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3 Unnumber'd sins, like sable clouds,

Veil'd every cheerful ray of joy, And thunders murmur'd through the gloom,

While lightnings pointed to destroy. 4 He spoke, and all the clouds dispers’d,

And heaven unveil'd its shining face; The whole creation smild anew,

Deck'd in the golden beams of grace. 5 Israel, return in humble love,

Return to thy Redeemer's breast,
And charm’d by his melodious voice,

Compose thy weary powers to rest.

320. L.M.—God's incomparable Mercy admired. Micah vii, 18-20. 1 SUPREME in mercy, who shall dare

With thy compassion to compare?
For thy own sake wilt thou forgive,

And bid the trembling sinner live. 2 Millions of our transgressions past,

Cancell'd, behind thy back are cast;
Thy grace, a sea without a shore,

O’erflows them, and they rise no more. 4 And lest new legions should invade,

And make the pardon'd souls afraid,
Our inbred lusts thou wilt subdue,

And form degenerate hearts anew.
4 Our Leader God, our songs proclaim;

We lift our banners in his name;
With songs of triumph forth we go,

And level the gigantic foe.
5 His truth to Jacob shall prevail;

His oath to Abram cannot fail:
The hope of saints in ancient days,
Which ages yet unborn shall praise.

321. L.M.-" Thou hast delivered my soul from death, mine eyes from tears,

and my feet from falling." Ps. cxvi. 8.
1 MY soul, through my Redeemer's care,

Sav'd from the second death, I feel;
My eyes from tears of dark despair, ,

My feet from falling into hell.
2 Wherefore to him my feet shall run;

Mine eyes on his perfections gaze;
My soul shall live for God alone,
And all within me shout his praise.

C.M.-" Say unto my soul, I am thy Salvation.” Ps. xxxv. 3.
1 SALVATION! O melodious sound

To wretched, dying men! Salvation that from God proceeds,

And leads to God again! 2 Rescu'd from hell's eternal gloom,

From fiends, and fires, and chains; Rais'd to a paradise of bliss,

Where love and glory reigns! 3 But oh! may a degenerate soul,

Sinful and weak as mine, Presume to raise a trembling eye

To blessings so divine? 4 The lustre of so bright a bliss

My feeble heart o erbears; And unbelief almost perverts

The promise into tears. 5 My Saviour-God, no voice but thine

These dying hopes can raise; Speak thy salvation to my soul,

And turn its tears to praise. 6 My Saviour-God, this broken voice

Transported shall proclaim, And call on all the’ angelic harps

To sound so sweet a name.



L.M.-God magnified for his Salvation. Ps. xl. 16. 1 GOD of salvation, we adore

Thy saving love, thy saving power;
And, to our utmost stretch of thought,

Hail the redemption thou hast wrought. 2 Perish each thought of human pride;

Let God alone be magnified;
His glory let the heavens resound,

Shouted from earth's remotest bound. 3 Saints, who his full salvation know,

Saints, who but taste it here below,
Join every angel's voice to raise
Continued, never-ending praise.


C.M.— The Word of Salvation sent to us. Acts xiii. 26.
1 AND why do our admiring eyes

These gospel glories see?
And whence, doth every heart reply,

Salvation sent to me?
2 And dost thou, Lord, subdue my heart,

And shew my sins forgiven, And bear thy witness to my part

Amongst the heirs of heaven. 3 As the redeemed of the Lord,

We sing the Saviour's name; And, while the long salvation lasts,

Its sovereign grace proclaim.

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325. L.M.- Man by Nature, Grace, and Glory. 1 LORD, what is man! extremes how wide,

In this mysterious nature join! The flesh to worms and dust allied,

The soul immortal and divine!

2 Divine at first, a holy flame

Kindled by the Almighty's breath, Till, stain'd by sin, it soon became

The seat of darkness, strife, and death. 3 But Jesus, oh! amazing grace!

Assum'd our nature as his own, Obey'd and suffer'd in our place,

Then took it with him to his throne. 4 Now what is man, when grace reveals

The virtue of a Saviour's blood ? Again a life divine he feels,

Despises earth, and walks with God. 5 And what in yonder realms above,

Is ransom'd man ordain'd to be? With honour, holiness, and love,

No seraph more adorn'd than he. 6 Nearest the throne, and first in song,

Man shall his hallelujahs raise; While wondering angels round him throng,

And swell the chorus of his praise.

S.M.— The Christian's Last Triumph. 2 Tim. iv. 7, 8.
1 “I THE good fight have fought!”

O when shall I declare!
The victory of my Saviour got,

I long with Paul to share.
O may I triumph so,

When all my warfare's past!
And, dying, find my latest foe


feet at last! 2 This blessed word be mine,

Just as the port is gain'd, “ Kept by the power of grace divine, I have the faith maintain'd:"

The' apostles of my Lord,

To whom it first was given,
They could not speak a greater word,
Nor all the saints in heaven.

The Happiness of God's Israel. Deut xxxiii. 29.
1 O ISRAEL, blest beyond compare!

Unrivall’d all thy glories are:
Jehovah deigns to fill thy throne,

And calls thine interest all his own. 2 He is thy Saviour; he thy Lord;

His shield is thine, and thine his sword: Review in ecstacy of thought

The grand redemption he has wrought. 3 From Satan's yoke he sets thee free,

Opens thy passage through the sea;
He through the desert is thy guide,

And heaven for Canaan will provide. 4 Not Jacob's sons of old could boast

Such favours to their chosen host;
Their glories which through ages shine,

Are but dim shades and types of thine. 5 Celestial Spirit! teach our tongue

Sublimer strains than Moses sung,
Proportion`d to the sweeter name
Of God the Saviour, and the Lamb.

L.M.- Heavenly Wisdom. Prov. iii. 13-17.
1 HAPPY the man who finds the grace,

The blessings of God's chosen race:
The wisdom coming from above,

The faith that sweetly works by love. 2 Happy beyond description, he

Who knows, "the Saviour died for me!”
The gift unspeakable obtains,
And heavenly understanding gains.

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