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which were left of the unto the LORD; it shall not be plack- every one to be over against his F, and concerning Jeru- ed up, nor thrown down, any more house. Now the city was large And they said unto me, for ever.

and great; but the people werb anant that are left of the

Zech. i, 14-17. So the angel that few therein, and the houses were | there in the province communed with me said unto me, not builded. great affliction and re- Cry thou, saying, Thus saith the Neh. xi, 1, 2. And the rulers of the wall of Jerusalem also LORD of hosts, I am jealous for the people dwelt at Jerusalem: in down, and the gates Jerusalem and for Zion with a the rest of the people also cast lots, ire burnt with fire. great jealousy. And I am very to bring one of ten to dwell in Je17. Then said I unto them, sore displeased with the heathen rusalem the holy city, and nine he distress that we are in, that are at ease: for 1 was but a parts to dwell in other cities. And usalem lieth waste, and little displeased, and they helped the people blessed all the men thereof are burned with forward the affliction. Therefore that willingly offered themselves In, and let us build up the thus saith the LORD, I am returned to dwell at Jerusalem, erusalern, that we be no to Jerusalem with mercies: my eproach. house shall be built in it, saith the

FINAL DESTRUCTION BY tis, & And the Chaldeans LORD of hosts, and a line shall be

THE ROMANS FORETOLD. e king's house, and the stretched forth upon Jerusalem. (the people, with fire, and Cry yet, saying, Thus saith the

Luke xix, 41-44. And when he wwn the walls of Jeru- LORD of hosts, My cities through was come near, he beheld the city,

prosperity shall yet be spread and wept over'it, Saying, If thou 14. And all the army of abroad; and the LORD shall yet badst known, even thou, at least

comfort Zion, and shall yet choose in this thy day, the things which jeans, that were with the

Jerusalem. ( the guard, brake down

belong unto thy peacel but now alls of Jerusalem round

Zech. ii, 12. And the LORD shall they are hid from thine eyes. For

Inherit Judah his portion in the the days shall come upon thee, Ixil , 21. And it came to holy land, and shall choose Jeru- that thine enemies shall cast á salem again.

trench about thee, and compass the twelfth year of our in the tenth month, in

Zech, xiv, 17. And it shall be, thee round, and keep thee in on day of the month, that that whoso will not come up of ali every side. And shall lay theo bad escaped out of 'Jeru. the families of the earth unto Je- even with the ground, and thy na unto ine, saying, The rusalem to worship the King, the children within thee; and they

Lord of hosts, even upon them shall not leave in thee one stone shall bo no rain.

upon another, because thou knew

est not the time of thy visitation, I RESTORATION

ITS RESTORATION Luke xxi, 20. And when ye shall PROMISED.


see Jerusalem compassed with 35, 36. For God will save

armies, then know that the desoI will build the cities of

Neh. II, 18-20. Then I told them lation thereof is nigh. at they may dwell there, of the hand of my God which was it in possession. The good upon me; as also the king's

JERUSALEM MYSTIC. of his servants shall in- words that hó had spoken unto and they that love his me. And they said, Let us rise up Exek, xlviii, 30-35. And these I dwell therein.

and build. So they strengthened are the goings out of the city on

their hands for this good work. the north side, four thousand and 13-16. Thou shalt arise, But when Sanballat the Horonite, five hundred measures. And the mercy upon Zion: for and Tobiah the servant, the Am- gates of the city shall be after the o favour her, yea, the set monite,

and Geshem the Arabian, names of the tribes of Israel: three ome. For thy servants heard it, they laughed us to scorn, gates northward; one gate of Reusure in ber stones, and and despised us, and said, What is ben, one gate of Judah, one gate e dust thereof. So the this thing that ye do? will ye rebel of Levi. And at the east side four hall fear the name of the against the king? Then answered thousand and five hundred: and 1 all the kings of the I them, and said unto them, The three gates; and one gate of Joglory. When the LORD God of heaven, he will prosper us; seph, one gate of Benjamin, one d up Zion, he shall ap- therefore we his servants will arise gate of Dan. And at the south side i glory.

and build: but ye have no portion, four thousand and five hundred 18. Thus saith the nor right, nor memorial, in Jeru- measures and three gates; ono wold, I will bring again salem.

gato of Simeon, one gate of Issaity of Jacob's tents, and Neh. vii, 1-4. Now it came to char, one gate of Zebulun. At the y on his dwelling-places; pass, when the wall was built,

west side four thousand and five ty shall be builded upon and 'I had set up the doors, and hundred, with their three gates; sap, and

the palace shall the porters and the singers one gate of Gad, one gate of Asher, ter the manner thereof. and the Levites were appointed, one gate of Naphtali.

