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15,3. And saith anto | LORD. And when I saw it, I fell cut him off from among his peothese things will I give upon my face, and I heard a voice ple. ... And the soul that

turneth after such as have familiar thou wilt fall down and of one that spake. ne.

Ezek. 111, 23. Then I arose, and spirits, and after wizards, to go a 1, 12, And It came to pass, went forth into the plain: and, whoring after them, I will even i was in a certain city, behold, the glory of the LORD set my face against that soul, and man full of leprosy: who stood there, as the glory which I will cut bit off from among his lesus fell on his face, and saw by the river of Chebar: and I people.

Lev. xxvi, 17. And I will set my him, saying, Lord, if foll on my face. it, thou canst make me Ezek. ix, 8. And it came to pass, face against you, and ye shall be

while they were slaying them, and slain before your enemies.... wir, 25. And thus are the I was left, that I fell upon my Num. xxiv, 1. And when Balaam f his heart made mani- face, and cried, and said, Ah saw that it pleased the Lord to

o falling down on his Lord God! wilt thou destroy all bless Israel, he went not, as at rill worship God, and re- the residuo of Israel in thy pour other times, to seek for enchantGod is in yoa of a truth. ing out of thy fury upon Jerusa- ments, but he set his face toward lem?

the wilderness. Ezek. xi, 13. And it came to 2 Kings xii, 17. Then Hazael vil, 3, 17., And Abram Pass, when I prophesied, that king of Syria went up, and fought 3 face: and God talked Peletiah the son of Benaiah died. against Gath, and took it: and 1, saying,


Then fell I down upon my face Hazael set his face to go up to I fell upon his face, and I and cried with a loud voice, and Jerusalem. and said in his heart, said. Ah Lord God! wilt thou make Aud be born unto him

Dan. xi, 17. He shall also set his a full end of the remnant of Israel? face to enter with the strength of hondred years old and zh, that is ninety years Ezek. xlitt, 3. And it was ac- bis whole kingdom, and upright

cording to the appearance of the ones with bim. , 94. And there came a vision which I saw, even accord- Luke ix, 51. And it came to pass. mon before the LORD, and ing to the vision that I saw when when the time was como that be upon tho altar the

I caine to destroy the city: and should be received up, he stedering and the fat: which the visions were like the vision fastly set bis face to go to Jeruthe people saw, they that I saw by the river Chebar; salem. and fell on their faces.

and I fell upon my face.
Ezek. xliv, 4. Then brought he

TİT, 5. Then Noses and

me the way of the north gate bea on their faces before fore the house: and I looked, and, bed of spices, as sweet flowers:

Çant. v, 13. His cheeks are as a Sembly of the congrega- behold, the glory of the LORD his lips lüce lilies, dropping sweet children of Israel. filled the house of the LORD: and smelling myrrh. IVI, 4, 22, 45. And when I fell upon my face.

Lam, i, 2. She weepeth sore in and 41, be icll upon his Dan. vili, 17. So he came near the night, and her tears are on

they fell upon their where I stood: and when he came, her cheeks. . I said, o God, the God of I was afraid, and fell upon my s of all flesh, shall one tace: but he said unto me, Under

OFTEN SMITTEN ON. sod wilt thon be wroth stand, O son of man: for at the the congregation? Get time of the end shall be the vision. 1 Kings xxii, 24. But Zedekiah om among this congrega

the son of Chenaanah went near, Matth. xvil, 6. And when the and smoto Micaiah on the cheek, I may consume them as disciples heard it, they fell on and said, which way went the ent. And they fell upon their face, and were sore afraid.

Spirit of the LORD from me to Matth. xxvi, 39. And he went & speak unto thee? XIII, 20. For it came to little farther, and fell on his face, n the flame went up to- and prayed, saying, O my Father, upon me with their mouth; they

Job xvi, 10. They havo gaped iven from off the altar, if it be possible, let this cup pass have smitten me upon the cheek ingel of the LORD ascend- from me: nevertheless not as I reproachfully; they have gathered flame of the altar. And will, but as thou wilt. and his wife looked on

themselves together against me. ill on their faces to the Rev. iv, 10. The four and twenty

P3.jil, 7. Ariso, O LORD; gave elders fall down before him that sat on the throne, and worship smitten ail mine enemies upon

me, my God: for thou hast 1. XXI, 16. And David him that liveth for ever and ever, his eyes, and saw the and cast their crowns before the

the cheek bone. ... the Loro stand between throne, saying.

