The examination of Joseph Galloway, esq: late speaker of the House of assembly of Pennsylvania. Before the House of commons, in a committee on the American papers. With explanatory notes


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Página 51 - That the President General, by and with the advice and consent of the grand council, hold and exercise all the legislative rights, powers, and authorities, necessary for regulating and administering all the general police and affairs of the colonies, in which Great Britain and the colonies, or any of them, the colonies in general, or more than one colony, are in any manner concerned, as well civil and criminal as commercial.
Página 50 - General, to be appointed by the King, and a grand Council, to be chosen by the Representatives of the people of the several colonies, in their respective assemblies, once in every three years.
Página 3 - Act was passed, made a stalking-horse, or screen, of the gentlemen of the law in every part of America, to cover their designs, and to sound the trumpet of opposition against Government; but avowed, that their conduct was on the ground of obtaining a redress of American grievances, and not with a design to separate the two countries. — Upon this ground, I am confident, the gentlemen of the law acted.
Página 26 - ... advanced into the country from thence, about eight or ten miles, as near as I can guess, I don't believe that I saw in the whole route of the army, from thence to Philadelphia, consisting of at least seventy miles, above ten, or, at most, fifteen houses deserted. — I think not so many, but I chuse to be under the mark. — The inhabitants were found quietly at home ; and, to me, there appeared every mark of pleasure at the troops arriving in the colony. Q. What quantity of provisions did the...
Página 37 - We however refolved, before we parted, to communicate our circumftances to Sir Henry Clinton, with the advice that was given to us, as we knew upon him, in a few days, the command of the army would devolve. I wrote a letter to Sir Henry Clinton, requefting an interview upon a matter which highly concerned the magiftrates and citizens of Philadelphia.
Página 21 - What number do you suppose came in to the army at Philadelphia? A. The deserters were generally sent from head-quarters down to me for examination — from me they went to Mr. Story, the officer appointed to administer the oath of allegiance. — He kept a regular account of their numbers, their names, and the places of their nativity, and I think there were upwards of 2300 qualified at his office ; and I believe, on good reason, there • might have been upwards of 7 or 800 more...
Página 33 - Q. What was the distance between the Bite of Newcastle and the road leading from Elk Head to Philadelphia ? A. About seven or eight miles. Q. Where was Mr. Washington's army at the time the King's fleet and army were off the Delaware ? A. They were in the Jerseys. — I speak to this from a particular enquiry from the inhabitants in...
Página 71 - How many of the King's loyal subjects joined the army of Sir William Howe on that march ? A. There were many came into the camp, and returned again to their habitations. — I do not know of any that joined in arms — not one — nor was there any invitation for that purpose. — By Sir William Howe's declaration, which is before this Committee, he only requested the people to stay at home.
Página 7 - County, published by the Convention of New York, be put out of the protection of the United Colonies, and that all trade and intercourse with them cease ; that none of the inhabitants of that county be permitted to travel or abide in any part of these United Colonies out of their said...

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