It was 4,88-40. Behold,the days That I gave my brother Han' round about eighteen thousand h the Lord, that the city ani, and Hananiah the ruler measures: and the name of the alll to the LORD, from the of the palace, charge over Jern- city from that day shall be, The Hananeel unto the gate salem: for he was a faithful LORD is there. mer. And the measur-man, and feared God above Rev. xxi, 10, 11. And ho carried hall yet go forth over many. And I said unto them, me away in the spirit to a great upon the hill Gareb, and Let not the gates of Jerusalem and high mountain, and shewed pass about to Goath. be opened until the

be me that great city, the holy JeruThole valley of the dead hot; and while they stand by, salem, descending out of heaven ad of the ashes, and all let them shut the doors, and from God. Having the glory of

unto the brook of Ki- bar them: and appoint watches God: and her light was like unto 5 the corner of the horse of the inhabitants of Jerusalem, a stone most precious, even like a ind the east, shall be holy I every one in his watch, and I jasper stone, clear as crystal.



BETWEEN GOD AND MAN, LORD was with thee: and we said, daughters, and blessed thern: OR MAN AND MAN, RATIFIED Let there be now an oath betwixt Laban departed, and returned BY OATH AND SACRIFICE,

us, even betwixt us and thee, and to his place.

let us make a covenant with thee; AND SOMETIMES WRITTEN That thou wilt do us no hurt, as this we make a sure cocenant,

Neh. Ix, 38. And because a AND SEALED,

we have not touched thee, and as write it; and our princes, Lei Gen. xv, 9-11, 17, 18. And he

we have done unto thee nothing and priests, seal unto it. said unto him, Take me an heifer but good, and have sent thee

Neh. x, 1-27. Now those of three years old, and a she-goat away in peace: thou art now the of three years old, and a ram of blessed of the LORD. And he made sealed were Nehemiah the

of Hacha three years old, and a turtle dove, them a feast, and they did eat and shatha, the son and a young pigeon. And he took drink. And they rose up be- and Zidkijah, Seraiah, Ara


Amg unto him all these, and divided times in the morning, and sware Jeremiah, them in the midst, and laid each one to another: and Isaac sent Malchijah, Hattush, Sheba piece one against another; but the them away, and they departed Malluch, Harum, Meren birds divided he not. And when from him in peace.

Obadiah, Daniel,

Gionel the fowls came down upon the

Baruch, Meshullam, Abijah

Gen. xxxi, 43-55. And Laban jamin, Mauziah, Bilgai, Shem carcases, Abram drove them away. And it came to pass, that, when answered and sald unto Jacob, these were the priests. And the sun went down, and it was ters, and these children are my Azaniah, Binnni of the sot

These daughters are my daugh- Levites: both Jeshua the # dark, behold a smoking furnace, children, and these cattle are my Henedad, Kadmiel:

And and a burning lamp that passed cattle, and all that thou seest

is brethren, between those pieces. In the mine: and what can I do this day Kelita, Pelaiah, Hanan, X

Shebaniah, Ho same day the LORD made a covenant with Abram, saying, Unto their children which they have rebiah, Shebaniah, Hodijah,

unto these my daughters, or unto Rehob, Hashabiah, Zaccur, thy seed have I given this land, born? Now therefore come thou, Beninu. The chief of the pe from the river of Egypt unto the let us make a covenant, I and Parosh, Pahath - moab, 1 great river, the river Euphrates. thou; and let it be for a witness Zatthu, Badi,

