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Judges V, 4. ..... Clouds also himself of a false gift is like of God, which is full of water: dropped water.

clouds and wind without rain. preparest them corn, when Job xxvi. 8. Ho bindeth up the Eccles. xi, 4. He that observeth hast so provided for it. waters in his thick clouds; and the wind shall not bow; and he waterest the ridges thereof a the cloud is not rent under them, that regardeth the clouds shall | dantly; thou settlest the for

thereof; thou makest it soft Job xxxvi, 29. 30, 32. Also can not reap. any understand the spreadings of Isa. xliv, 22. I have blotted out.

showers. .... the clouds, or the noise of his , as a thick cloud, thy transgres

P3. Ixvill, 9. Thou, o God, tabernacle? Behold, he spreadeth sions, and, as a cloud. thy sins: send a plentiful rain, wbr his light upon it, and covereth return unto me: for I have re-thou didst confirm thine inh the bottom of the sea. With deemed thee.

ance, when it was weary clouds he covereth the light; and Isa. Ix. 8. Who are these that

Ps. Ixxxiv, 6. ..... The cornmandeth it not to shine by the fly as a cloud, and as the doves to

also Alleth the pools. cloud that cometh betwixt. their windows?

Ps. civ, 13. He watereth Job xxxvii, 11-16. Also by water

Exele. Xxxvill, 9. Thou shalt

hills from bis chambers the Ing he wearieth the thick cloud:

is satisfied with the fruit o ascend and come like a storm; he scattereth his bright cloud,

works. thou shalt be like a cloud to And it is turned round about by cover the land, thou, and all thy

P3. cxlvii, 8. Who coreret his counsels; that they may do bands, and many peoplo with

heaven with clouds, who pr whatsoever he commandeth them

eth rain for the earth..... upon the face of the world in the

Eccles. xl, 3. If the cloud earth. He causeth it to come, Hosea vi, 4. O Ephraim, what whether for correction, or for his shall I do unto thee? 0 Judah,

full of rain, they empty

selves upon the earth. .... land, or for mercy. Hearken what shall I do unto thee? for unto this, O Job: stand still, and your goodness is as a morning

Jer. v, 24. Neither say th consider the wondrous works of cloud, and as the early dew it

arly dey it their heart, Let us now tes God. Dost thou know when God

LORD our God, that giveth disposed them, and caused the | Hosca xili, 3. Therefore they

both the former and the latt light of his cloud to shine? Dost shall be as the morning cloud,

bis season. ..... thou know the balancings of the and as the early dow that passeth

Acts xiv, 17. Nevertheles clouds, the wondrous works of away. . . . .

left not himself without wit him which is perfect in know

in that he did good, and gs ledge.

Heb. all, 1. Wherefore, seeing rain from heaven, and in

we also are compassed about with Job xxxvIII, 9, 34, 37. When I

seasons...... so great a cloud of witnesses, let made the cloud the garment

Acts xxviii, 2. And the thereof, and thick darkness a

us lay aside every welglt, and the
sin which doth so easily beset us,

barous people showed us no swaddling-band for it. Canst thou and let us run with patience the

kindness: for they kindled lift up thy voice to the clouds,

and received us every race that is set before us. that abundance of waterg may

because of the present raia cover thee? Who can number the

because of the cold.

RAIN. clouds in wisdom? or who can stay the bottles of heaven.

Ezra x, 9, 13. Then all the men!

Exod. xv, 4. Then said of Judah and Benjamin gathered Jer. li, 16. .... He canseth the themselves together unto Jeru

LORD unto Moses, Behold, 1 vapours to ascend from the ends

rain bread from heaven for salem within three days: it was the of the earth. . . . .

and the people shall go og nine month, and the twentieth Matth. xvii, 5. While heyet day of the month; and all the

gather a certain rate every spake, behold, a bright cloud

that I may prove them, wil people sat in the street of the overshadowed them; and behold house of God, trembling because

they will walk in my law, or a voice out of the cloud, which of this matter, and for the great

Deut. xxxii, 2. My doctrine said. This is my beloved Son, in rain. But the people are many,

drop as the rain, my speech whom I am well pleased; hear yel and it is a time of much rain and distil as the dew; as the sma we are not able to stand without,

upon the tender herb, and . Acts 1. 9. And when he had neither is this a work of one day showers upon the grass spoken these things, while they | or two: for we are many that have Job xxix, 23. And they v beheld, he was taken up; and a | transgressed in this thing.

for me as for the rain; and cloud received him out of their job v. 10. Who giveth rain upon

opened their mouth wide, 4 sight. the earth, and sendeth waters

the latter rain. 1 Cor. x, 1, 2. Moreover, breth- upon the fields.

