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Q. And in what other way are we to shew our diligence ?

A. “ In works of labour or of skill.”
Q. What does St. Paul guard us against ?
A.“ Slothfulness in business."

Q. And what does Solomon tell us is one feature in the character of a virtuous woman?

A. Prov. xxxi. 27. “ She looketh well to the ways of her household, and eateth not the bread of idleness."


Q. Who will rejoice to find us idle ?
A. Satan.
Q. What will he then lead us into ?
A. Mischief.

Q. If we then mean what we say when we pray that we may not be led into temptation, what must we be careful to avoid ?

A. Idleness.

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Q. You say that you would have your first years to be passed

"In books, or work, or healthful play ;" What do you mean by healthful play?

A. Those recreations which are good for my bodily health, and will not do harm to my soul. (From Dr. Watts's Hymns for Children, with Questions and

Answers, by a Lady. Rivingtons.)


A Fable. An old lion, amongst other precepts that he gave his son, charged him that he should never fight with a man, because if he was not too strong, he Extracts from Bishop Taylori would, at least, be too crafty. The young lion heard him, but regarded him not; therefore as soon as ever he was full grown, he hastens abroad to seek a man to be his enemy. He came into a field, and saw a yoke of oxen standing ready furnished to plough, and asking them if they were men, they said, “ No, but that a man had put those yokes upon them.” He left them and went aside, and espying a horse bridled and tied to a tree, asked if he were a man. He was answered, “ No, but a man had bridled him, and would by and by, come to ride him, for a man was his master.” At last he finds a man cleaving wood, and asked him : and finding him to be so, told him he must then prepare to fight with him. The man told him “ with all his heart;" but first desired him to help to draw the wedge out of that tree, and then he would. The young lion thrust in his paws, and a little opens the tree 'till the wedge fell out, and then the tree closed upon his feet by its returning violence. The man seeing the lion fastened, and the lion seeing himself entrapped, the man cried out to his neighbours to come to his help; and the lion to escape his danger, tore his feet from the tree, and left his nails and blood behind him ; and, returning with shame and smart to his old father, said to him, “ I had not lost my nails if I had obeyed my father's commandment." - Bishop Taylor, Vol. xiv. p. 166.

Sent by G. B.


We never do the work of men, nor serve the ends of God, nor are in the proper employment and business of our life, but when we worship God, or live like wise and sober persons, or do benefit to our fellow-men.

Then only, man does his proper employment, when he prays and does charity, and mortifies his unruly appetites, and restrains his violent passions, and becomes like to God, and imitates his holy Son, and writes after the copies of apostles and saints. · If our passions be sinful and habitually prevalent, we are not in a state of grace. · He that lives temperately and charitably, whose employment is religion, whose affections are fear and love, whose desires are after heaven, and do not dwell below; that man can long and pray for the coming of the day of the Lord.

Sent by G. B.

PRAYERS. A Morning Prayer for a very young Child. Save me, O God, from evil all this day, and let me love and serve thee for ever, for the sake of Jesus Christ thy Son our Lord, Amen.

An Evening Prayer for a very young Child. Forgive me, O Lord, all that I have done wrong this day, and keep me safe all this night, for Christ's sake. Amen.

A Morning Prayer for a young Person. O God, who hast made all things, and rulest them by thy wisdom; who givest us all our blessings by day and by night, I thank thee for having kept me in safety to see another morning.--. Preserve me, O Lord, this day, from every thing that may do me hurt, and let me always remember that thou seest me at all times, and that there is not a word on my tongue, but thou knowest it altogether.-I deserve 25

- -- Prayers. no good from thee, O my God, because I offend so often; but I desire to be sorry for my sins, and pray that thou wilt pardon them for the sake of Jesus Christ, who died upon the cross to save sinners, I thank thee for food and clothing, health and friends, and all other blessings.—Give me grace to learn thy holy will, and to try to love and serve thee all the days of my life, for the sake of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen.'

An Evening Prayer for a Young Person. O Lord, who hast made the night for us to take our rest in, let me lie down in peace and safety under thy protection, and rise again in the morning to serve thee. Thou knowest all that I have said and done this day ; pardon all my faults, I beseech thee, for Jesus Christ's sake, who died for our sins, and let me trust in him to save me from thine anger.Let thy Holy Spirit guide and help me, in all things needful for me to know and to do. Teach me to honour and obey [*my father and mother,] my masters and teachers, (* to love my brothers and sisters,] and to be kind and friendly to all.-Give me, I pray thee, what is best for my soul and body, and make me so to serve thee in this world that I may live with thee for ever in Heaven, for Jesus Christ's sake, our Lord and Saviour. Amen.

A Prayer to be used on entering the Church. Assist me, O Lord, with the grace of thy Holy Spirit, that I may devoutly worship thee, and listen to thy Word and Minister, to the honour of thy name, and the good of my soul, through Jesus Christ, our Lord.

* These words must be omitted according to circumstances, if the father and mother are dead, or if there are no brothers or sisters.

NO. 1.- VOL. VIII, C

· A Prayer to be used before leaving the Church.

Pardon, O Lord, the wanderings of my thoughts, and my unworthiness in thy sight: and make me a doer of thy word, and not a hearer only, for the sake of thy Son, Jesus Christ our Lord.

A Prayer for the beginning of the Year. Lord thou art the God of time: Thou art also the God of eternity! I will sing a joyous song to thy praise; I will celebrate thy holy name. A year has just finished its course; to what do I owe the continuation of my existence? It is to thy grace alone, and to thy * paternal care! Being of Beings receive my adoration! Thou art unchangeable; Thou hast been, Thou art, and Thou shalt be through all eternity! Thy love endures from generation, to generation, and every morning brings a renewal of thy goodness. Thou hast led me by thy fatherly care through the year that has just closed; when my heart was preyed upon by care, and sorrow, Thou visitedst it with thy consolation and assistance. I will praise Thee and exalt Thee from the depth of my soul, and again commit myself to thy unerring guidance. Pardon, O my God, those 'innumerable errors which I have committed against Thee in the days that are past, and let me again experience for Jesus Christ's sake thy merciful support Teach me to do thy will, and thy pleasure, all the days of my life! The world passes away and its pleasures disperse; it is not in these 'therefore that I am to seek my happiness; even here below I may aspire to nobler joys. I am allied to angels; and am to look to Heaven' as my inheritance : grant O God! that I may incessantly aspire after it! Teach me O Lord to redeem my time; and to walk with holy watchfulness in the way that leads to eternity. I

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