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a belng unshod, and thy throat Cant. I, 10. Thy cheeks are iah the prophet took the yoko

thirst: but thou saidst, comely with rows of jewels, tby from off the prophet Jeremiah's ere is no hope: no, for I have neck with chains of gold. neck, and brake it. For thug strangers, and after them Çant. iv, 4. Thy neck is like of Israel; I have put a yoke of iron

saith the LORD of hosts, the God the tower of David builded for

upon the neck of all these nations, an armoury, whereon there bang NECK.

that they may serve Nebuchada thousand bucklers, all shields of

nezzar king of Babylon; and they LXVII, 16. And she put the mighty men.

shall serve him: and I have given of the kids of the goats upon Çant. iv, 9. Thou hast ravished him the beasts of the field also. kunes, and upon the smooth of my heart, my sister, my spouse;

Jer. xxx, 8. For it shall come to thou hast ravished my heart with 17, 18. And it came to one of thine eyes, with one chain pass in that day, saith the Lord of

hosts, that I will break bis yoko eben be made mention of of thy neck,

trom off thy neck, and will burst to God, that be fell from

thy bonds, and strangers shall no the seat backward by the side SEAT OF YOKE AND SYM

more serve themselves of him. e gate, and his neck brake,

BOL OF SUBJUGATION. Lam. v, 5. Our necks are under la ded; for he was an old a beavy: and he had whom thy brethren shall praise: no rest.

Gen. xlix, 8. Judah, thou art he persecution: we labour, and have lanel forty years.

thy hand shall be in the neck of Acts xv, 10. Now therefore why thine enemies; thy father's chil. tempt ye God, to put a yoke upon

dren shall bow down before the neck of the disciples, which

But their put not their decks to the thee,

neither our fathers nor we were a their Lord.

Deut. xxviii, 48. ..... And be able to bear?

shall put a yoke of iron upon thy . 16. Moreover the LORD neck, until he have destroyed PORTION OF BODY CLASPED Because the daughters of thee.

IN JOY OR GRIEF. sma banghty, and walk with Sed torta necks and wanton when they brought out those meet him, and embraced him, and! Josh. x, 24. And it came to pass,

Gen. xxxiil, 4. And Esau ran to kings unto Joshua, that Joshua fell on his neck, and kissed him: wii. 6. But whoso shall called for all the men of Israel, and they wept.

these little ones and said unto the captains of the ante in me, it were better men of war which went with bim, his brother Benjamin's neck, and

Gen. xlv, 14. And he fell upon has the a millstone were Come near, put your feet upon as his neck, and that the necks of these kings. And wept; and Benjamin wept upon andorted in the depth of they came near, and put their

his neck. feet upon the necks of them.

Gen. xlvi, 29. And Joseph made L & Therefore thus

ready his chariot, and went up to e Le Beliold, against

2 Sam. xxii, 41. Thou hast also meet Israel his father, to Goshen, do 1 devise an evil

, siven me the necks of mine ene- and presented liimself unto him; a ye shall not remove

mies, that I might destroy them and he fell on his neck, and wept that hate me.

ou his neck a good while. Isa. x, 27. And it shall come to ITI, 4. Who have for my pass in that day, that his burden

Luke xv, 20. And he arose, and dora their own necks: shall be taken away from off the came to his father. But when bo Thon not only I give shoulder, and his yoke from or was yet a great way off, his father but als all the churches thy neck, and the yoke shall be destroyed because of the anoint ran, and fell on his neck, and

kissed him. SED WITH ORNAMENT.

