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Bered the voice of the living God

Heb. xli, 29. For our God is a dom, and hath stretched out the ettisg out of the midst of the consuming fire.

heavens by his discretion. fit , & ve kare, and lived?

Jer. xxxili, 2. Thus saith the 1 Eles xix, 12, 13. And after the


LORD, the maker thereof, the antiquake a fire; but the LORD 2 Sam. xxil, 29. For thou art my LORD that formed it, to establish A Dick in the fire and after the lamp, 0 LORD; and the LORD will it; The LORD is his name. Ru till small voice. And it lighten my darkness.

Jer. II, 15. He hath made the 180, when Elijah heard it, that wrapped his face in his mantle, tion of beauty, God hath shined. Ps. 1, 2. Out of Zion, the perfec-earth by his power, he hath es

tablished the world by his wisdom, 31 rent out, and stood in the Ps. civ, 2. Who coverest thyself by his understanding.

and hath stretched out the heaven ering in of the cave: and, beI there come a voice unto him, with light as with a garment.

Amos ix, 6. It is he that buildsald, What doest thou here,


eth his stories in the heaven, and

hath founded his troop in the latiii , 83. To him that rideth heavens also, and came down; and waters of the sea, and poureth

2 Sam. xxii, 10. He bowed the earth; he that calleth for the the heavens of heavens, mere of old; lo, he doth send darkness was under his teet.

them out upon the face of the His voice, and that a mighty

1 Kings vill, 12. Then spake earth: The LORD is his name. Solomon, The LORD said that he

would dwell in the thick darkness. INT.30. Therefore prophesy

LESSONS, ETC., FROM e rainst them all these words, 2 Chron. vi, 1. Then said Solo

CREATION unto them, The LORD mon, The Lord bath said that he rear from on high, and utter would dwell in the thick dark- 2 Kings xix, 15. And Hezekiah Toice from his holy habitation; ness.

prayed before the LORD, and said, seal mightily roar upon his P8. xvill, 11. He made darkness O LORD God of Israel which dwelltation, be shall give a shout, his secret place, his pavilion round est between the cherubim, thou way that tread the grapes, about him were dark waters and art the God, even thou alone, of all the inhabitants of the thick clouds of the skies.

all the kingdoms of the earth; thou

hast made heaven and earth. LL. xlil, B. And I heard him


P3. cxxi, 2. My help cometh from ang anto me out of the

the LORD, which made heaven and WORKS OF GOD. and the man stood by me.

earth, , 11. And the LORD shall


P3. cxxiv, 8. Our help is in the Foice before his army... Gen. 1, 1. In the beginning God name of the LORD, who made 16. The LORD also shall created the heaven and the earth. heaven and earth. of Zion, and utter his Gen. ii, 4. These are the genera

Ps. cxxxvi, 5, 6. To him that by to Jerusalem.

tions of the heavens and of the wisdom made the heavens: for his 1, 2. And he said, The earth when they were created, in mercy endureth for ever.

To him wil roar from Zion, and the day that the LORD God made that stretched out the earth above

the waters: for his mercy endureth his voice

the earth and the heavens.
from Jerusa-

for ever.
Ps. xxxiii, 6. By the word of the
LORD were the heavens made; and

Ps. cxlvi, 5, 6. Happy is he that VEENS OF THE DIVINE

all the host
of them by the breath hath the God of Jacob for

his help, of his mouth,

whose hope is in the LORD his APPEARANCE.

God; Which made heaven and Ps. cti, 25. of old hast thou laid earth, the

sea, and all that therein PIRE.

the foundation of the earth. . . . . 18; which keepeth truth for ever. İT, 36. Out of heaven he

Prov, 10, 19. The LORD by wisthee to bear his voice that he dom hath' founded the earth; by Lord thy Maker, that hath stretch

Isa. 11, 13. And forgettest the Instruct thee: and upon understanding hath he established ed forth the heavens, and laid the

be showed tbee his great the heavens. and thou heardest his words

foundations of the earth; and hast Altbe midst of the fire.

