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Eccles. IN, 11. He hath made | Lord or who hath been his coun- HOVAL was I pot ko every thing beautiful in his time: sellor.

them. also he hath set the world in their

Eph. 1. 23.

The fulness Deut. lii, 24. O Lord G heart; so that no man can find out of him (Christ] that filleth all in hast begun to shew thy the work that God maketh from all.

thy greatness, and thy the beginning to the end.

hand: for what God is HIS OMNIPRESENCE.

heaven or in earth that 18a. XI, 12-17. Who hath meas

(See under Previous Head.) ured the waters in the hollow of

according to thy works, his band, and meted out heaven

Gen. xvi, 13. And she called the cording to thy might? with the span, and comprehended name of the LORD that spake unto

Deut. xxxil, 39. . the dust of the earth in a measure, her, Thou God seest me: for she

is there any that can deliv and weighed the mountains in sald, Have I also here looked my hand. scales, and the hills in a balance? after him that seeth me?

2 Sam. xxil, 33. God Who hath directed the Spirit of 1 Kings vill, 27. But will God strength and power; and the LORD, or, being his counsellor, indeed dwell on the earth? Be- eth my way perfect. hath taught him? With whom hold, the heaven, and the heaven took he counsel, and who in- of beavens, cannot contain thee; our are in his presence;

1 Chron. XVI, 27. Glory structed him, and' taught him in how much less this house that I and gladness are in his pl the path of judgment, and taught have builded. him knowledge and shewed to him P8. cxxxix, 1-12. O LORD, thou LORD, is the greatness,

1 Chron. xxix, 11, 12. the way of understanding? Be- hast searched me, and known me. hold, the nations are as a drop of Thou knowest my down-sitting victory, and the majesty

power, and the glory, a bucket, and are counted as the and mine up-rising; thou under that is in the heaven ani small dust of the balance: bebold, standest my thought afar off earth is thine; thine is t he taketh up the isles as a very Thou compassest my path, and dom, O LORD, and thou ar little thing." And Lebanon is not my lying down, and art acquain- as head above all. Bot sufficient to burn, nor the beasts ted with all my ways. For there and honour come of thee, thereof sufficient for a burnt is not offering. All nations before him 10, O LORD, thou knowest it alto hand is power and migh

word in my tongue, but, reignest over all; and are as nothing; and they, are gether. Thou hast beset me be thine hand it is to make g counted to him l'ess than nothing, hind and before, and laid thine to give strength unto all. and vanity.

hand upon me. Such knowledge Isa. xlv, 7, 11, 15, 19. I form the I cannot attain unto it.' Whither God of our fathers, art

is too wonderful for me; it is high, 2 Chron. 11, 6. And said light, and create darkness; I make peace, and create evil; I the LORD

shall I go from thy Spirit? or God in heaven and ri do all these things. Thus saith

whither shall I flee from thy pres. thon over all the kingdor the LORD, the Holy One of Israel, thou art there; if I make my bed there not power and migh

ence? If I ascend up into heaven, heathen? and in thine and his Maker, Ask me of shings in hell, behold, thou art there. If none is able to withstand to come concerning my sons, and concerning the work of my hands and dwell in the uttermost parts I take the wings of the morning,

Job ix, 4, 12, 13, 19. Flet command ye me. Vorlly thou art u God that hidest thyseir, o God of the sea; Even there shall thy heart, and mighty in stren of Israel, the Saviour. I have not hand lead me, and thy right hand hath 'hardened himsel! spoken In secret, in a dark place shall hold me. If I say, Surely him, and hath prospered? of the earth: I sald not unto the the night shall be light about me. bim? who will say unto hi

! seed of Jacob, Seek ye me in valn: Yea, the darkness hideth not from doest thou? V God will I the LORD speak righteousness, 1 thee; but the

night shiner h as the draw his anger, the

prou declare things that are right. Isa. Ixvi, 1. Thus saith the are both allke to thee. day: the darkness and the light do stoop under him. If

of strength, lo, he is stron LORD, The heaven is my throne,

Jer. xxii, 23, 24. Am I a God at and the earth is my footstool: hand, saith the LORD, and not a

of judgment, who shall

time to plead) where is the house that ye build God afar off? Can any hide him

Job xi, 10. If he cut off, unto

mo? and where is the place sell in secret places that I shall up, or gather together, tl of my rest?

