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Chastis'd by an indulgent God....
Cheerfully my soul shall praise
Chief Shepherd of thy chosen sheep.
Children of the heavenly King .
Christ the Lord is risen to-day!
Christ, whose glory fills the skies.
Come, all whoe'er have set
Come, all ye saints of God
Come, humble souls; ye mourners come
Come, let us search our ways, and try.
Come let us who in Christ believe
Come, O thou all-victorious Lord
Come on, my partners in distress
Come, our indulgent Saviour come.
Come! said Jesus' sacred voice..
Come, thou celestial Spirit, come ....
Come, thou fount of every blessing
Come thou long-expected Jesus...
Come to Calvary's holy mountain
Come ye siuners, poor and wretched
Commit thou all thy griefs ..
Dear Lord, accept a sinful heart
Dear Shepherd of thy people, hear.
Do not I love thee, my


HYMN. ...C. Wesley

394 A, T. Russell 427 Newton 487 Cennick

503 . Madan's Col. 83 .C. Wesley

126 c. Wesley


443 . Heginbothom 345 Watts

296 Wesley's Col. 163 .C. Wesley

142 .C. Wesley 245 Doddridge 88 Mrs. Barbauld 156 Doddridge 146 Robinson 426 Madan's Col. 67 Montgomery 155 Hart

160 Luther


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Enquire, ye pilgrims, for the way
Enter'd the holy place above
Eternal and immortal King
Eternal God! Almighty Cause
Eternal God, our wondering souls.
Eternal Power, whose high abode
Eternal Source of every joy
Exalted Prince of Life, we own

Doddridge C. Wesley Doddridge .S. Browne Doddridge Watts Doddridge Doddridge

2 107 307 519 256 434 552 93


Fair shines the morning star
Faith adds new charms to earthly bliss
Fall down, ye nations, and adore...
Far from these parrow scenes of night.
Far from the world, O Lord, I flee
“ Father divine," the Saviour cried.
Father divine, thy piercing eye.
Father, is not thy promise pledg'd
Father of all, by whom we are.
Father of all, we bow to thee
Father of eternal grace..
Father of lights, from whom proceeds
Father of lights, we sing thy name
Father of men, thy care we bless
Father of mercies! condescend
Father of mercies, God of love!.
Father of mercies, in thy house
Father of mercies ! in thy word
Father of mercies, send thy grace


593 Turner

304 Montgomery

595 • Mrs. Steele Cowper

381 · Doddridge 75 Doddridge 647 Gibbon

525 Wesley's Col. 493 Scottish Paraphrases 401 Montgomery

338 Wesley's Col. 183 Doddridge 51 Doddridge 316 Lawson

533 Heginbothom 423 Doddridge 483 Mrs. Steele 42 Doddridge


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Father of peace, and God of love
Father of spirits, from thy hand
Father, whate'er of earthly bliss
Food, raiment, dwelling, health and friends.
For a season call'd to part
Forth from the dark and stormy sky.
Fountain of mercy, God of love
Frequent the day of God returns.....
From Egypt lately come
From Greenland's icy mountains
From yon delusive scene

AUTHOR. HYMX. Doddridge 27 Doddridge

484 Mrs. Steele 397 Montgomery 623 Newton 613 Bp. Heber 17 Needham 547 .S. Browne 13 Kelly

26 Heber

523 .G. Clayton


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Give to the winds thy fears
Glory to thee, my God, this night.
God gives his mercies to be spent.
God in the gospel of his Son
God moves in a mysterious way
God of all-redeeming grace
God of eternity, from thee
God of my life, through all its days.
God of my life, thy constant care....
God of my life, to thee I call
God of salvation, we adore
God over all, the sun by day
God, our kind Master, merciful as just
Go (saith the Lord) proclaim my grace
Grace! 'tis a charming sound
Great Father of each perfect gift
Great Father of mankind ..
Great former of this various frame
Great God! at whose all-powerful call
Great God ! in vain man's narrow view
Great God of heaven and nature, rise
Great God of wonders ! all thy ways
Great God, the nations of the earth
Great God! we sing that mighty hand.
Great God! what do I see and hear?
Great Leader of thine Israel's host
Great Ruler of all nature's frame..
Great Ruler of the earth and skies
Great Source of being and of love
Great Source of life, our souls confess
Great Spirit of immortal love
Great Teacher of thy church, we own
Guide me, O thou great Jehovah .....
Hail! everlasting Prince of Peace!
Hail, everlasting spring !
Ilail that blissful day approaching
Hail ! to the Prince of Life and Peace
Hail! thou once despised Jesus!...
Happiness! thou lovely name .....
Happy, beyond description, he..
Happy man, whom God doth aid.


