices of their wickedness, by the infants were flain, wherewith being deceived, thou gavest unto them abun- they worshipped serpents dance of water, by a means void of reason, and vile beasts, which they hoped not for: thou didst send a multitude

8 Declaring by that thirst of unreasonable beasts upon then, how thou hadft punish- them for vengeance ; ed their adverfaries.

16 That they might know 9 For when they were that wherewithal a man fintried, albeit but in mercy neth, by the same also shall chaftifed, they knew how he be punished. the ungodly were judged in 17 For thy almighty hand wrath, and tormented, thirst- that made the world of mating in another manner than ter without form, wanted not the juft.

means to send


them 10 For these thou didít a multitude of bears, or fierce admonish and try as a father : lions, but the other, as a severe 18 Or unknown wild king, thou didft condemn beasts, full of rage, newly and punish

created, breathing out either 11 Whether they were a fiery vapour, or filthy fcents absent or present, they were of scattered smoke, or shootvexed alike.


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