not see him? saith the LORD: do can hinder him? Nahum 1, 3..... The LORD not I fill heaven and earth? saith Job xli, 14. Behold, he! hath his way in the whirlwind the LORD.

down, and it cannot and in the storm, and the clouds

Acts xvil, 27, 28. That they should again; he shutteth up a I are the dust of his feet.

seek the Lord, if haply they might there can be no opening. Hab. iil, 3, 10. God came from feel after him, and find him, Job xxv, 2. Dominion Teman, and the Holy One from though he be not far from every are with him; he maketh mount Paran. Selah. His glory one of us. For in him we live his high places. covered the heavens, and the and move and have our being.... Job xxvII, 22. For e earth was full of his praise. The

cast upon him, and not s mountains saw theo, and they HIS OMNIPOTENCE. would fain flee out of h trembled: the overflowing of the Gen. xvii, 1. And when Abram Job xxxiil, 13. Why & water passed by: the deep attered was ninety years old and nine, strive against him for ht his voice, and lifted up his hands the Lord appeared to Abram, and not account of any of i on high.

said unto him, I am the Almighty ters. Rom. xl, 33, 34. O the depth of God: walk before me, and be thou

Jod xxxiv, 29. When by the riches both of the wisdom and perfect.

quietness, who then cal knowledge of God! how unsearch- E.cod. vi, 3. And I appeared trouble and when he helt able are his judgments, and his unto Abraham, unto Isaac, and face, who then can beba ways past finding out! For who unto Jacob, by the name of God whether it be done agains hath known the mind of the 'Amighty; but by my namo JE- | lion, or against a man onl



, 5. Behold, God is, and of great power: his under and among the inhabitants of the ind despiseth not any: he standing is infinite.

earth; and none can stay his hand, in strength and wisdom.

Eccles. vi, 10. That which hath or say unto him, What doest 1, 2. I know that thou been is named already, and it is thou? every thing, and that no known that it is man: neither may Hab. ili, 4. And his brightan be withholden from he contend with him that is ness was as the light; he had mightier than he.

horns coming out of his band: and 13. Be thou exalted, Isa. xl, 29. He giveth power to there the hiding of his thine own strength: 80 the faint; and to them that have power. ng and praise thy power. no might be increaseth strength. Matth, xix, 26. But Jesus beheld ü, 1. The LORD is my I my salvation; whom

Isa. xliil, 13. Yea, before the day them, and said unto them, With was, I am he; and there is none

men this is impossible; but with lear the LORD is the that can deliver out of my hand: God all things are possible. my life, of whom shall I will work, and who shall let it?

Luke i, 37. For with God nothIII, &. The LORD is their striveth with his Maker! Let the Isa. xlv, 9. Woe unto him that ing shall be impossible.

1 Cor. 1, 25. Because the foolishand he is the saving potsherd strive with the potsherds ness of God is wiser than men; I his anointed. of the earth. Shall the clay say

and the weakness of God is 1, 1, 4, 11. Give unto the to him that fashioneth it, What stronger than men.

mighty, give unto the makest thou? or thy work, He Eph. iii, 20, 21. Now unto him y and strength. The hath no hands?

that is able to do exceeding le LORD is powerful; the

Isa. I, 2. Wherefore, when I abundantly above all that we ask e LORD ts full of majes-came, was there no man? when I

or think, according to the power Load will give strength called, was there none to answer that worketh in us, Unto him be people; the Lord will Is my hand shortened at all, that glory in the church by Christ eople with peace. it cannot redeem? or have I no Jesus, throughout all ages, world 1. The LORD of hosts is power to deliver? behold, at my without end. Amen. he God of Jacob is our rebuke I dry up the sea, í make Eph. vi, 10. Finally, my brethren, elah.

the rivers a wilderness: their fish be strong in the Lord, and in the The mighty God, eren stinketh, because there is no power of his might. bath spoken, and called water, and dieth for thirst.