Acts xx, 37. And they all wept Isa. III, 2. Shake thyself from se. And Pharaoh took the dust; arise, and sit down. 6 sore, and fell on Paul's neck, and

kissed him. ring from his hand, and Jerusalem: loose thyself from the Hou Joseph's hand, and bands of thy neck, o captive

HARD OR STIFF NECK, Lim in vestures of fine daughter of Zion. pat a gold chain about

THE COMMON SYMBOL OF Jer. Xxvil, 2, 8, 12. Thus saith the LORD to me; Make thee bonds

OBSTINACY. 1.30. Hare they not and yokes, and put them upon Exod. xxxil, 9. And the LORD lavo tbey not divided the thy neck. And it shall come to said unto Moses, I have seen this wetery man a damsel or pass, that the nation and kingdom people, and, behold, it is a stitr

Skers a prey of divers which will not serve the same necked people. prey of divers colours Nebuchadnezzar the king of

Exod. xxxiii, 3, 4, 5. Unto a land erork, of divers colours Babylon, and that will not put flowing with milk and honey: for ework on both sides,

their neck under the yoke of the I will not go up in the midst of - the necks of them that king of Babylon, that nation will thee; for thou art a stiff-necked

I punish, saith the LORD, with the people: lest I consume thee in 2. For they shall be an with the pestilence, until I have heard these evil tidings, they

sword, and with the famine, and the way. And when the people Tank of grace unto thy head, consumed them by his hand. I mourned: and no man did put on as about thy neck spake also to Zedekiah king of bim his oruaments. For the LORI) 1, 3, 22. Let not mercy Judah according to all these had said unto Moses, Say unto the forsake thee: bind them words, saying, Bring your necks children of Israel, Ye are a stiffEthy Beck; write them upon under the yoke of the king of necked people: I will come up We of thine heart. So shall Babylon, and serve him and his into the midst of thee in a mobe wise unto thy soul, and people, and


ment, and consume thee: thereJer. xxvii, 10, 14. Then Hanan. 'fore now put off thy ornaments



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a to thy teck.

from thee, that I may know what Gen. xxi, 14. And Abraham the yoke of his burden, an to do unto thee.

rose up early in the morning, and staff of his shoulder, the rod Exod. xxxiv, 9. And he said, If took bread, and a bottle of water, oppressor, as in the day of 31 Dow I have found graco in thy and gave it unto Hagar, putting sight, O LORD, let my Lord, I pray it on her shoulder, and the child,

Isa. xi, 14. But they sha thee, go among us; for it is a stiff- and sent her away: and she de' upon the shoulders of the 1 necked people; and pardon onr parted, and wandered in the wil

tines toward the west, they iniquity and our sin, and take us derness of Beer-sheba

spoil them of the east tog for thine inheritance.

Gen. xxiv, 15. And it came to Edom and Moab; and the ch

they shall lay their hand Deut. xxxi, 27. For I know thy pass, before he had done speaking, of Ammon shall obey them. rebellion, and thy stir neck: be that, behold, Rebekah came out, hold, while I am yet alive with who was born to Bethuel, son of Isa. xiv, 25. That I will yon this day, ye have been re- / Milcah, the wife of Nahor, Abra- the Assyrian in my land, and bellious against the Lord; and ham's brother, with her pitcher my mountains tread him how much more after my death. upon her shoulder.

foot: then shall his yoke 2 Kings xvii, 14. Notwithstand- Exod. xii, 84. And the people from of them, and his bard ing they would not hear, but took their dough before it was part from off their shoulder hardened their necks, like to the leavened, their kneading-troughs Ezek. xil, 6, 7, 12. In their neck of their fathers, that did not being bound up in their clothes shalt

thou bear it upon the believe in the LORD their God. upon their shoulders.

ders, and carry it forth t 2 Chron. XXX, 8. Now be ye not

Num. vii, 9. But unto the song twilight: thou shalt cover stiffnecked, as your fathers were the service

or the sanctuary be- for I have set thee for a sisi

of Kohath he gave none; because face, that thou see not the gr LORD, and enter into bis sanctuary, longing unto them was that they the house of Israel. And i which he bath sanctified for ever: should bear upon their shoulders. as I was commanded: I br and serve the LORD your God, Josh. iv, 5. And Joshua said forth my stuff by day, as str that the fierceness of his wrath unto them, Pass orer before the captivity, and in the eren I may turn away from you. ark of the LORD your God into hand; I brought it forth

