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GENERAL INDEX. The NUMERAL letters indicate the volumes; the FIGURES point out the pages.


Abbot, Mr., his tomb at Eden, Vol. i. Page \4. Absalom, his tomb, near Jerusalem, iii. 81. Acre, bay of, ii. 31; plain of, ii. 54; ancient buildings at, iii. 31; St Jean de, walls of, next the sea, iii. 53.
Adalia, Asia Minor, ii. 23; iii. 8. Adana, Mount Taurus in the distance, i. 33; camp of Ibrahim Pacha near, ii. 35-
Ain-el-Razee, ii. 70.
Ain Fijji, iii. 14. Alaya, fortified cliffs at, i. 51; town of, ii. 22.
Alexandria, description of, ii. 51.
Amanus, Mount, castle on, iii. 56.
American missionaries, ii. 10.
Anamour, coast of, Asia Minor, i. 67.
Ancient cedars in the forest of Lebanon, i. 46.
Anti-Libanus, ii. 61.

A mi orb, from the west, i. 19; on the approach from
Suadeah, i. 24; cemetery and walls of, i. 25; and
iii. 54; house of Girgius Adeeb at, i. 56; part of the
walls of, over a ravine, i. 63; approach to from
Aleppo, ii. 70; wall on the west side of, iii. 11; the
great mosque at, iii. 27; market scene and fountain
at, iii. 44. Antonio, St., convent of, near Eden, in Lebanon, ii. 5.
Antoura, monastery of, ii. 67.
Anzayra, hills of, ii. 57. Approach to Caipha, bay of Acre, ii. 31; to Antioch from Aleppo, ii. 70.
Asia Minor, coast of, near Anamour, i. 67.
Assad-isk Shidiah, a reforming monk, ii. 6.
Ayash, ii. 48.


Balbec, ruins of, i. 11; six detached pillars of the great
temple, i. 37; encampment near Balbec, at Has-el-
Ain, ii. 55; Balbec and Anti-Libanus, ii. 61 ; inte-
rior of great temple at, iii. 21; exterior, iii. 31. Barker, Mr., his villa at Suadeah, ii. 19, 28. Barrada and Fharpar, L 35; iii. 14, 43. Barouk, village of, i. 75; ii. 21; villages at, Mount
Lebanon, ii. 40. Bazaar at Jaffa, ii. 20. Batroun, valley of, with gothic castle, i. 45. Beaufort, Captain, his account of Pompeiopolis, ii. 34. Beilan, pass of, looking towards the sea, i. 38 , Mount
Amanus, on the approach from Antioch, i. 55. Beirout and Mount Lebanon, ii. 9; port of, iii. 64. Beit-y-ass, scene at the village of, near Suadeah, iii. 74. Besherrai, village of, at the foot of Mount Lebanon, iii. 35. Beteddein, and the palace of the prince of the Druses, i. 26 .
palaces of, and Der-el-Kamar, i. 59; Beteddein, ii. 14. Bethany, iii. 90. Bethlehem, chapel at, iii. 83. Bethulia, or Safet, iii. 78. Brumhanna, village of, on Mount Lebanon, ii. 66.
C Cafes in Damascus, i. 69. Caipha, approach to, and bay of Acre, ii. 31. Caiaphas, his palace, iii. 88. Calvary, interior of, iii. 97. Canobin, convent of, &c ii. 6, 7. Carmel, Mount, and St Jean d'Acre, i. 29; account of,
ii. 32; convent of, ii. 64; cave of the School of the
Prophets in, iii. 47; looking towards the sea, iii. 51. 2 C
Lamartine, ii. 16, 31. Landing-place in a small harbour at Rhodes, ii. 24. Lazarus, house of, iii. 90; tomb of, iii. 91. Lebanon, forest of, i. 46; general view of the cedars, i. 65; Lebanon, Mount, ii. 9, 40; with the village of Besherrai, iii. 35.
Liettani, rivulet, at Balbec, ii. 61; scene and khan on the, near Djob Djennein, iii. 49. M Marilius, the seat of Lady Hester Stanhope, iii. 7.
Market-scene and Fountain in Antioch, iii. 44.
Maronite, ii. 7. Missis, in Cilicia, bridge of, iii. 30. Monastery of Santa Saba, iii. 74. Mosque, ancient and ruined, at Payass or Issus, iii. 66. Mosque of Omar, iii. 98. Mount Carmel, and St. Jean d'Acre, i. 29. Mount Casius, from the sea, i. 77.