Isa, xxxvii, 16. O LORD of hosts, feared continually every day, beFr. 7, 94. And ye said, Behold, made heaven and earth. God of Israel, thou hast cause of the fury of the oppressor,

as if he were ready to destroy? LOED Our God hath showed us glory, and bis greatness, and

Isa. xl, 28. ... The LORD, the and where is the fury of the opGave heard his voice out of the Creator of the ends of the earth, pressor. of the fire: we have seen fainteth not. ...

Amos v, 8. Seek him that makKay that God doth talk with Isa, xlv, 18. For thus saith the eth the seven stars and Orion, and and he liveth.

LORD that created the heavens, turneth the shadow of death into

God himself that formed the the morning, and maketh the day Som uril, 13. Through the earth, and made it; he hath

estab- dark

with night that calleth for Stress before him were coals lished it, he created it not in vain, the waters of the sea, and poureth Ir kindled.

he formed it to be inhabited: Í them out upon the face of the EL 3. Our God shall come, am the Lord; and there is none earth; The LORD is his name. all not keep silence: a fire else.

Acts iv, 24. And when they devour before him, and it Isa. xlviii, 13. Mine hand also heard that, they lifted up their be very tempestuous round hath laid the foundation of tho voice to God with one accord,

and earth, and my right hand hath said, Lord, thou art God, which RETU, 3. A fire goeth before spanned the heavens: when I call bast made heaven and earth, and 3, and barueth up his enemies unto them, they stand up to the sea, and all that in them is. gether.

Rom. xi, 3. Through faith we Hoh. 1, 5. Before him went the Jer. x, 12. He hath made the understand that the worlds were ellence, and burning coals went earth by his power, he hath es- framed

by the word of God; so tablished the world by his wis- that things which are seen were


ad sbont.

mbal ble feet

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not made of things which do ap- | fed me all my life long unto this 2 Sam. xxlf, 83. Gor pear. day.

strength, and power, and Rev. Iv, 11, Thou art worthy, O Neh. ix, 6. Thou, even thou, art eth my way perfect. Lord, to receive glory, and hon- LORD alone, thou hast made bea- Ps. 1x, 9. The LORD als our, and power: for thou hast ven, the heaven of heavens, with a refuge for the oppres: created all things, and for thy all their host, the earth, and all fuge in times of trouble. pleasure they are and werecreated. things that are therein, the seas, P3. xviii, 35. Thou? Rev. xiv, 7. Saying with a loud and all that is therein, and thou given me the shield


tion: and thy right ba volce, Fear God, and give glory to preservest them all. him; for the hour of his judgment

Job x, 12. Thou hast granted holden me up, and thy s is come: and worship him that mo life and favour, and thy visi- hath made me great made heaven, and earth, and the tation bath preserved my spirit. Ps. xlvi, 6, 11. God 1 sea, and the fountains of waters. Job xit, 10. In whose hand is midst of her, she shal

the soul of every living thing, and moved: God shall belp CREATION OF MAN. the breath of all mankind.

that right early. The Gen. 1, 26, 27. And God said, Let Job xxxill, 18. He keepeth back hosts is with us; the God us make man in our image, after his soul from the pit, and his life is our refuge. Selah.

Ps. Ixi, 3. For thou hs our likeness; and let them have from perishing by the sword. dominion over the fish of the sea, Ps. xxiii, 6. Surely goodness and shelter for me, and and over the fowl of the air, and mercy shall follow me all the days tower from the enemy. over the cattle, and over all the of my life; and I will dwell in the

Ps. xci, 1-4. He that earth, and over every creeping house of the LORD for ever. in the secret place of thing that creepeth upon the P3. Ixvi, 9. Which holdeth our High, shall abide

01 earth, So God created man in soul in life, and suffereth not our shadow of the Almight his own image: in the image of feet to be moved.

