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Adalaies, is the great Treath of a Writer; be. carf beter comes ales Extrated. But I can be Sarifies as w e take terms: If I lappen to pieaf ibe mere Bderate fart, 1 ml be sue of an boneji Pary; and in all pockability, of the bij Fudges : For, tbe leafs Concertid tre commonly the leal Core rapt. And I confes I have laid in fer thole, by rebates the Satyr ( ulere ice would allor it) from largirig 150 ka par Edge. Tha r69 car Criticije so seakly, as to imagise I have done my Werft, may be convited at their own Coff, at I can write Severely, with more ease that I can Genty. I have but langbd at lime Mens Fabies when I could hate declam'd againf their vices: And Other Mens Virtues i bave commended, as freely as I have tax d their Crimes. And now, if you are 4 Malicious Reader, I expect you bould return xpon me, that I affeet to be thought mare impartial than I am, But if Men are not to be judgʻd by their Profefions, God forgive you Commonweakh's-lien for Profeling lo -plan bly for the Government. You cannot be fa Ua

confcionable, as tc charge me far not subscribing of my Name ; for that would reflect 100 grefly upon your own Perty, who never dare ; though they have the advantage of a jury to secure them. If you like not my Poem, the fault may posibly be in my Wriling: . (though 'tis hard for an Autoor ia judge again! himself;) But more probably 'tis in your Morals, which cunnot bear the Truth of it. The Violent, on both fides, will condemn the Character of Absalom, as

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