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forrow upon sorrow. as touching the law, a Pha

28 I sent him therefore the risee; more carefully, that when ye

6 Concerning zeal, perf:see him again, ye may re- cuting the church ; touch. joice, and that I may be the ing the righteousness which less forrowful.

is in the law, blameless. 29 Receive him therefore

7 But what things were in the Lord with all glad- gain to me, those I counted ness; and hold such in repu- loss for Christ. tation :

8 Yea doubtless, and I 30 Because for the work count all things but loss for of Chrift he was nigh unto the excellency of the knowdeath, not regarding his life ledge of Christ Jesus my to supply your lack of fer-Lord: for whom I have fut vice toward me.

fered the loss of all things,

and do count them but dung, CHAP. III. that I may win Chrift,

9 And be found in him, , my brethren, re- not having mine own righjoice in the Lord. To teousness, which is of the write the fame things to you, law, but that which to me indeed is not grievous, through the faith of Christ, but for you it is safe. the righteousness which is of

2 Beware of dogs, beware God by faith : of evil workers, beware of

10 That I


know the concision.

him, and the power of his 3

For we are the circum- resurrection, and the fellowcision, which worship God thip of his sufferings, being in the spirit, and rejoice in made conformable unto his Christ Jefus, and have no death; confidence in the flesh.

11 If by any means I 4. Though I might also might attain unto the resurhave confidence in the flesh. rection of the dead. If any other man thinketh

12 Not as though I had that he hath whereof he already attained, either were might trust in the flesh, I already perfect; but I folmore :

low after, if that I

may 5 Circumcised the eighth apprehend that for which day, of the stock of Israel, of also I am apprehended of the tribe of Benjamin, an Christ Jefus. Hebrew of the Hebrews;

13 Brethren, I count not


myself to have apprehended: 1 ye have us for an ensample. but this one thing I do, for- 18 (For many walk, of getting those things which whom I have to:d you often, are behind, and reaching and now tell you even weepforth unto those things which ing, that they are the eneare before,

mies of the crofs of Christ : 14 I press toward the 19 Whose end is destrucmark, for the prize of the tion, whose god is their belly, high calling of God in and whose glory is in their Christ Jesus.

Thame, who mind earthly 15 Let us therefore, as things.) many as be perfect, be thus 20 For our conversation minded; and if in any thing is in heaven; from whence ye be otherwise minded, God also we look for the Saviour, Ihall reveal even this unto the Lord Jesus Christ : you.

21 Who shall change our 16 Nevertheless whereto vile body, that it may be fawe have already attained, let fhioned like unto his glorious us walk by the same rule, let body, according to the workus mind the same thing, ing whereby he is able even

17 Brethren, be followers to subdue all things unto together of me, and mark himself. them which walk so, as


From the Epistle of PAUL to the COLOSSIANS,


Jesus Christ, praying always

for you.


AUL, an of 4 Since we heard of

your Jesus Christ by the will faith in Christ Jesus, and of of God, and Timotheus our the love which ye have to all brother,

the faints, 2 To the saints and faith- 5 For the hope which is ful brethren in Christ, which laid up for you in heaven, are at Colosle : Grace be un- whereof


heard before in and peace

from God the word of the truth of the our Father, and the Lord gospel; Jesus Chrift.

6 Which is come unto 3 We give thanks to God you, as it is in all the world and the Father of our Lord and bringeth forth fruit,

to you,

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it doth also in you, since the 15 Who is the image of day ye heard of it, and knew the invisible God, the firstthe grace of God in truth : børn of

every creature : 7 As ye also learned of 16 For by him were all Epaphras' our dear fellow- things created that are in fervant, who is for you a heaven, and that are in earth, faithful minister of Christ ; visible and invisible, whether

8 Who also declared unto they be thrones, or dominions, us your love in the Spirit. or principalities, or powers:

9 For this cause we also, all things were created by fince the day we heard it, do him, and for him : not cease to pray for you, and 17 And he is before all to desire that ye might be things, and by him all things filled with the knowledge of conlist. his will, in all wisdom and 18 And he is the head of spiritual understanding; the body, the church : who