say of the Low, He is a God created he him; male and female created he them,

Ps. Ixxiii, 23. Nevertheless I am and my fortress: my Go

continually with thee; thou hast will I trust. Surely be Gen, il, 7. And the LORD God holden me by my right hand.

liver thee from the sna formed man of the dust of the

fowler, and from the ground, and breathed into his nos

Ps. xc, 1. LORD, thou hast been

pestilence. He shall a trils the breath of life; and man our dwelling-place, in all genera- with his feathers,

and became a living soul.

wings shalt thou trust: Gen, V, 1. This is the book of

Ps. civ, 28-30. That thou givest shall be thy shield and by

them they gather; thou openest the generations of Adam. In the thine hand, they are filled with

Ps. cxxiv, 1-3. IN dlay that God created man, in the good. Thou hidest thy face, they been the LORD, who v likeness of God made he him.

are troubled: thou takest 'away side, now may Israel say Job xxxiil, 4. The Spirit of God their breath, they die, and return not been the LORD wa hath made me, and the breath of to their dust. Thou sendest forth

our side, when men the Almighty hath given me life.

thy spirit, they are created; and against us; Then they ! Prov. xx, 12. The hearing ear, thou renewest the face of the lowed us up quick, wi and the seeing eye, the LORD hath earth.

wrath was kindled again even made both of them,

P3. cxxl, 3-8. He will not suffer Prov. xviii, 10. The na Isa. xlil, 6. Thus galth God the thy foot to be moved: he that LORD is a strong tower, LORD, . he that giveth breath keupeth thee will not slumber.eous runneth into it, and unto the people upon it, and spirit Behold, he that keepeth Israel to them that walk therein. shall neither slumber nor sleep. am with thee; be not

Isa. xll, 10. Fear thon Isa. xlv, 12. I have made the The LORD is thy keeper; the LORD for I am thy God: I will st earth, and created man upon it...

is thy shade npon thy right hand, thee; yea, I will help th Isa. Ixiv, 8. But now, O LORD, day, nor the moon by night.

The sun shall not smite thee by will' uphold thee with thou art our Father: we are the LORD shall preserve thee from all


hand of my righteousnes clay, and thou our potter; and we evil; be shall preserve thy soul.

18a. xliil, 2. When tho all are the work of thy hand.

The LORD shall preserve thợ going through the waters, I tol Jer. xxvii,5. I have made the out, and thy coming in, from this thee; and through the ri earth, the man and the beast that time forth, and even for ever- shall not overflow the are upon the ground, by my great more.

thou walkest through power, and by my outstretched arm, and have given it unto whom house of Jacob, and all the rem

18a. xlvl, 3. Hearken unto me, shall the flame kindle up

thou shalt not be burat it seemed meet unto me,

nant of the house of Israel, which Zech. xil, 1. The burden of the are borne by me from the belly, AxD THEREFORK THR O word of the LORD for Israel, saith which are carried from the womb.

TBUST. the LORD, which stretcheth forth the heavens, and layeth the foun

Acts xvil, 25. Neither is wor. 2 Sam. xxil, 2, 3. And dation of the earth, and formeth shipped with men's hands, as the LORD is my rock, the spirit of man within him.

though he needed any thing, see- fortress, and my delive ing be giveth to all life and breath, God of my rock; in hii and all things.

trust: he is my shield,

horn of my salvation, 1 PROVIDENCE.


tower, and my refuge, my GOD IS PRESERVER.

