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at, when the sun went down, and Jer. xxxi. 35. Thus saith the in the month Nisan, in the twen936 dark. bebold a smoking LORD, which giveth the sun for a leth year of Artaxerxes the

and a burning lamp that light by day, and the ordinances king, that wine was before him: sed between those pieces. of the moon and of the stars for & and I took up the wine, and gave L IITU, 11. And he lighted

light by night, which divideth the it unto the king...

sea when the waves thereof roar; a certain place, and tarried

The LORD of hosts is his namo. * all night, because the sun

ZIF. set, and he took of the stones

Lrike xi, 34-36. The light of the

11 Kings vi. 1. And it came to a place, and put them for his body is the eye: therefore, when

pass in the four hundred and es, and lay down in that

thine eye is single, thy whole body I eightieth year after the children to sleep

also is full of light; but when thine of Israel were come out of the

eye is evil, thy body also is full of land of Egypt, in the fourth year KLLA From the wilderness

darkness. this Lebanon, even unto the

Take heed therefore of Solomon's reign over Israel, in

that the light which is in thee be the month Zif, which is the second *river, the river Euphrates,

not darkness. If thy whole body month, that he began to build the te land of the Hittites, and

therefore be full of light, having house of the LORD. the great ses toward the

no part dark, the whole shall be down of the sun, shall be full of light, as when the bright

SIVAN. shining of a candle doth give thee f als, 18. And the men of light.

Esther vili, 9. Then were the diy said unto him on the

king's scribes called at that time day, before the sun went

in the third month, (that is, the What 13 Sweeter than

John v, 35. He was a

2 v. 35. He was a burning month Sivan) on the three and

and a shining light; and ye were twentieth day thereof,.... Se fü, 85. And when all willing for a season to rejoice in

Teople came to cause David I his light.
at Tbeat while it was yet day,

Eph. v. 13. But all things that
Eph. V, 13. But all thing

Neh. vi, 15. So the wall was ware, saving. So do God to are reproved are made mani-Anished in the twenty and fifth 4 more also if I teste bread. / fest by the light: for whatsoever | day of the month Elul, in illty azkat else, till the sun be down. doth make manifest is light. and two days. 19.9. She that hath born

1 Thess. v. 5. Ye are all the

en languisheth: she hath given children of light, and the children

ETHANIM. of the day: we are not of the 1 Kings viii, 2. And all the men ghost; her sun is gone While it was yet day, she night, nor of darkness.

of Israel assembled themselves

unto king Solomon at the feast in ashamed and confound


the month Ethanim, which is the 9. And it shall come

Gen. 1, 5, 8. And God called the seventh month. b that day, saith the Lord

light Day, and the darkness he
called Night. And the evening

BUL. hat I will cause the sun to

and the morning were the first Peat noon, and I will darken

1 Kings vi, 38. And in the wrth in the clear day.

day. And God called the firma- elevonth year, in the month Bul ment Heaven. And the evening (which is the eighth month,) was

and the morning were the second the house finished throughout all LIGHT. day.

the parts thereof, and according I, 4,5. And God saw the

Jod xvil, 12. They change the to all i

yil 19 They change the to all the fashion of it.... that it was good; and God

night into day: the light is short the light from the darkbecause of darkness.

CHISLEU. 5 And God called the light Ps. Ixxiv, 16. The day is thine,

Neh. i. 1. The words of Nehemiah to the darkness be called

the night also is thine. And the evening and the

. . .

the son of Hachaliab. And it .

came to pass in the month Chisleu, E were the first day. Eccles. 1, 5. The sun also

in the twentieth year, as I was in XXIV, 13. They are of those | ariseth, and the sun goeth down,

Shushan the palace. Tebel against the light they and hasteth to his place where he tot the ways thereof, nor arose.