Carmelites, order of, ii. 64. Casius, Mount, from the sea, i. 77; Casius, Mount, ii. 17, 28.
Castle in Mount Amanus, iii. 56.
Castle near Djouni, ii. 27.
Castle near Pambouk, ii. 48.
Castle near Tripoli, on the river Kadesha, ii. 59.
Castelorizo, island and town of, near Rhodes, ii. 58.
Cave of the School of the Prophets, iii. 47.
Cedars, ancient, in the forest of Lebanon, i. 46.
Church and Scheich's House, Eden, iii. 23.
Church of the Holy Sepulchre at Jerusalem, iii. 72.
Christian Church at Tortosa, ii. 57.
Chapel at Bethlehem, iii. 83.
Chelindreh, or Kalendria, i. 71-
Cilician Gates, iii. 58.
Cilicia, coast of, i. 71. Cleopatra, her voyage up the Cydnus, i. 9. Cliffs, fortified, at Alaya, i. 51. Coast of Asia Minor, near Anamour, i. 67. Coast of Cilicia, i. 71. Convent of Mount Carmel, ii. 64. Cydnus, fall of the river, i. 8.


Damascus, cafes in, i. 69; from above Salahyeh, i. 6;Turkish divan at, i. 12; the great khan at, i. 49; distant view of, from the mountain-side, ii. 42.
Damour, khan and bridge near the source of, iii. 16.
Daphne, site of the ancient, i. 31.
Dead Sea, iii. 91.
Der-cl-Kamar, town of, iii. 55.
Der-el-Kamar, and the palaces of Beteddein, i. 59.
Derwishy, convent of, near Tripoli, i. 22.
Djebel Scheich, and Mount Hermon, from the top of Lebanon, ii. 21.
Djerash, ruins of, iii. 99.
Djob-Djennein, ii. 21. Djouni, the residence of Lady Hester Stanhope, ii. 14;castle near, ii. 27.
Druses, palace of the prince of, at Beteddein, i. 26. E Eden, village of, with the tomb of Mr. Abbott, i. 14. church and scheich's house at, iii 23.
Encampment of pilgrims to Hadji or Mecca, on the banks of the Orontes, near Antioch, i. 4.
Encampment of Ibraham Pasha, near Jaffa, ii. 30.
Encampment at Ras-el-Ain, near Balbec, ii. 55.
Entrance to the church of the Holy Sepulchre, iii. 79.
Esdraelon, plains of, ii. 32. Euphrates depth of the river, i- 79; expedition, iii. 45. F Fall of the river Cydnus, i. 8. Farren, Mr., the consul-general, ii. 13; his entry into Damascus, ii. 42.
Ferry over the Orontes, ii. 62.
Forest of Lebanon, ancient cedars in the, i. 46.
Fortified cliffs at Alaya, i. 51. G Galilee, sea of, or Lake Tiberias, iii. 77.
General view of Balbec and Anti-Libanus, ii. 61.
General view of the cedars of Lebanon, i. 65.
Gennesaret, plains of, iii. 78.
Gethsemane, garden of, iii. 86.
Gilboa, mountains of, iii. 79.
Girgius Adccb, his house at Antioch, i. 56.
Girgola, halt of a caravan, in the plains of, ii. 49.
Gothic castle in a valley near Batroun, i. 45.
Great khan at Damascus, i. 49. H Hadji, or Mecca pilgrims, encamped near Antioch, on the banks of the Orontes, i. 4.
Halt of a caravan in the desert plain of Girgola, ii. 49.
Hermin, mount, and Djebel Scheich, from the top of Mount Lebanon, ii. 21.
Holy Sepulchre, the church of, at Jerusalem, iii. 72;entrance to the church of, iii. 79.
House of Girgius Adeeb, at Antioch, i. 56.

