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1806. xlii, T. To open the blind trils was the breath of life, of all P3. xxxviii, 13. But I. as eyes, to bring out the prisoners that was in the dry land, died. man, heard not; and I 304 from the prison, and them that sit in darkness out of the prison breath is in me, and the spirit of mouth.

Job xxvii, 3. All the while my dumb man that openeth house. God is in my nostrils.

Ps. cxv, 5. They have r Isa. xlli, 8. Bring forth the blind Isa. II, 22. Cease ye from man, but they speak not. .... people that have eyes, and the whose breath is in his nostrils: for deaf that have ears.

Ps. cxxvi, 2. Then m wherein is he to be accounted of?

mouth filled with laught Eph. 1, 18. The eyes of your Lam. iv, 20. The breath of our our tongue with singing.. understanding being enlightened; nostrils, the anointed of the LORD, that ye may know what is the was taken in their plts, of whom but they hear not; neither

PS. CXXXV, 17. They hay hope of his calling, and what the we said, Under his shadow we riches of the glory of his inheri- shall live among the heathen.

any breath in their mouth tance in the saints.

Çant, v, 16. His mouth 1 John 11, 11. But he that ORGAN OF SMELL. sweet: yea, ho is alt hatoth his brother is in darkness,

Ps. cxv, 6. and walketh in darkness, and they, but they smell not.

Noses have lovely. .

Isa. 11. 7. And he laid knoweth not whither he goeth, because that darkness hath blind

Isa. Ixv, 5. Which say, Stand by my mouth, and said, IA, I ed his eyes.

thyself, come not near to me; for í touched thy lips, and 'th Rev. 111,18. I counsel thee to buy a smoke in thy nose, a fire that purged.

am holier than thou. These are quity is taken away, and of me gold tried in the fire, that burneth all the day. thou mayest be rich;

Isa. IvII, 4. Against who anoint thine eyes with eyesalve, come to pass in that day, that I make ye a wide mouth, as

Ezek. xxxix, 11. And it shall sport yourselves? against that thou mayest see.

will give unto Gog a place there out the tongue? ....

of graves in Israel, the valley of NOSE

Lam. fil. 29. He pott the

passengers on the east of the mouth in the dust, if so bi Lev. xxi, 18. For whatsoever sea; and it shall stop the noses of

may be hope. man he be that hath a blemish, he the passengers. ....

Ezek. il, 8. But thou, son shall not approach: a blind man, Amos iv, 10. I have sent among hear what I say unto thee or a lame, or he that hath a flat you the pestilence after the man- thou rebellious like that re nose, or any thing superfluous. ner of Egypt: your young men house: open thy mouth,

Num. xi, 20. But even a whole have I slain with the sword, and that I give thee. month, until it come out at your have taken away your horses; and nostrils, and it be loathsome unto I have made the stink of your Rcv. iii, 16. So then 1 you: because that ye have despis- camps to come up unto your nos- thou art 'Inkewarm, and od the LORD which is among you, trils: yet have ye not returned unto cold nor bot, I will

spuet and have wept before him, saying, me, saith the LORD.

of my mouth. Why came we forth out of Egypt?

2 Kings xix, 28. Because thy AND OF THE DIVINE LAYING HAND ON M rago against me and thy tumult is


TOKEN OF REVERE come up into mine ears, therefore

Erod. xv, 8. And with the blast I will put my hook in thy nose, of thy nostrils the waters were unto him, Hold thy peace,

Judges xviil, 19. And th and my bridlo in thy lips, and I will turn thee back by the way by gathered together.

thine hand upon thy mot which thou camest.

2 Sam. xxli, 9, 16. There went up a go with us, and be to us 1 Prov. xxx, 33...

smoke out of his nostrils, and fire and a priest.