67 Bp. Kenn

538 Cowper 176 Beddome 597 Cowper

55 · Wesley's Col. 284 · Doddridge 555 · Doddridge 422 Doddridge 543 · Cowper 228 Doddridge 323 Montgomery 509 Mrs. Barbauld 641 Doddridge 161 · Doddridge

Doddridge 137

Doddridge 1
Doddridge 30
Kippis's Col. 548


513 President Davies 36 . Gibbon

524 Doddridge

541 Luther

584 Doddridge

248 Doddridge 203 Mrs. Steele 515 Doddridge 534 Doddridge 294 Doddridge 379 Doddridge 298 W. Williams 451


375 Doddridge

128 Beddome 596 Doddridge 94 Madan's Col. 91 Topludy 330 Necdham 313 Il’esley's Col. 437




Happy the man, who finds the grace
Happy soul, thy days are ended
Happy the souls to Jesus join'd
Hark! a voice divides the sky
Hark! for the Great Creator speaks...
Hark! for 'tis God's own son that calls
Hark! my soul ! it is the Lord
Hark the glad sound! the Saviour comes
Hark! the solemn trumpet sounding
Hark! the song of Jubilee
Hark! the voice of love and mercy
Hark! what mean those lamentations
Hasten, sinner, to be wise....
Heal us, Immanuel, here we are
Hear gracious Sovereign from thy throne.
Hear what God, the Lord, hath spoken
Hearken, ye hills; ye mountains hear
Hearken, ye children of your God
Heaven has confirm'd the great decree
He dies, the friend of sinners dies...
Henceforth, let each believing heart..
Ho! every one that thirsts, draw nigh
Holy and reverend is the name.
Holy as Thee, O Lord, is none
Holy Lord God! I love thy truth
Honour and happiness unite....
How are thy servants blest, O Lord !
How beautiful the sight
How blest the righteous when he dies!.
How blest thy creature is, O God..
How cheerful along the gay mead
How gentle God's commands!..
How good and pleasant 'tis to see
How gracious and how wise ...
How happy is the man who hears
How happy is the Christian's state
How is our nature spoild by sin!
How keen the tempter's malice is !
How long shall death, the tyrant, reign
How long shall dreams of creature bliss
How precious is the book divine
How rich thy favours, God of grace !
How rich thy gifts, Almighty King
How sweet, how heavenly is the sight
How sweet the name of Jesus sounds.
How sweetly flow'd the gospel's sound
How swift the torrent rolls
How vain is all beneath the skies.
How vast the treasure we possess •
I and my house will serve the Lord
I cannot shun the stroke of death
If death my friend and me divide
If friendless in the vale of tears I stray.

Wesley's Col. 328 C. Wesley 473 Wesley's Col. 331 Wesley's Col. 577 Doddridge

384 Doddridge 356 Cowper 373 Doddridge 72

530 Montgomery 103

82 Cawood 522 · Scott

608 Couper 303 Doddridge 138 · Cowper 274

Doddridge 512 · Doddridge 365 Doddridge

566 Watts*

87 Doddridge 386 ..J. Wesley 159 Needham

7 C. Wesley 40 Cowper 335 · Cowper 332 Addison

54 · Montgomery 377 Barnard 474 Cowper 360 · Orat. of Abel 640 · Doddridge 221

Wesley's Col. 374

200 · Logan

329 Hudson

333 Watts

191 Doddridge 229 Watts

478 Doddridge 215 · Fawcett

43 Doddridge 460 Kippis

516 Swain

376 Newton

112 Bowring 157 Doddridge 568 Ford

600 Watts



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.C. Wesley 621 ..S. Browne

658 C. Wesley

657 ..Mrs. Barbauld 642


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I love the Lord ;-Ile lent an ear.....
I love the sacred book of God....
Immortal God, on thee we call....
In all my ways, O God....
Indulgent Father ! how divine.
Indulgent Sovereign of the skies
In dutics and in sufferings too
In every time and place
In evil long I took delight
In one harmonious cheerful song
In raptures let our hearts ascend
In sleep's serene oblivion laid
Interval of grateful shade
In the cross of Christ I glory
In thee I live, and move, and am.
In the sun, and moon, and stars.
In thy name, O Lord, assembling
In thy rebuke:, all gracious God
In vain my fancy strives to paint...
I own, my God, thy sovereign grace
I prais'd the Earth, in beauty seen
I quit the world's fantastic joys
Is it not the Shepherd's voice?.
I sing the almighty power of God
It is the Lord, enthron'd in light .
I the good fight have fought ..
I thirst, but not as once I did...
I was a grovelling creature once
I will praise thee, every day..