ed through the wall with 2 Chron. XXXVI

, 13. And he also the midst of Jordan, and take yon twilight, and I bare it upa rebelled against king Nebuchad-up every man of you in stome upon shoulder in their

sight. As nezzar, who had made him swear by God: but he stiffened his neck, number of the tribes of the chil-prince that is among them

bear upon his shoulder and hardened his heart from dren of Israel. turning unto the LORD God of Judges ix, 48. And Abimelech shall dig through the wa

twilight, and shall go forth: Israel. gat him up to mount Zalmon, he

carry out thereby: he shall Ps. lxxv, 8. Lit not up your and all the people that were with his face, that he

see nog horn on high: speak not with a him; and Abimelech took an axe ground with his eyes still neck.

in his hand, and cut down a bough Prov. xxix, 1. He, that being laid it on his shoulder, and said from the trees, and took it, and

Zech. vii, 11. But they ne

to hearken, and pulled awa often reproved hardeneth his unto the people that 'were with shoulder, and stopped their neck, shall suddenly be destroyed, him, What ye have seen me do, that they should not

bear. and that without remedy.

make baste, and do as I have Matth. xxili, 4. For they Jer. vil, 26. Yet they hearkened done.

heavy burdens and griefo! not unto me, nor inclined their

be borne, and lay them on ear, but hardened their neck: they did worse than their fathers.

Gen. xlix, 16. And he saw that shoulders; but they thenu Jer. xfx, 15. Thus saith the it was pleasant; and bowed his their fingers.

rest was good, and the land that will not move them with a LORD of hosts, the God of Israel; shoulder to bear, and became a Behold, I wiú bring upon this

Luke xv, 5. And when he servant unto tribute. city and upon all her towns all

found it, he layeth it on his the evil that I bave pronounced

2 Chron. XXXV, 8. And said unto ders, rejoicing. against it, because they have the Levites that taught all Israel, hardened their necks, that they put the holy ark in the house

which were holy unto the LORD, AND ALSO BADGES might not hear my words. which Solomon the son of David

HONOUR. king of Israel did build; it shall Exod. xxviii, 7, 12. It shall SHOULDER

not be a burden upon your shoul- the two shonlder pieces the Deut. xxxiil, 12. And of Ben- ders: serve now the LORD your joined at the two edges the Jamin he said, 'The beloved of the God, and his people Israel. and so it shall be joined toge LORD shall dwell in safety by him; and the LORD shall cover against them, that thou mightest for stones

of memorial unto Neh. ix, 29. And testifiedst And thou shalt put the two st

upon the shoulders of the e him all the day long, and he shall bring them again unto thy law: children of Israel: and Aaron dwell between his shoulders. yet they dealt proudly, and heark- bear their names before the 1

Ezek. xxix,7. When they took ened not unto thy commandments, upon his two shoulders for a hold of thee by thy hand, thon but sinned against thy judgments, moriad. didst break, and rend all their (which if a man do, he shall live shoulders. in them;) and withdrew the

Job xxxi, 36. Surely I shoulder, and hardened their take it upon my shoulder,

bind it as a crown to me. BURDENS BORNE UPON IT. neck, and would not hear. Gen. ix, 23. And Shem and

Ps. Ixxxi, 6. I removed his Isa. Ix, 6. For unto us a ch! Japheth took a garment, and shoulder from the burden: his born, unto us a son is given laid it upon both their shoulders, hands were delivered from the the government shall be upos and went backward, and covered pots.

shoulder. ..... the nakedness of their father Isa. LX, 4. For thou hast broken Is«. XXI, 22. And the key of se of David will I lay upon his Job XVI, 2. How hast thou agreement: but she shall not re

alder; so he shall open, and helped him that is without power? tain the power of the arm; neither pa shall shut; and be shall shut, nono savest thou the arm that hath shall he stand, nor his arm. ... noge shall open.

no strength?
Job XXXV, 9. By reason of the


multitude of oppressions they Padçes xvi, 12. Delllah there. make the oppressed to cry: they ered, the men laid hold upon his

Gen. xix, 16. And while he lingtook new ropes, and bound cry out by reason of the arm of hand, and upon the hand of his (herewith, and said unto him, the mighty.

wife, and upon the hand of his two Philistines be upon thee, Job xxxviil, 15. And from the daughters; the Lord being mercisin. And there were liers in wicked their light is withholden, ful unto him; and they brought abiding in the chamber. and the high arm shall be broken. him forth and set him without be brake them from olf his alke a thread.