Isa. I, 6. I gave my back to the I and the beaven, having | sword in his land

Rev. xi, 16. And the four and smiters, and my cheeks to them | out over Jerusalem. twenty elders, which sat before that plucked oir the hair: I hid vid and the elders of God on their seats, fell upon their not, my face from shame and

spitting. ho were clothed in sack-faces, and worshipped God. I upon their faces.

Lam. ill, 30. He giveth his cheek

to him that siniteth himn: he is TO SET THE FACE, THE 11, 11. Yea, all kings shall

filled full with reproach. a before him: all nations TOKEN OF STEADY PUR

Micah v, 1..... They shall ve him.


smite the judge of Israel with a 1,28. As the appearance

Gen. xxxi, 21. So he fed with rod upon the cheek. " that is in the cloud in all that he had; and he rose up, Matth. v, 39. But I say unto you,

of rain, so was the ap- and passed over the river, and set That ye resist not evil: but whoof the brightness round his face toward the mount Gilead.

soevor shall smite thee on thy This was the appearance

Lev. XX, 8, 6. And I will set my right cheek, turn to him the otber beness of the glory of the face against that man, and will also.

Luke vi, 29. And unto him that the ear of the wise seeketh Eirod. xxxii, 2. And Aara smiteth thee on the one cheek knowledge.

unto them, Break off the ofrer also the other; and him that

Prov. xxiii, 9. Speak not in the earrings, which are in the è taketh away thy

cloke torbid him cars of a fool: tor he will despise your wives, of your sons, not to take thy coat also. the wisdom of thy words.

your daughters, and bring

unto me. EAR

Eccles. 1, 8. All things are full

of labour; man cannot utter it: the Exod. XXXV, 22. And they ORGAN OF HEARING. eye is not satisfied with seeing, both men and women, as m Exod. xxl, 6. Then his master nor the ear filled with hearing

were willing hearted, and b shall bring him into the judges; he shall also bring him to the them that see shall not be dim, every man that offered ofe

18a. xxxii, 3. And the eyes of l bracelets, and earrings and

and tablets, all jewels of go door, or unto the door post; and and the ears of them that hear offering of gold unto the La his master shall bore his ear shall hearken. through with an awl; and he shall

Num. xxxi, 50. We have

Isa. XXXV, 5. Then the eyes of serve him for ever. the blind shall be opened, and the

fore brought an oblation 1 Matth. xxvi, 51. And, behold, ears of the deaf shall be unstop- ten, of jewels of gold, chal

LORD, what every man har one of them which were with ped. Jesus stretched out his hand, and

bracelets, rings, earrings, 1 drew his sword, and struck a ginning of the world men have our souls before the LORD.

Isa. Ixlv, 4. For since the be- blets, to make an atonem servant of the high priest, and not heard, nor perceived by the smote off his ear. ear, neither hath the eye seen, O

Judges vill, 24. And i Acts vii, 57. Then they cried God, beside thee, what he hath said unto them. I would

a out with a loud voice, and stop-prepared for him that waltelh for request of you, that ye wou ped their ears, and ran upon him him.

me every man the earrings with one accord.

prey. (For they had gold

Jer. xxxvi, 15, 21. And they said rings, because they were Is Gen. xliv, 18. Then Judah came read it in our ears. So Baruch

unto him, Sit down now, and ites.) near unto him, and said, Oh my read it in their ears. So the king unto him all his brethren,

Job xlII, 11. Then cam lord, let thy servant, I pray thee, sent Jehudi to fetch the roll: and speak a word in my lord's ears, he took it out of Elishama the his sisters, and all the ti let thine anger burn scribe's chamber.

been of his acquaintance

And Jehudi against thy servant: for thou art read it in the ears of the king, and did eat bread with him and in the ears of all the princes

house: and they bemoane Gen.1, 4. And when the days which stood beside the king.

and comforted him over of his mourning were past, Joseph

evil that the LORD had ! spake unto the house of Pharaoli, my voice: hide not thine ear at my him a piece of money, and

Lam. til, 56. Thon hast heard upon him: every man als saying, If now I have found grace breathing, at my cry. in your eyes, speak, I pray you,

one an earring of gold. in the ears of Pharaoh, saying..

