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their eyes ;

ing horrible sparkles out of preserved, if not called by

thee? 19 Whereof not only the

26 But thou sparest all:
harm might dispatch them at for they are thine, O Lord,
once, but also the terrible thou lover of souls.
fight utterly destroy them.

20 Ye:, and without these
might they have fallen down

TOR thine incorruptible with one blast, being per

Spirit is in all things. fecuted of vengeance, and 29 Therefore chatterest scattered abroad through the thou them by little and litbreath of thy power : but tle that offend, and warneft thou hast ordered all things them by putting them in rein measure, and number, and membrance wherein they weight.

have offended, that, leaving 21 For thou canst fhew their wickedness, they may thy great strength at all times believe on thee, O Lord. when thou wilt; and who 3 For it was thy will to may withstand the power of destroy by the hands of our thine arm?

fathers, both those old inha22 For the whole worldbitants of thy holy land, before thee is as a little grain 4. Whom thou hatedft for of the balance, yea, as a drop doing most odious works of of the morning dew that fal- witchcrafts, and wicked faleth down upon the earth. crifices

23 But thou hast mercy 5 And also those merciupon all; for thou canst do less murderers of children, all things, and winkest at the and devourers of man's fleth, fins of men: because they and the feasts of blood; should amend.

6 With their priests out 24 For thou lovest all of the midst of their idolathe things that are, and ab- trous crew, and the parents horreit nothing which thou that killed with their own haft made: for never would- hands, souls destitute of help: elt thou have made any 7 That the land which thing, if thou hadít hated thou esteemedst above all oit.

thers, might receive a wor25 And how could any thy colony of God's chilthing have endured, if it had dren. not been thy will? or been 8 Nevertheless, even those


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thou sparedst as men, and ment is not unright. didft fend wasps, forerun- 14 Neither shall king or ners of thine host, to destroy tyrant be able to set his face them by little and little. against thee, for any whom

9 Not that thou wast un- thou hast punished. able to bring the ungodly 15 Forsomuch then as thou under the hand of the right- art righteous thyself, thou eous in battle, or to destroy orderest all things righteoulthem at once with cruel ly: thinking it not agreebeasts, or with one rough able with thy power to conword :

demn him that hath not de. 10 But executing thy served to be punished. judgments upon them by 16 For thy power is the little and little, thou gaveit beginning of righteousness, them place of repentance, and because thou art the not being ignorant that they Lord of all, it maketh thee were a naughty generation, to be gracious unto all. and that their malice was 17 For when men will bred in them, and that their not believe that thou art of cogitation would neyer be a full power, thou thewest changed.

thy strength, and among 11 For it was a cursed them that know it, thou feed from the beginning ; makest their boldness mani. neither didst thou, for fear of feft. any man, give thein par- 18 But thou, mastering don for those things wherein thy power, judgest with ethey finned.

quity, and ordereft us with 12 a For who shall say, great favour : for thou mayWhat hast thou done, or est use power when thou who shall withstand thy judg-wilt. ment? or who shall accuse 19 But by such works thee for the nations that pe- haft thou taught thy people, rish, whom thou hast made ? that the just man should be or who shall come to stand merciful, and hast made thy against thee to be revenged children to be of a good for the unrighteous men? hope, that thou gavest re

13 For neither is there pentance for sins. any God but thou, that car- 20 For if thou didst pueft for all, to whom thou nifh the enemies of thy chil. mightest thew that thy judg-dren, and the condemned to


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death with such deliberation, ment worthy of God. giving them time and place, 27 For look for what whereby they might be deli-things they grudged when vered from their malice : they were punished, (that

21 With how great cir- is,) for them whom they cumspection didst thou judge thought to be gods; [now] thine own sons, unto whose being punished in them, when fathers thou haft sworn, and they saw it, they acknowmade covenants of good pro- ledged him to be the true mises ?

