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3 With pardon in his hands,

And purity and joy,
How sweet are his commands!

His bliss without alloy!
The Saviour calls, O hear his voice,

And make his love your happy choice. 4 Through life your guard and guide,

In death your strength and stay,
He'll keep you near his side,

Nor ever turn away:
The Saviour calls, O hear his voice,
And make his love your lasting choice.


C.M.- Prayer for young People. 1 BESTOW, dear Lord, upon our youth

The gift of saving grace;
And let the seed of sacred truth

Fall in a fruitful place.
2 Grace is a plant, where'er it grows,

Of pure and heavenly root;
But fairest in the youngest shews,

And yields the sweetest fruit.
3 Ye careless ones, O hear betimes

The voice of sovereign love!
Your youth is stain’d with many crimes,

But mercy reigns above. 4 True you are young, but there's a stone

Within the youngest breast,
Or half the crimes which


have done Would rob


5 For you the public prayer is made,

O join the public prayer!
For you the secret tear is shed,

O'shed yourselves a tear!

your rest.

6 We pray that you may early prove

The Spirit's power to teach;
You cannot be too young to love
That Jesus whom we preach.

562. C.M.-Seeking first the Kingdom of God. Matt. vi. 33. 1 NOW let a true ambition rise,

And ardour fire our breast,
To reign in worlds above the skies,

In heavenly glories drest.
2 Behold Jehovah's royal hand

A radiant crown display,
Whose gems with vivid lustre shine,

While stars and suns decay.
3 Away, each grovelling, anxious care,

Beneath a Christian's thought;
I spring to seize immortal joys,

Which my Redeemer bought.
4 Ye hearts with youthful vigour warm,

The glorious prize pursue;
Nor shall ye want the goods of earth,

While heaven is kept in view.

L.M.—Man a Pilgrim on the Earth. Ps. xxxix.
1 O LET me, heavenly Lord, extend

My view to life's approaching end!
What are my days?' A span their line-

And what my age, compar'd with thine? 2 Our life advancing to a close,

While yet its earliest dawn it knows,
Swift through an empty shade we run,

And vanity and man are one.
3 O! how thy chastisements impair

The human form, however fair!
How frail the strongest frame we see,
If thou its mortal doom decree!

4 God of our fathers! here as they

We walk, the pilgrims of a day:
As transient guests, thy works admire,

And instant to our home retire.
5 Spare me a little while, O spare!

And nature's failing strength repair;
Ere life's short circuit wander'd o'er,
I perish, and am seen no more.


C.M.- Trust in God in Old Age. 1 ALMIGHTY Father of mankind,

On thee my hopes remain;
And when the day of trouble comes,

I shall not trust in vain.
2 In early years thou wast my guide,

And of my youth the friend,
And as my days began with thee,

With thee my days shall end.
3 I know the power in whom I trust,

The arm on which I lean;
He will my Saviour ever be,

Who has my Saviour been.
4 My God, who causedst me to hope

When life began to beat,
And when a stranger in the world

Didst guide my wandering feet: 5 Thou wilt not cast me off when age

And evil days descend;
Thou wilt not leave me in despair,

To mourn my latter end.
6 Therefore in life I'll trust to thee,

In death I will adore,
And after death will sing thy praise,

When time shall be no more.

L.M.-The great Journey. Job xvi. 22.
1 BEHOLD the path that mortals tread

Down to the regions of the dead!
Nor will the fleeting moments stay,

Nor can we measure back our way.
2 Our kindred and our friends are gone;

Know, O my soul, this doom thy own;
Feeble as their's my mortal frame,

The same my way—my house the same. 3 From vital air, from cheerful light,

To the cold grave's perpetual night,
From scenes of duty, means of grace,

Must I to God's tribunal pass!
4 Important journey! awful view!

How great the change! the scene how new! The golden gates of heaven display'd,

Or hell's fierce flames and gloomy shade! · 5 Awake, my soul; thy way prepare,

And lose in this each mortal care;
With steady feet that path be trod,

Which through the grave conducts to God. 6 Jesus, to thee my all I trust,

And if thou call me down to dust,
I know thy voice, I bless thy hand,

And die in smiles at thy command. 7 What was my terror is my joy;

These views my brightest hopes employ,
To go ere many years are o'er,
Secure I shall return no more.

566. L.M.- Death and Judgment appointed to all. Heb. ix. 27. 1 HEAVEN has confirm’d the great decree,

That Adam's race must die:
One general ruin sweeps them down,

And low in dust they lie.

2 Ye living men, the tomb survey,

Where you must quickly dwell;
Hark how the awful summons sounds,

funeral knell!
3 Once you must die, and once for all;

The solemn purport weigh; For know, that heaven and hell are hung

On that important day.
4 Those eyes, so long in darkness veil'd,

Must wake, the Judge to see,
And every word, and every thought,

his scrutiny.
5 O may I in the Judge behold

My Saviour and my Friend,
And far beyond the reach of death

With all his saints ascend.


L.M.-Mortality. Job vii. 8.
1 SOVEREIGN of life, before thine eye

Lo, mortal men by thousands die!
One glance from thee at once brings down

The proudest brow that wears a crown. 2 Banish'd at once from human sight

To the dark grave's unchanging night,
Imprison'd in that dusty bed,

We hide our solitary head.
3 The friendly band no more shall greet,

Accents familiar once, and sweet:
No more the well-known features trace,

No more renew the fond embrace. 4 Yet if my Father's faithful hand

Conduct me through this gloomy land,
My soul with pleasure shall obey,
And follow, where he leads the way.

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