TEBETA. la the paths thereof. Jer. xiii, 16. Give glory to the

Esther ii, 16. So Esther was invil, 15. Dost thou know LORD your God, before he cause

taken unto king Ahasuerus, into God disposed them, and

darkness, and before your feet his house - royal, in the tenth N the light of his cloud to

stumble upon the dark mountains. I month, (which 18 the month

and, while ve look for light. hó Tebeth,) in the seventh year of IXITIII, 19-21. Where is the turn it into the shadow of death. This reign. clere light dwelleth? and as and make it gross darkness. durkness, where is the place

Ni, That thon shouldest take
John ix, 4. I must work the

Zech. i. 7. Upon the four and band therent and that I works of bim that sent me, while

twentieth day of the eleventh houldest know the paths to 10 is day: the It is day: the night cometh, when

month, which is the month Sebat, Rose thereot? Knowest thou no man can work.

in the second year of Darius, came creatise thou wast then born? | John xi, 9. Jesus answered, Are the word of the LORD unto case the number of thy days there not twelve hours in the Zechariah the son of Barachiah,

day? If any man walk in the day, the son of Iddo the prophet, Butiv, 16. The day is thine, he stumbleth not, because he seeth

saying. teht also to thine thou hast | the light of this world.

ADAR. Pred the light and the sun.

Esther til, 7. In the first month,

MONTHS. atez. xi, 7. Truly the light is

(that is, the month Nisan) in the and a pleasant thing it {8


twelfth year of king Ahasuerns, Ma eyes to behold the sun. Neh, ii, 1. And it came to pass they cast Pur, that is, the lot, be

fore Haman, from day to day, and HEAVENLY BODIES AS Rev. viii, 12. And the foun from month to month, to the OBJECTS OF WORSHIP angel sounded, and the third pa twelfth month, that is, the month

of the sun was smitten, and

(See under IDOLS.) Adar.

third part of the moon, and 1

third part of the stars; so as t STARS. HEAVENLY BODIES

third part of them was darken Gen. xv, 6. And he brought him DARKENED OR PUT OUT. and the day shone not for a thl forth abroad, and said, Look now

180. xiil. 10. For the stars of part of it, and the night likewis toward heaven, and tell the stars, I heaven. and the constellations if thou be able to number them. thereof, shall not give their light:

NIGHT AND DARKNESS. And he said unto him, So shall

the sun shall be darkened in his Job y, 14. They meet with dal thy seed be.

going forth, and the moon shall ness in the day-time, and grope Judges v, 20. They fought from not cause her light to shine. the noon-day as in the night. heaven; the stars in their courses | Isa. xxiv, 23. Then the moon Job vil, 4. When I lie dowo fought against Sisera,

shall be confounded, and the sun say, When shall I arise, and t Neh. iv, 21. So we laboured in ashamed, when the LORD of hosts night be gone? ..... the work: and half of them held shall reign in mount Zion, and in

Job xv, 30. He shall not depe the spears from the rising of the Jerusalem, and before his ancients

out of darkness: the flame su morning till the stars appeared. gloriously.

dry up his branches, and by t Job ill, 9. Let the stars of the Isa. II, 6, Lift up your eyes to breath of his mouth shall be twilight thereof be dark..... the heavens, and look upon the

away. Job ix, 7. 9. Which commandeth

earth beneath; for the heavens Job xxxvi, 20. Desire not the sun, and it riseth not, and shall vanish away like smoke, and

night, when people are cut off sealeth up the stars; Which the earth shall wax old like a gar

their place. maketh Arcturus, Orion, and

ment, and they that dwell therein Pleiades, and the chambers of the

Ps. civ, 20. Thou makest dar shall die in like manner; but my

ness, and it is night...... south.

salvation shall be for ever, and my
righteousness shall not be abo-

Prov. vii, 9. In the twilight, Job xxll, 12. Is not God in the lished,

the evening, in the black and da height of heaven? and behold the

night. height of the stars, how high they

Isa. Ix, 19, 20. The sun shall be no more thy light by day; neither

Isa, viil, 22. And they shall lo are! for brightness shall the moon give

unto the earth; and behold troo Job XXVI, 13. By his Spirit he light unto thee: but the LORD shall

and darkness, dimness of anguis hath garnished the heavens, his

be unto thee an everlasting light,

erlasting light and they shall be driven to dar land hath formed the crooked

and thy God thy glory. Thy sun ness. serpent,

shall no more go down; neither Isa. XVI, 8. Take counsel, es Job xxxvili, 31-33. Canst thou shall thy moon withdraw itself: cute judgment; make thy susda bind the sweet influences of for the LORD shall be thine ever- as the night in the midst of u Pleiades, or loose the bands of lasting light, and the days of thy | noon-day; bide the outcasts ! Orion? Canst thou bring forth | mourning shall be ended

wray not him that wanderethi. Mazzaroth in his season! or canst thou guide Arcturus with his