Rev. 1, 8. I am Alpha and Omega, from the rising of the Jer. xxxii, 17-19, 27. Ah Lord the beginning and the ending, be going down thereof. God! behold, thou hast made the saith the Lord, which is, and 11. God hath spoken heaven and the earth by thy which was, and which is to come, have I heard this, that great power and stretched-out the Almighty. ageth unto God.

arm, and there is nothing too Rev. xi, 17. Saying, We give 17. say unto God, How hard for thee;

Thou shewest thee thanks, O Lord God Al#thou in thy workst loving-kindness unto thousands, mighty, which art, and wast, and the greatness of thy the fathers into the bosom of their taken to thee thy great power,

and recompensest the iniquity of art to come; because thou hast I thine enemies submit Into thee, He ruleth children after them: The Great, and hast reigned. er for ever, his eyes be-/ the Mighty God, The LORD of

Rev. xix, 6. And I heard as it itions: let not the rebel- hosts, is his name; Great in

were the voice of a great multithemselves. Selah.

counsel, and mighty in work: (for

thine eyes are open upon all the tude, and as the voice of many 118. Blessed be the ways of the song of men; to give waters, and as the voice of mighty the God of Israel, who every one according to his ways, the Lord God omnipotent reign

thunderings, saying, Alleluia: for wondrous things. and according to the fruit of his

eth. 4, 8, 13, 17, 18. O LORD doings:) Behold, I am the LORD, Destswho is & strong the God of all flesh: is there any

HIS OMNISCIENCE. unto thee? or to thy thing too hard for me? S round about thee?

1 Sam, ii, 8. Talk no more so Jer. I, 44. Behold, he shall come 1, and high is thy right Jordan unto the habitation of the the LORD is a God of knowledge, mighty arm; strong up like'a lion from the swelling of exceeding proudly;

let not arrog. thou art the glory of strong, but I will make them atleand in thy favour suddenly run away from her: and and by him actions are weighed. shall be exalted, For who is a chosen man, that I may

Job xil, 13, 16. With him is wisSoar defence, and the appoint over her? for who is like

dom and strength, he hath counof Israel is our King.

me? and who will appoint me the sel and understanding. With 1. Who knoweth the time? and wh is that shepherd him is strength and wisdom: the thine anger? even ac- that will stand before me?

deceived and the deceiver are ► thy fear, 80 18 thy

bis. Ezek, xxli, 14. Can thine heart

endure, or can thine hands be Job xxi, 22. Shall any teach 4 The LORD on high strong,' in the days that I shall God knowledge? seeing he judgthan the noise of many deal with thee? I the LORD have eth those that are high. ta, than the mighty spoken it, and will do it.

Job xxvi, 4, 6. To whom hast he sea.

Dan. 11, 20. Daniel answered thou uttered words? and whose 3. But our God is in the and said, Blessed be the name of spirit came from thee? Hell is e hath done whatsoever God for ever and ever, for wisdom naked before him, and destrucased. and might are his.

tion hath no covering. M, 4. To him who alone Dan. Iv, 35. And all the inhabl- Job xxviii, 24. For he looketh to eat wonders: for his tants of the earth are reputed as the ends of the earth, and seeth lureth for ever.

nothing: and he doeth according under the whole heaven. 11,8 Great is oar Lord, I to his will in the army of heaven, Job xxxiv, 22. There is no darkDOSS, nor shadow of death, where Sex Y HIS FongxOLEDO and thou shalt think an the workers of iniquity may hide


thought. themselves. Gen. xl, 8. And they said unto

Daniel 11, 28, 29, 47. But ther Job xxxvi, 4. For truly my him, We have

dreamed a dream, a God in heaven that reveal words shall not be false: he that and there is no interpreter of it. secrets, and maketh known to is perfect in knowledge is with And Joseph said unto them, Do king Nebuchadnezzar whate thee.

not interpretations belong to God? | be in the latter days. Thy dre Job xxxvil, 16. Dost thou know tell me them, I pray you.

and the visions of thy head the balancings of the clouds, the E.cod. 111, 19. And I am sure that thy bed, are these; (As fort wondrous works of him which is the king of Egypt will not let you thy mind upon the bed, y

