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am retired from the World to converse with thee, and pread my wants and my desires before thee, thofe worldly cares and Delights with which I have been too too conversant are importunately thrusting themselves upon me,to divert myThoughts, distrait my Intentions, and carry away my Affections from thee; by reason whereof my Mind wanders, my Hope droops, and my Desires are frozen,and whilft I am drawing near thee with my Lips,my Heart is running away from thee. O myGod have pity upon me,pluck my Soul out of this deep mire, quicken, raise and spiritualize these my groveling. Affections. Poteß this Heart, which opens it self to thy gracious Influences, with such a strong and vie gorons love to thee, as may lift me up above all earthly things, do continually carry forth my Soul in vehement Desires after thee; that so I may always approach thee with a Foyful Heart, being glad to leave the company of all other things to go to thee my God, my exceeding Foy. Give me a sober, diligent, and collected spirit, that is neither choaked with Cares, nor scattered with Levity, nor discomposed with Passion, nor estranged from thee with

sinful Prejudice or Inadvertency; but fix it fast to thy self with the indissoluble Bands of an active Love and pregnant Devotion;that fo when-ever

I prostrate my self before thee, I may presently be born away far above all these sensible Goods in a high Admiration of thee, and a passionate Longing after thee. And now, O Lord, while I am addressing to thee, gather in, I beseech thee, my wandring thoughts, and fix and stay them upon thy self. And Ö do thon touch

my cold and earthy desires with an out-stretched Ray from thy self, and cause them to rise and flame up to thee in Fervours answerable to my pressing Wants that I may so ask as that I may receive, to seek as that I may find,

fo knock as that it may be opened unto me, through Jom
sus Christ my blessed Lord and Redeemer, Amen.
If after this you find your Heart is very much en-

Larged and your Mind and Affe&tions vigorously
disposed towards God and heavenly things, fix
your Mind a little while upon the Beauty and
Excellency of his Nature, or upon some of the
most affecting Instances of his Love, or upon
the blessed State above and then go on with this
following Prayer.

and adorable Majesty, thou pattern of Beauty, and Standard of Goodnes, who art glorions beyond all Praise,and doft out-reach all Wonder and comprehend all perfection; blessed be thy name, thon bast touched my foul with a lively sense of thy Glory; I feel it fhining through me, & like an active flame insinuating into my Heart ; it fires my Love, cherishes my Hope, wings my Devotion, and diffuses'a vital warmth over all my Faculties; it raises me up into a heavenly State, and fills me with

joy unspeakable and full of glory; it captivates every thought in Obedience to thy Will, and brings every Power of my Soul into Subjection to thee. Blessed be thy Name, thou hast conquered me by thy Love, cão I resign my self to thee with a chearful beart. I am intirely thine, I am thy Servant, truly I am tby Servant, and in this Title I glory more than in all the Honours of the World. But though I am highly advanced and exalted by serving thee, yet thou art so infinitely happy in the boundless perfections of tby own

Nature that thou canst reap no other advantage from it but onlythe pleasure of seeing thy poor Creature bleßd


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and made bappy by it. What then shall I render into thee, O thou Foy of my Life,thou treasure of my Love, thou supreme Felicity of my Nature! Alas, I have nothing but my self to give thee, nothing but this poor Heart, that burns with Love to thee, that pants and breaths after thee, and desires above all ıhings in the world to be eternally united to thee in perfect Love. If I bad ten thousand Hearts to love thee, ten thousand Tongues to praise thee, I would devote them all to thee, as freely and chearfully as I do my self.For whom have I in heaven but thee, and there is none upon Earth that I defore besides thee. O God, thou art my God, and my Portion for ever. In thee I am bleft,and in the Light of thy Countenance I rejoyce more than in all the foys and Pleasures of the World. I am ravisht with thy Beanty, I admire thy Love and from the bottom of my Soul adore thy Wisdom and Goodneß. My heart is ready, O Lord, my heart is ready, I will fing and give praise. Awake up my Glory, awake all the Powers of my Soul, I my self will awake and celebrate thy praises.Praised be the God of Glory, praised be the God of Love, praised be the Father of Mercies, praised be the best Friend of Souls, for thy Goodneß reaches to the beavens, thy Glory shines throughout the Creation, and thy Mercy is spread over all thy works. Who can comprehend thine infinite Beauties, who can rehearse thy noble acts, who can shew forth all thy Praise ! I do confeß my Thoughts are infinitely too short, my Affections too narrow, my Expressions too scanty, to comprehend and sufficiently admire and celebrate thy Glory. But,O my God, thou knowest that I love thee, and, blessed be thy Name, I feel infinite reason fo to do. O that I could love thee more, that I could love thee but as much as Angels and glorified Spirits do, who yet



Cannot love thee as much as thou deservest,because thon defervest to be beloved infinitely. But my Soul thirsts for thee, and longs after thee. O when shall I be admitted into thy blessed Presence, there to see and admire, and love, and adore thee for ever! when shall I fhake off this Clog of sinful Mortality, that sinks and depresses me and flee to those happy Regions of perfect Love, where I shall continually feed upon thee with inexpressible delight, and be filled with a strong and everlasting Sense of thy Goodneß, Othou that art the beginner and finisher of every good work, be pleased to asist my holy Endeavours to withdraw my mind more and

more from these sensible things, that it may have a clearer fight of its beavenly Country from whence it came, and whither it desires to return; that so having my Eye always fixt on that blessed recompence of reward, I may live above this World, and in despight of all its Terrors and Allurements, persevere to the end in a steady and.even course of Obedience. And now, O Lord, since thou haft been graciously pleased to inspire my mind with these delightful Thoughts of thee, and to enlarge my Heart with such sweet Transports of Love to thee; grant, I be feech thee, that they may not only please, but better me ; that they may lift me up above all the Temptations of this world, and revive my Strength, and quicken my Endeavours,and compose my distrustful Heart into a stedfast Dependance upon thee, that so I may be fruitful in all good works, and

may be establishi mhblameable in holines before thes, unto the coming of our Lord Jesus. Amen, Amen.

my heart


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After you have used one or more of the foregoing

Prayers, according as they fuit with the present Temper of your Mind, take a short view of your Defects and Imperfections, and especially of those that cleave most to your Nature ; and briefly represent to your Mind the intrinsic Evil and Vileness of them, and how they clog your Religion, blemish your Nature, and obstrud your Happiness and then conclude with the fol

lowing Prayer for growth in Grace. O

God who art the most excellent Nature the per

fe&tion of all Beauty, and the Fountain of all Graces, who doft infallibly understand what is best to be chofen, and invariably chuse by the best and pureft Reason; look down, I beseech thee, upon me thy poor defective Creature, who am ashamed of my self to see how unlike thee I am; how I am laden with Imperfe{tions and bow after all my religious Endeavours, my Nature is still vitiated with unreasonable Lufts and Affections ; how much Vanity and Impertinence there yet remains in my Mind, how

much Perver

seneß in my Will, how much spiritual and carnal Iniquity in my Affections and Appetites. Lord, I have been long a contending with this corrupt Nature, and yet upon

all Occafions I find my self too too

prone to be * Woe is me, even my particular Infirmities that stick closest fairest Graces have their Spor's

and Blemishes, my purest Disposi

tions, their sinful inter mixtures, and my best Works their Flaws and Imperfections. O my God, have pity upon me, who here lie fighing at thy Feet, under a miserable diseased Nature, and as thou hast begun the blessed Cure in me, fo for Christ

his Saks

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* Here name the

to your Naturc.

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