Job xl, 9. Hast thou an arm like the city. 18.1. 10. So I stood upon a voice like him?

God? or canst thou thunder with Gen. xxvii, 22, 23. Apd Jacob pod slew him, because I was

went near unto Isaac his father, ut he could not live after

Pr. x, 15. Break thou the arm and he felt him, and said, The lens fallen: and I took the of the wicked and the evil man. hands are the hands of Esau. And

voice is Jacob's voice, but the to that 2005 upon his head, seek out his wickedness till thou

he discerned him not, because his the bracelet that was on bis find none.

hands were hairy, as his brother at have brought them P8. xxxvil, 17. For the arms of Esau's hands: so he blessed him. ea unto my lord.

the wicked shall be broken: but 01.02. This image's head the LORD upholdeth the righte- Ecod. iv, 4. And the LORD said & fine gold, his breast and ous.

unto Moses, Put forth thine hand, as of silver.

Ps. xliv, 3. For they got not the and take it by the tail. And he II. 38. And he took a land in possession by their own put forth his hand, and caught it,

and it became a rod in his hand. and set him in the midst of sword, neither did their own arm od when he had taken save them: but thy right hand, E.cod. xvil, 11, 12. And it came bis arms, he said unto them, and thine arm, and the light of to pass, when Moses held up his 12. Then took he him the countenance, because thou hand, that Israel prevailed: and

hadst a favour unto them. is arus, and blessed God,

when he let down his hand, AmaIsa. xxxiii, 2. O LORD, be graci

lek prevailed. But Moses' hands e si, 85. He teacheth my ous unto us we have waited for were heavy; and they took a stone. A var, 80 that a bow of thee: be thou their arm every and put it'under him, and he sat

Hur en by mine arms. morning, onr salvation also in the

thereon; and Aaron' and time of trouble.

stayed up his hands, the one on

the one side, and the other on the Jer. xvii, 5. Thus saith the other side; and his hands were ord, 22. Then let mine LORD; Cursed be the man that steady until the going down of Ihn from my shoulder blade, trusteth in man, and maketh flesh the gun. the arm be broken from his arm, and whose heart departeth from the LORD.

1 Sam. xiv, 13. And Jonathan su vii, 6. Set me as a seal

climbed up npon his hands and Ezek. xxx, 21, 22, 24, 25. Son of Viime heart, as a seal upon man, I have broken the arm of bearer after him: and they fell

upon his feet, and his armour. art: for love is strong as Pharaoh king of Egypt; and, 10, it shall not be bound up to be bearer slew after him.

before Jonathan; and his armour21, 20. And he shall snatch healed, to put a roller to bind it, ripidet hand, and be hungry; to make it strong to hold the 1 Kings xvill, 44. And it came Stall eat on the left hand sword. Therefore thus saith the to pass at the seventh time, that By shall not be satisfied Lord GOD, Behold, I am against he said, Behold, there ariseth: a oil eat every man the flesh Pharaoh king of Egypt, and will little cloud out of the sea, like a

break his arms, the strong, and man's hand. ..... ET, 12. The smith with the will cause the sword to fall out that which was broken; and I

2 Kings vil, 2. Then a lord on both worketh in the coals, of his hand. And I will strength answered the man of God, and

whose hand the king leaned heneth it with hammers, en the arms of the king of Babyketh it with the strengtu Ion, and put my sword in his sald, Behold, if the LORD would hand: but I will break Pharaoh's this thing be? And he said, Be

in heaven, might Pati

, 3. I taught Ephraim arms, and he shall groan before hold, thou shalt see it with thino at they knew not that I deadly wounded man, neut i will eyes, but shalt not eat thereof.

strengthen the arms of the king Eccles. iv, 5. The fool foldeth

of Babylon. and the arms of Pha- his hands together, and eateth his NATURAL SYMBOL OF raoh shall fall down. ......

own flesh, STRENGTH.