Gen. XV, 1. After these things thou savest me from viol Gen. xlvill, 16. And he blessed the word of the LORD came unto

Ps. vit, 10. My defes Joseph, and said, God, before Abram in a vision, saying, Fear God, which saveth the us whom my fathers Abraham and not, Abram: I am thy shield,

and heart. Isaac did walk, the God which I thy exceeding

great reward. Ps. XVI, 6. The LORD AS 254


a of mine inheritance and of of my God, my King, in the sanc-j upon the seas, and established it aug, thou maintainest my lot. tuary.

upon the floods. Atunvil, 1. The LORD is my Ps. Ixxiv, 12. For God is my Ps. xlvil, 9. . . . . Even the peo

and my salvation; whom King of old, working salvation in ple of the God of Abraham; for the I fear? the LORD is the the midst of the earth.

shields of the earth belong unto ength of my life of whom shall Ps. xcv, 3. For the LORD is a God: he is greatly exalted. great God, and a great King above thine, the earth also is thine: as

P8. Ixxxix, 11. The heavens are xxil,7. Thou art my hiding. all gods.

for the world, and the fulness thou shalt preserve me P8 cill, 19. The LORD hath preacouble, thou shalt compass pared his throne in the heavens; thereof, thou hast founded them. abeat with songs of deliver- and his kingdom ruleth over all. Ps. xcv, 4, 5. In his hand are Selah,

Ps. cxlv, 11, 12. They shall speak the deep places of the earth; the LIITI

, 1-3. God is our refuge of the glory of thy kingdom, and strength of the hills is his also. lerength, a very present help talk of thy power; To make the sea is his, and he made it; and sonble: Therefore will not we known to the sous of men bis his hands formed the dry land.

though the earth be removed, mighty acts, and the glorious Ps. cvili, 7, 8. God hath spoken though the mountains be majesty of his kingdom.

in his holiness; I will rejoice, I in the midst of the sea; Isa. xxxiil, 17, 22. Thine eyes will divide Shechem, and mete

the waters thereof roar shall see the King in his beauty; out the valley of Succoth. Gilead be troubled, though the they shall behold the land that is is mine; Manasseh is mine; Eph

tains shake with the swell- very far off. For the Lord is our raim also is the strength of mine Dereof. Selah.

judge, the LORD is our lawgiver, head; Judah is my lawgiver. LIT, 4. Behold, God is mine the LORD is our King, he will Ps. cxv, 16. The heaven, even Rr the LORD 3 with them save us.

the heavens, are the LORD's: but spbold my soul.

Isa. Ixvi, 1. Thus saith the the earth hath he given to the 2 lxi, 4. I will abide in thy LORD, The heaven is my throne, children of men. euade for ever, I will trust and the earth is my footstool. . Haggai i1,8. The silver is mine,

terert of thy wings. Selah. Jer. x, 10. But the LORD is the and tlie gold is mine, saith the IH, & He only is my rock true God, he is the living God, LORD of hosts. my salvation: he is my and an everlasting King. .... 1 Cor. x, 26. For the earth is - I shall not be greatly 1 Tim. vi, 15. He is the blessed the Lord's, and the fulness there

and only Potentate, the King of of. Llanrix, 18. For the LORD is kings, and Lord of lords.

Bence, and the Holy One
nel is oor King.


Ecod. xv, 13. Thou in thy mercy AND GOVERNOR.

hast led forth the people which GOVERNMENT,

thou hast redeemed. Bad xv, 18. The LORD shall

See under PROVIDENCE. bever and ever.

Deut. ix, 26. I prayed therefore

unto the LORD, and said, O Lord tror , 6. And said, O TAE DIVINE GOVERNMENT BASED GOD, destroy not thy people, and God of our fathers, art not I God in heaven? and rulest


thine inheritance, which thou haat

redeem through thy greatness, Rece over all the kingdoms of Deut. x, 14. Bebold, the heaven, which thou hast brought forth

and the heaven of heavens, is the out of Egypt with & mighty 16. The LORD 18 King for LORD's thy God, the earth also, hand. and ever, the heathen are with all that therein is.

