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my Lord, sit thou at my right Danie v, 5. In the same hour to you bandfuls of astu hand, until I make thine enemies caine forth fingers of a man's furnace, and let Moses s thy footstool.

hand, and wrote over against the toward the heaven in i Eccles, x, 2. A wise man's heart candlestick upon the plaister of of Pharaoh. is at his right hand; but a fool's the wall of the king's palace: and

Ruth 11, 16. And let heart at his left.

the king saw the part of the band some of the handfuls of

that wrote. Tea, Ixill, 12. That led them by

for her, and leave then, the right hand of Moses with bis

Mark vil, 33. And he took him may glean them, and re glorious arm. .....

aside from the multitude, and put not.

his fingers into his ears, and he Jer. xxii, 24. As I live, saith the spit, and touched his tongue.

1 Kings xvii, 12. And LORD, though Coniah the son of

As the LORD thy God Jehoiakim king of Judah were the

John viii, 6. This they said, bave not a cake, but al signet

upon my right hand, yet tempting him, that they might of meal in a barrel, an would I pluck thee thonco.

have to accuse him. But Jesus oil in a cruse..... Matth. v, 30. And if thy right wrote on the ground, as though sent unto him, and said, stooped down, and with his finger

1 Kings xx, 10. And I hand offend thee, cut it off, and he heard them not. cast it from thee.....

do so unto me, and mo

John xx, 25. The other disciples the dust of Samaria abi Mark xlv, 62. And Jesus said, I therefore said unto him, We have for handfuls for all the p am: and ye shall see the Son of seen the Lord. But he said unto follow me. man sitting on the right hand of them, Except I shall see in his power, and coming in the clouds hands the print of the nails, and handful of corn in the e

Ps. lxxii, 16. There sh of heaven.

put my finger into the print of the the top of the mount Mark xvi, 19. So then after the pails, and thrust my hand into his fruit thereof shall sh Lord had spoken unto thein, he side, I will not believe.

Lebanon. ..... was received up into heaven, and sat on the right hand of God.

Eccles. iv, 6. Better is Acts vil, 55, 56. But he, being E.cod. viii, 19. Then the magici- ful with quietness, than full of the Holy Ghost, looked up ans said unto Pharaoh, This is the hands full with travall

tion of spirit. stedfastly into beaven, and saw finger of God. .. the glory of God, and Jesus stand- 1 Kings xii, 10. Thus shalt

Jer. ix, 22. Speak, thu ing on the right hand of God, thou say unto them, My little LORD, Even the carcas And said, Behold, I see the heav- finger shall be thicker than my field, and as the handfu ens opened, and the Son of man father's loins. standing on the right hand of Ps. cxllv, 1. Blessed be the LORD gather them.

harvest man, and a God.

my strength, which teacheth my Colos. iil, 1. If ye then be rlsen hands to war, and my fingers to

Ezek. xiii, 19. And will with Christ, seek those things fight.

me among my people which are above, where Christ Prov. vil, 3. Bind them upon bread.

fuls of barley and for sitteth on the right hand of God.

thy fingers, write them upon the

table of thine heart. PARTS OF THE HAND. Isa. Iviii, 9. Then shalt thou


call, and the LORD shall answer; Exod. iv, 6. And the

shalt cry, and he shall say, furthermore unto him, Exod. xxix, 20. Then shalt thou Here I am. If thou take away thine hand into thy bos kill the ram, and take of his blood, from the midst of thee the yoke, he put his hand into 1 and put it upon the tip of the the putting forth of the finger, and when he took it o right ear of Aaron, and upon the and speaking vanity.

his hand was leprous ai tip of the right ear of his sons,

Luke xi, 20. But if I with the 1 Kings iii, 20. Ands and upon the thumb of their right finger of God cast out devils, no midnight, and took my hand

doubt the kingdom of God is beside me, while thine Judges 1, 6,7. But Adoni-bezek come upon you.