Ezek. xxxi, 17. They also went Mark iii, 1. And he entered Strom. IXXI, &. With him is down into hell with him unto again into the synagogue; and a of lesb; but with us is the them that be slain with the sword; there was a man there

which had our God to help us, and to and they that were his arm, that a withered hand. La battles. Ani the people dwelt under his shadow in the Mark xlv, 58. We beard him thetriselves upon the words midst of the heathen.

say, I will destroy this temple sibah king of Judah.

Dan. x1, 6. And in the end of that is made with hands, and TRI, 9. Thou hast sent years they shall join themselves within three days I will build

away erupty, and the together, for the king's daughter another made without hands. not the latberless' have been of the south shall come to the Luke vi, 1. And it came to pass

king of the north to make an on the second sabbath after the

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Arst, that he went through the Lord God; Because thou hast AND SOMETIMES T corn fields; and bis disciples pluck-clapped thine hands, and stamped ed the ears of corn, and id eat, with the feet, and rejoiced in

IMPART HEALING rubbing them in their hands. heart with all thy despite against


GIFT. Luke xxii, 21. But, behold, the the land of Israel. hand of him that betrayeth me is Nahum iii, 19. There is no heal

Num. XXVII, 18. And the with me on the table.

ing of thy bruise; thy wound is said unto Moses, Take Luke xxlv, 40. And when he grievous: all that hear the bruit Joshua the son of Nun, ai had thus spoken, he shewed them of thee shall clap the hands over whom is the spirit, and la his hands and his feet.

thee: for upon whom hath not thy hand upon him.

wickedness passed continually? Mark v, 23. And besoug Acts XX, 34. Yea, ye yourselves

greatly, saying, My little know, that these hands have


ter lieth at the point of ministered unto my necessities,

pray thee, come and lay thy and to them that were with me. SOMETIMES TO TAKE

on her, that she may be HOLD OF.

and she shall live. 1 Cor. iv, 12. And labour, working with our own hands: being not thine hand upon the lad, do no mighty work, sare

Gen. xxil, 12. And he said, Lay Mark vi, 5. And he coul reviled, we bless; being persecut neither do thou any thing unto laid his hands upon a fi ed, we suffer it. him.

folk, and healed them. 1 Thess. iv, 11. And that yo study to be quiet, and to do your said unto them, shed no blood, was setting, all they that

Gen. xxxvII, 22. And Rouben Luke iv, 40. Now when own business, and to work with but cast him into this pit that is sick with divers diseases your own bands, as we command in the wilderness, and lay no them unto him; and he hand upon him.

hands on every one of th Used in a great variety of idioms,

Neh. xill, 21. Then I testified

healed them. examples of which are too num

Acts vi, 6. Whom they erous to be quoted; Thus: "At against them, and said unto them, Hand," signifies near either in Why lodge yo about the wall? it fore the apostles: and

wb time or space." By the Hand;" yo do so again, I will lay hands had prayed, they laid thei

on you. by means of.-" Into" or

From that time forth on them. the Hand," into or in the power

came they no more on the sab- Acts vill, 17, 18. Then la

bath. of, andFrom the Hand," from

their hands on them, and the power of.

