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2 Yet justice still with power presides,

And mercy all his empire guides;
Such works are pleasing in his sight,

And such the men of his delight.
3 No more, ye wise, your wisdom boast:

No more, ye strong, your valour trust,
Nor let the rich survey his store,

Elate with heaps of shining ore. 4 Glory, my soul, in this alone,

That God, thy God, to thee is known,
That thou hast own'd his sovereign sway,

That thou hast felt his cheering ray.
5 My wisdom, wealth, and power I find

In one Jehovah all combin'd!
On him I fix my roving eyes,
Till all


soul in rapture rise.
6 All else, which I may treasure call,

May in one fatal moment fall;
But what his happiness can move,
Whom God the Blessed deigns to love?


C.M.—Delight in God.
1 O LORD! I would delight in thee,

And on thy care depend;
To thee in every trouble flee,

My best, my only friend.
2 When all created streams are dried,

Thy fulness is the same;
May I with this be satisfied,

And glory in thy name!
3 Why should the soul a drop bemoan

Who has a fountain near;
A fountain which will ever run

With waters sweet and clear?

4 No good in creatures can be found,

But may be found in thee;
I must have all things, and abound,

While God is God to me.
5 O Lord! I cast my care on thee;

I triumph and adore:
Thenceforth my great concern shall be
To love and please thee more.

354. C.M.- The impoverished Saint rejoicing in God. Hab. iii, 17, 18. 1 SO firm the saint's foundations stand,

Nor can his hopes remove,
Sustain'd by God's almighty hand,

And shelter'd in his love.
2 Fig-trees and olive-plants may fail,

And vines their fruit deny,
Famine through all his fields prevail,

And flocks and herds may die. 3 God is the treasure of his soul,

A source of sacred joy,
Which no afflictions can control,

Nor death itself destroy.
4 Lord! may we feel thy cheering beams,

And taste thy saints' repose;
We will not mourn the perish'd streams,

While such a fountain flows.

355. L.M.- Erperimental Knowledge communicated. 1 John i. 1-3. 1 JESUS! mine Advocate above,

Let me not hear of thee alone,
But make the wonders of thy love

By deep experience sweetly known. 2 On thee my soul would fix its eye;

My lips would taste thy heavenly grace; Then would I raise thine honours high,

And teach a thousand tongues thy praise.

3 The sacred flame from heart to heart

Should with a rapid progress run; Till each in God could boast his part,

Through sweet communion with his Son. 4 Thus may the servants of the Lord

Feel the salvation they proclaim; And thus may crowds receive the word, And echo back the Saviour's name.

356. C.M.- True Liberty given by Christ. John viii. 36. 1 HARK! for 'tis God's own Son that calls

To life and liberty; Transported fall before his feet,

Who makes the prisoners free. 2 The cursed bonds of sin he breaks,

And breaks old Satan's chain: Smiling he deals those pardons round,

Which free from endless pain. 3 Into the captive heart he pours

His Spirit from on high;
We lose the terrors of the slave,

And “ Abba, Father,” cry.
4 Shake off your bonds, and sing his grace;

The sinner's friend proclaim; And call on all around to seek

True freedom by his name. 5 Walk on at large, till you

Your Father's house above!
There shall you wear immortal crowns,
And sing redeeming love.

357. C.M.- Looking into the perfect Law of Liberty, and continuing in it.

James i. 25. 1 BEHOLD the glass the gospel lends,

That men themselves may view: How free from stain its surface is!

How polish'd, and how true!

2 Behold that wise, that perfect law,

Which noblest freedom gives;
O may it all our souls refine,

And sanctify our lives!
3 Not with a transient glance survey’d,

And in an hour forgot,
But deep inscrib’d on every heart,
To reign


every thought.
4 Great Author of each perfect gift,

Thy sovereign grace display,
That these rebellious, roving powers,

May hearken and obey.
5 Inspir’d by thee, our feeble souls
Shall pass victorious on;

As the faint dawning light improves

To all the blaze of moon.

358. L.M.- Religious Liberty; or the Wickedness of Persecution. 1 ABSURD and vain attempt! to bind

With iron chain the free-born mind,
To force conviction, and reclaim

The wandering, by destructive flame.
2 Bold arrogance! to snatch from heaven

Dominion not to mortals given;
O'er conscience to usurp the throne,

Accountable to God alone.
3 Jesus! thy gentle law of love

Doth no such cruelties approve;
Mild as thyself, thy doctrine wields

No arms but what persuasion yields. 4 By proofs divine, and reason strong,

It draws the willing soul along;
And conquest to thy church requires,
By eloquence which heaven inspires.

5 O happy who are thus compellid

To the rich feast by Jesus held!
Britain, thy blessings know, and prize
The light which liberty supplies.

359. C.M.-Having the Son, und Life in Him. 1 John v. 12. 1 O HAPPY Christian, who can boast,

“ The Son of God is mine!” Happy, though humbled in the dust,

Rich in this gift divine.
2 He lives the life of heaven below,

And shall for ever live;
Eternal streams from Christ shall flow,

And endless vigour give.
3 That life we ask with bended knee,

Nor will the Lord deny;
Nor will celestial mercy see

Its humble suppliants die.
4 That life obtain'd, for praise alone

We wish continued breath,
And taught by blest experience, own
That praise can live in death.


C.M.— The happy Change.
1 HOW blest thy creature is, O God,

When, with a single eye,
He views the lustre of thy word,

The day-spring from on high! 2 Through all the storms that veil the skies,

And frown on earthly things,
The Sun of Righteousness he eyes,

With healing on his wings.
3 Struck by that light, the human heart,

A barren soil no more,
Sends the sweet smell of grace abroad,

Where serpents lurk'd before.

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