slept, and laid it in Ned; and they pursued after him,

and laid her dead ch and caught him, and cut off his


bosom. thumbs and his great toes. And Adoni-bezek said, Threescore and

Deut. xxi, 12. Then thou shalt

Luke xviil, 13. And th ten kings, having their thumbs bring her home to thine house; standing afar off, would

so much as his eyes un and their great toes cut off, gath- and she shall shave her head, and ered their meat under my table. pare her nails.

but smote upon his bre

God be merciful to me i
Dan. iv, 33. The same hour was
the thing fulfilled upon Nebuchad-

Luke xxiii, 48. Abd all nezzar: and he was driven from that came together to Exod. xxix, 12. And thou shalt men, and did eat grass as oxen, beholding the things take of the blood of the bullock, and his body was wet with the done, smote their braai and put it upon the horns of the dew of heaven, till his hairs were turned. altar with thy finger, and pour all grown like eagles' feathers, and John xill, 25. He then the blood beside the bottom of the his nails like bird's claws.

Jesus' breast salth 1 altar.

Lord, who is it? 2 Sam, xxl, 20. And there was yet a battle in Gath, where was a

DIANDFUL. man of great stature, that had on

Gen. xli, 47. And in the seven

Jer. xxxil, 18. Tho overy hand six fingers, and on plenteous years the earth brought loving-kindness unto every foot six toes, four and forth by handfuls.

and recompensest the twenty in number, and he also Exod. ix, 8. And the LORD said the fathers into the bus was born to the giant,

unto Moses and unto Aaron, Take children after them: the lod, the LORD of hosts, is


Nahum 11, 1.... Keep the Gen. XXXVII, 34. And Jacob rent thy loins strong, fortify thy power

munition, watch the way, make 1,38. Give, and it shall be his clothes, and put sackcloth no- mightily. ito you; good measure, on his loins, and mourned for his down, and shaken to son many days.

1 Peter I, 13. Wherefore gird up nd running over, shall

the loits of your mind, be sober, Exod. xxviil, 42. And thou shalt and hope to the end, for the grace into your bosom. .... mako them linen breeches to that is to be brought unto you at 11, 22, 23. And it came to cover their nakedness; from the the revelation of Jesus Christ.

the beggar died, and loins even unto the thighs they led by the angels' into shall reach. bosom: the rich man 1 Kings xil, 10. And the young

EXPRESSIVE OF LINEAGE iod was buried; And men that were grown up with

OR DESCENT. lift up his eyes, being in him spake unto him, saying, Thus Gen. XXXV, 11. And God said and seeth Abraham afar shalt thou speak unto this people unto him, I am God Almighty; bo izarus in his bosom. that spake unto thee, saying, Thy fruitful and multiply: a nation,

father made our yoke heavy, but and a company of nations, shall BACK.

make thou it lighter unto us; thus be of thee, and kings shall come

shalt thou say unto them, My out of thy loins. 1,9. And it was so, that, little finger shall be thicker than had turned his back to

Gen. xlvi, 26. All the souls that my father's loins. Samnel, God gave him

came with Jacob into Egypt, eart and all those signs said unto him, Behold now, we sides Jacob's sons' wives, all the

1 Kings xx, 31. And his servants which came out of his loins, beass that day.

have heard that the kings of the souls were threescore and six. 11, 16. And he brought house of Israel are merciful kings: the inner court of the let us, I pray thee, put sackcloth thou shalt not build the house;

1 Kings vill, 19. Nevertheless, aze; and, behold, at the on our loins, and ropes upon our but thy son that shall come forth he temple of the LORD, heads, and go out to the king of out of ihy loins, he shall build the the porch and the altar, Israel, peradventure he will save house unto my name. * five and twenty men, thy life. I backs toward the temDan. V, 6.