And the wringing of the nose bringeth were kindled by it. out of his mouth devoured: coals

Job xxl, 5. Mark me, an

And the forth blood; so the forcing of wrath channels of the sea appeared, the tonished, and lay your bal foundations of the world were

your mouth, Çant. vii, 4. Thy nose is discovered, at the rebuking of the Job xxix, 9. The princes as the tower of Labanon which LORD, at the blast of the breath ofed talking, and laid the looketh toward Damascus. Lis nostrils.

on their mouth. 18a. III, 21. The rings, and nose Job iv, 9. By the blast of God Job xl, 4. Behold, I a jewels.

they perish, and by the breath of what shall I answer theet Lizek, vill, 17. Then he said unto his nostrils are they consumed. lay mine hand upon my m me, Hast thou seen this, O son of man? Is it a light thing to the

Prov. XXX, 32. If thou ha

MOUTH. house of Judah that they commit

foolishly in lifting up thy the abominations which they com- 1 Sam. 1, 12. And it came to pass, if thou hast thought evil, & mit here? for they have filled the as she continued

praying before hand upon thy mouth. land with violence, and have re- the LORD, that Eli marked her turned to provoke me to anger: mouth.

SMITING ON MOUTH and, lo, they put the branch to

2 Kings iv, 84. And he went op, their nose.

ACT OF CONTEMPTU and lay upon the child, and put his mouth upon his mouth, and


his eyes upon his eyes, and his Prov. xviil, 6. A fool's lly LIFE AND BREATH. hands upon his hands. .... into contention, and his Gen. 11, 7. And the LORD God Job xxxiv, 3. For the ear trieth calleth for strokes. formed man of the dust of the words, as the mouth tasteth mcat. Acts xxill, 2. And the ground, and breathed into his

Pr. xxil, 13. They gaped upon priest Ananias commande nostrils the breath of life. .

me with their mouths, as a raven that stood by him to smite Gen. vii, 22. All in whose nosing and a roaring lion.

the mouth.

WOUTH USED IN EATING. unto him. Sn Joab put the words 1. Ps. 1, 19. Thou givest thy month

to evil, and thy tongue frametb 162. XIV, 26. And when the in her mouth. ple were come into the wood, 2 Sam. xvill, 25 And the watch-deceit. hold, the honey dropped; but man cried, and told the king. Ps. Ilv, 2. Hear my prayer, O man pat his hand to his mouth: And the king said, If he be alone, God; give ear to the words of my the people feared the oath. there is tidings in his mouth. mouth Fb xii, 11. Doth not the ear and he came apace, and drew

P3. Ixvi, 14. Which my lips have near. words and the mouth taste

uttered, and my mouth bath 1 Kings xxii, 13. And the mes spoken, when I was in trouble. JA IVI, 10. They have gaped Micaiah spake

unto him, saying, mouth against the heavens, and senger that was gone to call

Ps. Ixxiii, 9. They set their me with their mouth.

Behold now, the words of the pro- their tongue walketh through the vill

, 30. They were not phets declare good unto the king earth. ered from their lust. But with one mouth. Be their meat was yet in their

Ps. Ixxvill, 2. I will open my Esther vii, 8 ... As the word mouth in a parable: I will utter

went out of the king's mouth, dark sayings of old. Riml

, 10. I am the LORD thy they covered Haman's face. ich brought thee out of

Psalm cvil, 12. The rightlol of Egypt: open thy mouth Job vii, 11. Therefore I will not cous

shall see it, and rejoice: and Ed I will su it.

refrain my mouth; I will speak in all iniquity shall stop her mouth. Fra till , 2. A man shall eat complain in the bitterness of my wicked and the mouth of the dethe anguish of my spirit; I will

Ps. cix, 2. For the mouth of the by the fruit of his month:

soul. the soul of the transgressors

ceitful are opened against me: la violence.

Job ix, 20. If I justify myself, they have spoken against me with

mine own mouth shall condemn a lying tongue. Prot. Ini, 26. He that laboureth me: if I say, I am perfect, it shall enth for himself; for his also prove me perverse.

Ps. cxli, 3. Set a watch, O LORD, hosteth It of him.

before my mouth; keep the door 2. III, 24. A slothful man condemneth thee, and not I: yea,

Job xv, 6, 80. Thine own mouth of my lips. kata bia band in his bosom, and thine own lips' testify against wisdom: out of his inouth cometh

Prov. il, 6. For the LORD giveth so much as bring it to his thee. He shall not depart out of

knowledge and understanding. darkness; the flame shall dry up PULIR, 2). Sach is the way his branches, and by the breath

Prov. iv,5,24. Get wisdom, get unu ulterous womar; she of his mouth shall he go away.

derstanding: forget it not; neither el vipeth her mouth, and

decline from the words of my Allan done no vickedness.