P3. XI, 6. Upon the wick ren. I would not that ye should Job wxvi. 27. 28. For he mak

shall rain shares, fire and be ignorant, how that all our

stone, and an horrible tempe eth small the drops of water: they fathers were under the cloud, and pour down rain according to the

Ps. lxxii, 6. He shall come all passed through the sea; And vapour thereof, Which the clouds

like rain upon the mown gra were all baptized unto Moses in do drop and distil upon man

showers that water the eard the cloud and in the sea. abundantly.

Prov. xxvII, 15. A cond Job xxxviii, 26, 27. To cause it dropping in a very rains de Job xxii. 14. Thick clouds are & to rain on the earth, where no man

| a contentions woman are all covering to him, that he seeth

is; on the wilderness, wherein Isa. Iv, 10. For as the rain not; and he walketh in the circuit I there is no man. To satisfy the eth down, and the EU0W of heaven.

desolate and waste ground; and heaven, and returneth Rot th Job xxx, 16. Terrors are turned to cause the hud of the tender bnt watereth the earth, and upon me: they pursue my soul as herb to spring forth?

eth it bring forth and bod, t the wind; and my welfare passeth

P3.xy9. 10. Thon visitest I may give seed to the SOWE away as a cloud.

the earth, and waterest it: thou / bread to the eater. Prov. XXV, 14. Whoso boasteth greatly enrichest it with the river! Hosca 11,3. Then shall met

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the mounts on the lancalled for a

e fillow on to know the LORD: give the sin of thy servants, and I shall not yield her increase,

og forth is prepared as the of thy people Israel, when thou neither shall the trees of the land sing, and he shall come unto hast taught them the good way yield their fruits. the rain, as the latter and wherein they should walk; and

Deut. xxviii, 23, 24. And thy heaBarrain unto the earth. send rain upon thy land, which

| ven that is over thy head shall be DE I, 12...... It is time

thon hast given unto thy people brass, and the earth that is under seek the LORD, till he come and for an inheritance.

thee shall be iron. The LORD Brighteousness upon you. Zech. x, 1. Ask ye of the LORD shall make the rain of thy land

rain in the time of the latter rain; powder and dust...... BAIN PROMISED.

So the LORD shall make bright 1 Kings xvii, 1. And Elijah the A. XIVİ, 4. Then I will give

clouds, and give them showers of Tishbite, who was of the inhabirin in due seuson.....

rain, to every one grass in the tants of Gilead, said unto Ahab,

field. at ii. 14. ... I will give you

As the LORD God of Israel liveth, Emin of your land in his due sea

before whom I stand, there shall

DROUGHT. first rain, and the latter

not be dew nor rain these years, that thou mayest gather in

Job xxxviii. 38. When the dust but according to my word.

groweth into hardness, and the But, and thy wine, and thino

Isa. v, 6. And I will lay it clods cleave fast together?

waste: it shall not be pruned nor h vili, 1. And it came to

Isa. xli, 17. When the poor and digged; but there shall come up

needy seek water, and there is briers and thorns: I will also comefter many days, that the of the LORD came to Elijah

none, and their tongue falleth for mand the clouds that they rain

thirst, I the LORD will hear them, third year, saying, Go, shew

no rain upon it. Whato Ahab; and I will send

I the God of Israel will not for- Hosea xiii, 15. Though he be fruit

sake them. pon the earth.

ful among his brethren, an east Jer. v. 24. 25. Neither say they | wind shall come, the wind of the XIV, 22. Are there any the Vanities of the Gentiles

in their heart, Let us now fear | LORD shall come up from the wil.

the LORD our God, that giveth derness, and his spring shall becan cause rain? or can the give showers Art not

rain, both the former and the come dry, and his fountain shall O LORD our God? there

latter, in his season..... Your be dried up.....

iniquities have turned away these will wait upon thee; for

Haggai i, 11. And I called for a things, and your sins have with made all these things.

