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And see,

2 I, 'midst ten thousand dangers stand, Supported by his guardian hand,

when I

survey my ways, Ten thousand monuments of praise, 3 Thus far his arm hath led me on;

Thus far I make his mercy known;
And while I tread this desert land,

New mercies shall new songs demand. 4 My grateful soul, on Jordan's shore,

Shall raise one sacred pillar more;
Then bear in his bright courts above,
Inscriptions of immortal love.


C.M.-Harvest. 1 FAIR spring, with all its beauties yields

To summer's fervid ray;
Gay verdure now adorns the fields,

Ånd blessings crown the day.
2 The husbandman with joy beholds

The fruit of all his pain,
At length his cultur'd land unfolds

Rich sheaves of golden grain.
3 Thankful to see a plenteous crop,

In songs the gift he owns:
Cheerful again he sows in hope,

And God his labour crowns.
4 Thus may the heralds of the Lord

Behold a prospect fair,
Where'er they sow the precious word,

Abundant fruit appear.
5 Lord, grant us all divine success,

Amidst our arduous toil;
The seed shall have a large increase,

If thou prepare the soil.

6 A joyful harvest they shall have,

Who now in sadness sow;
And those shall live to sing above
Who wept for sin below.


C.M.-God's regard to the young. 1 ISAAC was ransom'd when he lay,

Upon the altar bound; Moses, an infant-castaway,

Pharaoh's own daughter found. 2 Joseph, by his false brethren sold,

God rais'd above them all ;
To Hannah's child the Lord foretold

How Eli's house must fall. 3 David the bear and lion slew,

And on Goliath trod :
Josiah, from his boyhood, knew

His father David's God.
4 To good Naomi, gentle Ruth

Clave with a daughter's soul :
A little maid reveal'd the truth,

When Naaman was made whole. 5 Children are thus Jehovah's care;

Thus youth may seek his face;
Since his own Son he did not spare,

With Him He gives all grace. 6 Grace, like the young of whom we read,

Early in him to trust,
-A friend in need, a friend in deed,

As merciful as just. 7 Lord, while like these our course we run,

Be thou to us that friend ;
And in the footsteps of thy Son,

Conduct us to the end.


C.M.-The gratitude of children. 1 FROM the first dawn of infant life,

Thy goodness we have shar'd; And still we live to sing thy praise,

By sovereign mercy spar'd. 2 To seek thy grace, to do thy will,

O Lord, our hearts incline ; And o'er the paths of future life

Command thy light to shine.
3 While taught to read the Word of Truth,

May we that word receive :
And when we hear of Jesu's name,

In that blest name believe !
4 Let not our feet incline to tread,

Sin's broad destructive road !
But trace those holy paths which lead
To glory and to God..

558. L. M.-“ Wilt thou not from this time cry unto me, My Father, thou

art the guide of my youth?" Jer. iii. 4.
1 DOES God, the sovereign Lord of all,

The sons of men his children call,
And with a father's tender heart,

Offer his blessings to impart?
2 Does he invite them to his throne,

To make their father's God their own,
To seek his aid, and share his love,

While here, and in the world above? 3 From this time wilt thou not, my son,

Haste to thy heavenly Father's throne,
And there, in every fear and strait,

For his support and counsel wait?
4 Yes, Lord, our inmost souls rejoice,

To hear our Father's gracious voice;
And to thy care our all commend,
To be our guide till life shall end.

5 While young or old, through life or death,

Thy praises shall employ our breath,
And we for ever shall proclaim
Our Father's and our Saviour's name.


L. M.— The Lord's day. 1 TO-DAY the Lord our Shepherd leads

To living streams his little flock, In green and flowery pastures feeds,

And shades at noon, beneath the rock. 2 To-day we hear our Shepherd's voice,

And gladly answer to the call ; In Him unseen our hearts rejoice,

Who knows, and names, and loves us all. 3 Far from his fold we went astray,

The howling wilderness he cross’d, From Satan pluck'd us like a prey,

Nor spar'd himself to save the lost. 4 Beneath his eye no vain alarms,

No ravening wolves our walks infest, The lambs he gathers in his arms,

And bears the feeble on his breast. 5 By him conducted, though we tread

Death's valley darkening on the view, No evil there our spirits dread,

His rod and staff will guide us through. 6 When the chief Shepherd shall appear,

And small and great before Him stand, O be the flock assembling here, Found with the sheep at his right hand.


75.- The same. 1 WELCOME, sacred day of rest!

Time of leaving worldly care, Day above all days the best,

When our souls for heaven prepare ;

Day when our Redeemer rose

Victor o'er the hosts of hell ;
Thus he vanquish'd all our foes,

Let our lips his glory tell.
2 Gracious Lord, we love this day,

When we hear thy holy word ;
When we sing thy praise and pray,

Earth can no such joys afford :
But a better rest remains,

Heavenly sabbaths, happier days !
Rest from sin, and rest from pains,
Endless joys and endless praise.


For Sunday or charity schools. 1 HEAR, Lord, the song of praise and prayer

In heaven thy dwelling-place,
From children made the public care,

And taught to seek thy face.
2 Thanks for thy word, and for thy day;

And grant us, we implore,
Never to waste in sinful play,

Thy holy Sabbaths more.
3 Thanks that we hear; but oh, impart

To each desires sincere ;
That we may listen with our heart,

And learn as well as hear.
4 Wisdom and bliss thy word bestows,

A sun which ne'er declines !
Oh be thy mercy shower'd on those,
Who plac'd us where it shines.

562. 75.—If these should hold their peace, the stones would immediately

cry out." Luke xix. 40.
1 CHILDREN once were heard to sing,

When so many silent were;
Glad they welcom'd Israel's King,

And hosannahs fill'd the air.

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