God, whom before they de22 Therefore, whereas nied to know, and therefore thou dost chaften us, thou came extreme damnation fcourgest our enemies a thou- upon them. fand times more, to the intent that when we judge, we CHAP. XIII. should carefully think of thy goodness, and when we our- URELY vain are all selves are judged, we should men by nature, who are look for mercy,

ignorant of God, and could 23 Wherefore, whereas not out of the good things men have lived diffolutely that are seen know him that and unrighteously, thou hart is : neither by considering tormented them with their the works, did they acknowown abominations.

ledge the Workmaster 24 For they went astray 2 But deemed either fire, very far in the ways of error, or wind, or the swift air, or and held them for gods, the circle of the stars, or the which even amongst the violent water, or the lights beasts of their enemies were of heaven, to be the gods despised, being deceived as which govern the world. children of no understand- 3 With whose beauty, if ing.

they, being delighted, took 25 Therefore unto them, them to be gods ; let them as to children without the know how much better the use of reason, thou didst send Lord of them is : for the a judgment to mock them. first Author of beauty hath

26 But they that would created them. not be reformed by that cor- 4. But if they were astorection wherein he dallied nished at their power and with them, shall feel a judg- virtue, let them understand




by them, how much might-sel thereof fit for the service ier he is that made them. of man's life ;

5 For by the greatness 12 And after spending the and beauty of the creatures, refuse of his work to dress proportionably the maker of his meat, hath filled himthem is seen.

felf: 6 But yet for this they are 13 And taking the very the less to be blamed: for refuse among thofe which they, peradventure, err feek- served to no use, (being ing God, and desirous to crooked piece of wood, and find him.

full of knots,) hath carved it 7. For being conversant diligently, when he had noin his works, they search thing else to do, and formhim diligently, and believe ed it by the skill of his untheir fight : because the derstanding, and fashioned it things are beautiful that are to the image of a man; seen.

14 Or made it like some 8 Howbeit, neither are vile beat:, laying it over with they to be pardoned. vermilion, and with paint,

g For if they were able to colouring it red, and coverknow so much, that they ing every spot therein; could aim at the world; how 15 And when he had made did they not sooner find out a convenient room for it, fet the Lord thereof?

it in a wall, and made it fast 10 g But miserable are with iron : they, and in dead things is 16 For he provided for it their hope, who called them that it might not fall, knowgods which are the works of ing that it was unable to help men's hands, gold and silver itself; (for it is an image, to fhew art in, and resem- and hath need of help ;) blances of beasts, or a stone 17 Then maketh he prayer good for nothing, the work for his goods, for his wife of an ancient hand. and children, and is not a

11 Now a carpenter that shamed to speak to that which felleth timber, after he hath hath no life. sawn down a tree meet for 18 For health he calleth the purpose, and taken off upon that which is weak : all the bark skilfully round for life, prayeth to that which about, and hath wrought it is dead: for aid humbly behandsomely, and made a vef- feecheth that which hath least



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means to help: and for a so, when the proud giants good journey, he asketh of perished, the hope of the that which cannot set a foot world, governed by thy hand, forward :

escaped in a weak veffel, and 19 And for gaining and left to all ages a seed of gegetting, and for good success neration. of his hands, asketh ability to 7 For blessed is the wood do, of him that is moft un- whereby righteousness comable to do any thing.


8 But that which is made CHAP. XIV. with hands is cursed, as well

it, as he that made it : he, GAIN, one preparing because he made it; and it,

himself to fail, and a- because being corruptible, it bout to pass through the was called god. raging waves, calleth upon 9 For the ungodly, and a piece of wood, more rotten his ungodliness, are both athan the vessel that carrieth like hateful unto God. him.

10 For that which is 2 For verily desire of gain made, shall be punished todevised that, and the work-gether with him that made man built it by his skill.

it. 3 But thy providence, O

II Therefore, even upon Father, governeth it: for the idols of the Gentiles shall thou hast made a way in the there be a visitation : because sea, and a safe path in the in the creature of God they waves :

are become an abomination, 4 Shewing that thou canst and stumbling-blocks to the fave from all danger: yea, fouls of men, and a fnare to though a man went to sea the feet of the unwise, without art.

12 For the devising of 5 q Nevertheless, thou idols was the beginning of wouldest not that the works spiritual fornication, and the of thy wisdom should be idle, invention of them the corand therefore do men com- ruption of life. mit their lives to a small 13 For neither were they piece of wood, and passing from the beginning, neither the rough sea in a weak vef- Ihall they be for ever. fel, are saved.

14 For by the vain glory 6 For in the old time al- of men they entered into the


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