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5 Wisdom and mercy guide my way,

Shall I resist them both?
A poor blind creature of a day,

And crush'd before the moth! 6 But ah! my inward spirit cries,

Still bind me to thy sway;
Else the next cloud that veils my skies,
Drives all these thoughts away.

C.M.- Filial Submission. Heb. xii. 7.
1 AND can my heart aspire so high,

To say, “My Father God!” Lord, at thy feet I fain would lie,

And learn to kiss the rod.
2 I would submit to all thy will,

For thou art good and wise;
Let every anxious thought be still,

Nor one faint murmur rise. 3 Thy love can cheer the darksome gloom,

Ånd bid me wait serene;
Till hopes and joys immortal bloom,

And brighten all the scene.
4 My Father! O permit my heart

To plead her humble claim,
And ask the bliss those words impart,
Redeemer's name.


L.M.-Social Prayer. 1 WHERE two or three with sweet accord,

Obedient to their sovereign Lord,
Meet to recount his acts of

grace, And offer solemn prayer and praise: 2 “There,” says the Saviour, “ will I be

“ Amid this little company;
“ To them unveil my smiling face,
“ And shed my glories round the place.”

3 We meet at thy command, dear Lord,

Relying on thy faithful word;
Now send thy Spirit from above,
And fill our hearts with heavenly love.

401. C.M.- Paraphrase on the Lord's Prayer. Matt. vi. 9-13. 1 FATHER of all, we bow to thee

Who dwell'st in heaven ador'd,
But present still, through all thy works,

The universal Lord.
2 For ever hallow'd be thy name

By all beneath the skies;
And may thy kingdom still advance,

Till grace to glory rise.
3 A grateful homage may we yield,

With hearts resign'd to thee;
And as in heaven thy will is done,

On earth so let it be.
4 From day to day we humbly own

The hand that feeds us still;
Give us our bread, and teach to rest

Contented in thy will.
5 Our sins before thee we confess,

O may they be forgiven;
As mercy we to others shew,

mercy beg from heaven.
6 Still let thy grace our life direct;

From evil guard our way;
And in temptation's fatal path

Permit us not to stray. 7 For thine's the power, the kingdom thine,

All glory’s due to thee;
Thine from eternity they were,

And thine shall ever be.


402. L.M.-“ Ask what I shall give thee.1 Kings iii. 5. 1 AND dost thou say, “ Ask what thou wilt ?"

Lord, I would seize the golden hour;
I pray to be releas'd from guilt,
And freed from sin and Satan's

power. 2 More of thy presence, Lord, impart,

More of thine image let me bear; Erect thy throne within my heart,

And reign without a rival there. 3 Give me to read my pardon seal’d,

And from thy joy to draw my strength; To have thy boundless love reveal'd

In all its height, and breadth, and length. 4 Grant these requests, I ask no more,

But to thy care the rest resign; Sick or in health, or rich or poor, All shall be well if thou art mine.

403. C.M.-“ Ask and ye shall receive, that your joy may be full." 1 WHAT shall we ask of God in prayer?

Whatever good we want; Whatever man may seek to share,

Or God in wisdom grant.
2 Father of all our mercies!- Thou

In whom we move and live,
Hear us, in heaven thy dwelling, now,

And answer and forgive.
3 When bound with sins and trespasses,

From wrath we fain would flee,
Lord, cancel our unrighteousness,

And set the captives free.
4 When harass'd by ten thousand foes,

Our helplessness we feel;
O give the weary soul repose,

The wounded spirit heal.

John xvi. 24.

5 When dire temptations gather round,

And threaten or allure,
By storm or calm in thee be found,

A refuge strong and sure.
6 When age advances, may we grow

In faith, and hope, and love;
And walk in holiness below,

To holiness above.
7 When earthly joys and cares depart,

Desire and envy cease,
Be thou the portion of our heart,

In thee may we have peace.
8 When flames these elements destroy,

And worlds in judgment stand,
May we lift up our heads with joy,

And meet at thy right hand.

404. C.M.—" Lord help me.” Matt. xv. 25. 1 OH, help us, Lord! each hour of need

Thy heavenly succour give;
Help us in thought, and word, and deed,

Each hour on earth we live.
2 Oh, help us when our spirits bleed,

With contrite anguish sore,
And when our hearts are cold and dead,

Oh help us, Lord, the more! 3 Oh, help us, through the prayer of faith

More firmly to believe;
For still the more the servant hath,

The more shall he receive.
4 If strangers to thy fold we call,

Imploring, at thy feet,
The crumbs that from thy table fall,

'Tis all we dare entreat.

Of every

5 But be it, Lord of mercy, all,

So thou wilt grant but this;
The crumbs that from thy table fall

Are light, and life, and bliss.
6 Oh help us, Jesus! from on high,

We know no help but thee;
Oh help us so to live and die,
As thine in heaven to be.


C.M.- For growth in Grace. 1 TRY us, O God, and search the ground

every sinful heart! Whate'er of sin in us is found

O bid it all depart.
2 When to the right or left we stray,

Leave us not comfortless,
But guide our hearts into the

Of everlasting peace.
3 Help us to help each other, Lord,

Each other's cross to bear;
Let each his friendly aid afford,

And feel his brother's care. 4 Help us to build each other

Our little stock improve,
Increase our faith, confirm our hope,
And perfect us in love.


C.M.- For the supply of real Wants. 1 AUTHOR of good! we rest on thee,

Thine ever watchful eye Alone our real wants can see,

Thy hand alone supply. 2 O let thy fear within us dwell,

Thy love our footsteps guide, That love shall vainer loves expel,

That fear, all fears beside.

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