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My Lord,

As Rector of an extensive parish in the City of London, I perform an act of duty, when I inscribe to your Lordship this specimen of my* pastoral labours. Your Lordship will be pleased to accept it, not only as a mark of that respect and affection, which I feel in common with all the Clergy of your diocese; but as testifying my grateful sense of your kindness, in having confided so important a charge to my hands. By afterwards conferring upon me an office of dignity and trust, your Lordship encouraged me to believe, that I had in some measure justified the good opinion, which had led you so readily to give effect to the wishes of one, who for many years, as the Head of his Majesty's Government, evinced a true sense of the best interests of his country, by his solicitude for the welfare of the Established Church. The higher station, 'to which I have since been called, while it leaves me still entitled to the benefit of that countenance and advice, with which your Lordship has encouraged and assisted me in the discharge of my parochial duties, confers upon me the privilege of addressing, as my friend, one whom I have always loved as my benefactor, and revered as my superior in the Church.

That your Lordship may long be spared to adorn that Church by your learning, to edify it by your Christian virtues, and to guide it with your counsel, is the sincere prayer of,

My Lord,

Your Lordship's

Obliged and Faithful Friend and Servant,

C. J. Chester.

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