Job xvi, 5. But I would strength-mouth. Put away from thee a

en you with my mouth, and the froward mouth, and perverse lips Masli. All the labour of moving of my lips should asswage put far from thee.

tells mouth, and yet the your grief. Prebaot filled. Job xix, 16. I called my servant, with the words of thy mouth,

Prov. Vi, 2. Thou art snared 19. And the roof of thy and he gave me no answer; I in- thou art taken with the words of Alte the best wine for my treated him with my mouth. ed, that goeth down sweetly,

thy mouth. Job xxiii, 4. I would order my Lg the lips of those that are

Prov. vii, 24. Ilearken unto me cause before him, and fill my to speak

now therefore, O ye children, and mouth with arguments.

attend to the words of my mouth, 22. ir, 14. Then said I, Ah Job xxxI, 30. Neither have I

Prov. viii, 7, 8. For my mouth Gaol behold, my soul hath suffered my mouth to sin by wish- shall speak truth; and wickedness ha pollated: .. ..... neither ing a curse to his soul.

is an abomination to my lips. All there abominable flesh into P3. v, 9. For there is no faithful- the words of my mouth are in

ness in their mouth; their inward righteousness; there is nothing IV, 11. Not that which part is very wickedness; their froward or perverse in them. Into the mouth defileth a throat is an open sepulchre; they

Prov. xi, 9. An hypocrite with la that which cometh out flatter with their tongue.

his mouth destroyeth his neighmouth, this defileth a P8. xvii, 3. Thou hast proved bour: but through knowledge shall

mine heart; thou hast visited me the just be delivered. XI. & Bat I said, Not so, in the night; thon hast tried me,

Prov. xil, 14. A man shall be for nothing common or and shalt find nothing; I am pur: satisfied with good by the fruit of un bath at any time entered posed that my mouth shall not

his mouth: and the recompence transgress.

of a man's hands shall be renderPs. xxxvi, 3. The words of his ed unto him. VID ALSO IN SPEAKING. mouth are iniquity and deceit: he IXIV, 57. And they said, hath left off to be wise, and to do his mouth 'keepeth his life: but

Prov. xili, 3. IIe that keepeth il call the damsel, and en- good.

he that openeth wide his lips shall ber mouth.

Ps. XXXVII, 30. The mouth of the have destruction. IIY, 12. And, behold, your righteous speaketh wisdom, and

Prov. xv, 2, 14, 23. The tongue se, and the eyes of my his tongue talketh of judgment. ter Benjamin, that it is my

of the wise useth knowledge that speaketh unto you.

P3. xxxix, 1. I said, I will take aright: but the mouth of fools heed to my ways, that I sin not poureth out foolishness.

The Podes ix, 88. Then said Zebul with my tongue: I will keep my heart of him that hath under

Mira, Where is now thy mouth with a bridle, while the standing seeketh knowledge: but eth, where with thou saidst, wicked is before me.

the mouth of fools feedeth on Job Abimelech, that we should Fra him?

Ps. xlix, 3. My mouth shall foolishness. A man hath joy by

speak of wisdom; and the medita- the answer of his mouth: and a for. Div, 3. And come to the tion of my heart shall be of under-word spoken in due season, how and speak ca this manner I standing.

good is it!

y month.

Prov. XVI, 23. The heart of the thing out of his mouth, that they Dan. X, 16. And, beho wise teacheth his mouth, and add- might accuse him.

like the similitude of the eth learniug to his lips.