Bunni, A1 Gen. xxi, 23–32. Now therefore between me and thee. And Bebai, Adonijah, Bigval, swear unto me here by God, that Jacob took a stone, and set it up Ater, 'Hizkijah, Azzur, Hed thou wilt not deal falsely with me, for a pillar. And Jacob said un- Hashum, Bezni, Hariph, nor with my son, nor with my to his brethren, Gather stones; thoth, Nebai, Magpiash, Me son's son: but according to the and they took stones, and made lam, Hezir, Meshezabeel, ZA kindness that I have done unto an heap: and they did eat there Jaddua, Pelatiah, Hanan, Ad thee, thou shalt do unto me, and upon the heap. And Laban called Hoshea, Hananiah, Hashab, to the land wherein thou hast it Jegar - sahadutha: but Jacob lohesh, Pileba, Shobek, Re Bojourned, And Abraham said, I called it Galeed. And Laban said, Hashabnah, Maaseiah, will swear. And Abraham re- This heap is a witness between Ahijah, Hanan, Anan, Na proved Abimelech because of a me and thee this day. Therefore Harim, Baanah. well of water, which Abimelech's was the name of it called Galeed; servants had violently. taken And Mizpah: for he said, The away. And Abimelech said, I wot LORD watch between me

Ps. I, 5. Gather my gain!

and not who hath done this thing; thee, when we are absent one made a covenant with me

gether unto me; those that i neither didst thou tell me, neither from another. If thou shalt yet heard I of it, but to-day. And afflict my daughters, or if thou

Eacrifice. Abraham took sheep anu oxen, shalt take other wives beside my Dant which they had made de

Jer. xxxiv, 18. . . . . The c and gave them unto Abimelech: daughters, no man is with us; see, and both of them made a cove

God is witness betwixt me and me, when theycut the call in te nant. And Abraham set seven thee. And Laban said to Jacob, Ezek. xvi, 59. For thus said ewe lambs

of the flock by, them- Behold this heap, and behold this Lord God, I will even deal selves. And Abimelech said unto pillar, which I have cast betwixt thee as thou hast dope, Abraham, What mean these seven me and thee; This heap be wit- hast despised the oath in bred ewe lambs which thou hast set by ness, and this pillar be witness, the covenant. themselves? And he said, For that I will not pass over this heap Hosea x, 4. They have su these seven ewe lambs shalt thou to thee, and that thou shalt not words, swearing falsely in ma tako of my hand, that they may be pass over this heap and this a covenant: thus judgment a witness unto me, that I have pillar unto me, for harm. The eth up as hemlock in the fari digged this well. Wherefore he God of Abraham, and the God of of the field. called that place Beer-sheba; be. Nahor, the God of their father, cause there they sware both of judge betwixtus.

Gal, ili, 15. Brethren, IS

And Jacob them. Thus they made a cove-sware by the Fear of his father it be but a man's covenant,

after the manner of men; Th nant at Beer-sheba: then Abime- Isaac. Then Jacob offered sacri. leche rose up, and Phichol the tice upon the mount, and called it be confirmed, no man disara chief captain of his host, and they bis brethren to eat bread: and eth, or addeth thereto. returned into the land of the they did eat bread, and tarried all Philistines. night in the mount. And early

COVENANT OF SALT Gen. xxvi, 28-31. And they in the morning Laban rose up, Lev. il, 13. And every obta said, We saw certainly that tho and kissed his song and his of thy meat-offering shalt!

Ce words.

acon with salt, pelther shalt them, On this condition will I make establish my covenant with you,

seler the salt of the cove- a covenant with you, that I may and with your seed after you; And lot of thy God to be lacking thrust out all your right eyes, with every living creature that is wa thy meat-offering with all and lay it for a reproach upon all with you, of the fowl, of the cattle, line offerings thou shalt offer Israel.

and of every beast of the earth 1 Sam. xviii, 3. Then Jonathan with you; from all that go out of Ya Ivili, 19. All the heave- and David made a covenant, be the ark, to every beast of the earth. Larians of the boly things, which cause he loved him as his own soul. And I will establish my covenant dilldren of Israel ofler unto

with you; neither shall all flesh be 1 Sam. xx, 16. So Jonathan Load, hare I given thee, and made a cocenant with the house cut off any more by the waters of Tsons and thy daughters with of David, saying, Let the LORD

a flood; neither shall there any by a statute for ever: it is a even require it at the hand of

more bó a flood to destroy the wenant of salt for ever before David's enemies.

earth. Laga unto thee, and to thy en thee.