Matth. x. 27. What I tell you in Deut. xxxi, 30. And Moses spake and what ye hear in the ear, that gold, and an ornament

darkness, that speak ye in light: Prov. XXV, 12. As an eur In the ears of all the congregation preach ye upon the house-tops. of Israel the words of this song,

gold, 80 is a wise reprove until they were ended.

Jatth. xi, 15. He that hath ears

an obedient ear. Judges ix, 2, 3. Speak, I pray to hear, let him hear.

Isa. Ili, 20. The bonne you, in the ears of all the men of

Luke ix, 44. Let these sayings

the ornaments of the le Shechem.

sink down into your ears: for the the headbands, and the And his mother's brethren spake Son of man shall be delivered in and the earrings. of him in the ears of all the men to the hands of men.

Exek, xvi, 12. And I put : of Shechem all these words.

Rev. ii, 7. He that hath an ear,

on thy forehead, and eart 1 Sam. Iil, 11. And the Lord said let him hear what the Spirit saith thine ears. .... to Samuel,' Behold, I will do a unto the churches,

Hosea il, 13. And I will thing in Israel, at which both the

on her the days of Baalim, v ears of every one that heareth it EARRINGS, A COMMON OR- she burned incense to the shall tingle.

she decked herself with

NAMENT. Job iv, 12. Now a thing was

rings and her jewels. ....

Gen. xxiv, 22, 30. And it came secretly brought to me, and mine to pass, as the camels had done TO INCLINE OR GIVE ear received a little thereof.

drinking, that the man took a Job xill, 1. Lo, mine eye hath golden earring of half a shekel

THE TOKEN OF ATTEN geen all this, mine ear hath heard weight, and two bracelets for her

ASKED CHIEFLY BY and understood it.

hands of ten shekels weight of Exod. xv, 26. And said, 1 Job xv, 21. A dreadful sound is gold: And it came to pass, when wilt diligently hearken in his ears: in prosperity the de- he saw the earring and bracelets voice of the LORD thy Go stroyer shall come upon him.

upon his sister's hands, and when wilt do that which is right Ps. xciv, 9. He that planteth the his sister, saying, Thus spake the commandments, and keep

he heard the words of Rebekah sight, and will give ear! ear, shall he not hear? .

man unto me; that he came unto statutes, I will put none of Prov. iv, 20. My son, attend to the man; and, behold, he stood by diseases upon thee, which 1 my words; incline thine ear unto the camels at the well.

brought upon the EU my sayings. Prov. xv, 31. The ear that hear-unto Jacob all the strange gods thee.

Gen. xxxv, 4. And they gave for I am the LORD that eth the reproof of ulo abideth which were in their hand, and all Deut. 1, 45. And ye return among the wise.

their earrings, which were in their wept before the LORDS b Prov. xvill, 15. The heart of the ears; and Jacob hid them under LORD would not hearken te prudent gelteth knowledge; and the oak which was by Shechem. voice, por give ear unto you Dard. Ill, 1. Give ear, 0 ye yon, becanse ye have been a snare Acts vil, 51. Yo stiffnecked and svens, and I will speak; and on Mizpah, and a net spread upon uncircumcised in heart and ears, 0 earth, the words of my Tabor.

ye do always resist the Holy Joel i, 2. Hear this, ye old men, Ghost: as your fathers did, so do Fedges 7,3. Hear, O ye kings; and give ear, all ye inhabitants of ye. Sear, Oye princes; i, eren 1, the land. Hath this been in your I sing unto the LORD, I will days, or even in the days of your

EYE pralse to the LORD God of fathers?


APPLE OF THE EYE. Chron. xXİP, 19. Yet he sent AND SOMETIMES ASKED FROM GOD. phets to them, to bring them P3. v, 1. Give ear to my words, Deut. xxxii, 10. He found him to tato the LORD; an they O LORD, consider my meditation. in a desert land, and in the waste Bed against them: but they Ps. xvii, 1, 6. Hear the right, o howling wilderness; he led him od Dot give ear.

