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2 I feel a strong immortal hope,
Which bears my mournful spirits up

Beneath its mountain-load;
Redeem'd from death, and grief, and pain,
I soon shall find my friend again

Within the arms of God. 3 Pass a few fleeting moments more And death the blessing shall restore

Which death hath snatch'd away; For me thou wilt the summons send, And give me back my parted friend

In that eternal day.


L.M.- The fear of death overcome.
1 I CANNOT shun the stroke of death

Lord, help me to surmount the fear;
That when I must resign my breath,

Serene my summons I may hear. 2 'Tis sin gives venom to the dart

In me let every sin be slain ; From secret faults, Lord, cleanse


heart, From wilful sins my hands restrain. 3 May I, my God, with holy zeal,

Closely the ends of life pursue,
Seek thy whole pleasure to fulfil,

And honour thee in all I do.
4 Let all my bliss and treasure lie,

Where in thy light, I light shall see :
The soul may freely dare to die

That longs to be possess'd of Thee. 5 Say thou art mine, and chase the gloom

Thick hanging o'er the vale of death : Then shall I fearless meet my doom,

And as a Victor yield my breath.


C.M.-A Song of Praise.
1 IN Thee I live, and move, and am;

Thou deal’st me out my days:
As thou renew'st my being, Lord,

Let me renew thy praise.
2 Naked came I into this world,

And nothing with me brought;
And nothing have I here desery'd;

Yet have I lacked nought.
3 I do not bless my labouring hand,

My labouring head, or chance;
Thy providence, most gracious God,

mine inheritance. 4 Thy bounty gives me bread with peace,

A table free from strife:
Thy blessing is the staff of bread,

Which is the staff of life. 5 The daily favours of


I cannot sing at large:
Yet let me make this holy boast,

I am the Almighty's charge.
6 Lord, in the day, Thou art about

The paths wherein I tread;
And in the night, when I lie down,
Thou art about


7 A thousand deaths I daily ’scape,

I pass by many a pit,
I sail by many dreadful rocks,

Where others have been split.
8 Whilst others in God's prisons lie,

Bound with affliction's chains,
I walk at large, secure and free

From sickness and from pains.

9 'Tis not, my God, myself alone,

But mine to Thee I owe;
Thou mad'st me many out of one;

O let thy praises grow.
10 O let my house a temple be,

That I and mine may sing
Hosannahs to thy Majesty,

And praise our heavenly King. 11 'Tis Thou hast crown'd my actions, Lord,

With good success, each day; This crown, together with myself,

At thy blest feet I lay.


S.M.-God all-sufficient. 1 WHEN earthly comforts dic,

And thorns o'erspread the road, Whither, O! whither shall I Ay,

But unto thee, my God! 2 When anxious thoughts arise,

And sorrows compass round, Amidst ten thousand enemies,

In thee my help is found. 3 Then at thy feet I'll bow,

And in thy mercy trust:
If I am sav'd, how good art thou!

And if I perish just. 4

Perish! it cannot be;

Since Jesus shed his blood;
The promise is both rich and free,

And he will make it good.




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ABSURD and vain attempt! to bind. A charge to keep I have.... According to thy gracious word Afflicted saint! to Christ draw near Again the Lord of life and light A Fountain of life and of grace. A glory gilds the sacred page A good High Priest is come Alas! how fast our moments fly All-glorious God! what hymns of praise All hail! mysterious King ? All hail the power of Jesu's name.. All people that on earth do dwell All yesterday is gone Almighty Father of mankind.... Almighty God of truth and love Almighty God, thy wondrous works Almighty King! whose wondrous hand Almighty to persuade thou art .... Aloud I sing the wond'rous grace Amazing grace! how sweet the sound.., Amazing plan of sovereign love!.. Am I an Israelite indeed Am I a soldier of the cross...... And are we now brought near to God. And art thou with us, gracious Lord... And can my heart aspire so high .. And is this life prolong'd to me..... And dost thou say, “ Ask what thou wilt” And shall I sit alone.... And why do our admiring eyes And will the eternal King.. And will the great eternal God. And will the Judge descend?... And will the majesty of heaven. Angels, from the realms of glory. Another fleeting day is gone Another six days' work is done Arise, my tenderest thoughts, arise Arise, thou bright and morning star.