1 Sam. xxiii, 18. And they two WITH ABRAHAM.

made a covenant before the LORD. *Chra. xiii, 3. Ought ye not to And David abode in the wood, said unto him, I am the LORD that

Gen. xv, 7, 8, 12-16, 18. And he at the LORD God of Israel and Jonathan went to his house. are the kingdom over Israel to

brought thee out of Ur of the au trever, even to him and

1 Kings xx, 34. And Benhadad Chaldees, to give thee this land se by a covenant of salt?

said unto him, The cities which to inherit it. And he said, Lord

my father took from thy father GOD, whereby shall I know that I BLOOD OF COVENANT.

I will restore; and thou shalt shall inherit it? And when the sun

make streets for thee in Damas-was going down, a deep sleep fell A mais, &. And Moses took cus, as my father made in Samaria. upon

Abram; and lo, an horror of Biol, and sprinkled it on the Then

said Ahab, I will send thee great darkness fell upon him. And and said, Behold the blood away with this covenant. So he he said unto Abram, Know of a Loredaut, which the LORD made a covenant with him, and surety that thy seed shall be a rate with you concerniug sent him away.

stranger in a land that is not .

And the theirs, and shall serve them; and 4,11. As for thee also, by seventh year' Jehoiada sent and they shall afflict them four hunand of thy covenant I have fetched the rulers over hundreds, dred years: And also that nation, Sith the prisoners out of the with the captains and the guard, whom they shall serve, will í veia is no water.

and brought them to him into the judge; and afterward shall they 19. of how much sorer house of the Lord, and made a

come out with great substance. detas, suppose ye, shall be covenant with them, and took an And thou shalt go to thy fathers Fer Forthy, who hath oath of them in the house of the in peace; thou shalt be buried in bler foot the Son of LORD, and shewed them the

a good old age. But in the fourth In bath counted the blood king's son. And Jehoiada made generation they shall come hither

* Dofenant, wherewith he a covenant between the LORD and again: for the iniquity of the rutied, an unholy thing, the king and the people, that they amorites is not yet iull. In that dote despite unto the should be the Lord's people

; same day the Lord made a covebetween the king also and the nant with Abram, saying, Unto thy 2. The God of peace, people.

seed have I given this land, from breeght again from the dead

the river of Egypt unto the great 1 Chron, xi, 3. Therefore came river, the river Euphrates. Lord Jesus, that great shep- all the elders of Israel to the king st the sheep, through the to Hebron; and David made a

Gen. xvii, 7, 9. And I will estathe everlasting core covenant with them in Hebron blish my covenant between me and

before the Lord; and they anoint- thee, and thy seed after thee, in ed David king' over Israel, ac

their generations, for an everlastTANCES OF HUMAN

cording to the word of the LORD ing covenant, to be a God unto COVENANTS. by Samuel.

thee, and to thy seed after thee.

And God said unto Abraham, Thou Ti, 27, 32. And Abraham

2 Chron. xxiil, 3. And all the shalt keep my covenant therefore, deep and oxen, and gave congregation made a covenant Abimelech; and both of with the king in the house of thou, and thy seed after thee, in

their generations. sade a covenant.

God. And he said unto them,

Thus adde a covenant at Beer Behold, the king's son shall reign, was gracious unto them, and had

2 Kings xiil, 23. And the LORD thea Abimelech rose up,

as the Lord hath said of the sons Breed the chief captain of his of David.

compassion on them, and had reod they returned into the Jer. xxxiv, 8. This is the word covenant with Abraham, Isaac,

spect unto them, because of his the Philistines. that came unto Jeremiah from the and

Jacob, and would not destroy Tixi, 44. Now therefore Lord, after that the king Zedekiah them, neither cast he them from bom, let us make a cove- had

made a covenant with all the his presence as yet. Had thou; and let it be for people which were at Jerusalem, es between me and thee. to proclaim liberty unto them.