LORD, attend unto my cry, give about, he instructed him, he kept EL I. 20. Yet many years ear unto my prayer, that goeth not him as the apple of his eye.

thou forbear them, and out of feigned lips. I have called Ps. xvii, 8. Keep me as the fast against them by thy upon thee, for thou wilt hear me, apple of the eye, hide me under ni thy prophets: yet would o God: incline thine ear unto me, the shadow of thy wings. give ear. .... and hear my speech.

Prov. vii, 2. Keep my commandIZLIV, 2. Hear my words, O

Ps. xxxix, 12. Hear my prayer, ments, and live; and my law as men; and give ear unto

() LORD, and give ear unto my the apple of thine eye. pe that have knowledge.

cry; hold not thy peace at my LXIV , 10. Hearken, o daughter, thee, and a sojourner, as all my daughter of Zion, let tears run

Lam. ii, 18. Their heart cried tears: for I am a stranger with

unto the LORD, O wall of the consider, and incline thine

fathers were. Sægst also thioe own people,

down like a river day and night: Why fatber's house.

Ps. Ixxi, 2. Deliver me in thy give thyself no rest; let not the xlix, 1, 4. Hear this, all ye righteousness, and cause me to apple of thine eye

cease. Begite ear, all ye inhabitants escape: incline thine ear unto me, and save me.

Zech. ii, 8. For thus saith the world: I will incline mine

Ps. Ixxxiv, 8. O LORD God of hath he sent me unto the nations a parable: I will open my

LORD of hosts; After the glory og upon the harp.

hosts, hear my prayer: give ear, which spoiled you: for he that

God of Jacob. Selah. turii, i. Give ear, o my

toucheth you toucheth the apple El my law: incline your

Ps. Ixxxvill, 2. Let my prayer of his eye. able words of my mouth.

come before thee: incline thine relt so that thou incline ear unto my cry.

EYE BROW. ea mto wisdom, and apply

P&. cxliti, 1. Hear my prayer, O Lev. xiv, 9. But it shall be on kaart to understanding.

LORD, give ear to my supplications: the seventh day, that he shall

in thy faithfulness Answer me, shave all his hair off his head and 11. 10. Hear, o heavens, and in thy righteousness. are ear, 0 earth: for the

his beard and his eye-brows, even e should spoken, I have nour- BAD CHARACTERISTICs of all his hair he shall shave off.

md brought up children, they have rebelled against


Jer. vi, 10. To whom shall I
Ilear the word of the LORD,

Ps. cxxxii, 4. I will not give kans of Sodom; give ear unto speak, and give warning, that bis of our God, ye people of they may hear? behold, their ear sleep to mine eyes, or slumber to

is uncircumcised, and they cannot mine eyelids.

hearken: behold, the word of the Prov. iv, 25. Let thine eyes look tanii

, 9. Rise up, ye women LORD is unto them a reproach; right on, and let thine eyelids at case, hear my voice, ye they have no delight in it.

look straight before thee. s daughters, give ear unto

Jer. vii, 24. But they hearkened Prov. vi, 4, 25. Give not sleep

not, nor inclined their ear, but to thine eyes, nor slumber to milli

, 33. Who among you walked in the counsels and in the thine eyelids. 'Lust not after her the ear to thie? who will imagination of their evil heart

, beauty in thine 'heart; neither let kes and hear for the time to and went backward, and not for her take thee with her eyelids. ward,

Prov. xxx,13. There is a genera14. Hearken unto me, my

Jer. XXXV, 14, 15. ... Notwith- tion, o how lofty are their eyes! Band give ear anto me, o standing I have spoken unto you, and their eyelids are lifted up. utiot: for a law shall pro- rising early and speaking, but ye tem me, and I will make hearkened not unto me. I have

Jer. ix, 18. And let them make gment to rest for a light of sent also unto you all my ser-haste, and take up a wailing for

vants the prophets, rising up early us, that our eyes may run down v. 3. Incline your ear, and and sending them, saying, Return with tears, and our eyelids gush into the hear, and your ye now every man from his evil out with waters. all live and I will make an way, and

amend your doings, and keting covenant with you, go not after other gods to serve