2 Sam. vii, 23. And when one sted out of his land.

1 Chron. xxix, 11, 12, 14, 16. nation in the earth is like thy 1x0,28 For the kingdom is Thiné, O LORD, is the greatness, people, even like Israel, whom Lase, and he is the governor the victory, and the

majesty: for to himself, and to make him a the nations.

all that is in the heaven and in the name, and to do for you great DIY, 8-10. Who is this King earth is thine; thine is the king- things and terrible, for thy land,

The LORD strong and dom, O LORD, and thou art exalted before thy people, which thou the LORD mighty in as head above all. Both riches redeemedst to thee from Egypt,

Lift up your beads, o ye and honour come of thee, and thou from the nations and their gods? even lift them up, ye ever- reignest over all; and in thine hand Ps. xxv, 22. Redeem Israel, o

doors, and the King of is power and might; and in thine God, out of all his troubles. Teball come in. Who is this hand it is to make great, and to of glory? The LORD of give strength unto all. But who commit my spirit: thou hast re

PS. xxxi, 5. Into thine hand I be is the King of glory. am I, and what is my people,

deemed me, O LORD God of that we should be able to offer so

truth. III, 10. The LORD sitteth willingly after this sort? for all e flood; yea, the LORD sit- things come of thee, and of thine Ps. xxxiv, 22. The LORD reEing for ever.

own have we given thee. o deemeth the soul of his servants,

LORD our God, all this store that and none of them that trust in Ulvil

, 3, 7, 8. For the Lord we have prepared to build thee him shall be desolate. tigh terrible, he is a great an house for thine holy name Ps. lxxviii, 85. And they re

over all the earth. For God cometh of thine hand, and is all membered that God was their King of all the earth: sing thine own. Praises with understanding.

Rock, and the high God their relgreth over the heathen... LORD's, and the fulness thereof; P8. xxiv, 1, 2. The earth is the Redeemer.

Isa xli, 14. Fear not, thon Lloyil, 24. They have seen the world, and they that dwell worm Jacob, and ye men of cang, o God, even the goings therein. For he hath founded it Israel; I will help thee, saith the

Leathen ....

LORD, And thy Redeemer, the spoken in secret from the begin- 2 Cor. xli, 14. The grace of Holy One of Israel.

ning; from the time that it was, Lord Jesus Christ, and the love Isa. xlill, 1. But now thus saith there am I: and now the Lord God, and the communion of the LORD that created thee, o God, and his Spirit, hath sent me. Holy Ghost, be with you

Amen. Jacob, and he that formed thee, O lerael, fear not: for I have he he was baptized, went up straight- both have access by one spi Matth. 111, 16, 17. And Jesus, when

Eph. il, 18. For through him deemed thee, I have called thee

way out of the water: and, lo, the by thy name; thou art mine.

unto the Father. heavens were opened unto him, Isa. xlvii, 4. As for our Re- and he saw the spirit of God de

1 John V, 7. For there are the deemer, the LORD of hosts is his scending like a dove, and lighting that bear record in heaven, Dame, the Holy One of Israel.

upon him: And lo'a voice from Father, the Word, and the H Jer. 1, 84. Their Redeemer is heaven, saying, This is my belov- Ghost: and these three are OD strong, The LORD of hosts is his ed Son, in whom I am well name. pleased.


Matth. xxvifl, 19. Go ye therefore, See under JESUS CHRIST

and teach all nations, baptizing And for PERSONALITY AL THE TRINITY.

them in the name of the Father, Isa. xlylli, 16. Come ye near and of the Son, and of the Holy DIVINITY OF HOLY GHO unto me, hear ye this; I have not Ghost.

See under REDEMPTION. 258



Jer. li, 16. ..... He maketh | plucked up in fury, she was cast TENS OR ATMOS

lightnings with rain, and bringeth down to the ground, and the east

forth the wind out of his treasures, wind dried up her fruit. PHERE.

