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9 Baptiz'd with her renewing fire,

May we the crown of glory gain;
Rise when the hosts of heaven expire,
And reign with God, for ever reign.


P.M.—The Pleasures of Religion. 1 'TIS religion that can give

Sweetest pleasures while we live;
'Tis religion must supply

Solid comfort when we die. 2 After death its joys will be

Lasting as eternity:
Let me then make God my friend, ,
And on all his



345. C.M.—“ Good Hope through Grace." 2 Thess, ii. 16. 1 COME, humble souls; ye mourners, come;

And wipe away your tears; Adieu to all your sad complaints,

Your sorrows and your fears.
2 Come, shout aloud the Father's grace,

The Saviour's dying love;
Soon you shall sing the glorious theme

In loftier strains, above.
3 God, the eternal, mighty God,

To dearer names descends; Calls you his treasure and his joy,

His children and his friends.
4 My Father, God! and may these lips

Pronounce a name so dear?
Not thus could heaven's sweet harmony

Delight my listening ear.
5 Thanks to my God, for every gift

His bounteous hands bestow; And thanks eternal, for that love

Whence all those comforts flow.

1 Sam. xxx. 6.

6 For ever let my grateful heart

His boundless grace adore,
Which gives ten thousand blessings now,

And bids me hope for more.
7 Transporting hope! still on my soul,

Let thy sweet glories shine,
Till thou thyself art lost in joys
Immortal and divine.

346. L.M.-Hope encouraged by a View of the Divine Perfections. 1 WHY sinks my weak desponding mind?

Why heaves my heart the anxious sigh? Can sovereign goodness be unkind?

Am I not safe if God is nigh? 2 He holds all nature in his hand!

That gracious hand on which I live,
Does life, and time, and death command,

And has immortal joys to give.
3 'Tis he supports this fainting frame,

On him alone my hopes recline; The wondrous glories of his name,

How wide they spread, how bright they shine! 4 Infinite wisdom, boundless power!

Unchanging faithfulness and love!
Here let me trust, while I adore,
Nor from my refuge e'er remove.

C.M.-Lively Hope and gracious Fear.
L I WAS a grovelling creature once,

And basely cleav'd to earth; I wanted spirit to renounce

The clod that gave me birth.
2 But God has breath'd upon a worm,

And sent me from above
Wings such as clothe an angel's form,

The wings of joy and love.

3 With these to Pisgah's top I fly,

And there delighted stand, To view, beneath a shining sky,

The spacious promis'd land. 4 The Lord of all the vast domain

Has promis'd it to me: The length and breadth of all the plain,

As far as faith can see.
5 How glorious is my privilege!

To thee for help I call,
I stand upon a mountain's edge,

Oh save me, lest I fall.
6 Though much exalted in the Lord,

My strength is not my own;
Then let me tremble at his word,

And none shall cast me down.


P.M.- The Child.
1 QUIET, Lord, my froward heart,

Make me teachable and mild,
Upright, simple, free from art,

Make me as a weaned child:
From distrust and envy free,

Pleas'd with all that pleases thee. 2 What thou shalt to-day provide,

Let me as a child receive;
What to-morrow may betide,

Calmly to thy wisdom leave:
'Tis enough that thou wilt care,

Why should I the burden bear? 3 As a little child relies

On a care beyond his own;
Knows he's neither strong nor wise;

Fears to stir a step alone;
Let me thus with thee abide,
As my Father, Guard, and Guide,

4 Thus preserv'd from Satan's wiles,

Safe from dangers, free from fears,
May I live upon thy smiles,

Till the promis'd hour appears,
When the sons of God shall prove
All their Father's boundless love.

349. P.M.- For Humility and Simplicity of Soul. Isa, xxviii. 9. 1 LORD, that I may learn of thee,

Give me true simplicity;
Wean my soul, and keep it low,

Willing thee alone to know.
2 Of my boasted wisdom spoil'd,

Docile, helpless as a child;
Only seeing in thy light,

Only walking in thy might.
3 Then infuse the teaching grace,

God of truth and righteousness;
Knowledge, love divine, impart,
Life eternal to my heart.

350. S.M.- The Meek beautified with Salvation. Ps. cxlix. 4. 1 YE humble souls rejoice,

And cheerful triumphs sing; Wake all your harmony of voice,

For Jesus is your King.
2 That meek and lowly Lord,

Whom here your souls have known, ,
Pledges the honour of his word,
To avow


for his own. 3 He brings salvation near,

For which his blood was paid;
How beauteous shall our souls appear,

Thus sumptuously array'd!

4 Salvation, Lord, is thine,

And all thy saints confess,
The royal robes, in which they shine,
Were wrought by sovereign grace.

351. C.M.-" The Joy of the Lord is your strength.Neh. viii. 10. | JOY is a fruit that will not grow

In nature's barren soil;
All we can boast, till Christ we know,

Is vanity and toil.
2 But where the Lord has planted grace,

And made his glories known,
There fruits of heavenly joy and peace

Are found, and there alone.
3 A bleeding Saviour seen by faith,

A sense of pardoning love,
A hope that triumphs over death,

Give joys like those above.
4 To take a glimpse within the veil,

To know that God is mine,
Are springs of joy that never fail,

Unspeakable! divine!
5 These are the joys which satisfy,

And sanctify the mind,
Which make the spirit mount on high,

And leave the world behind.
6 No more, believers, mourn your lot;

But if you are the Lord's,
Resign to them that know him not,
Such joys as earth affords.

L.M.- Rejoicing in God. Jer. ix. 23, 24.
1 THE righteous Lord, supremely great,

Maintains his universal state;
O'er all the earth his power extends;
All heaven before his footstool bends.

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