Esther 11, 21. In those days, ceived the Holy Ghos while Mordecai sat in the king's when Simon saw that

gate, two of the king's chamber laying on of the apostles TO CLAP HANDS, TIE lains Bigthan and Teresh, of those the Holy Ghost was gi EXPRESSION OF SUDDEN which kept the door, were wroth, offered them money. FEELING, USUALLY OF

and sought to lay hand on the Acts xill, 3. And when t king Ahasuerus.

fasted and prayed, and la CONTEMPT, SOMETIMES

hands on them, they se OF JOY. Esther iil, 6. And he thought

away. 2 Kings xl, 12. And he brought alone; for they had shewed him scorn to lay hands on Mordecai

Acts xix, 6. And when I forth the king's son, and put the the people

of Mordecai: where- laid his hands upon th crown upon him, and gave him the fore Haman sought to destroy all Holy Ghost came on the testimony; and they made him the Jews that were throughout they spake with tougu king, and anointed him; and they the whole kingdom of Ahasuerus, prophesied. clapped their hands, and said, even the people of Mordecai. Acts xxviil, 8. And it God save the king. Job xxvii, 23. Men shall clap sought to lay hands on him, they flux: to whom Paul ent Matth. xxl, 46. But when they pass, that the father of

lay sick of a fever and of their hands at him, and shall biss feared the múltitude, because they and prayed, and laid bis 1 him out of his place. took him for a prophet.

him, and healed him. Job xxxiv, 37. For he addeth

Luke xxl, 12. But before all rebellion unto his sin, he clappeth these, they shall lay their hands gift that is in thee, wh

1 Tim. iv, 14. Neglect his hands among us, and multipli- on you, and persecute you, de-given thee by prophecy, eth his words against God.

livering you up to the synagogues, laying on of the hands P3. xlvii, 1. O clap your hands, and into prisons, being brought presbytery. all ye people; shout unto God with before kings and rulers for my

1 Tim. V, 22. Lay hands the voice of triumph. name's sake.

ly on no man, neither be Ps. xcvill, 8. Let the floods clap John yli, 30. Then they sought of other men's sins: keep their hands: let the hills be joyful to take him: but no man laid pure. together.

hands on him, because his hour Isa. lv, 12. For ye shall go out was not yet come.

TO LIFT UP OR SP! with joy, and be led forth with Acts iv, 3. And they lald hands peace: the mountains and the

THE HANDS TO GAI on them, and put them in hold hills shall break forth before you unto the next day: for it was now

POSTURE OP PRI into singing, and all the trees of eventide.

TO LIFT UP ANOTI! the field shall clap their hands. Acts xxl, 27. And when the

HANDS IS TO COM Lam. ii, 15. Al that pass by seven days were almost ended, Gen. xlv, 22. And Abr elap their hands at thee; they hiss the Jews which were of Asia, to the king of Sodom, ! ! and wag their head at the daugh- when they saw him in the temple up mine band unto the I ter of Jerusalem,

stirred up all the people, and laid most high God, the poss Ezele. XXV, 6. For thus saith the l hands on him.

heaven and earth.

Marfil, 2. Flear the voice of to the LORD: though hand join in thousand persons that cannot dis

rapplications, when I cry hand, he shall not be unpunished. corn between their right hand and there, when I lift up my hands rond thy holy oracle. Gal. ii, 9. And when James, their left hand: and also much

cattle? Cephas, and John, who seemed Inill, 4. Thus will I bless to be pillars, perceived the grace

Zech. xli, 6. In that day will I while I live: I will lift up my that was given unto me, they make the governors of Judah like ls in thy name.

gave to me and Barnabas the an hearth of fire among the wood, Lair, 48. My hands also will right hands of fellowship. ..

and like a torch of fire in a sheat; up unto thy commandments,

and they shall devour all the peoI have loved; and I will

ple round about, on the right LEFT HAND OFTEN USED hand and on the left. ..... Date in thy statutes. mv, 2. Lift up your IN IDIOMATIC EX

Matth. vi, 3. But when thou a is the sanctuary, and bless


doest alms, let not thy left hand Gen. xxiv, 49. And now if ye know what thy right hand doeth. 1. Let my prayer be i will deal kindly and truly with

Matth. xx, 21. And he said unto Simth before thee as incense; my master, tell me: and if not, her, What wilt thon? She saith ta Elting up of my hands tell me that I may turn to the unto him, Grant that these my te trening sacrifice. right hand, or to the left.