Oking, thy thoughts came perfect in knowledge! go, no, not by a mighty hand.

should come to pass berest P8. xxxiii, 13, 14. The LORD

Deut. xxix, 29. The secret things and he that revealeth sec looketh from heaven: he behold belong unto the Lord our God; maketh known to thee whats eth all the song of men. From but those things which are recome to pass. The king answe the place of his habitation he vealed belong unto us, and to our upto Daniel, and said, Of a looketh upon all the inhabitants children for ever, that we may it is, that your God is a God of the earth.

do all the words of this law, gods, and a Lord of kings, P8. xciv 9,10. He that planted the Job xxiv, 1. Why, seeing times are

revealer of secrets, seeing ear, shall be not lear? he that not hidden from the Almighty,

coaldest reveal this secret. formed the eye, shall he not see? do they that know him not see Matth. x, 26. Fear them Ho that chastiseth the heathen, his days?

therefore: for there is noch shall not be correct? ho that Job xxvill, 11. He bindeth the covered, that shall not be revea teacheth man knowledge, shall foods from overflowing, and the and bid, that shall not be know

thing that is hid bringeth he forth Matth. XI, 27. All things are Ps. cxxxix, 11, 12. If I say, to light.

livered unto me of my Fad Surely the darkness shall cover Ps. cxxxix, 1, 2. O LORD, thoa and no man knoweth the me; even the night shall be light hast searched me, and known me.

but the Father, neither know about me.

Yoa, the darkness Thou knowest my down-sitting any man the Father, save the hideth not from thee; but the and mine up-rising, thou under- and he to whomsoever the night shineth as the day: the standest my thought afar ofl.

will reveal him. darkness and the light are both

Eccles. xil, 14. For God shall and that hour, knoweth DO

Mark xill, 32. But of that alike to thee.

bring every work into judgment, no, not the angels which are Prov. xv, 3. The eyes of the with every secret thing, whether heaven, neither the Son, but LORD are in every place, behold it be good, or whether it be evil. ing the evil and the good.


Isa. xlil, 9. Behold, the former Acts 1,7. And he said unto th Prov. xxli, 12. The eyes of the things are come to pass, and new It is not for you to know the LORD preserve knowledge; and things do I declare: before they or the seasons, which the Fs he overthroweth the words of the spring forth I tell you of them. hath put in his own power. transgressor,

Isa. xliv, 7. And who, as I, shall Rom. 11, 16. In the day Isa. xl, 14, 28. With whom took call, and shall declare it, and set God shall judge the secret he counsel, and who instructed it in order for me, since I'appoint- men by Jesus Christ, accord him, and taught him in the path of ed the ancient people? and the to my gospel. judgment, and taught him know things that are coming, and shall ledge, and shewed to him the way come, let them show unto them.

1 Cor. iv, 5. Therefore

nothing before the time, until of understanding. Hast thou not known? hast thou not heard, that

Isa. xlvl, 10. Declaring the end

Lord come, who both will be

to light the hidden things of de the everlasting God, the LORD, from the beginning, and from the Creator of the ends of the ancient times the things that are ness, and will make manifest earth, fainteth not, neither is not yet done, saying, My counsel counsels of the hearts, and

shall every man bare prais weary? there is no 'searching of shall stand, and I will do all my

God. his understanding.

pleasure. Dan. I1, 22. He revealeth the clared the former things from the Isa. xlviil, 3, 6, 6. I have de

ALSO IN HIS KNOWLEDGE deep and secret things: he know, beginning; and they went forth

HUMAN TEODGETS. eth what is in the darkness, and out of my mouth, and I shewed

Gen. xx, 6. And God said the light dwelleth with him.

them; I did them suddenly, and him in a dream, Yea, I know Acts xv, 18. Known unto God they came to pass. I have even thou didst this in the integrity are all his works from the begin from the beginning declared it to thy heart; for I also withhelde ning of the world.

thee; before it came to pass I from sinning against me: there! riches both

of the wisdom and and my graven image, and my shall have brought them to Rom. xi, 83. O the depth of the shewed it thee: lest thou should suffered I thee not to touch

Deut. xxxi, 20, 21, For when knowledge of God! how unsearch- molten image, hath commanded land which I sware unto able are his judgments, and his them. Thou hast heard, see all fathers, that floweth with ways pasting finding outí

this: and will not ye declare ils and honey, and they shall Heb. iv, 13. Neither is there any I have showed thee new things eaten, and filled themselve creature that is not manifest in from this time, even hidden waxen fat; then wil they his sight: bnt all things are naked things, and thou didst not know unto other gods, and serve 5 and opened unto the eyes of him then.

and provoke me, and break with whom we have to do.