EYXX. Montgomery 496 Kelly

590 Doddridge 147 Beddome 622 Souden

428 Doddridge 517 Beddome 110 Wesley's Col. 445 Newton

183 . Doddridge 465 ..Doddridge

89 Hawkesworth 627 .. Doddridge 633

Borring 153

659 Heber

586 . Kelly

18 .Doddridge 202 .. Newton

475 . Doddridge 339 Bp. Heber

602 H. Aloore 654 ..C. Wesley 233 Watts

419 Green

395 ..C. Wesley 326 ..Cowper 278

. Couper 347 ... Couper 421

Jehovah! 'tis a glorious name
Jerusalem! my happy home
Jesus! and shall it ever be
Jesus! at thy command
Jesus Christ is risen to-day
Jesus, I fain would find
Jesus! I love thy charming name
Jesus, I sing thy matchless grace
Jesus is mine! I'm now prepar'd
Jesus is our cominon Lord
Jesus, Lord, we look to thee
Jesus, lover of my soul
Jesus! mine Advocate above
Jesus, my all to heaven is gone
Jesus! my Lord, how rich thy grace
Jesus, my Saviour, let me be
Jesus, our souls' delightful choice
Jesus the Lord our souls adore
Jesus ! thy blessings are not few
Jesus, thy blood and righteousness
Jesus, where'er thy people meet
Joy is a fruit that will not grow
Leader of faithful souls, and Guide.

Doddridge 219

454 Grigg

132 Toplady's Col. 457

85 C. Wesley 251 Doddridge 370 Doddridge 114 Newton 311 Wesley's Col. 502 C. Wesley

625 •C. Wesley 120 Doddridge 355 • Cennick 116 Doddridge 297 Beddome 315 Doudridge 302 · Doddridge 109 Watts

158 Wesley's Col. 195 Coreper 482 Newton 351

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Wesley's Col. 446


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HYMY. Let heaven burst forth into a song

Doddridge 319 Let Jacob to his Maker sing


56 Let party names no more .

Beddome 273 Let saints below in concert join

Wesley's Col. 272 Let us, with a joyful mind


414 Let worldly minds the world pursue

Newton 276 Let Zion's watchmen all awa

Doddridge 486 Life is a span, a fleeting hour

Mrs. Steele 569 Lift up to God the voice of praise

Wardlaw 417 Lift up your heads, ye friends of Jesus

Wesley's Col. 136 Light of those whose dreary dwelling

Madun's Col. 119 Lo! God is here! let us adore

Wesley's Col.

6 Lo! he comes with clouds descending.


134 Lo! the lilies of the field...


639 Look down, O Lord, with pitying eye.

Doddridge 139 Look up, ye saints, direct your eyes


48 Look, ye saints, the sight is glorious


100 Lord, dismiss us with thy blessing

617,618 Lord, dost thou shew a corner stone

· Doddridge 130 Lord, in the strength of grace

.C. Wesley

280 Lord of my life, 0 may thy praise

Mrs. Steele 626 Lord of the harvest! God of grace

Christian Psalmist 24 Lord of my life ! my days are thine..


558 Lord of the sabbath, hear our vows -..

Doddridge 14 Lord of the vineyard, we adore


121 Lord ! should we leave thy hallowed feet Pratt's Col. 463 Lord of the world's majestic frame


418 Lord, take my heart just as it is ......... Lady Huntington's Col. 279 Lord, that I may learn of thee

..C. Wesley 349 Lord, thou hast won, at length I yield.


190 Lord, we adore thy wondrous name

Doddridge 243 Lord, what is man! extremes how wide


325 Lord, when our raptur'd thought surveys

Mrs. Steele 49 Lord, when thy hand is lifted up •


167 Lord, who hast suffer'd all for me

Couper 393 Loud be thy name ador'd......

Doddridge 439 Loud let the tuneful trumpet sound

Duddridge 151 Loud to the Prince of heaven

Doddridge 101 Love Divine, all love excelling

Wesley's Col.

368 Man's wisdom is to seek

Cowper 287 Mark the soft falling snow

Doddridge 19 May the grace of Christ our Saviour

Newton 619 Mighty God! while angels bless thee...

Robinson My former hopes are fled

Coper 179 My Guardian's watchful care

Berridge 629 My God, and is thy table spread.

Doddridge 500 My God! assist me while I raise.

Doddridge 124 My God, how cheerful is the sound.

· Doddridge 223 My God, my Father! blissful name

Mrs. Steele 649 My God! my King! to thee I'll raise.

Mrs. Steele 433 My God, the covenant of thy love

Doddridge 264 My God, thy service well demands



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