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18. P.M.-“ Speak, for thy servant heareth.” 1 Sam. iii. 10. 1 IN thy name, O Lord, assembling,

We, thy people, now draw near; Teach us to rejoice with trembling; Speak, and let thy servants hear:

Hear with meekness; Hear thy word with godly fear. 2 While our days on earth are lengthen'd,

May we give them, Lord, to thee; Cheer'd by hope, and daily strengthen'd, May we run, nor weary be;

Till thy glory
Without clouds in heaven we see.
3 There in worship, purer, sweeter,

All thy people shall adore,
Tasting of enjoyment greater
Than they could conceive before;

Full enjoyment;
Full, unmix'd, and evermore.

19. P.M.- Fruitful showers emblems of the salutary effects of the gospel.

Isa. lv. 10, 11.
1 MARK the soft falling snow,

And the diffusive rain,
To heaven from whence it fell,

It turns not back again;
But waters earth through every pore,

And calls forth all its secret store. 2 Array'd in beauteous green,

The hills and valleys shine,
And man and beast are fed

By providence divine;
The harvest bows its golden ears,
The copious seed of former years.

3“ So,” said the God of grace,

My gospel shall descend,
Almighty to effect

“ The purpose I intend;
“ Millions of souls shall feel its power,
“ And bear it down to millions more.'

20. L.M.- Divine teachings and their happy consequences. Isa. liv. 13. 1 BRIGHT source of intellectual rays,

Father of spirits and of grace,
O dart, with energy unknown,

Celestial beamings from thy throne. 2 Thy sacred book would we survey,

Enlightend with that heavenly day,
And ask thy Spirit with the word,

To teach our souls to know the Lord. 3 So shall our children learn the road

That leads them to their fathers' God;
And form'd by lessons so divine,

Shall infant minds with knowledge shine. 4 So shall the haughtiest soul submit,

With children placed at Jesus' feet:
The noisy swell of pride shall cease,
And thy sweet voice be heard in peace.

L.M.- The one thing needful. Luke x. 42.
1 WHY will ye lavish out your years

Amidst a thousand trifling cares;
While in this various range of thought

The one thing needful is forgot?
2 Why will ye chase the fleeting wind,

And famish an immortal mind;
While angels with regret look down
To see you spurn a heavenly crown.

3 The eternal God calls from above,

And Jesus pleads his bleeding love;
Awaken’d conscience gives you pain;

And shall they join their pleas in vain? 4 Not so your dying eyes shall view

Those objects which you now pursue;
Not so shall heaven and hell appear,

When the decisive hour is near.
5 Almighty God, thy power impart,

To fix conviction on the heart;
Thy power unveils the blindest eyes,
And makes the haughtiest scorner wise.


P.M.- Invitation.
1 YE that in his courts are found,

Listening to the joyful sound,
Lost and helpless as ye are,
Sons of sorrow, sin, and care,
Glorify the King of kings,

Take the peace the gospel brings. 2 Turn to Christ your longing eyes,

View his bloody sacrifice;
See in him your sins forgiven,
Pardon, holiness, and heaven;
Glorify the King of kings,
Take the peace the gospel brings.

23. S.M.- An immediate attention to God's voice required. Heb. iii. 15. 1 THE Lord Jehovah calls;

Be every ear inclin'd;
May such a voice awake each heart,

And captivate the mind. 2 If he in thunder speaks,

Earth trembles at his nod;
But gentle accents here proclaim

The condescending God.

3 O harden not your hearts,

But hear his voice to-day,
Lest, ere to-morrow's earliest dawn,
He call


4 Almighty God, pronounce

The word of conquering grace; ;
So shall the fint dissolve to tears,
And scorners seek thy face!


C.M.-The Sower. Mark iv. 3.
I LORD of the harvest! God of grace!

Send down thy heavenly rain;
In vain we plant without thine aid,

And water too in vain. 2 May no vain thoughts, those birds of prey,

Defraud us of our gain;
Nor anxious cares, those baleful thorns,

Choke up the precious grain.
3 Ne'er may our hearts be like the rock,

Where but the blade can spring;
Which scorched with heat becomes by noon

A dead, a useless thing.
4 Let not the joys thy gospel gives,

A transient rapture prove;
Nor may the world, by smiles and frowns,

Our faith and hope remove.
5 But may our hearts, like fertile soil,

Receive the heavenly word;
So shall our fair and ripen'd fruits
Their hundred-fold afford.

25. L.M.- For searching of heart. Ps. cxxxix. 23, 24. 1 SEARCH me, O God! and know my heart;

Try me-my inmost thoughts survey;
And teach thy servant to depart

From every false and evil way.

2 Nor only from impending wrath,

Warn my affrighted soul to flee;
O, guide my feet into the path
Of life and immortality!

26. P.M.-Seeking the heavenly country. Heb. xi. 14. 1 FROM Egypt's bondage come,

Where death and darkness reign,
We seek a new, a better home,
Where we our rest shall gain.

We are on our way to God.
2 There sin and sorrow cease,

And, every conflict o'er,
We there shall dwell in endless

Nor thirst nor hunger more.

We are on our way to God.
3 There in celestial strains,

Enraptur'd myriads sing,
And love in every bosom reigns;
For God himself is King.

We are on our way to God.
4 We soon shall join the throng,

Their pleasures we shall share,
And sing the everlasting song,
With all the ransom'd there.

We are on our way to God.

27. C.M.-Grace perfected in glory. Heb. xiii. 20, 21. 1 FATHER of peace, and God of love,

We own thy power to save!
That power by which our shepherd rose

Victorious o'er the grave.

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