Acts il, 30. Therefore being a

Then the king's prophet, and knowing that God LORD, and their faces countenance was changed, and his had sworn with an oath

to him, that he east; and they wor- thoughts troubled him, so that the of the fruit of his loins, according the sun toward the east,

joints of his loins were loosed, and to the flesh, he would raise up his knees smote one against an-Christ to sit on his throne.

other. PIIT, 9. But hast done

Hleb. vil, 5, 10. And verily they To all that were before

Ps. lxvi, 11. Thou broughtest us they that are of the sons of Levi, eta bast gone and made into the net; thou laidest afflic- who receive the office of the har gods, and molten tion upon our loins.

priesthood, have a commandment to provoke me to anger, Ps. Ixix, 23. Let their eyes be to take tithes of the people accast me behind thy darkened, that they

see not; and cording to the law, that is, of their

make their loins continually to brethren, though they come out of 12. Therefore shalt thou shake.

the loins of Abraham. For he m turn their back, when

Isa. XII, 3. Therefore are my was yet in the loins of his father to make ready thine 10ins illed with pain. Pangs have when Melchisedec met him. pon thy strings against taken hold upon me, as the pangs

(See Girdle under Dress.) f them,

of a woman that travaileth. 13,3. The plowers plowed Ezek. 1, 27. And I saw as the

RIBS. back: they made long colour of amber, as the appear. Gen. 11, 21, 22. And the Lord

ance of fire round about within it; God caused a deep sleep to tall 13. In the Ups of him from the appearance of his loins upon Adam, and he slept: and he understanding wisdom even upward, and from the appear- took one of his ribs, and closed up but a rod is for the back ance of his loins even downward, the flesh instead thereof; And the it is vold of understand- I saw as it were the appearance rib, which the LORD God had taken

of fire, and it had brightness from man, made be a woman, and I gave my back to the round about.

brought her unto the man. and my cheeks to them Ezek. viii, 2. Then I beheld, and 2 sam. , 23. Howbeit he refusked off the hair: I hid not lo a likeness as the appearance of ed to turn aside: wherefore Abner rom shatne and spitting. Are: from the appearance of his with the hinder end of the spear fli , 17. I will scatter them from his lolns, even upward, as the that the spear came out behind

loins, even downward, fire; and smoto him under tho fifth rib; 10 east wind before the appearance of brightness, as the him. will shew them the back, colour of amber. the face, in the day of imity,

2 Sam. 111, 27. . . . . And (Joab] Ezek. xxl, 6. sigh therefore, smoto aim' [Abner] there under izle

, 33. And they have ing of thy loins" and with bitter: the Afth rib, that he died. .... unto me the back, and face: though I taught ness sigh before their eyes.

2 Sam. Iv, 6. And they came ing up early and teach

Ezek. xlvii, 4. Again be measur- thither into the midst of the house, recibey have not hear through the waters; the waters wheat, and they smote him under

were to the knees. 1,10. Let thelr eyes be measured a thousand, and brought Baanah his brother escaped. that they may not see, me through; the waters were to 2 Sam. xx, 10. But Amasa took the loins

no heed to the sword that was in

down their back alway.

Joab's hand; so he smote him tion that set not their heart covetous practices, cu therewith in the fifth rib, and shed aright, and whose spirit was not drep. out his bowels to the ground. stedfast with God. For their

heart was not right with bim, TO HARDEN THE HEART. neither were they stedfast in his

IS TO PERSIST I covenant. Exod. xxviii, 29. And Aaron

OBEDIENCE Ps. xcv, 10. Forty years long shall bear the names of the chil- was I grieved with this genera

Exod. iv, 21. And the judgment upon his heart, when he do err in their heart, and they do all those wonders ? dren of Israel in the breastplate

of tion, and said, It is a people that unto Moses, When tho goeth in unto the holy place, for have not known my ways. a memorial before the LORD CON

raoh which I bave u tinually.