drought upon the land, and upon holden good things from you. the mountains, and upon the corn, ulv, 28. .....I will

Jer. xiv, 4. Because the ground and upon the new wine, and upon ta shower to come down a: there shall be show

is chapt, for there was no rain in the oil, and upon that which the the earth, the plowmen were ground bringeth forth, and upon

ashamed, they covered their men, and upon cattle, and upon 20. Be glad then, ye chilheads.

all the labour of the hands. Zain, and rejoice in the Lice God, for he bath given

Ezek. xxii, 24. Son of man, say unto her, Thou art the land that

SEASONS. ée fermer rain moderately, will cause to come down

is not cleansed, nor rained upon Gen. xlii, 22. While the earth the rain, the former rain, in the day of indignation.

remaineth, seed-time and harvest, Latter rain in the first

Joel i, 19. O Lord, to theo will and cold and heat, and summer I cry: for the fire hath devoured and winter, and day and night

the pastures of the wilderness, shall not cease. ASD PRAYED FOR.

and the flame hach burnt ali Ps. xxxii, 4. For day and night Mi, 17. Is t not wheatthe trees of the field.

thy hand was heavy upon me: my today? I will call unto the Amos iv, 7, 8. And also I have moisture is turned into the and be shall send thunder

withholden the rain from you, drought of summer. Selah. last ye may perceive and when there were yet three months Ps. Ixv, 10. .... Thou blessest yoor wickedness is great,

to the harvest: and I caused it to the springing thereof. Te bave done in the sight rain upon one city, and caused it

Ps. lxxiv, 17. Thou hast set all Loca, in asking you a king. not to rain upon another city: one

the borders of the earth; thou hast piece was rained upon, and the vill, 35, 36. When hea

made summer and winter. piece whereupon it rained not sont up, and there is no

withered. So two or three cities Cant. ii, 10. 11. My beloved so they have sinned

dwandered unto one city, to drink spake, and said unto me, Rise up, Ithaceif they pray toward

water; but they were not satisfied: my love, my fair one, and come wce, and confess thy name,

yet have ye not returned unto away: For, lo, the winter is past, from their sin, when thoa

the rain is over and gone. them: Then hear thou

me, saith the LORD. mes, and forgive the sin of Haggai i, 10. Therefore the Ezek. xvil, 9. Say thou, Thus Tants, and of thy people heaven over you is stayed from saith the Lord God, Shall it proshat thou teach them the dew, and the earth is stayed from per? shall he not pull up the My wherein they should her fruit,

roots thereof, and cut off the fruit A give rain upon thy land,

thereof, that it wither? it shall tban hast given to tby DROUGHT THREATENED.

wither in all the leaves of her ir aa inheritance. Lev. xxvi, 18-20. And if ye will

spring. . . . . bor, vi, 28, 27. When the not yet for all this bearken unto

Zech. xiv, 8. And it shall be in to shat up, and there is no me, then I will punish you seven that day, that living waters shall

ause they have sinned times more for your sins. And il go out from Jerusalem; half of Thee, yet if they pray to-1 will break the pride of your

them toward the former sea, and place, and confess thy power, and I will make your hea half of them toward the hinder 14 turn from their sin, ven as iron, and your earth as sea: in summer and in winter tego dost afflict them: Then brass. And your strength shall | shall it be. Ikea from beaven, and for be spent in vain: for your land! Matth. xxiv. 32, 33. Now learn a


Prepain, thit hilse grass

parable of the fig-tree; When his


1 Sam. xii, 17. 13 it not wh branch is yet tender and putteth Gen. 11. 5. 6. And every plant of harvest to-day? I will call u forth leaves, ye know that sum- the field before the field before it was in the earth,

the LORD, and he shall send the mer is nigh: So likewise yo, when and every herb of the field before

der and rain. ..... ye shall see all these things,

It grew: for the LORD God had not 2 San.. xxii, 14. The LORD ti know that it is near, even at the caused it to rain upon the earth, dered from heaven, and the a doors.

and there was not a man to till High uttered his voice. Mark xill, 18. And pray yo that the ground. But there went up a

Job xxxvii, 4,5. After it ati your flight be not in the winter. mist from the earth, and watered

roareth; he thundereth with the whole face of the ground. voice of his excellency: and he 2 Tim. iv, 21. Do thy diligence