Hosea viii, 7. For they have Hosea xil, 1. Ephraim feedeth WIND.

sown the wind and they shall reap on wind, and followeth after the 1. And God rememthe whirlwind. .

east wind. ... laah, and every living

John iii, 8. The wind bloweth Hosea xiii, 15. Though he be 1 all the cattle that was where it listeth, and thou hearest fruitful among his brethren, an in the ark: and God made the sound thereof, but canst not east wind shall come, the wind paas over the earth, and tell whence it cometh, and whither of the Lord shall come up from s assuaged. it goeth. ..

the wilderness, and his spring 1 xviii, 45. And it came to

shall become dry, and his fountain be mean while, that the


shall be dried up: he shall spoil as black with clouds and


the treasure of all pleasant ves

sels. I there was a great rain.

Exod. x, 13. And Moses stretchbrode, and went to Jez- ed forth his rod over the land of for violence; their faces shall sup

Hab. i, 9. They shall come all 19. And, behold, there east wind upon the land all that up as the east wind, and they reat wind from the wil-day, and all that night; and when shall gather the captivity as the

sand. Lad smote the four cor- it was morning, the east wind e house, and it fell upon brought the locusts. med, and they are dead; Exod. xiv, 21. And Moses stretch

FOUR WINDS MEAN FOUR by am escaped alone to ed out his hand over the sea; and

QUARTERS OF HEAVEN. the LORD caused the sea to go Ezek, xxxvii, 9. Then said he 11, 7. . . . . . He bring-back by a strong east

wind all unto me, Prophesy unto the wind, bi out of his treasuries. that night, and made the sea dry prophesy, son of man, and say to 16. The wind goeth to land, and the waters were divided. the wind, Thus saith the Lord vath, and torneth about Jonah iv, 8. And it came to pass, breath, and breatle upon these

God, Come from the four winds, 0 north: it whirleth about when the sun did arise, that God slain that they may live. , and the wind return

prepared a vehement east wind; according to his circuits. and the sun beat upon the head of

Jer. xlix, 36. And upon Elam 15, 21. But the ship was Jonah, that he fainted, and wished will I bring the four winds from midst of the sea, tossed in himself to die, and said, It is the four quarters of heaven, and & for the wind was con- better for me to die than to live.

will scatter them toward all those

winds. Job xv, 2. Should a wise man said, I saw in my vision by night,

Dan. vii, 2. Daniel spake, and 2. How long wilt thou utter vain knowledge, and fill his and, behold, the four winds of the e things and how long belly with the east wind?

heaven strove upon the great Fords of thy mouth be Job xxvii, 21. The east wind sea. ng wind?

carrieth him away, and he departI would hasten my eseth; and, as a storm, he hurleth stand up, his kingdom shall be

Dan. XI, 4. And when he shall the windy storm and him out of his place.

broken, and shall be divided toJob xxxvill, 24. By what way is ward the four winds of heaven; 1. The burden of the the light parted, which scattereth and not to his posterity, nor ache sea, As wbirlwinds the east wind upon the earth. cording to his dominion which he ith pass through; 80 it

ruled: for his kingdom shall be om the desert, from a

Ps. Ixxvill, 26. He caused an

east wind to blow in the heaven; plucked up, even for others be11. 12. At that time shall the south wind. and by his power he brought in

sides those.

Matth. xxiv, 31. And he shall to this people and to A dry wind of the high his rough wind in the day of the together his elect from the four Isa, xxvii, 8. ... He stayeth

send his angels with a great sound

of a trumpet, and they shall gather ter of my people, not to east wind. o cleanse. Even a full Jer. xviii, 17. I will scatter them winds, from one end of heaven to

the other. those places shall come as with an east wind before the lok also will I give sen enemy. ...

CLOUDS. est them, Ezek. xvii, 10. Yea, behold, being

Deut. iv, 11. And ye came near 7, 82. Thus saith the planted, shall it prosper? shall it and stood under the mountain; lbsts, Behold, evil shall not utterly wither when the east and the mountain burned with um nation to nation, and wind toucheth it? it shall wither fire unto the midst of heaven, urlwind shall be raised in the furrows where it grew.

with darkness, clouds, and thick De coasta of the earth. Ezek. xix, 12. But she was darkness.

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