THE ORGAN OF SIGHT. the sure mercies of David. them, and ye shall dwell in the

Gen. xxi, 19. And God opened LII, 15. Hear ye, and give and to your fathers: but ye have her eyes, and she saw a well of le not proud: for the Loud not inclined your ear, nor hear water; and she went, and filled the spoken kened unto me.

bottle with water, and gave the man , 1. Hear ye this, O

lad drink. Zech. vii, 11. But they refused to He and hearken, ye house of hearken, and pulled away the Num. x, 31. And he said, Leave se and give ye ear, o house of shoulder, and stopped their ears, us not, I pray thee, forasmuch as King, for judgment is toward that they should not hear.

tbou knowest how we are to en


camp in the wilderness, and thou groaning; all the night make I LIFTING UP THE EY mayest be to us instead of cyes. my bed to swim; I water my A FREQUENT FXPRES Num. XVI, 14. ..... Wilt thou couch with my tears.

DENOTING BEGUN OR put out the eyes of these meu? P3. cxvi, 8. For thou hast de

NEWED ATTENTIO we will not come up.

livered my soul from death, mine Judges xvi, 28. And Samson eyes from tears, and my feet from Gen, xiil, 10,14. And Lot lif called unto the LORD, and said, falling

his eyes, and beheld all the of Jordan.

AI O Lord God, remember me, I pray Ps. cxix, 136. Rivers of waters LORD said unto Abram, afte thee, and strengthen me. I pray run down mine eyes, because they Lot was separated from his thee, only this once, O God, that keep not thy law.

up now thine eyes, and loo) I may be at once avenged of the Philistines for my two eyes.

Jer. ix, 1. Oh that my head the place where thou art

were waters, and mine eyes a ward, and southward, and Job vil, 7, 8. O remember that fountain of tears, that I might ward, and westward. my life is wind: mine eye shall no weep day and night for the slain Gen. xviii, 2. And he lint more see good. The eye of him of the daughter of my people! eyes and looked, and, lo, that hath seen me shall see me no more: thine eyes are upon me,

Jer. xiii, 17. But if ye will not men stood by him. and I am not.

hear it, my soul shall weep in Gen. xxiv, 63, 61. And Job xx, 9. The eye also which secret places for your pride; and went out to meditate in thi saw him shall see him no more; down with tears, because the his eyes, and saw, an 1, !

mine eye shall weep sore, and run at the eventide: and he ui neither shall his place any more LORN's llock is carried away cap- the camels were coming. behold him. tive.

Rebekah lifted up her eye Job xxiv, 15. The eye also of the adulterer waiteth for the twilight,

Jer. xiv, 17. Therefore thou of the camel.

when she saw Isaac, she i saying, No eye shall see me: and shalt say this word unto them; disguiseth his face. Let mine eyes run down with

Gen. xxxi, 10. And it cg Ps. lxxxviii, 9. Mine eye mourn not cease: for the virgin daughter conceived, that I lifted up

tears night and day, and let them pass at the time that the eth by reason of affliction: LORD, I have called daily upon thee, I

of my people is broken with a eyes, and saw in a dream have stretched out my hands unto

great breach, with a very grievous Gen. xxxiii, 1. And Jacob blow.

up his eyes, and looked, ai thee.

hold, Esau came, and wit P3. cxxiii, 2. Behold, as the eyes Jer. xxxi,10. Thus saith the LORD; four hundred men. .... of servants look unto the hand of Refrain thy voice from weeping,

Gen. xliii, 29. And he their masters, and as the eyes of and thine eyes from tears: for thy his eyes, and

saw his brothe a maiden unto the hand of her work shall be rewarded, saith the

jamin, his mother's son... mistress; so our eyes wait upon LORD; and they shall come again

Exod. xlv, 10. And when the Lord our God, until that he from the land of the enemy. have mercy upon us.

Lam. 1, 16. For these things Israel lifted up their eyes

raoh drew nigh, the child Prov. x. 26. As vinegar to the I weep; mine eye, mine eye run behold, the Egyptians m teeth, and as smoke to the eyes, neth down with water, because

after them. ... so is the sluggard to them that the comforter that should relieve send him. my soul is far from me. ....