1—J Ibrahim Pasha, his encampment near Jaffa, ii. 30; camp
of, near Adana, ii. 35; military exploits of, iii. 13;
bivouac at Der-el-Kamar, iii. 53. Jaffa, bazaar at, ii. 20; encampment of Ibrahim Pasha,
near, ii. 30; view of, ii. 38; Napoleon at, ii. 39. Issus, or Payass, plain of, iii. 37; battle of, ibid.; battle-
field at, iii. 46. Jehoshaphat, valley of, iii. 88. Jerusalem, church of the Holy Sepulchre at, iii. 72; from the Mount of Olives, iii. 94.
Jordan, plains of the, looking towards the sea, iii. 69.
Junction of the Orontes with a tributary stream, i. 17.
K Kadesha river, castle on, near Tripoli, ii. 59. Kalendria, coast of Cilicia, i. 71. Kedron, glen and river of, iii. 76; brook, iii. 88. Kesrouan, bay of, and the tomb of St. George, iii. 33. Khan and bridge near the source of the Damour, iii. 16. King, Mr. an American missionary, ii. 9.

Kishon river, ii. 32, 65; ford over, iii. 41. L Ladder of Tyre, ii. 54. Lake of Tiberias, or Sea of Galilee, from the northern
theatre of Oon Keis, iii. 77.

Mount Lebanon, scene in, above the Valley of Kadesha, or Holy Valley, i. 43.
Mount Taurus, and Adana, i. 33.
Mount of Olives, iii. 85.
Mouth of the Nahr-el-Kelb, i. 40. N Nahr-el-Kadesha, ii. 6. Nahr-el-Kelb, or river of the Dog, i. 40. O Olives, Mount of, iii. 85.
Olivet, Mount, iii. 85.
Omar Mosque of, iii. 98.
Orfa, in Mesopotamia, iii. 28. Orontes, pilgrims encamped on the banks of, i. 4;
juncture of the, with a tributary stream, i. 17; scene
on the, near Suadeah, i. 21; description of, i. 77; the
ferry near, ii. 62. P Palaces of Beteddein, i. 59.
Pambouk, castle near, ii. 48.
Part of Rhodes, the channel, iii. 58.
Part of the walls of Antioch, over a ravine, i. 63.
Pass in a Cedar Forest, above Barouk, i. 74.
Pass of Souk Barrada, iii. 13.
Pass of Beilan, looking towards the sea, i. 38.
Pass on the approach from Antioch, i. 55.
Payass or Issus, plain of, iii. 37; ruined mosque at,
iii. 66. Pharpar or Barrada river, i. 35. Plains of the Jordan, looking towards the Dead Sea,
iii. 69. Pompeiopolis, or Soli, Asia Minor, ruins at, ii. 33.
Port of Beirout, iii. 64.


Ras-el-Ain, near Balbec, encampment at, ii. 55.
Remains of the Port of Seleucia, near Suadeah, Mount

Casius in the distance, ii. 17.
Remains of the Port of Tyre, ii. 43.
Rhodes, from the heights near Sir Sidney Smith's villa,

i. 53;. landing-place in a small harbour at, ii. 24;

ruins at the head of Knight Strada, iii. 34; part of,

the channel, iii. 58.
Ruad, island of, ii. 57; with a view of Tortosa, iii. 33.
Ruins at Soli, or Pompeiopolis, Asia Minor, ii. 33.
Ruins of Balbec, i. 11.
Ruins of Djerash, iii. 99.
Ruined mosque at Payass, iii. 66.


