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What Hope had ours, while yet their Pow'r was new, To rule victorious Armies, but by you?

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Tell of Towns storm'd, of Armies overcome,
Of mighty Kingdoms by your Conduct won,
How, while you thunder'd, Clouds of Duft did choak
Contending Troops, and Seas lay hid in Smoke.

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To crown your Head; while you in Triumph ride
O'er vanquish'd Nations, and the Sea belide :
While all your Neighbour-Princes unto you,
Like Joseph's Sheaves, pay Reverence, and bow.. !

- Three Poems on the Death of the

late Lord Protector.

Written by Mr. John Dryder, Mr. Sprat

of Oxford, and Mr. Edm. Waller.

Heroick Stanza's on the late Lord Protector: Written

after his Funeral, by Mr. Dryden.

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How shall 1 then begin, or where conclude,

To draw a Fame fo truly Circular
For in a round, what order can be fhew'd,

Where all the Parts so equal perfect are:

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'Tis true his Countenance did imprint an awe; :

And naturally all Souls to his did bow,
As Wands of Divination downward draw,
And point to Beds where Sov'raign Gold doth grow.

When paft all offerings to Feretrian Jove,

He Mars depos'd, and Arms to Gowns made yield; Successful Councils did him soon approve,

As fit for close Intrigues as open Field.

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