Deut. iii, 27. Get thee u

the top of Pisgah, and 1 Prov. xx, 12. The hearing ear,

11, 18. Their heart cried thine eyes westward, and and the seeing eye, the LORD hath unto the Lord, 0 wall of the ward, and southward, and inade even both of them.

daughter of Zion, let tears run ward, and behold it with Eccles. 1, 8. .... The eye is not down like a river day and night: eyes for thou shalt not g gatisfied with seeing. ...

give thyself no rest; let not the this Jordan. Eccles. fi, 14. The wise man's apple of thine eye cease.

Josh. v, 13. And it came t eyes are in his head; but the fool Lam. ill, 49. Mine eye trickleth when Joshua was by J walketh in darkness: and I myself down, and ceaseth not, without that he lifted up his eye perceived also that one event any intermission.

looked, and, behold, there s happeneth to them all.

man over against him w

Rev. vii, 17..... And God sword drawn in his hand. Matth. vi, 22. The light of the shall wipe away all tears from body is the eye: if therefore thine their eyes.

Judges xix, 17. And wt

had lifted up his eyes, he eye be single, thy whole body

wayfaring man in the sti shall be full of light.

WINKING, A SIGN OF EVIL the city: and the old ma Matth. vil, 3. And why behold


Whither goest thou? andy est thou the mote that is in thy brother's eye, but considerest not

Job xv, 12.

Why doth thine comest thou? the beam that is in thine own eye? do thy eyes wink at. heart carry thee away? and what 2 Sam. xiii, 34. But Al

fled. And the young mal Luke xxiv, 16. But their eyes

kept the watch iifted up hi were holder that they should not

PS. XXXV, 19. Let not them that and looked, and, behold, know him. are mine enemies wrongfully re

came much people by ta joice over me: neither let them of the hill side behind him. SOURCE OF TEARS. wink with the eye that hate me

2 Kings xix, 22. Whore Job xvi, 16, 20. My face is foul without a cause.

thou reproached and blaspd with weeping, and on my eyelids Prov. vi, 13. He winketh with and against whom hast ih 18 the shadow of death. My his eyes, he speaketh with his alted thy voice, and lifted up friends scorn me:


mine feet, he teacheth with his fingers, eyes on high? even again eye poureth out tears


Prov. x, 10. He that winketh Holy One of Israel. God.

with the eye causeth sorrow: but Isa. xlix, 18. Lift up thi Ps. VI, 6. I am weary with my la prattling fool shall full. round about, and behold: al themselves together, and Deut. xxxiv, 7. And Moses was for me to do what I will mith to thee.

an hundred and twenty years old mine own? Is thine eye evil, bo .11, 6. Lift up your eyes to when he died: his eyo was not cause I am good? learens, and look upon the diin, nor his natural force abated.

Mark vii, 22. Thifts, covetousbeneath.

1 Sam. iil, 2. And it came to ness, wickedness, deceit, lascir1x, 4. Lift up thine eyes pass at that time, when Eli was iousness, an evil eye, blasphemy,

about, and see all they laid down in his place, and his pride, foolishness. r themselves together, they eyes began to wax dim, that he

Luke xi, 34. The light of the to thee. could not see.

body is the eye: therefore when fil, 2. Lift up thine eyes

Job xi, 20. But the eyes of the thine eye is single, thy whole the high places, and see

wicked shall fail, and they shall body also is full of light; but when I thou hast not been lien not escape, and their hope shall be thine eye is evil, thy body also is

as the giving up of the ghost. full of darkness. vill, 5. Then said he unto Job xvii, 7. Mine eye also is dim

SYMBOL OF INTELLECT, Bes of man, lift up thine by reason of sorrow, and all my hot the way toward the members are as a shadow.

REASON, OR OPINION. $0 I lifted up mine eyes Job xxxi, 16. If I have with- Gen. xli, 37. And the thing was Dy toward the north, and held the poor from their desire, or good in the eyes of Pharaoh, and I northward at the gate of have caused the eyes of the widow in the eyes of all his servants. tar this image of jealousy in to fail.

