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2 Ye are travelling home to God

In the way the fathers trod:
They are happy now- and

ye Soon their happiness shall see. 3 Shout, ye ransom'd flock, and blest!

Ye on Jesus' throne shall rest:

your seat is now prepar’d; There your kingdom and reward. 4 Fear not, brethren! joyful stand

On the borders of your land :
Jesus Christ, God's only Son,

Bids you, undismayed, go on. 5 Lord, submissive may we go,

Gladly leaving all below:
Only thou our Leader be
And we still will follow thee.


S.M.— The Song of the Redeemed. 1 AWAKE, and sing the song

Of Moses and the Lamb!
Wake every heart, and every tongue,

To praise the Saviour's name. 2 Sing of his dying love,

Sing of his rising power:
Sing how he intercedes above

For us whose sins he bore. 3 Ye pilgrims on the road

To Zion's city, sing!
Rejoice ye in the Lamb of God,

În Christ the eternal King! 4 Soon shall we hear him say,

“ Ye blessed children, come!” Soon will he call us hence away,

To our eternal home.


There shall our raptur'd tongues

His endless praise proclaim; And sweeter voices tune the song

"Of Moses and the Lamb!”

L.M.- Dedication of Ourselves to God.
1 NO more, ye humble mourners, sigh,

Let sorrow raise the downcast eye;
See, faith descends to banish fear,

And dry the penitential tear. 2 “ Look to the cross,” she cries, “ and view

“ What glorious victim groan’d for you!
“ His dying pangs, his streaming blood,

• Proclaim the kind, forgiving God. 3 “ Look to the bright ethereal plains,

“There your exalted Jesus reigns,
“ With power to save, and love to bless,

" To comfort wo, and aid distress.
4 Welcome, sweet tidings, that impart

New life to my desponding heart;
Welcome, blest sound of sins forgiven,

Of peace restor’d, and promis'd heaven. 5 My God! the vast, amazing grace,

Claims all my wonder, all my praise;
My powers and passions I resign,
To be alone, and ever thine.

L.M.- Beneficence well pleasing to God. Heb. xiii. 16.
1 THE Sovereign of the earth and skies

Glorious in holiness and might,
Deigns to accept our sacrifice,

And views our offerings with delight. 2 Through Christ our grateful songs will please,

Our acts of mercy, kindness, love;
No costly rites can equal these

In his regard who reigns above.

3 As he his various gifts imparts,

With liberal hand dispense them here; Rejoice the widows' aching hearts,

Comfort the sick, the orphan cheer. 4 Protect the friendless and the poor,

And teach the dark, uncultur'd mind
To know the God whom we adore,

And love the Saviour of mankind.


C.M.- The Duty and Pleasure of supporting Charity Schools. 1 BLESS'D is the man whose heart expands

At melting pity's call,
And the rich blessings of whose hands

Like heavenly manna fall.
2 Children our kind protection claim,

And God will well approve,
When infants learn to lisp his name,

And their Creator love.
3 Delightful work! young souls to win,

And turn the rising race
From the deceitful paths of sin,

To seek redeeming grace.
4 Be our's the bliss, in wisdom's

To guide untutor'd youth,
And lead the mind that went astray,

To virtue and to truth.
5 Almighty God, thine influence shed

To aid this good design;
The honours of thy name be spread,
And all the glory thine.

L.M.- For the Children of Charity Schools.
1 NOW be our hearts attun’d to sing

The goodness of our heavenly King;
Whose mercies crown our youthful days,
And fill our mouths with songs of praise.

2 His gifts for thanks perpetual call,

"Tis to his love we owe our all; Our health and strength, our lives and friends,

With every good his bounty sends. 3 Our highest praise to him be given,

For sending us his Son from heaven;
To teach his will, to save from sin,

From foes without, and foes within.' 4 O may we all his grace receive,

His mercy trust, his truths believe,
Obey each dictate of his word,

And follow on to know the Lord.
5 Our future steps, great God! attend,

And guide and guard us to the end;
Then in the glorious realms above,
In nobler strains we'll sing thy love.

509. L.M.- Poor Children praying for themselves and their Benefactors. 1 GOD over all, the sun by day

Reveals thy glory in his light; The moon and stars thy voice obey,

And mark thy presence through the night. 2 God over all, the earth that yields

Her flowers and fruits at thy command, From mountains, rivers, woods, and fields,

Pours the rich bounties of thy hand. 3 To us the poorest of the poor,

High as thou art thy care descends;
Thy mercies are for ever sure,

Thou art our Father, these our friends. 4 Are these our friends?-Thou, God of grace,

Reward their love a thousand fold;
And may they ever, in thy face,

Their best, their dearest friend behold.

5 Art Thou our Father? —we confess,

With grief and shame, our sin and guilt; O turn from our unrighteousness,

Look on thy Son,-his blood was spilt. 6 He bore the chastening of thy rod,

That we might by his stripes be heal’d; He died for us, the Lamb of God!

He rose, and our redemption seald. 7 And shall we, dare we, can we still

Resist thy fear, thy love despise? No, take us,--soul, affection, will,

A free and living sacrifice.

510. L.M.-Praise and Prayer of Children in a Charity School. 1 WHILE saints and angels, glorious King!

Day without night, thy praises sing;
Thou wilt not humbler strains despise,

The songs of children reach the skies. 2 Amidst the whole creation's cares,

The meanest worm thy bounty shares;
Thine eyes the depths of ocean see,
The grave itself hides not from Thee.

3 While want and hardship were our lot,

Thou knew'st us, though we knew Thee not:
Now we adore thy hand, which sends

Our earthly comforts, home, and friends.
4 With these, thy heavenly gifts afford,
Thy Son, thy Spirit, and thy Word;
-Thy Word to teach

our wayward youth The path to heaven, O God of Truth! 5 – Thy Spirit, to dispel the night

Of sin and error, God of Light!
-Thy Son, to raise our souls above,
Pardon'd through Him, O God of Love!

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