Prov. VI, 18. An heart that de

hand: but I will harde viseth wicked imaginations, feet that he shall not the pe 2 Sam. xvill, 14. Then said Joab, that be swift in running to misI may not tarry thus with thee. chief,

Ecod. xiv, 17. And i And he took three darts in his

will harden the hes hand, and thrust them through

Prov. xxIII, 7. For as he thinketh the heart of Absalom, while he in his heart, so is he: Eat and Egyptians, and they was yet alive in the midst of the drink, saith 'he to thee; but his them: and I will get heart is not with thee.

upon Pharaoh, and a oak.

host, upon his charioti 2 Kings ix, 24. And Jehu drew

Eccles. ix, 3. .... The heart of his horsemen. a bow with his full strength, and the sons of men is full of evil, and

Deut. ii, 30. But Sih madness is in their heart while smote Jehoram between his arms,

Heshbon would not and the arrow went out at his they live, and after that they go to by him: for the Lor heart, and he sunk down in his


hardened his spirit, an clariot.

Jer. vii, 24. But they hearkened heart obstinate, that Heart is, as with us, the favourite walked in the counsels and in the peareth this day.

not, nor 'inclined their ear, but liver him into thy b symbol of sentiment of almost imagination of their evil heart, every kind, examples of which and went backward, and not for

Josh. xi, 20. For It will be found more appropri- ward.

LORD to harden their ately under other heads and sub

they should come ag jects. We subjoin other pecul.

Jer. xi, 8. Yet they obeyed not, in battle, that he mi iarities.

nor inclined their ear, but walked them utterly, and that every one in the imagination of have no favour, but th their evil heart. ....

destroy them; as the HEART, THE SEAT OF EVIL. Gen. v1, 5. And God saw that the worse than your fathers; (for, beJer. xvi, 12. And ye have done manded Moses.

1 Sam. vi, 6. Where wickedness of man was great in the hold, ye walk every one after the ye harden your her earth, and that every Imagination imagination of his evil heart, that Egyptians and Pharac of the thoughts of his heart was they may not hearken unto me.)

their hearts? Wbe only evil continually.

wrought wonderfullyi Gen. viil, 21. And the LORD

Jer. xvil, 9. The heart is deceit

did they not let the smelled a sweet savour, and the ful above all things, and desper- and they departed? LORD said in his heart, I will not ately wicked: who can know it? again curse the ground any more Hosea iv, 8. They eat up the sin rebelled against king

2 Chron. xxxvi, 13. for man's sake; for the imagina- of my people, and they set their nezzar, who had mad tion of man's heart is evil from heart on their iniquity.

by God: but he stiller his youth.

Matth. xii, 35. A good man, out and hardened his heal Deut. xv, 9. Beware that there of the good treasure of the heart, ing unto the LORD Go be not a thought in thy wicked bringeth forth good things: andan heart, saying, The seventh year, evil man, out of the evil treasure, heart, as in the provi

Ps. xcv, 8. Harde the year of release, is at hand; and bringeth forth evil things. thine eye be evil against thy poor

as in the day of temp

Matth. xv, 19. For out of the brother, and thou givest him heart proceed evil thoughts, mur

wilderness. nought, and be cry unto the LORD ders, adulteries, fornications,

Prov. xxviii, 14. 1 against thee, and it be sin unto thefts, false witness, blasphemies.

man that feareth ali thee.

that hardeneth Luis 2 Chron. XXVI, 16. But when he

John xill, 2. And supper being fall into mischief. was strong, his heart was lifted up into the heart of Judas Iscariot, thou made us to e ended, (the devil having now put

Isa. Ixiii, 17, O Los to his destruction: for he transgressed against the LORD his God, Simon's son, to betray him.)

ways, and hardened and went into the temple of the Rom. ii, 5. But, after thy hard

from thy fear? Rett LORD to burn incense

upon the ness and impenitent heart, treas: servants sake, the tri altar of incense. urest up unto thyself wrath

inheritance. P3. x, 8. For the wicked boast against the day of wrath and re

Ezek. iil, 7. But ti eth of his heart's desire, and velation of the righteous judgment

Israel will not hearke blesseth the covetous, whom the of God. LORD abhorreth.

Heb. iit, 12. Take heed, brethren, for they will not be Ps. lviii, 2. Yea, in heart ye lest there be in any of you an evil me: for all the house work wickedness; ye weigh the heart of unbeliet, in departing impudent and hard-bo violence of your hands in the from the living God.