Deut. xil, 8. Ye shall not do after P3. vi, 7 Mine eye 1g consumed all the things that we do here this B. is, 34. And at the end of because of grief; it waxeth old be- day, every man whatsoever is sys i Nebuchadnezzar lifted cause of all mine enemies. right in his own eyes. line eyes unto heaven, and

Ps. xxxi, 9. Have mercy upon Deut. xvi, 19. .... A gift doth understanding returned unto

me, O LORD, for I am in trouble: blind the eyes of the wise, and Od I blessed the most High.

mine eye is consumed with grief, pervert the words of the rightR.1,6. Then I lifted up mine vea, my soul and my belly. eous. and looked, and behold a

1 Kings xiv, 4. And Jeroboam's 1 Chron. xiil, 4. And all the conla man clothed in linen, wife did so, and arose, and went gregation said that they would do s loina rcere girded with fine to Shiloh, and came to the house so: for the thing was right in the Uphaz.

of Ahijah. But Ahijah could not eyes of all the people. LIL I lifted up mine eyes see; for his eyes were set by rea- Ps. xix, 8. .... The command, and looked, and behold a son of his age.

ment of the LORD is pure, enwith a measuring line in his L L

Lam. v, 17. For this our heart is lightening the eyes.

faint; for these things our eyes are Ps. cxix, 18. Open thou mine 11,1,5,9. Then I turned, dim.

eyes, that I may behold wondrons Ited up mine eyes, and

things out of thy law. Hand behold a flying roll. PAINTED BY WOMEN. I the angel that talked with

Ps. cxxxi, 1. Lord, my heart is 2 Kings ix, 30. And when Jehu not laughty, nor mine eyes lofty: rent forth, and said unto me, was come to Jezreel, Jezebel neither do I exercise myself in p now thine eyes, and see heard of it; and she painted her great matters, or in things tou

this that goeth forth face, and tired her head, and high for me. lifted I up mine eyes, and looked out at a window. , and, behold, there came

Prov, xii, 15. The way of a fool To Women, and the wind was

Ezek. xxill, 40. And further is right in his own eyes: but he more, that ye have sent for men that hearkeneth unto counsel is

to come from far, unto whom a wise. vi, 1. And I turned, and messenger was sent; and, lo, they up mine eyes, and looked, came: for whom thou didst wash

Prov. XVI, 2. All the ways of a be bold, there

man are clean in his own eyes; came is out from between two thyself, paintedst thy eyes, and but the Lord weigheth the spirits.

deckedst thyself with ornainents. ains; and the mountains

Prov. xvil, 8. A gift is as a mountains of brass.

precious stone in the eyes of him THE EVIL EYE.

that hath it: whithersoever it , DIMMED BY AGE OR Devt. xxviii, 64. So that the turneth, it prospereth, SORROW.

man that is tender among you, Isa. v, 15. And the mean man

and very delicate, his eye shall be shall be brought down, and the 1. Utvil, 1. And it came to evil toward his brother, and to mighty man shall be humbled, that when Isaac was old, ward the wife of his bosom, and and the eyes of the lofty shall be is eyes were dim, so that he toward the remnant of his chil- humbled. not see, he called Esau his dren which he shall leave. son, and said unto him, My

Isa. vi, 10. Make the heart of and he said unto him, Be

Prov. xxlil, 6. Eat thou not tho this people fat, and make their here am I.

bread of him that hath an evil ears heavy, and shut their eyes; B. XIVill, 10. Now the eyes of eyo, peither desire thou his dainty lest they see with their eyes, and

meats. I were dim for age, so that

hear with their ears, and underuld not see. And he brought

Prov. xxvIII, 22. He that hasteth stand with their heart, and connear unto him; and he kissed to be rich hath an evil eye, and vert, and be healed, and embraced them.

considereth not that poverty shall Is. v, 21. Woe unto them that tut. ixvil, 65. And among come upon him.

are wise in their own eyes, and nations shalt thon find no

Matth. vi, 23. But if thine eye prudent in their own sigbi! neither shall the sole of thy be evil, thy whole body shall be

Isa. xxix, 18. And in that day have rest: but the LORD shall full of darkness. If therefore the shall the deaf hear the words of thee there a trembling heart, light that is in theo be darkness, the book, and the eyes of the blind Willag of eyes, and sorrow of how great is that darkness!

shall see out of obscurity, and out Matth. XX, 15. Is it not lawful 'of darkness.

to wings.

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