Luke i, 72. To perform the mercy

promised to our fathers, and to LUV, 25. So Joshua made

remember his holy covenant. want with the people that COVENANTS OF GOD nad set them a statute and an

Acts iii, 25. Yo are the children 2018 in Sbechem.

WITH MAN. of the prophets, and of the cove

nant which God made with our

WITH NOAH. II, 1, 2. Then Nabash

fathers, saying unto Abraham, And Ammonite came up, and en

Gen. vi, 18. But with thee will in thy seed shall all the kindreds ed against Jabesh-gilead: and I establish my covenant: and thou of the earth be blessed. men of Jabesh said unto shalt come into the ark, thon, and

Gal. 111, 16, 17. Now to Abraham Make a covenant with us, thy song, and thy wife, and thy and his

seed were the promises 3 will serve thee. And sons' wives with thee.

made. IIe saith not, And to seeds, a the Ammonite answered Gen, is, 9-11. And I, behold, I as of many; but as of one, and to thy seed, which is Christ. And | land of Moab, besides the cove-| that I have sent this comm: this I say, that the covenant, that nant which he made with them in ment unto you, that my corel was confirmed before of God in Horeb. That thou shouldst enter might be with Levi, saith Christ, the law, which was four into covenant with the LORD thy LORD of hosts. But ye are hundred and thirty years after, God, and into his oath, which the parted out of the way, se! cannot disannul, that it should LORD thy God maketh with theo caused many to stumble at make the promise of nono effect. this day.

law; ye have corrupted the a 1 Kings vill, 9. There was

nant of Levi, saith the Los WITH ISAAC. nothing in the ark save the two

hosts. tables of stone, which Moses put Gen. xvil, 19, 21. And God said, there at Horeb, when the LORD

WITH DAVID. Sarah thy wife shall bear thee a made a covenant with the children 2 Sam. xxiii, 5. Although son indeed; and thou shalt call his of Israel, when they came out of house be not so with God; ve name Isaac: and I will establish the land of Egypt.

hath made with me an everlaa my covenant with him for an everlasting covenant, and with his seed 2 Kings xvii, 15, 35, 38. And they covenant, ordered in all that after him. But my covenant will rejected his statutes, and his cove. and sure: for this is all my s I establish with Isaac, which Sarah nant that he made with their tion, and all my desire, alth shall bear unto thee at this set fathers, and his testimonies which he make it not to grow. time in the next year.

he testified against them; and they 2 Chron. vii, 18. Then ml Gen. xxvi, 3, 4. Sojourn in this and went after the heathen that dom, according as I have a

followed vanity, and became vain, stablish the throne of thy I land, and I will be with thee, and

were round about them, concern-nanted with David thy fat will bless thee; for unto thee, and ing whom the Lord had charged saying, There shall not fall unto thy seed, I will give all these them, that they should not do a man to be ruler in Israel. countriós, and I will perform the like them. With whom the LORD oath which I sware unto Abraham had made a covenant, and charged will I not break, nor alter

Ps. lxxxix, 34-37. My core thy father, and I will make thy them, saying, Ye shall not fear thing that is gone out of seed to multiply as the stars of other gods, nor bow yourselves to lips. Once bave I sworn by heaven, and will give unto thy them, nor serve them, nor sacrifice holiness, that I will not lie seed all these countries: and in thy to them: And the covenant that David. His seed shall endur seed shall all the natious of the I have made with you ye shall not ever, and his throne as the earth be blessed

forget; neither shall ye fear other before me. It shall be establi WITH JACOB. gods.

for ever as the moon, and Gen. xxvIII, 13, 14. And, behold, of this covenant, and speak unto

Jer. xl, 2-5. Hear yo the words faithful witness in heaven. S the LORD stood above it, and said, the men of Judah, and to the inI am the LORD God of Abraham habitants of Jerusalem, And say

GOD FAITHFUL TO HI thy father, and the God of Isaac: thou unto them, Thus saith the