Acts xv, 7, 27. And when there

men touched my lips Prov. xviii, 4,7, 20. The words had been much disputing, Peter opened my mouth, and spa of a man's mouth are as deep rose up, and said unto them, Men Matth. v, 2. And he ope waters, and the wellspring of and brethren, ye know how that mouth, and taught them, s wisdom as a flowing brook. A a good while ago God made choice fool's mouth is his destruction, among us, that the Gentiles by

Luke 1, 64. And bis and his lips are the snare of his my mouth should hear the word was opened immediately, soul. A man's belly shall be of the gospel, and believe. We tongue loosed, and he spa satisfied with the fruit of his have sent therefore Judas and praised God. mouth; and with the increase of Silas, who shall also tell you the

Acts vili, 35. Then Phil his lips shall he be filled. same things by mouth.

ed his mouth, and begar Prov. xxi, 23. Whoso keepeth

same scripture, and preac

Rom. x, 10. For with the heart his mouth and his tongue keepeth man believeth unto righteousness;

to him Jesus. his soul from troubles. and with the mouth confession is

Acts x, 34. Then Peter Prov. xxvi, 7, 28. The legs of the made unto salvation.

his month, and said, Of a lame are not equal: so is a parable in the mouth of fools. A lying utterance may be given unto me,

Eph. vi, 19. And for me, that perceive that God is no i

of persons. tongue hateth those that are that I may open my mouth boldly, Acts xvill, 14. And wh afflicted by it; and a flattering to make known the mystery of the was now about to open mouth worketh ruin. gospel.

Gallio said unto the Je Eccles. v, 2, 6. Be not rash with

James Ill, 10. Out of the same

were a matter of wrong on thy mouth, and let not thine heart mouth proceedeth blessing and lewdness, o ye Jews, reaso be hasty to utter any thing before

cursing. God. . . . . Suffer not thy mouth things ought not so to be.

My brethren, these that I should bear with y

2 Çor. vi, 11. O ye Cori to cause thy flesh to sin.

Jude 16. These are murmurers, our mouth is open unto Eccles. X, 12, 13. The words of a complainers, walking after their heart is enlarged. wise man's mouth are gracious; own lusts; and their mouth speakbut the lips of a fool will swallow eth

great swelling words. up himself. The beginning of the

LIPS, words of his mouth is foolishness: and the end of his talk is mis- OPENING THE MOUTH, THE Num. XXX, 6. And it sh chievous madness.

COMMENCEMENT OF A all an husband, wben shi 18a. ix, 17. . . . . For every one

or uttered ought out of DISCOURSE OR

wherewith she bound her is an hypocrite and an evildoer,

ANSWER. and every mouth speaketh folly.

Job tit. 1. After this opened Job spake in her heart; only

1 Sam. I, 13. Now Han Jer. xv, 19. Therefore thus saith his mouth, and cursed his day. the LORD, If thou return, then Job xxix, 23. And they waited heard: therefore El thor

moved, but her voice will I bring thee again, and thou for me as for the rain; and they had been drunken. shall stand

before me: and if thou opened their mouth wide as for take forth the precious from the the latter rain.

Ps. xil, 4. Who have sai vile, thou shalt be as my mouth.

Job xxxii, 20. I will speak, that

our tongue will we pre Jer. XXXVI, 17. And they asked I may be refreshed: I will open lips are our own: Who is I

us? didst thou write all these words my lips and answer. at his mouth?

Ps. xxxix, 9. I wag dumb, I

Ps. Ilx, 12. For the sin opened not my mouth; because mouth and the words of t Ezek. xxxv, 13. Thus with your thou didst it.

let them even be taken mouth ye have boasted against

pride: and for cursing a me, and have multiplied your mouth, and panted: for I longed

Ps. cxix, 131. I opened my I which thy speak. words against me: I have heard for thy commandments.

Ps. cvi, 33. Because t them. Matth. xil, 34. .... For out of

Prov. viil, 6. Hear, for I will voked his spirit, so that b the abundance of the heart the speak of excellent things; and the unadvisedly with his lips. mouth speaketh.

opening of my lips shall be right Isa. Ivil, 19. I create the things.

the lips; Peace, peace to ! Matth. xv, 8. This people draw.

Prov. xxxl, 8, 9. Open thy mouth is far off, and to him that eth nigh unto me with their for the dumb in the cause of all saith the Lord; and I w mouth, and honoureth me with their lips; but their

such as are appointed to destruc- him. heart is far

tion. Open thy mouth, judge from me.