Safet and Bethulia, iii. 78.
Saide, ii. 45. Salahyeh, Turkish country-house at, ii. 11.
Salkeen, village of, in the valley of the Orontes, ii. 72.
Santa-Saba, monastery of, iii. 74.
Sarepta, now Zarapha, ii. 68. Scene in Mount Lebanon, above the Valley of Kadesha, or Holy Valley, i. 43.
Scene on the Orontes near Suadeah, i. 21.
Scene at the village of Beit-y-Ass, near Suadeah, iii. 74.
Scanderoon, from the road to Issus, iii. 25.
Scheich's house at ZebdanS, iii. 42.
School of the prophets, cave of, iii. 47.
Seleucia, near Suadeah, port of, ii. 17; ruins of, ii. 18;

plains of, ii. 64.
Sepulchres at Seleucia, ii. 18, 73. Sidon, ii. 27, 45; on the approach from Beirout, iii. 6. Siloam, current of, iii. 89. Sion, Mount, iii. 89. Site of the ancient Daphne, i. 31. Six detached pillars of the great temple at Balbec, i. 37. Soli, or Pompeiopolis, Asia Minor, ruins at, ii. 33. Solomon, his gardens and palaces, iii. 85. Souk Barrada, the pass of, iii. 13. Souk, village of, iii. 16. Stanhope, Lady Hester, her residence at Djouni, ii. 14. Stephen, St., the place of his martyrdom, iii. 88. Stylites, Simon, his mountain pillar, ii. 19. St. George, the tomb of, bay of Kesrouan, iii. 33. St. Jean d'Acre, and Mount Carmel in the distance, i. 29. Suadeah, near Seleucia, ii. 17.

Smyth, Sir Sidney, his villa, i. 54. Syhoon, river, iii. 30. Synagogue of the Jews at Jerusalem, iii. 92.
Syra, a Greek island, ii. 36.


Tacktalu, mountain of, iii. 10.
Tadmor, iii. 49.
Tarsus, i. 16; plains of, i. 9.
Taurus, mount, i. 33.
The Cilician gates, iii. 58. The ladder of Tyrus, a pass on the coast, near Tyre, ii. 54.
Thula, St, iii. 14.
The great khan at Damascus, i. 49.
The village of Brumhanna, on Mount Lebanus, ii. 66.
The pass of Beilan, i. 55.
Tiberias, lake of, or sea of Galilee, iii. 77.
Tomb of Absalom, near Jerusalem, iii. 81.
Tomb of Zacharias, iii. 82. Tortosa, Christian church at, ii. 57; with the island of
Ruad, iii. 33. Tripoli, from above the convent of Derwishy, i. 22. Turkish burying-ground at Sidon, ii. 45. Turkish divan at Damascus, i. 12. Tyre, remains of the port of, ii. 43; the ladder of, a
pass on the coast, ii. 54; view of, from the main-
land, iii. 39.


Valley of Jehoshaphat, and brook Kedron, iii. 88.
Via Antoniana, i. 40. Villa of Sir Sidney Smyth, i. 54; Mr. Barker's at Sua- deah, ii. 28.
Villages of Barouk, Mount Lebanon, ii. 40.
Village of Brumhanna, on Mount Lebanon, ii. 66.
Village of Eden, with the tomb of the consul of Beirout, (Mr. Abbot,) i. 14.
Village of Zgarti, i. 73.
Virgin Mary, tomb of, iii. 87. W Walls of St Jean d'Acre, next the sea, iii. 53.
Wilkinson, Mr., English consul at the Isle of Syria, ii. 37.
Wolff, Rev. Mr., anecdote of, i. 57; the Jewish mis-
sionary, ii. 70; his labours and perils, iii. 93, 94.


Ybzumar, convent of, ii. 67. Z Zarapha, the ancient Sarepta, ii. 68.
Zacharias, his tomb, iii. 82.
Zebdane, scheich's house at, iii. 42.
Zgarti, village of, i. 73.
Zipb, the wilderness of, iii. 75.

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