COVENANT. the land whereon thou liest, to LORD God of Israel, Cursed be the

Deut. iv, 31. (For the LOED thee will I give it, and to thy seed; man that obeyeth 'not the words God is a merciful God, he And thy seed shall be as the dust of this covenant, which I com- not forsake thee, neither des of the earth; and thou shalt spread manded your fathers in the day thee, uor forget the covenar abroad to the west, and to the that I brought them forth out of thy fathers, which he sware i east, and to the north, and to the the land of Egypt, from the iron south: and in thee, and in thy furnace, saying, Obey my voice, Deut, vil, 9. Know there seed, shall all the families of the and do them, 'according to all that the LORD thy God, he is earth be blessed.

which I command you: 80 shall the faithful God, which kee 1 Chron. xvi, 16, 17. Even of the ye be my people, and I will be covenant and mercy with covenant which ho made with your God; That '1 may perform that love him, and keep his Abraham, and of his oath unto the oath which I have sworn unto mandments, to a thousand get Isaac; And hath confirmed the your fathers, to give them a land tions. same to Jacob for a law, and to flowing with milk and honey, as Israel for an everlasting covenant. it is this day. Then answered I, LORD God of Israel, there !

1 Kings vill, 23. And he and said, So be it, O LORD.

God like thee, in heaven ab WITH ISRAEL.

Jer. xxxiv, 13. Thus saith the or on earth beneath, who kee Ecod. vi, 4. And I have also es- LORD, the God of Israel, I made a covenant and mercy with thy tablished my covenant with them, covenant with your fathers in the vants that walk before thee 1 to give them the land of Canaan, day that I brought them forth all their heart. the land of their pilgrimage, out of the land of Egypt, out of

2 Chron. vi, 14. And said wherein they were strangers. the house of bondmen, saying. LORD God of Israel, there

Ecod. xxxiv, 27. And the LORD Ezek. xxxvii, 26. Moreover, I God like thee in the beaven, said unto Moses, Write thou these will make a covenant of peace in the earth; which keepest o words: for after the tenor of these with them; it shall be an ever- nant, and shewest mercy unto words I have made a covenant lasting covenant with them: and I servants that walk before 1 with thee and with Israel. will place them, and multiply with all their hearts. Deut. v, 2, 3. The LORD our God them, and will set my sanctuary

Neh. I, 5. And said, I best made a covenant with us in Horeb. in the midst of them for ever-thee, o LORD God of heaven The LORD made not this covenant more.

great and terrible God, that with our fathers, but with us, even Acts 1ll, 25. Ye are the children eth covenant and mercy for !! us, who are all of us here alive of the prophets, and of the cove- that love him, and obserto this day.

nant which God made with our commandments. Deut. xxix, 1, 12. These are the fathers.

Neh. ix, 32. Now therefore, words of the covenant which the

God, the great, the mighty, LORD commanded Moses to mako


the terrible God, who kee with the children of Israel in the Mal. II, 4, 8. And ye shall know covenant and mercy, let auf trouble seem little before Lev. xxiv, 8. Every sabbath he in transgressing his covenant. that hath come upon ns, on shall set it in order before the Then shalt thou bring forth that kings, on our princes, and on LORD continually, being taken man or that woman, which havo priests, and on our prophets, from the children of Israel by an committed that wicked thing, a our fathers, and on all thy everlasting covenant.

unto thy gates, eren that man or ple, since the time of the kings syria nato this day.

2 Sam. xxiil, 5. Although my that woman, and shalt stone them

house be not so with God; yet he with stones, till they die. IIV, 14. The secret of the hath made with me an everlasting Deut. xxix, 9, 25. Keep therepe sith them that fear him; covenant, ordered in all things, fore the words of this covenant, he will shew them his cove and sure.

and do them, that ye may prosper Isa. xxlv, 5. The earth also is in all that ye do. Then men shall 5 87, 8-10. He hath remem- defiled under the inhabitants say, Because they have forsaken We covenant for ever, the thereof; because they have trans- the covenant of the LORD God of

A he commanded to a gressed the laws, changed the their fathers, which he made with kiszed generations:

Which ordinance, broken the everlasting them when he brought them forth alle made with Abraham, covenant.