Ezek. xxiv, 22. And yei righteously, and plead the cause Matth. xxi, 16. And said unto of the poor and needy.

as I have done: ye shall him, Hearest thou what these

your lips, nor eat the 1

Ezek. xxiv, 27. In that day men. say? And Jesus saith unto them: shall thy mouth

be opened to him Yea; have he never read, Out of which is escaped, and thou shalt taken up in the lips of

Ezek. XXXVI, 3. . the mouth of babes and sucklings speak, and be no more dumb. ..: thou hast perfected praise?

and are an infamy of the 1 Ezek. xxxiii, 22. Now the hand Luke iv, 22. And all bare him of the LORD was upon me in the

Micah II, 7. Then sh witness, and wondered at the evening, afore he that was escap

seers be ashamed, and the gracious words which proceeded ed came; and had opened my confounded: yea, they out of his mouth. And they said, mouth, until he came to me in cover their Lips; for their Is not this Joseph's son?

the morning; and my mouth was answer of God. Luke xi, 54. Laying wait for opened, and I was

IIeb. xiil, 15. By him a him, and seeking to catch some Idumb.

let us offer the sacrifice a

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od things.

| continually, that is, the Prop. x, 13, 19, 21. In the lips of

TEETH. omar lips giving thanks to him that hath understanding

Gen. xlix, 12. .... Flis teeth wisdom is found: but a rod is for white with milk. be also under Horth.)

the back of him that is void of
understanding. In the multitude

Num. ai, 33. And while the flesh of words there wanteth not sin: was yet between their teeth, ere WITH A VARIETY OF but he that refraineth his lips is it was chewed, the wrath of the THETS TO EXPRESS wise. The lips of the righteous LORD was kindled against the LADES OF CHAR- feed many: but fools die for want people, and the LORD smote the of wisdom.

people with a very great plague. ACTER.

Joo xiii, 14. Wherefore do I FL, 12. And Moses spake

Prov. xii, 13, 19. The wicked is the LORD, saying, Behold, snared by the transgression of his take my flesh in my teeth, and ldren of Israel have not lips: but the just shall come out put my life in mine hand!

Job xix, 20. .... I am escaped ed unto me how then of trouble. The lip of truth shall kraoh hear me, who am of be established for ever: but a lying with the skin of my teeth. meised lips? tongue is but for a moment.

Job xxix, 17. And I brake the 1,2,3. They speak vanity Prov. xiv, 7, 23. Go from the jaws of the wicked, and plucked me with his neigiibour: presence of a' foolish man, when the spoil out of his teeth. uttering lips and with a thou perceivest not in him the Ps. ill, 7. ... Thon hast broken heart do they speak. The lips of knowledge. In all labour the teeth of the ungodly. hall cut off all flattering there is profit: but the talk of the Ps. cxxiv, 6. Blessed be the the tongue that speak lips tendeth only to penury. LORD, who hath not given us as a

Prov. xv, 7. The lips of the wise prey to their teeth. bal, 18 Let the lying lips disperse knowledge: but the heart

Ezek. xvii, 2. What mean ye, to silence; which speak of the foolish doeth not so.

that ye use this proverb concernSthingy proudly and con.

ing the land of Israel, saying. The sly against the right

Prov. XVI, 10, 27, 30. A divine fathers have eaten sour grapes,

sentence is in the lips of the king: and the children's teeth are set on TIN, 5. My soul shall be

his month transgresseth not in edge.

judgment. An ungodly man da sith marrow and fat- liggeth up evil: and in his lips given you cleanness of teeth in all

Amos 1v, 6. And I also have Bly mouth sball praise there is as burning fire. bini lips.

shutteth his eyes to devise fro your cities, and want of bread in M. With her much ward things: moving his lips he all your places; yet have yo not en the causeth him to bringeth evil to pass.

returned unto me, saith the LORD. w the flattering of her

Micah iil, 5. Thus saith the Prov. xvil, 28. Even a fool, when Lord concerning the prophets

he holdeth his peaco, is counted that make my people err, that X 18 Ho that bideth lying lips, and he that wise: and he that shutteth his

bite with their teeth, and cry, lips is esteemed a man of under- Peace. ha stander, is a fool. standing.