Gen. xxvil, 39. And Isaac his not stay them when his vota to come before winter, Eubulus

father answered and said unto heard. God thundereth mar greeteth thee, and Pudens, and

him, Behold, thy dwelling shall be lously with his voice..... Linus, and Claudia, and all the

the fatness of the earth, and of Ps. lxxvii.18. The voice of brethren.

the dew of heaven from above. thunder was in the heaver:

Num. xi, 9. And when the dew lightnings lightened the we PROGNOSTICS OF fell upon the camp in the night | the earth trembled and shook.

the manna fell upon it. WEATHER.

Ps. civ, 7. At thy rebuket Job xxxviii, 28. Hath the rain a fled; at the voice of thy thu 1 Kings xviii, 41, 43-45. And

father? or who hath begotten the they hasted away. Elijah said unto Ahab, Get thee up, eat and drink; for there is a drops of dew?

Isa. xxix, 6. Thou shall be sound of abundance of rain. And

Prov. Ili, 20. By his knowledge ted of the LORD of hosts 1 [Elijah) said to his servant, Go up

the depths are broken up, and the thunder...... now, look toward the sea. And clouds drop down the dew.

John xil, 29. The people th he went up, and looked, and said, I Cant. v, 2...... My head is fore that stood by, and hear There is nothing. And he said, filled with dew, and my locks said that it thundered; others! Go again seven times. And it with the drops of the night. An angel spake to bim. came to pass at the seventh time, Daniel iv. 15. Nevertheless. Rev. 1v, 5. And out of the thir that he said, Behold, there ariseth leave the stump of his roots in I proceeded lightnings, and a little cloud out of the sea, like a the earth, even with a band of

ven with a band of derings, and voices..... man's hand. And he said, Go up, iron and brass, in the tender say unto Abab, Prepare thy grass of the field; and let it be wet

LIGHTNING. chariot, and get thee down, that with the dew of heaven, and let | 2 Sam. xxil, 15. And be sent the rain stop thee not. And it his portion be with the beasts in arrows, and scattered therr, ti came to pass in the mean while, the grass of the earth.

ning, and discomfited them that the heaven was black with clouds and wind, and there was a

Job i, 16. While he t28 great rain.

2 Sam.xvii, 12. So shall we come speaking, there came also agot

upon him in some place where he and said, The fire of God Is A JOB XXXVI, 33. The noise thereof

shall be found, and we will light from heaven, and hath baru sheweth concerning it, the cattle upon him as the dew falleth on the sheep, and the servants, also concerning the vapour. the ground. ....

consumed them; and I only Job xxxvii, 22. And now men Job xxix, 19. My root was spread

caped alone to tell thee. see not the bright light which is out by the waters, and the dew Job xxxvill, 33. Canst thon in the clouds; but the wind pass- lay all night upon my branch. lightnings, that they may gu, eth, and cleanseth them. Fair Pe ce : Thon

say unto thee, Here we ardi weather cometh out of the north. | dew of thy youth.

Ps. xvill, 14. Yea, be sent Prov. XXV, 23. The north wind Ps. cxxxiii, 3. As the dew o

his arrows, and scattered to driveth away rain; 80 doth an Hermon, and as the der that de

and he shot out lightnings, angry countenance a backbiting scended upon the mountains of discomed them. tongue.

Ps. xxix, 7. The voice of

LorD divideth the flames off Matth. xvi, 2, 3. He answered. Prov. xix, 12. ..... His [the and said unto them. When it is king's favour is as dew upon the Ps. xcvil, 4. His lightning evening, ye say, It will be fair grass.

lightened the world: the weather for the sky is red: And Hosea xlv, 5. I will be as the

saw, and trembled. in the morning, it will be foul dew unto Israel: he shall grow as P8. cxliv, 6. Cast forth Hght! weather to-day; for the sky is red the lily, and cast forth his roots as and scatter them; shoot out to and lowring. O ye hypocrites, ye Lebanon.

arrows, and destroy them. can discern the face of the sky; Micah y. 7. And the remnant of

Jer. x, 13......He mal but can ye not discern the signs Jacob shall be in the midst of his wou um, audi of the times?