Ezek. XXXVIII, 10. Thus saith covenant. And it shall cet 1 John 111, 20. For if our heart the Lord God, It shall also come pass, when many evile condemn us, God is greater than to pass, that at the same time troubles are befalled them our beart, and knoweth all things. I shall things come into tby mind, I this song shall testify against



itness, for it shall not bo come, that I will gather all nations 2 Chron. xil, 7. And when the en out of the mouths of and tongues; and they shall come, LORD saw that they humbled sed: for I know their im- and see my glory.

themselves, the word of the LORD on which they go about,

Jer. xvii, 10. I the LORD search came to Shemaiab, saying, They W before I have brought the heart,' I try the reins, even to have humbled themselves: there Ito the land which I sware. give every man according to his fore I will not destroy them, but

I 1. IVI, 7. But the Lord sald ways, and according to the fruit will grant them some deliverance; limuel, Look not on his of his doings.

and my wrath shall not be poured ance, or on the height of ure, because I have refus that triest the righteous, and Jer, xx, 12. But, O LORD of hosts, out upon Jerusalem by the hand

of Shishak. for the LORD seeth not as seest the reins and the heart, let

Job xi, 11. For he knoweth vain eth; for man looketh on ine see thy vengeance on them:

men; he seet]

wickedness also; Ward appearance, but the for unto thee have I opened my will he not then consider its oketh on the heart.

Ps. xiv, 2. The LORD looked pa vill, 89. Then bear thou Ezek. xi, 6. And the Spirit of down from heaven upon the chil

thy dwelling place, and the LORD fell upon me, and said dren of men, to see if there were ording to his ways, whose LORD, Thus have ye said, O house God. and do, and give to every unto me, Speak; Thus saith the any that did understand, and seek hou knowest; (for thou, of Israel: for I know the things Ps. xxxIII, 18. Behold, the eye of Uonly, knowest the hearts that come into your mind, every the LORD is upon them that fear children of men:) one of them.

hím, upon them that hope iu his m. vi, 30. Then hear thou

Amos iv, 13. For, lo, he that mercy. aven thy dwelling-place, formeth the mountains, and creat- Ps. xxxiv, 15. The eyes of the rgive, and render unto eth the wind, and declareth unto LORD are upon the righteous, and in according unto all his man what is his thought, that his ears are open unto their cry. bose heart thou knowest; maketh the morning darkness, i only knowest the hearts and treadeth upon the the high eth the days of the upright; and

Ps. xxxvii, 18. The LORD knowdren of men:

places of the earth, The LORD, The their inheritance shall be for ever. 4. Hast thou eyes of God of hosts, is his name.

Ps. Ixix, 5. O God, thou knowest Beest thou as man seeth? Matth. vi, 6. But thou, when my foolishness; and my sins are 18. Ob let the wickedness thou prayest, enter into thy closet, not hid from thee. rked come to an end; but and

when thou hast shut thy door, the Just: for the righte- pray to thy Father which is in

Ps. Ixxx, 14. Return, we beseech I trieth the hearts and secret; and thy Father which thee, O God of losts: look down seeth in secret shall reward thee from heaven, and behold, and visit

this vine. 4 The LORD is in his holy openly. the Lord's throne is in

Ps. xc, 8. Thou hast set our iniUs eyes behold, his eye

OF HUMAN CHARACTER. quities before thee, our secret the children of men.

Gen. vi, 5. And God saw that the sins in the light of thy counte114. Let the words of my wickedness of man was great in nance. sd the meditation of my the earth.