Zech. ix, 7. And I will take 11, 22. Lying lips are alon the Lord: but they and a multitude of rubies: but and his abominations from bo

Prov. xx, 15, 19. There is gold, away his blood out of his mouth, al truly are his delight.

the lips of knowledge are a tween his teeth. .... ITI, 13, 21. Righteous lips precious jewel. He that goeth delight of kings; and they about as a talebearer revealeth also, which were crucified with

Matth. xxvii, 44. The thieves la that speaketh

therefore meddle te in heart shall be called with him that flattereth with his

not him, cast the same in his teeth. and the sweetness of the reaseth learning. lips.

GNASHING THE TEETH, Ivil, 4,7. A wicked doer Prov. xxli, 11, 18. He that loveth THE SIGN OF AGONY. beed to filse lips; and a pureness of heart, for the grace

Job xvi, 9. He teareth me in his reth ear to a naughty friend. For it is a pleasant thing oth upon me with his teeth; mine

of his lips the king shall be his wrath, who hateth me: he gashnot a fool: much less do it thou keep them within thee; enemy sharpeneth his eyes upon ps a prince.

they shall withal be fitted in thy me.

lips. XXVI, 23. Burning lips and

Ps. XXXV, 16. With hypocritical el beart are like a pot

Prov. xxIII, 16. Yea, my reins mockers in feasts, they guashed Ofered with silver dross.

shall rejoice, when thy lips speak upon me with their teeth. 15. Then said, I, Woe is right things.

Ps. xxxvii, 12. The wicked plotI an undone; because I am Prov. xxiv, 2, 26, 28. For their teth against the just, and gnashed funclean lips, and I dwell heart studieth destruction, and upon him with his teeth. nidst of a people of unclean their lips talk of mischiet. Every Ps. cxii, 10. The wicked shall mine eyes have seen the man shall kiss his lips that giveth see it, and bo grieved; he shall he Lord of hosts.

a right answer. Be not a witness gnash with his teeth, and melt

against thy neighbour without away: the desire of the wicked ED ESPECIALLY IN cause; and deceive not with thy shall perish. TERBS," TO POINT OUT lips.

Lam. ii. 16. All thine enemies VARIETIES, DANGERS, dissembleth with his lips, and thee: they hiss and gnash the

Prov. xxvi, 24. He that hateth have opened their mouth against VICES, AND VIRTUES layeth up deceit within him.


Prov. xxvil, 2. Let another man Matth. viii, 12. But the children 1, 2. That thou mayest praise thee, 'and not thine own of the kingdom shall be cast out discretion, and that thy mouth; a stranger, and not thine into outer darkness: there shall 13 keep knowledge. own lips.

be weeping and gnashing of teeth.

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right. secrets:

Mark ix, 18. And wheresoever full of darkness; and they gnawed more favour than he tha he taketh him, he teareth him: their tongues for pain.

eth with the tongue. and he foameth, and gnasheth with his teeth, and pineth a way. OFTEN ASSOCIATED WITH

INSTRUMENT OF SI Lake xlll, 28. There shall be LYING AND FLATTERY, IN

Ps. xii, 4. Who bave weeping and gnashing of teeth,

our tongue will we pre when ye shall see Abraham, and PSALMS AND PROVERBS.

lips are our own; who is Isaac, and Jacob, and all the

P3. V, 9......

They flatter us? prophets, in the kingdom of God, with their tongue.

Ps. xlv, 1. My heart fi and you yourselves thrust out.

Ps. x, 7. His mouth 13 full of a good matter. I spea

cursing and deceit and fraud: un- things which I have ma TONGUE.

der his tongue is mischief and ing the king: my itong Josh. X, 21. And all the people vanity.

pen of a ready writer. returned to the camp to Joshua Ps. XV, 3. He that backbiteth not Ps. lxxiil, 9. Tbey at Makkedah in peace: none with his tongue, nor doeth evil to mouth against the hea moved his tongue against any of his neighbour, nor taketh up a their tongue walketh thi the children of Israel.

reproach against his neighbour. earth. Mark vil, 33, 35. And he took him Ps. xxxv, 13. Keep thy tongue Ps. cxxvi, 2. Then aside from the multitude, and put from evil, and thy lips from speak- mouth filled with laug his fingers into his ears, and he ing guile.

our tongue with singing: epit, and touched his tongue. Ps. XXXVII, 30. The mouth of they among the heat And straightway his ears were the righteous speaketh wisdom, LORD hath done great 1 opened, and the string of his and his tongue talketh of judg

them. tongue was loosed, and he spake ment.