2 Peter il, 14. Having eyes full

ISTIC EPITHETS Ps. Ixxviii, 8, 87. And might not of adultery, and that cannot cease

ED WITH HEART be as their fathers, a stubborn and from sin; beguiling unstable souls: rebellious generation; a genera-1 an heart' they bave exercised with OF RELIGIOUS !

HE HEART IS” THAT 2 Chron. Xxxl, 21. And in every , and to build the palace, for the
I GOD ESPECIALLY work that he began in the service which I have made provision.
of the house of God, and in the

2 Chron. xv, 17. But the high law, and in the commandments, to IN PIOUS FEELING. seek his God, he did it with all his places were not taken away out of

Israel: nevertheless the heart of 1, 13. And it shall come heart, and prospered. 1 ye shall hearken dili

Asa was perfect all his days. Ps. lxxxvi, 12. I will praise thee, ato my commandments, O Lord my God, with all my the LORD run to and fro through

2 Chron. xvi, 9. For the eyes of ommand you this day, to heart; and I will glorify thy name out the whole earth, to shew bimLORD your God, and to for evermore. with all your heart,

self strong in the behalf of them all your soul.

Prov. iji, 5. Trust in the LORD whose heart is perfect toward

with all thine heart; and lean not him. till, 3. Thou shalt not unto thine own understanding. Into the words of that

2 Chron. xix. 9. And he charged or that dreamer of Jer. xxix, 13. And ye shall seek them, saying, Thus shall ye do in for the Lord your God me, and find me, when ye shall the fear of the LORD faithfully, you, to know whether search for me with all your heart. and with a perfect heart, e LORD your God with Zeph. iii, 14. Sing, o daughter 2 Chron. XXV, 2. And he did that beart, and with all your of Zion; shout, o Israel; be glad which was right in the sight of the

and rejoice with all the heart, o LORD, but not with a perfect LITI, 16. This day the daughter of Jerusalem.

heart. God hath commanded Acts viil, 37. And Philip said, If Ps. ix, 1. I will praise thee, O do these statutes and thou believent with all thine heart, LORD, with my whole heart; I will & thou shalt therefore thou mayest. And he answered shew forth all thy marvellous do them with all thine and said, I believe that Jesus works. I with all thy soul. Christ is the Son of God.

Ps. ci, 2. I will behave myself 111,4. That the LORD may

wisely in a perfect way. O when his word, wbich he spake THE SAME EARNEST MEAN- wilt thou come unto me? I will me, saying, If thy

walk within my house with a pertake heed to their way, ING IS ATTACHED TO

fect heart. before me in truth with "PERFECT" AND "WHOLE

P3. cxi, 1. Praise ye the LORD. I heart, and with all their


will praise the LORD with my e shall not fail thee

1 Kings viii, 61. Let your heart whole heart in the assembly of the eman on the throne of therefore be perfect with the upright, and in the congregation.

LORD our God. to walk in his W IT, &. And rent the statutes, and to keep his command Blessed are they that keep his

Ps. cxix, 2, 10, 34, 68, 69, 145. Asay from the house of ments, as at this day. and save it thee; and yet

testimonies, and that seek him 1 Kings xi, 4. For it came to with the whole heart.

With my not been as my servant He kept my command-pass, when Solomon was old, that whole heart have I sought thee: Mwho followed me with his wives turned away his hearto let me not wander from thy art , to do that only which after other gods: and his heart

was commandments. Give me undernot perfect with the LORD his God, standing, and I shall keep thy $1,31. But Jebu took no father. as was the heart of David his law; yea, I shall observe it with

my whole heart. I entreated thy walk in the law of the d of Israel with all his 1 Kings xv, 3, 14. And he walk-favour with my whole heart: be

merciful unto me according to thy I be departed not from ed in all the sins of his father, word. The proud have forged a Jeroboam, which made which he had done before him:

and his heart was not perfect with lie against me: but I will keep thy Twili , 3. And the king David This father: a But the nigh I cried with my whole

heart; hear before the Lord to walk places were not removed: never-me....O LORD: I will keep thy

statutes. Loko, and to keep his with the Lord all his days. theless Asa's heart was perfect