Prov. xxiv, 12, 17, 18. If thou acceptable in thy sight, Gen. vii, 1. And the LORD sala sayest, Behold, we knew it not; my strength, and my re- unto Noah, Come thou, and all thy doth not he that pondereth the

house, into the ark: for thee bave heart consider it and he that itii, 9. LORD, all my de- I seen righteous before me in this keepeth thy soul, doth not he fore thee; and my groangeneration.

know it and shall not he render

to every man according to his hd from thee.

Gen. xxii, 12. And he said, Lay works? Rejoice not when thine 21. Shall not God search not thine hand upon the lad, enemy falleth; and let not thine

for he knoweth the neither do thou any thing unto heart be glad when he stumbleth; Ithe heart.

him: for now I know that thou Lest the LORD see it, and it dis1,11. The LORD knoweth fearest God, seeing thou hast not please him, and he turn away his ghts of man, that they withheld thy sop, thine only son, wrath from him. from me.

18a. Ivil, 18. I have seen his ways, Exod. xxxii, 9. And the LORD and will heal him: I will lead him itx, 23, 24. Search me, said unto Moses, I have seen this also, and restore comforts unto know my heart, try me, people, and, behold, it is a stiff- him, and to his mourners. my thoughts; And see necked people. any wicked way in me,

18a. Ixill, 15. Look down from te in the way everlast

Deut. xxxil, 19. And when the heaven, and behold from the habl

LORD saw it, he abhorred them, tation of thy holiness and of thy 19, 11. Hell and destruc-sons and of his daughters.

because of the provoking of his glory: where is thy zeal and thy before the LORD; how

strength, the sounding of thy ure then the hearts of

2 sam. vil, 20. And what can bowels and of thy mercies toward ren of men?

David say more unto thee? for me? are they restrained ?

thou, Lord God, knowest thy ser- Jer. xvii, 16. As for me, I have TII, 3. The fining pot 18 vant.

not hastened from being a pastor 1, and the furnace for

2 Sam. xxii, 28. And the afflicted to follow thee: neither have I deut the LORD trieth the

people thou wilt save: but thine sired the woeful day; thon know

eyes are upon the haughty, that est: that which came out of my xi, 2. Every way of a man thou mayest bring them down. lips was right before thee. in his own eyes, but the odereth the hearts.

1 Chron. xvii, 18. What can Jer. xxiv, 6. For I will set

David speak more to thee for the mine eyes upon them for good, Ti, 18. For I know their honour of thy servant? for thou and I will bring them again to ad their thoughts: it shall I knowest thy servant.

this land. ..

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Amos v, 12. For I know your knowledge, and by him actions are before the eyes of th manifold transgressions and your are weighed.

and he ponderetli all his s mighty sins. ...

2 Sam. xil, 9. Wherefore hast Isa. xxvi, 7. The way Amos ix, 4. . . . Though they thou despised the commandment just is uprightness: thor go into captivity before their of the LORD, to do evil in his upright, dost weigh the enemies, thence will I command sight? Thou hast killed Uriah the just. the sword, and it shall slay them: the Hittite with the sword, and and I will set mine eyes upon them hast taken his wife to be thy wife, ear, O LORD, and hear, ope

Isa. xxxvII, 17. Inclin for evil, and not for good.

and hast slain him with the sword eyes, O LORD, and see; a Jonah iil, 10. And God saw their of the children of Ammou.

all the words of Send works, that they turned from their 2 Sam. xvi, 12. It may be that which hath sent to repro evil way.

the LORD will look on mine living God. Nahum 1, 7. The LORD is good, a amiction, and that the LORD will

Isa, lix, 15. Yea, truth strong hold in the day of trouble; requite me good for his cursing and he that departeth fr and he knoweth them that trust this day.

maketh himself a prey: in him.

Neh, ix, 9. And didst see the LORD saw it, and it di Zech. xll, 4. ..... I will open affliction of our fathers in Egypt, him that there was no jud mine eyes upon the house of Ju- and heardest their cry by the Red

Jer. xvi, 17. For mine e dah, and will smite every horse of sea.

upon all their ways: they the people with blindness.