PS. CXXVII, 6. If I d plain.

Ps. 1, 19. Thou givest thy mouth

member thee, let m Luke 1, 64. And his mouth was to evil, and thy tongue frameth cleave to the roof of opened immediately, and his deceit.

if I prefer not Jerusal tongue loosed, and he spake, and praised God.

Ps. lif, 2. Thy tongue deviseth my chief joy. mischiefs; like a sharp razor,

P8. CXXXIX, 4. For the Acts il, 3, 4. And there appear working deceitfully.

word in my tongue, ed unto them cloven tongues like as of fire, and it sat upon each of wicked and the mouth of the de

Ps. cix, 2. For the mouth of the

LORD, thou knowest it a

Isa. xxxii, 4. The hea them, And they were all filled with the Holy Ghost, iand began

ceitful are opened against me: the rash shall understa to speak with other tongues, as they havo spoken against me with ledge, and the tongue of the Spirit gave them utterance. a lying tongue.

merers shall be ready

plainly. Ps. cxx, 3. What shall be given

Isa. Ivli, 4. Against w Job v, 21. Thou shalt be hid unto thee? or what shall be done

sport yourselves? again from the scourge of the tongue: unto thee, thou false tongue?

make ye a wide mouth, neither shalt thou be afraid of de- Prov. vi, 17. A proud look, a out the tongue? are ye struction when it cometh,

lying tongue, and hands that shed dren of transgression, Job xxix, 10. The nobles held innocent blood.

falsehood. their peace, and their tongue

Prov. x, 31. The mouth of the Jer. xviii, 18. Then : cleaved to the roof of their mouth. just bringeth forth wisdom: bnt Come, and let us devis

Lam. IV, 4. The tongue of the the froward tongue shall be cut against Jeremiah. sucking child cleaveth to the roof out.

and let us smite him of his mouth for thirst. ....

Prov. xii, 19, 20. The llp of truth tongue, and let us not Luke xvi, 24. And he cried and shall be established for ever: but to any of his words. said, Father Abraham, have a lying tongue is but for a mo

Acts 11, 11. Cretes and mercy on me, and send Lazarus, ment. Deceit is in the heart of we do hear them spea that he may dip the tip of his fin. them that imagine evil: but to the tongues the wonderful ger in water, and cool my tongue; counsellors of peace is joy.

God. for I am tormented in this flame.

Prov. xvii, 4, 20. A wicked doer James 1, 26. If any man among giveth heed to false lips; and a

THROAT you seem to be religious, and liar giveth ear to a naughty Ps. Ixix, 3. I am wear bridleth not his tongue, but de- tongue. He that hath a froward crying: my throat is dr ceiveth his own heart, this man's heart findeth no good: and he eyes fail while I wait for religion is vain.

that hath a perverse tongue fall- P3. cxv, 7. ... Neiti James ill, 5, 6, 8. Even so the eth into mischief.

they through their throu tongue is a little member, and

Prov. xxi, 6. The getting of Prov. xxiii, 2. And pe boasteth great things. Behold, treasures by a lying tongue is a to thy throat, ir thou a how great a matter a little fire vanity tossed to and fro of them given to appetite. kindleth! And the tongue is a that seek death.

Matth. xviii, 28. But 1 fire, a world of iniquity: so is the tongue among our members, that

Prov. xxv, 23. The north wind servant went out, and 1 it defleth the whole body, and

driveth away rain: so doth an of luis fellowservants, wi retteth on fire the course of na- angry countenance a backbiting him an hundred pence ture; and it is set on fire of hell. tongue.

laid hands on him, and But the tongue can no man tame; Prov. xxvI, 28. A lying tongue by the throat, saying, it is an unruly evil, full of deadly hateth those that are afflicted by that thou owest. poison.

it; and a flattering mouth worketh Rev. XVI, 10. And the Afth angel ruin.

Ps. v, 9. .... Their poured out his vial upon the seat Prov. xxviii, 23. He that rebuk-an open sepulchre. of the beast; and his kingdom was eth a man afterwards shall find, Jer. ü 25. Withhold

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