out of the land of Egypt. oth unto Isaac; And con- Isa. lv, 3. Incline your ear, and Josh. vii, 11, 15. Israel hath od te mame unto Jacob for a come unto me: hear, and your sinned, and they have also trans. Israel for an everlast- soul shall live; and I will make gressed my covenant which I

an everlasting covenant with you, commanded them: for they have M, 10. For the mountains even the sure mercies of David. even taken of the accursed thing,

depart, and the hills be retre but my kindness shall not will make a covenant of peace Ezek. xxxvil, 26. Moreover I and have also stolen, and dissem

bled also, and they have put it from thee, neither shall with them; it shall be an everlast

even among their own stufr. And Botenant of my peace be re

it shall be, that he that is taken 4. saith the LORD, that Lathing covenant with them. .....

with the accursed thing shall be Heb. xiii, 20. ..... That great burnt with fire, he and all that he mil

, 20, 21, 25. Thus salth Shepherd of the sheep, through hath; because he hath transgressLa Il ye 'can break my the blood of the everlasting cove- ed the covenant of the Lord, and Sete the day, and my covenant,

because he hath wrought folly in the night, and that there

Israel. i be day and night in THE OBLIGATION OF

Josh. xxiii, 16. When ye have was Then may also my KEEPING GOD'S COVENANT, transgressed the covenant of the

be broken with David TR, that he should not AND DANGER OF VIOLAT

LORD your God, which he comLa sa to reign upon his


manded you, and have gone and

served other gods, and bowed stent with the Levites the Gen. xvii, 9, 10, 14.And God yourselves to them; then shall tho

a ministers. Thus saith said unto Abraham, Thou shalt anger of the LORD be kindled

Il my covenant be not keep my covenant therefore, thou, against you, and ye shall perish Sur and night, and if I have and thy seed after thee in their quickly from off the good land Sprinted the ordinances of generations. This is my covenant, which he hath given unto you. which ye shall keep, between me

Judges il, 20. And the anger of 271

, 60-62. Nevertheless, and you, and thy seed after thee; temember my covenant Every man-child among you shall the Lord was hot against Israel; see in the days of thy youth, be circumcised. And the uncir- and he said, Because that this Till establish unto thee an cumcised man-child, whose flesh people hath transgressed my Tag covenant. Then thou of his foreskin is not circumcised, covenant which I commanded meetaber tby ways, and be that soul shall be cut off from his their fathers, and have not hearkwhen thou shalt receive people; he hath broken my cove-ened unto my voice. bers, thine elder and thy pant.

1 Kings xix, 10. And he said, I and I will give them Exod. xlx, 5. Now therefore, if have been very jealous for the

for daughters, but not ye will obey my voice indeed, and LORD God of hosts: for the chilBovebant.

And I will keep my covenant, then ye shall dren of Israel have forsaken thy my covenant with thee; be a peculiar treasure unto me covenant, thrown down thire shalt know that I am above all people: for all the earth altars, and slain thy prophets with is mine.

the sword; and I, even I only, am 1, 37. And I will cause Lev. xxvi, 15. And if ye shall left; and they seek my life, to take

it away. fes under the rod, and I despise my statutes, or if your 3 you into the bond of soul abhor my judgments, so that 2 Kings xvill, 12. Because they

ye will not do all my command- obeyed not the voice of the

ments, but that ye break my LORD their God, but transgressed ASD THEREFORE IT IS covenant.

his covenant, and all that Moses AN EVERLASTING Deut. iv, 23. Take heed unto the servant of the LORD comCOVENANT.

yourselves, lest ye forget the cove- manded, and would not hear

nant of the LORD your God, which them, nor do them. 16. And the bow shall he made with you, and make you the cloud; and I will look a graven image, or the likeness of LORD are mercy and truth unto

10. All the paths of the Best I may remember the any thing which the LORD thy such as keep his covenant and ang covenant between God God hath forbidden thee. etery living creature of all

his testimonies. Das is upon the earth. Deut. xvil, 2, 5. If there be found

Ps. xliv, 17. All this is como 2173, 12. ..... And I will gates which the LORD thy God upon us, yet have we not forgotten

my covenant with him giveth thee, man or woman, that thee, neither have we dealt falsely for an everlasting covenant, hath wrought wickedness in the in thy covenant. ta bis seed after him.

sight of the LORD thy God,, 20. He hath put forth his

bi earth.

Ps. XIV,

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