many people as a dew from the forth the wind out of his tres! Luke vil. 64-57. And he said LORD, as the showers upon the Matth. xxiv. 27. For as the also to the people, When ye see a

grass, that tarrieth not for man, 1 ping cometh out of the east, cloud rise out of the west, uor waiteth for the song of men. shineth even unto the west straightway ye say. There cometh

shall also the coming of the Sul a shower, and so it is. And when


Inan be. ve see the south wind blow, ye 1 Sam, VII, 10. And as Samuel say, There will be heat; and it was offering up the burnt-offering,

the burnt offering |THUNDER AND LIGHTNIN cometh to pass. Ye hypocrites, the Philistines drew near to battle 1 Erod, xlx, 16. And it can ye can discern the face of the sky against Israel: but the LORD thun pass on the third day, is and of the earth; but how is it dered with a great thunder on morning, that there were the that ye do not discern this time? that day upon the Philistines, and and lightnings, and a thick de Yea, and why even of yourselves' discomilted them; and they were upon the mount, and the voti Judge yo not what is right? smitten before Israel.

the trumpet exceeding food


113 the people that was in the Joshua x, 11. And it came to entered into the treasures of the ip trembled.

pass, as they fed from before show; or bast thou seen the treasbl. 18. And all the people

Israel, and were in the going ures of the hail, Which I have the thunderings, and the

down to Beth - horon, that the | reserved against the time of hings, and the noise of the

LORD cast down great stones trouble, against the day of battle ped, and the mountain smok.

from heaven upon them unto and war? 30d, when the people saw it, IA

Azekah, and they died: they were P3. li. 7. Purge me with hyssop, removed, and stood afar off. more which died with hail-stones

and I shall be clean; wash me, than they whom the children of

and I shall be whiter than snow. vii, 1. 3. 4. At this also Israel slew with the sword. sont trembleth, and is moved

Ps. lxviii, 14. When the AlPs. lxxviii, 47, 48. He destroyed mighty scattered kings in it, it this place. He directeth it

their vines with hail, and their the whole heaven, and his

was white as snow in Salmon. sycamore trees with frost. He ring onto the ends of the

Ps. cxlvii, 16. He giveth snow gave up their cattle also to th Afer it a voice roareth:

like wool: he scattereth the hoar hail. dereth with the voice of . . . .

frost like ashes. alency......

Isa. xxviii, 2, 17. Behold, the
Lord hath a mightyand strong one,

Isa. lv, 10. ....... The rain ttiviil, 25. Who hath

cometh down, and the snow from which, as a tempest of hail, and d. watercourse for the

heaven, and returneth not thither, & destroying storm, as a flood of alig of waters, or a way mighty waters overflowing, shall

but watereth the earth... lightning of thunder. cast down to the earth with the

Jer. xviii, 14. Will a man leave SIVI. 12. 13. At the bright-hand, Judgment also will I lay to

the snow of Lebanon which vas before him his thick the line, and righteousness to the cometh from the rock of the field? passed, hail - stones and | plummet; and the hail shall sweep

or shall the cold flowing waters attire. The Lord also thun-away the refuge of lies, and the

way the range of lies and the I that come from another place be in the heavens, and the waters shall overflow the hiding forsaken? et gare his voice; bail-stones place.

Matth. xxviii, 3. His countenPuls of ire.

Isa. xxxii, 19. When it shall ance was like lightning, and his I, 5. And the angel took hail, coming down on the forest: raiment wbite as snow. FUBT, and filled it with fire and the city shall be low in a low ter, and cast it into the place.

CHANGES OF TEMPERAE there were voices, and Ezek, xill, 13. Therefore thus

TURE. deca, and lightnings, and saith the Lord God; I will even Gen. viii, 22. While the earth yake.

rend it with a storiny wind in my remaineth, .... cold and heat,

fury; and there shall be an over- and summer and winter, and day LLSCRIPTION OF A

flowing shower in mine anger, I and night shall not cease.

and great bailstones in my fury, THUNDERSTORM.

rod. xvi 14. And when the to consume it. , 1-11. Give unto the

dew that lay was gone up, behold, Ezek. xxxviii, 22. And I will upon the face of the wilderness Je mighty, give unto the

plead against him with pestilence there lay a small round thing, as any and strength. Give

and with blood; and I will rain small as the hoar-frost, on the Las the glory due unto Big Worship the LORD in the upon him, and upon his bands.