Ps. cxxxviil, 1. I will praise theo Inents, and his testimonils statutes, with all their 2 Kings xx, 3. I beseech thee, o with my whole heart: before the

LORD, remember now how I have gods will I sing praise unto thee. walked before thee in truth, and

Isa. xxxviil, 3. And said, ReALAT, 12, 15. And they with a perfect heart, and have member now, O LORD, 1 beseech into a D God of their fathers done that which is good in thy thee, how I have walked before

thee in truth, and with a perfect their heart, and with all sight. And Hezekiah wept sore.

heart, and have done that which I. And all Judah rejoiced 1 Chron. xxviil, 9. And thou, is good in thy sight: and Hezekiah ath: for they had sworn Solomon my son, know thou the wept sore. their heart, and sought God of thy father, and serve him their whole desire; with a perfect heart, and with a

Jer. iii, 10. And yet for all this was found of them; and willing mind.

her treacherous sister Judah hath 5 gave them rest round

1 Chron. xxix, 9, 19. Then the not turned unto me with her people rejoiced, for that they

whole heart, but feignedly, saith

the LORD. 2. Axil, 9. And he sought offered willingly, because with : and they caught him, perfect heart they offered willing

Jer. xxiv, 7. And I will give Fashid in Samaria,) and ly to the LORD; and David the king them an heart to know me, that I him to Jehu: and when also rejoiced with great joy. And am the LORD; and they shall be

slain him, they buried give unto Solomon my son a per- my people, and I will be their 14.30 (said they, he is the fect heart, to keep thy command-God: for they shall return unto lelooshaphat, who

sought ments, thy testimonies, and thy me with their whole heart. D with all his heart. . . . . 'statutes, and to do all these things Jer. xxxii, 41. Yea, I will rejoice

in mine eyes.

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over them to do them good, and Job xx, 25. It is drawn, and children with death; and al I will plant them in this land cometh out of the body; yea, the churches shall know that I a assuredly with my whole heart, glittering sword cometh out of his which searcheth the reins and with my wholo soul.


Ps. xvi, 9. Therefore my heart ALSO TO PURE HEART. is glad, and my glory rejoiceth:

BELLY. Ps. xxiv, 4. He that hath clean my flesh also shall rest in hope.

Num. XXV, 8. And he went hands, and a pure heart; who hath

P8. xxx, 12. To the end that my the man of Israel into the not litted up his soul unto vanity, glory may sing praise to thee, and and thrust both of them thr nor sworn deceitfully.

not be silent. 0 LORD my God, I the man of Israel, and the w Matth. v,8. Blessed are the pure will give thanks unto thee for ever. through her belly. So the pl in heart: for they shall see God. Ps.Ivii, 8. Awake up, my glory; was stayed from the child

1 Tim. 1,5. Now the end of the awake, psaltery and harp: I my- Israel. commandment is charity, out of a self will awake early.

Matth. XV, 17. Do not ye ya pure heart, and of a good con

Ps.cviii, 1. O God, my heart is derstand, that whatsoever science, and of faith unfeigned. fixed; I will sing and give praise, eth in at the mouth goeth in 2 Tim. 11, 22. Fleo also youthful even with my glory.

belly, and is cast out inta lusts: but follow righteousness,

draught? faith, charity, peace, with them that REINS OR KIDNEYS, Job xv, 2. Should a wise call on the Lord out of a pure heart.

USED FIGURATIVELY AS utter vain knowledge, and i 1 Peter 1, 22. Seeing ye have


belly with the east wind? purified your souls in obeying the truth through the Spirit unto un

Job xvi, 13. His archers com

Job xx, 20, 23. Surely he

not feel quietness in his bel feigned love of the brethren, see pass me round about, he cleaveth

shall not save of that whic that we love one another with a my reins asunder, and doth bot | desired. When he is about pure heart fervently. spare.....

his belly, God shall cast the

Job xix, 27. Whom I shall see of his wrath upon him, and TO APPLY THE HEART IS for myself, and mine eyes shall rain it upon him while TO STUDY.

behold, and not another; though eating. Ps. xc, 12. So teach us to num-my reins be consumed within me.