358 .C. Wesley

288 Montgomery

497 Fawcett

391 . Mrs. Barbauld 605

Wesley's Col. 363 Couper

45 .Cennick 105 Doddridge 550 Doddridge 430 Doddridge 113 Perronett 102 . Sternhold

3 Pratt's Col. 607 Logan

564 Wesley's Col. 337 Beddome 598 Couper 424 C. Wesley

143 Doddridge 77 Newton

312 Doddridge 197 Beddome

609 Watts

246 Doddridge 499 Doddridge 235 Mrs. Steele 399 Watts

299 Newton

402 Beddome 211 Doddridge 324 Doddridge 285 Doddridge 480

Doddridge 172 ..Doddridge 62 Montgomery 70 Collyer

634 J. Stennett Doddridge 173 Beddome 588



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AUTHOR. EYXX. Arm of the Lord ! awake, awake!..... .C. Wesley

529 Assist us, Lord, thy name to praise.

Doddridge 491 As when the weary traveller gains.


455 At evening to myself I say.....

.C. Wesley

631 Attend, my soul, with reverend awe

Doddridge 205 Author of good! we rest on thee....

. Merrick

406 Awak'd from sin's delusive sleep..

H. Moore 182 Awake, and sing the song....

Hammond 304 Awake, my drowsy soul, awake

Doddridge 291 Awake, my soul, and with the sun

Bp. Kenn

537 Awake, my soul! lift up thine eyes

Mrs. Barbauld 292 Awake, my soul, stretch every nerve.

Doddridge 249 Awake my zeal, awake my love ....


300 Awake our souls, and bless his name.

Doddridge 118 Awake, ye saints, and raise your eyes

Doddridge 553 Backsliding Israel, hear the voice

Doddridge 212 Before Jehovah's awful throne ...


3 Begone, unbelief!..

.. Newton

240 Behold, a stranger's at the door


162 Behold my servant ! see him rise.


96 Behold the bleeding Lamb of God

,Doddridge 78 Behold the glass the gospel lends

Doddridge 357 Behold, the great eternal God ....

Doddridge 53 Behold the great physician stands....

Doddridge 125 Behold! the mountain of the Lord

Logan Behold the path that mortals tread

Doddridge 565 Behold the Prince of Peace....

Needham 73 Behold the Saviour of mankind.

. Wesley's Col. 79 Behold the Saviour on the cross.

Scottish Paraphrases 152 Behold the Son of God's delight... ... Doddridge

76 Behold where, breathing love divine.. .. Mrs. Barbauld 378 Behold, where, in a mortal form ...

Enfield 111 Be joyful in God, all ye lands of the earth. Montgomery 435 Beset with snares on every hand ....


277 Be still, my heart! these anxious cares.

Newton 231 Bestow, dear Lord, upon our youth

Cowper 561 Beyond the glittering starry skies


606 Blessed be thy name for ever..


635 Blest be the dear uniting love.....

Wesley's Col. 614 Blest be the Lamb, whose blood was spilt


194 Blest is the man whose heart expands....

Straphan 507 Blest Jesus, bow thine ear

Doddridge 489 Blest Jesus, Source of grace divine ..

Doddridge 140 Blest men, who stretch their willing hands . ..Doddridge 250 Blinded in youth by Satan's arts...

178 Blow ye the trumpet, blow...

Wesley's Col. 526 Breathe in praise of your Creator

C. Wesley

432 Bright as the sun's meridian blaze

.M. Wilks 521 Bright source of intellectual rays

Doddridge 20 By whom was David taught...


63 Calmer of my troubled heart

....C. Wesley 308 Captain of thine enlisted host

Lady Huntington's Col. 527



... Newton

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