ground. of boliness. The voice of and upon the many people that

Job vi, 17. What time they wax ests upon the waters: the are with him, an overflowing rain,

warm, they vanish: when it is and great bailstones, fire, and hot. they are consumed out of glory thundereth; the LORD

brimstone. many waters. The voice

their place. Lotd is powerful; the voice Haggat ii, 17. I smote you with

Job xxxvii, 9, 10, 17. Out of the Los a full of majesty. The blasting, and with mildew, and

south cometh the whirlwind; and the Lord breaketh the / with hail, in all the labours of

cold out of the north. By the Jea, the LORD breaketh | your hands; yet ye turned not to

breath of God frost is given; and of Lebanon. He mak-me, saith the LORD.

the breadth of the waters is Sem also to skip like a calf; Rev. vlli, .

Rev. viii. 7. The first angel straitened. How thy garments and Sirion like & young sounded, and there followed haill are warm, when he quieteth the 2. The voice of the LORD | and fire mingled with blood, and earth by the south wind 1 the flames of Are. The they were cast upon the earth:

Job xxxviii, 29, 30. Out of whose the LORD shaketh the and the third part of trees was

womb came the ice? and the hoary urk, the LORD shaketh the burnt up, and all green grass was

frost of heaven, who hath genTess of Kadesh. The voice burnt up.

dered it? The waters are hid as LORD maketh the hinds to Rev. xvi. 21. And there fell upal discovereth the forests:

U. Xvi, zi, And there tell up with a stone, and the lace of the

on men a great hall out of heaven, deep is frozen. his temple doth every one every stone about the weight of a Flis glory. The LORD sit

Ps. cxlvii, 17. 18. He casteth talent: and men blaspbemed God Par the flood; Fea, the LORD

forth his ice like morsels: who because of the plague of the hail; King for ever. The LORD

can stand before his cold? He for the plague thereof was exceedpre strength unto his people; | ing great.

sendeth out his word, and melteth will bless his people with

them: he causetli bis wind to blow SNOW.

and the waters flow. Job ix, 30. If I wash myself Jer. xxxvi, 80. Therefore thus HAIL

with snow-water, and make my saith the Lord of Jehoiakim king 2, 18Behold, to-morrow hands never so clean.

of Judah, He shall have done to Dula time, I will cause it to

Job xxxvii, 6. For he saith to sit upon the throne of David; and very grlevous hail, such as the snow, Be thou on the earth; his dead body shall be cast out in

been in Egypt since the likewise to the small rain, and to the day to the heat, and in the 6 thereof even until the great rain of his strength. night to the frost.

Job xxxviii. 22. 23. Hast thou Mark xiv. 54. And Peter followed him afar of, even into the palace Isa. Xxx, 26. Moreover, the 2 Sam. xxii, 4. And he sha: of the high priest: and he sat light of the moon shall be as the as the light of the morning all with the servants, and warmed light of the sun, and the light of the sun riseth, eren & mor i himself at the fire.

the sun shall be seven-fold, as the without clouds......

light of seven days, in the day Job xi, 17. And thine age 1 II.

that the LORD bindeth up the be clearer than the DOOD

breach of his people, and healeth thou shalt shine forth, thou 1 b THE SECOND OR STARRY the stroke of their wound.

be as the morning. HEAVENS.

Rev. xii, 1. And there appeared Job xxxviil. 12, 13. Hast Gen. 1.6.7. And God said. Let a great wonder in heaven; a commanded the morning sinc i

mamant in the midst woman clothed with the sun, and days; and caused the dayof the waters, and let it divide the the moon under her feet, and upon to know his place; That it a waters from the waters. And her head a crown of twelve stars: take hold of the ends of the ei God made the firifament, and Rev. xvi. 8. And the fouth angel that the wicked might be sh divided the waters which were I poured out his vial upon the sun;

out of it? under the firmament, from the and power was given unto him to Ps. Ixv, 8. They also that waters which were above the scorch men with fire.

in the uttermost parts are a firmament: and it was so.

at thy tokens: thou makes Job xxxvii, 18. Hast thon with

REFLECTIONS. outgoings of the morning him spread out the sky, which is

P3. vill, 3, 4. When I consider

evening to rejoice. strong, and as a molten looking thy heavens, the work of thy |