Job xlll, 27..... And lookest híd from my face, neither Mal. 10, 16. Then they that narrowly unto all my paths, thou iniquity hid from mine ey feared the LORD spake often one to settest a print upon the heels of

Jer. xxxii, 19......F another, and the LORD hearkened, my feet.

eyes are open upon allt and heard it, and a book of re- Job xiv, 16. For now thou num- of the sons of men: to gi membrance was written before berest my steps: dost thou not one according to his wi him for them that feared the watch over my sin?

according to the fruit of LORD, and that thought upou his

Job xxxi, 4. Doth not he see my

ings. name.

ways, and count all my steps? Jer. xlvill, 30. I know h Matt, vi, 4. That thine alms may

Job xxxiil, 27, 28. He looketh saith the Lord: but it sha be in secret: and thy Father upon men; and ' any say, I have so; his lies shall not so eff which seeth in secret, himself sinned, and perverted that which shall reward thee openly.

Lam. ill, 59, 60. Ở LẠI was right, and it profited me not; hast seen my wrong, jad 1 Çor. viii, 3. But if any man He will deliver his soul from my cause. Thou hast love God, the same is known of going into the pit, and his life their vengeance, and a him. shall see the light.

imaginations against me. Gal. iv, 9. But now, after that yo

Job xxxiv, 21, 25. For his eyes Hosea v, 3. I know I have known God, or rather are are upon the ways of man, and he and Israel is not bid from known of God, bow turn ye again seeth all his goings. Therefore to the weak and beggarly ele- he knoweth their works, and he not in their hearts that I

Hosea vii, 2. And they ments, whereunto ye desire again overturneth them in the night, so ber all their wickedne to be in bondage? that they are destroyed.

their own doings have be 2 Tim. 11, 19. Nevertheless the

Ps. xxxi, 7.

Thou hast about; they are before my foundation of God standeth sure, known my soul in adversities, having this seal, the Lord know

Matth. vi, 8, 31, 82. Be eth them that are his. ....

Ps. XXXV, 21, 22. Yea, they therefore like unto them:

opened their mouth wide against Father knoweth what th AND OF HUMAN ACTIONS AND

me, and said, Aha, ahal our eye have need of before yea

hath seen it. This thou hast CIRCUMSTANCES.

Rev. ll, 15. I know thy seen, O LORD: keep not silence: O that thou art neither cold Gen. xvi, 13. And she called the LORD, bo not far from me.

I would thou wert cold on name of the LORD that spake unto her, Thou God seest me: for she from heaven upon the children of Ps. lill, 2, 3. God looked down

HIS IMMUTABILI said, Have I also here looked after

men, to see if there were any that Num. xxiil, 19. God is 16 him that seeth me.

did understand, that did seek that he should lie; neither Gen. xxxl, 42. ..... God hath God. Every ono of them is gone of man, that he should seen mine affliction and the labour back; they are altogether become hath he said, and shall he of my bands, and rebuked thee filthy: there is none that doeth us or hath he spoken, and yesternight. good, no, not one.

not make it good. Exod. il, 25. And God looked Ps. lxix, 19. Thou hast known 1 Sam. xv, 29. And 1 upon the children of Israel, and my reproach, and my shame, and strength of Israel will not God had respect unto them. my dishonour; mine adversaries repent; for he is not a m

he should repent. Exod. III, 7. And the LORD sala, are all before thee. I have surely seen the affliction of Ps. cil, 19, 20. For he hath Job axill, 13. But be u my people which are in Egypt, looked down from the height of mind, and who can turn b ... for I know their sorrows. his sanctuary; from heaven did the what his soul desireth, ei

Deut. 11, 7. For the LORD thy LORD behold the earth; To hear he doeth. God hath blessed thee in all the the groaning of the prisoner, to Ps. xxxii, 11. The couns works of thy hand: he knoweth loose those that are appointed to LORD standeth for @Y

death, thy walking through this great

thoughts of his heart to a wilderness. .....

Ps.cxxxix, 3. Thon compassestrations. 1 Sam. II, 3. Talk no more my path and my lying down, Ps. cxix, 89-91. For 80 exceeding proudly; let not and art acquainted with all my LORD, thy word is settled arrogancy como

of your ways.

von. Thy faithfulness is mouth; for the LORD 18 & God of Prov. v, 21. For the ways of man generatione thou hast esti

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