10 That ye might walk is the beginning, the firftworthy of the Lord unto all born from the dead; that in pleasing, being fruitful in all things he might have the every good work, and in- preeminence. creasing in the knowledge of 19 For it pleased the Fa

ther that in him should all II Strengthened with all fulness dwell; might according to his glo- 20 And, having made rious power, unto all patience peace through the blood of and long-suffering with joy- his cross, by him to reconfulness;

cile all things unto himself; 12 Giving thanks unto by him, I say, whether they the Father which hath made be things in earth, or things us meet to be partakers of in heaven. the inheritance of the saints

21 And


that were in light :

sometime alienated and ene13 Who hath delivered mies in your mind by wicked us from the power of dark- works, yet now hath he reness, and hath translated us conciled. into the kingdom of his dear 22 In the body of his Son :

flesh through death, to pre14. In whom we have sent you holy and unblameredemption through his able and unreproveable in his blood, even the forgiveness fight : of fins ;

23 If ye continue in the




faith grounded and settled, CHAP. II!.
and be not moved away from
the hope of the gospel, which F


then be risen with ye have heard, and which

Christ, seek those things was preached to every crea- which are above, where ture which is under heaven: Christ fitteth on the right whereof I Paul am made a hand of God. minister ;

2 Set your affection on 24 Who now rejoice in things above, not on things my fufferings for you, and on the earth. fill up that which is behind 3 For ye are dead, and of the afflictions of Christ in your life is hid with Christ my Aeth, for his body's fake, in God. which is the church:

4 When Christ, who is :25 Whereof I am made a our life, shall appear, then minister according to the hall ye also appear with him dispensation of God, which is in glory. given to me for you, to ful- 5 Mortify therefore your ħl the word of God; members which are upon the

26 Even the mystery earth; fornication, uncleanwhich hath been hid from ness, inordinate affection, eages and from, generations, vil concupiscence, and covebut now is made manifest to tousness, which is idolatry : his faints :

6 For which things' fake 27 To whom God would the wrath of God cometh on make known what is the the children of disobedience : riches of the glory of this 7 In the which ye also mystery among the Gen- walked fometime, when ye tiles; which is Christ in you, lived in them. the hope of glory:

8 But now ye


off 28 Whom we preach, all these ; anger, wrath, mawarning every man, and lice, blasphemy, filthy comteaching every man in all munication out wisdom; that we may pre- mouth. sent every man perfect in 9

Lie not one to another, Christ Jelus:

seeing that ye have put off 29 Whereunto I also la- the old man with his deeds ; bour, striving according to 10 And have put on the his working, which worketh new man which is renewed in me mightily.

in knowledge, after the image


of your

of him that created him : name of the Lord Jesus,

11 Where there is neither giving thanks to God and the Greek nor Jew, circumci- Father by him. fion nor uncircumcision, Bar- 18 Wives, submit yourbarian, Scythian, bond nor selves unto your own husfree: but Christ is all, and in bands, as it is fit in the all.

Lord. 12 Put on therefore, as 19 Husbands, love your the eleet of God, holy and wives, and be not bitter beloved, bowels of mercies, against them. kindness, humbleness of mind, 20 Children, obey your meekness, long-suffering ; parents in all things : for

13 Forbearing one ano- this is well pleasing unto ther, and forgiving one ano- the Lord. ther, if any man have a quar- 21 Fathers, provoke not rel against any : even as your children to anger, left Christ forgave you, so also they be discouraged.

22 Servants, obey in all 14 And above all these things your masters, accordthings, put on charity, which ing to the fleih: not with is the bond of perfectness. eye-service, as men-pleasers,

15 And let the peace of but in singleness of heart, God rule in your hearts, to fearing God: the which also ye are called 23 And whatsoever ye do, in one body; and be ye do it heartily, as to the Lord, thankful.

and not unto men ; 16 Let the word of Christ 24 Knowing that of the dwell in you richly in all wif- Lord ye shall receive the redom ; teaching and admo- ward of the inheritance: for nishing one another in psalms ye serve the Lord Chrift. and hymns and spiritual songs, 25

But he that doeth wrong singing with grace in your shall receive for the wrong hearts to the Lord.

which he hath done: and there 17 And whatsoever ye do is no respect of persons. in word or deed, do all in the

do ye.


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