James I, 11. For the sun glass? fingers, the moon and the stars,

sooner risen with a burning ! which thou hast ordained; What

but it witbereth the grass, an THE HEAVENLY BODIES. is man, that thou art mindful of

flower thereof falleth, and Gen, i. 14-18. And God said. I him? and the son of man, that thou grace of the fashion of it perise

80 also shall the rich man Let there be lights in the firma. visitest him? Let there be 3 in divide the ment of the heaven, to divide the

pe vis 14 The benyens declare away in his way day from the night, and let them the glory of God; and the firma

MERIDIAN. be for signs, and for seasons, and ment showeth his handywork. for days, and years: And let them | Day unto day uttereth speech,

Gen. xviii, 1. And the Lost be for lights in the firmament of and night unto pight showeth | peared unto him in the plai the heaven, to give light upon the knowledge. There is no speech

Mamre: and he hat in the earth: and it was so. And God nor language where their voice is

door in the heat of the day. made two great lights; the greater not heard. Their line is gone out Escod. xvi, 21. ..... And: 8 light to rule the day, and the through all the earth, and their the sun waxed hot, it [mi lesser light to rule the night: he words to the end of the world.... melted. made the stars also. And God

Ps.xcvil, 6. The heavens declare 1 Sam. x1, 9, 11. And they set them in the firmament of the his rigliteousness, and all the

unto the messengers that heaven, to give light upon the

Thus shall ye say unto the mu earth. “And to rule over the day people see his glory.

Jabesh-gilead, To-morrow, by and over the nigbt, and to divide

Ps. cxxxvi, 7-9. To him that

time the sun be hot, ye sball the light from the darkness: and made great lights: for his mercy

help. And the messengers God saw that it was good. endureth for ever: The sun to

and showed it to the men o Ps. xix, 5, 6. Which (the sun] is rule by day: for his mercy endur

besh; and they were glad. Å as a bridegroom coming out of

eth for ever: The moon and
stars to rule by night: for his

was so on the morrow, that his chamber, and rejoiceth as a

put the people in three compa mercy endureth for ever, strong man to run a race. His

and they came into the mi going forth is from the end of the Ps. cxlyili, 3-5. Praise ye him, the host in the morning. heaven, and his circuit unto the sun and moon: praise him, all ye and slew the Ammonites und ends of it. ... stars of light. Praise him, ye

heat of the day..... Ps. civ, 19. He appointed the

heavens of heavens, and ye waters 2 Sam. iv, 5. And the sot moon for seasons; the sun know that be above the heavens. Let | Rimmon the Bee eth his going down.

them praise the name of the and Baanah, went, and came a

LORD: for he commanded, and 1 Cor. xv, 40, 41. There are also

the heat of the day to the hou they were created. celestial bodies, and bodies ter

Ish-bosheth, who lay on a b restrial; but the glory of the Prov. xxv, 3. The heaven for

noon. celestial is one, and the glory of height, and the earth for depth, Ps. xix, 6. ..... And the the terrestrial is another. There l and the heart of kings is unsearch nothing hid from the heat thi 19 one glory of the sun, and able.

Isa, iv, 6. And there sball another glory of the moon, and

Jer. xxi. 37. Thus saith the tabernacle for a shadow in the another glory of the stars; for one

LOBD. If heaven above can be time from the heat, and for si star differeth from another star

measured, and the foundations of of refuge, and for a covert! in glory.

the earth searched out beneath, storm and from rain.
I will also cast off all the seed of Matth. xx, 12. Saying, these

Israel for all that they have done, have wrought but one hour, thee as long as the sun and moon saith the LORD.

thou hast made them equal endure, throughout all genera

us, wbich have borne the bu tions. In his days shall the right


and heat of the day. eous flourish; and abundance of Gen. xis, 23. The sun was rigen Rev. 1, 16. ... And his [Cbri peace so long as the moon endur- upon the earth when Lot entered countenance was as the swi eth. into Zoar,

eth In his strength. Ps. cxxi. 6. The sun shall not Gen. xxx|1,31. And as he [Jacob] emite thee by day, nor the moon passed over Penuel the sun rose

SUNSET. by night, upon him..

Gen. xv, 17. And it came toi

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