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2 We triumph in that shepherd's name,

Still watchful for our good,
Who brought the eternal covenant down,

And sealed it with his blood. 3 So may thy Spirit seal my soul,

And mould it to thy will,


fond heart no more may stray,
But keep thy covenant still.
4 Still may we gain superior strength,

And press with vigour on,
Till full perfection crown our hopes,

And fix us near thy throne.


L.M.-God imperfectly known by his creatures.
1 GREAT God! in vain man's narrow view

Attempts to look thy nature through:
Our labouring powers with reverence own

Thy glories never can be known.
2 Not the high seraph's mighty thought,

Who countless years his God has sought,
Such wondrous height or depth can find,

Or fully trace thy boundless mind.
3 Yet, Lord, thy kindness deigns to show

Enough for mortal minds to know:
While wisdom, goodness, power divine,

Through all thy works and conduct shine. 4 O, may our souls with rapture trace Thy works of nature and of

grace; Explore thy sacred name, and still Press on to know and do thy will!

C.M.-God unsearchable. Job xi. 7, &e.
1 SHALL foolish, weak, short-sighted man,

Beyond archangels go -
The great Almighty God explain,

Or to perfection know?
2 His attributes divinely soar

Above the creature's sight, And prostrate seraphim adore

The glorious Infinite. 3 Jehovah's everlasting days,

They cannot numbered be; Incomprehensible the space

Of thine immensity. 4 Thy wisdom's depths by reason's line

In vain we search to sound, Or stretch our labouring thought to assign

Omnipotence a bound.
5 The brightness of thy glories leaves

Description far below;
Nor man, nor angel's heart conceives

How deep thy mercies flow.
6 Thy love is most unsearchable,

Ånd dazzles all above;
They gaze, but cannot count or tell
The treasures of thy love.

30. L.M.- The Eternity and Immutability of God. Ps. cii. 25-28. 1 GREAT former of this various frame,

Our souls adore thine awful name!
And bow and tremble, while they praise

The ancient of eternal days.
2 Thou, Lord, with unsurpris'd survey,

Saw'st nature rising yesterday,
And, as to-morrow, shall thine eye
See earth and stars in ruin lie.

3 Beyond an angel's vision bright,

Thou dwell'st in self-existent light,
Which shines with undiminish'd ray,

While suns and worlds in smoke decay. 4 Our days a transient period run,

And change with every circling sun;
And, in the firmest state we boast,

A moth can crush us into dust.
5 But let the creatures fall around;

Let death consign us to the ground;
Let the last general flame arise,

And melt the arches of the skies; 6 Calm as the summer's ocean, we

Can all the wreck of nature see,
While grace secures us an abode,
Unshaken as the throne of God.

31. C.M.- The Omniscience of God. Ps. xxxvii. 18. 1 TO thee, my God, my days are known,

My soul enjoys the thought;
My actions all before thy face,

Nor are my faults forgot.
2 Each secret breath devotion vents,

Is vocal to thine ear;
And all my walks of daily life

Before thine eye appear.
3 The vacant hour, the active scene,

Thy mercy shall approve;
And every pang of sympathy,

And every care of love.
4 Each golden hour of beaming light

Is guided by thy rays;
And dark afiction's midnight gloom

A present God surveys.


5 Full in thy view through life I pass,

And in thy view I die;
And when each mortal bond is broke,

Shall find my God is nigh.
6 Stripp'd of its little earthly all,

My soul in smiles shall go,
And in an heavenly heritage
Its Father's bounty know.


L.M.- The Omnipresence of God.
1 OH Thou, by long experience tried,

Near whom no grief can long abide;
My Lord, how full of sweet content

pass my years of banishment.
2 All scenes alike engaging prove,

To souls impress'd with sacred love!
Where'er they dwell, they dwell in thee;

In heaven, in earth, or in the sea. 3 To me remains nor place nor time;

My country is in every clime;
I can be calm and free from care

shore since God is there. 4 While place we seek, or place we shun,

The soul finds happiness in none:
But with a God to guide our way,

'Tis equal joy to go or stay.
5 Could I be cast where thou art not,

That were indeed a dreadful lot;
But regions none remote I call,
Secure of finding God in all.


L.M.- The Wisdom of God.
1 WAIT, O my soul, thy Maker's will;

Tumultuous passions all be still!
Nor let a murmuring thought arise,
His ways are just, his counsels wise.

2 He in the thickest darkness dwells,

Performs his work, the cause conceals;
And though his footsteps are unknown,

Judgment and truth support his throne. 3 In heaven and earth, and air and seas,

He executes his wise decrees;
And by his saints it stands confest,

That what he does is ever best.
4 Then, O my soul, submissive wait,

With reverence bow before his seat;
And 'midst the terrors of his rod,
Trust in a wise and gracious God.

L.M.-God the Eternal Sovereign. Ps. xciii.
1 WITH glory clad, with strength array'd,

The Lord that o'er all nature reigns, The world's foundations strongly laid,

And the vast fabric still sustains. 2 How sure established is thy throne,

Which shall no change or period see,
For thou, O Lord, and thou alone,

Art King from all eternity. 3 The floods, O Lord, lift


their voice, And toss their troubled waves on high: But God above can still their noise,

And make the angry sea comply. 4 Thy promise, Lord, is ever sure,

And they that in thy house would dwell,
That happy station to secure,
Must still in holiness excel.

35. L.M.- The Greatness of God, and the meanness of the creatures.

Is. xl. 15-17.

1 YE weak inhabitants of clay,

Ye trifling insects of a day,
Low in your native dust bow down,
Before the Eternal's awful throne.

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