Job xxxil, 19. Behold, my ber our days, that we may apply of the wicked come to an end; but is ready to burst like new bq

Ps. vil, 9. Oh, let the wickedness is as wine which hath no ve our hearts unto wisdom. Prov. il, 2. So that thou Incline establish the just: for the righteous

Ps. xliv, 25. For our so thine ear’unto wisdom, and apply God trieth the hearts and reins.

bowed down to the dust: thine heart to understanding.

Ps. Xvi, 7. I will bless the LORD, belly cleaveth unto the earth Prov. xxil, 17. Bow down thine who hath given me counsel: my

Prov. xiii, 25. The righ

in the ear, and hear the words of the reins also instruct me night seasons.

eateth to the satisfying of his wise, and apply thino heart unto

but the belly of the wicked my knowledge.

Ps. xxvi, 2. Examine me, O want. Prov. xxiil , 12. Apply thine LORD, and prove me; try my reins

Prov. xvlil, 8, 20. The word heart unto instruction, and thine and my heart.

talebearer are as wounds, ears to the words of knowledge.

Ps. Ixxiii, 21. Thus my heart they go down into the inner Eccles. vil, 25. I applied mine was grioved, and I was pricked in parts of the belly. A man's heart to know, and to search, and my reing,

shall be satisfied with the to to seek out wisdom, and the Ps. cxxxix, 13. For thon hast his mouth; and with the fac Teason of things, and to know the possessed my reins: thou hast of his lips shall he be alled. wickedness of folly, even of foul- covered me in my mother's womb.

Prov, xx, 27. The spirit of ishness and madness.

Prov. xxill, 16. Yea, my reins is the candle of the LORD, serre Eccles. vill, 9, 16. All this have shall rejoice, when thy lips speak all the inward parts of the be I seen, and applied my heart unto right things.

Çant. v, 14. His hands a every work that is done under the Isa. xl, 5. And righteousness gold rings set with the bery! sun.

When I applied shall be the girdle of his loins, and belly is as bright ivory ore mnine heart to know wisdom, and faithfulness the girdle of his reins. with sapphires. to see the business that is done

Jer. xi, 20. But, O LORD of hosts, Çant. vii, 2. Thy navel sy upon the earth.

that judgest righteously, that round goblet, which wanted

triest the reins and the heart, let liquor: thy belly is like an be LIVER,

me see thy vengeance on them: wheat set about with Inies. CALLED “GLORY" IN THE for unto thee have I revealed my

Jer. II, 84. Nebuchadnesa HEBREW SCRIPTURES."

Jer. xil, 2. Thou hast planted me, he hath crushed me, he

king of Babylon bath derd Prov. vii, 22, 23. He goeth after them, yea, they have taken root: made me an empty vessel, he her straightway, .... till a dart they grow, yea, they bring forth swallowed me up like a dra strike through his liver. . ... fruit: thou art near in their he hath filled his belly with Lam. II, 11. . . . Myllver is pour mouth, and far from their roins.

delicates, he hath cast me out ed upon the earth, for the destruc

Jer. xvii, 10. I the LORD search tion of the daughter of my people. the heart, I try the reins, even to me, Son of man, cause thy bel

Exck, lil, 3. And he said Job xvi, 13. . . . . . He poureth give every man according to his eat, and all thy bowels with out my gall upon the ground. ways, and according to the fruit roll that I give thee. Thend * The original meaning of "Glory" of his doings.

eat it; and it was in my mogti 18 weight, and the Liver is 80

Lam, fil, 13. He hath caused the honey for sweetness. called from being the heaviest arrows of his quiver to enter into

Hab. ill, 16. When I heard, of the internal organs. See also my reins.

belly trembled; my lips quird 2 Cor. iv, 17.

Rev. 11, 23. And I will kill her I at the voice. ....

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