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The eighth Ode of the econa Book of Ho

racte Englaban . Duke.
Horace and Lydia, the ninth Ode. En

afh's by Vir. Duke.
& Dialogue between Herace and Lydia (2. zo

Engulis žy mother Emd.
Tee tiara Elegy of the firt Zaok of Prep

rius Engiijh y Mr. Atams.

Out of Petronius Arbiter. Cela eft

Cauu & brevis voluptas.

Epifle from M- Orway, to Mr. Duke

A Letter to & Friend

P 77

in Eegy. by the wife of St. A exiis ,

Nae man of Rome) complaining in his
absence he having lepi ker in lars Wedding
Night enjoyd, out of a Pioms Zest to go".
visit the Chriftian Churches. Written ins

Latin by Fran. Remead, . Fasit.
Amaryllis, or the third Idylium of The->

acrius, Paraparat'd By Dr. Dryden. S

Pharmaceu ria; or, the Enchantrefs. Trans-

fated from Tbeccrius by Mr. William p. 86

Bowles, of King's College in Cambridge.)

The Cyclops. Toeocritus lyll. 11tb Eng

lift'd by Mr. Duke of Cambridge. I

10716'd to Dr. Short.

To Czlia. By Mr. Duke.

Spoken to the Queen ins Trinity College,

New.Court in Cambridge. Written by p.

Mr. Duke.

Plesiana, a Paftoral upon the Death of her
Grace the Dutchess of Southampton. By P. 99

Mr. Doke.

Tears of Amynia. for the Death of Damon

By Mr. Dryden.

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