two sons may sit, the one on thy SE3. Arise, cry out in the Exod. xiv, 22. And the children right hand, and the other on the be the beginning of the of Israel went into the midst of left, in thy kingdom.

espoor ont thine heart like the sea upon the dry ground: and 2 Çor. vi, 7. By the word of berate the face of the Lord: the waters were a wall unto them truth, by the power of God, by the or by bands toward him for on their right hand, and on their armour of righteousness on the diby young children, that left.

right hand and on the left. de hunger in the top of Deut. xvil, 20. That his heart be

not lifted up above his brethren, LEFT HANDED. 41,& I will therefore that and that he turn not aside from Thy every where, lifting up the commandment, to the right children of Israel cried unto the

Judges iii, 15. But when the tants, without wrath and hand, or to the left.

LORD, the LORD raised them up a Josh. 1, 7. Only be thou strong deliverer, Ehud the son of Gera, and very courageous, that thou

a Benjamite, a man lefthanded: 12 Wherefore lift up to all the law, which Moses my sent à present unto Eglon the

mayest observe to do according and by him the children of Israel esotich hang down, and servant commanded thee: turn king of Moab.

not from it to the right hand or
to the left, that thou mayest pros-

Judges xx, 16. Among all this TO LIFT UP THE HAND per whithersoever thou goest.

people there were seven hundred GAINST IS TO REBEL.

chosen men lefthanded; every 2 Sam. xiv, 19. And the king one could sling stones at an hair in 1. 91. The matter 18 said, Is not the hand of Joab with breadth, and not miss.

bat a man of mount thee in all this? And the woman Sheba the son of Bichri answered and said, A8 thy soul bath lifted up his hand liveth, my lord the king, none can RIGIIT HAND. the king, even against turn to the right hand or to the left from ought that my lord the to the nail,'and her right hand to

Judges v, 26. She put her hand seg ti. 28. And Jeroboam king hath

spoken: for thy servant the workmen's hammer, and with Nebat, an Ephrathite these words in the mouth of thine smote off bis head, when she had

the hammer she smote Sisera, she , Solomon's servant, Aher's name roas Zeruah, handmaid.

pierced and stricken through his onan, even he lifted 2 Kings xxii, 2. And he did that temples. led against the king.

which was right in the sight of the

LORD, and walked in all the way EL THE HAND IS THE not aside to the right hand or to of David his father, and turned



1 Kings il, 19. Bath-sheba thereHANDS, THAT OF Job xxfil, 9. On the left hand fore went unto king Solomon, to COMBINATION.

where he doth work, but I cannot speak unto him for Adonijah. 142, 15. And when he behold him: he hideth himself on and the king rose up to meet irtel thence, he lighted

the right hand, that I cannot see her, and bowed himself unto her, asdab the son of Rechab him.

and sat down on his throne, and to meet him: and he

Prov. iii, 16. Length of days is caused a seat to be set for the kim, and said to him, Is in her right hand; and in her left king's mother; and she sat on his at right, as my heart is hand riches and honour.

right hand. 7 heart? 'And Jehonadab

Job xl, 14. Then will I also conIt is. If it be, give me der my head, and his right hand Çant. ii, 6. His left hand is un

fess unto thee that thine own Baad. And he gave him doth embrace me.

right hand can save thee. and he took him up to o the chariot.

18a. liv, 3. For thou shalt break P3. Xvi, 8, 11. I have set the 121. Thorigh hand join the left, and thy seed shah anherit he is at my right hand, I shall not the wicked shall not be the Gentiles, and make the desol- be moved. Thou wilt shew me hned but the seed of the ate cities to be inhabited.

the path of life: in thy presence is Son shall be delivered. Jonah 1v, 11. And should not 'I there are pleasures for evermore.

fulness of joy; at thy right hand PIT, 5. Every one that is spare Nineveh, that great city, la beart is an abomination wherein are more than sixscore Ps. cx, 1. The LORD said unto 113


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