Jer, x, 2. Thus saith the LORD, Isa. xxl, 12. The water sons? Knowest thou the ordin- Learn not the way of the heathen,

Learn not the way of the heathen, said, The morning cometh, s ances of heaven! canst thou set

and be not dismayed at the signs also the night: if ye will engels the dominion thereof in the

of heaven; for the heathen are enquire ye; return, come. earth? dismayed at them.

Jer, iv, 23. I beheld the eart Ps. cxlvll, 4. He telleth the

Ezek. xxxii, 7, 8. And when I and, lo, it was without form se number of the stars; he calleth

shall put thee out, I will cover the void; and the heavens, and thu them all by their names.

heaven, and make the stars there had no light.

of dark: I will cover the sun with Lam, fii. 2. He hath led me. Jer, xxxi, 35. Thus saith the

la cloud, and the moon shall not brought me into darkness, but LORD, which giveth the sun for a give her light. All the bright

into light. light by day, and the ordinances of

lights of heaven will I make dark the moon and of the stars for a

Amos v, 8, 18, 20. Seek him to over thee, and set darkness upon light by night. ... thy land, saith the Lord God.

maketb the seven stars and Orte Matth. il, 9, 10. When they had

and turneth the shadow of dus!

Joel 11. 10. The earth shall quake into the morning, and maketh heard the king, they departed; I before them; the heavens shall and, lo, the star, which they saw

day dark with night..... W tremble: the sun and the moon

| unto yon that desire the das in the east, went before them, till

shall be dark, and the stars shall It came and stood over where the

the LORD! to what end is it withdraw their shining. young child was. When they saw

you? the day of the LORD is dar the star, they rejoiced with ex

Joel 111, 15. The sun and the ness, and not light. Skall not u ceeding great joy.

moon shall be darkened, and the day of the LORD be darkness, u

stars shall withdraw their shining.not light? even very dark, and Dan. viil, 10. And it waxed Amos vill, 9. And it shall come

brightness in it? great, even to the host of heaven; to pass in that day, saith the Lord Micah ill, 6. Therefore niz and it cast down some of the host God, that I will cause the sun to shall be unto you, that you and of the stars to the ground, go down at noon, and I will darken not have a vision; and it shall and stamped upon them. the earth in the clear day.

dark unto you, that ye shall be Jude 13. Raging waves of the

divine; and the son shall go dow

Marke xiii. 24. 25. But in those sea, foaming out thelr own shame; days. after that tribulation, the

over the prophets, and the da wandering stars, to whom is re

shall be dark over them. sun shall be darkened, and the served the blackness of darkness moon shall not give her light, And

John xi, 10. But if a man wat for ever.

the stars of heaven shall all, and in the night, he stumbleth. le Rev. il, 28. And I will give him the powers that are in heaven

cause there is no light in him. the morning star. shall be shaken.

Rom. xiii, 12 The night is

the day is at hand: let us heaven and heaven of heavens was received up into heaven, and refore cast off the works of cannot contain bim? Who am I sat on the right hand of God. liness, and let us put on the then, that I should build him an John i. 51. And he saith unto war of light.

house, save only to burn sacrifice him, Verily, verily, I say unto 1Thess. 1, 5. Ye are all the chilbefore him?

you, Hereafter ye shall seo a of light, and the children of Ps. lxviii, 33. To him that rideth heaven open, and the angels of day, we are not of the night, upon the heavens of heavens, God ascending and descending Te darkness,

| which were of old; lo, he doth send upon the Son of man. Baxıl, 25. And the gates of it out his voice, and that a mighty

John ili, 31. He that cometh ll not be shut at all by day: for voice.

from above is above all: he that we shall be no night there.

Ps. cxlviii, 4. Praise him, ye is of the earth is earthly, and

heavens of heavens, and ye speaketh of the earth; he that SIGHT DIVIDED INTO

waters that be above the heavens. cometh from heaven is above all. WATCHES.

Acts lif, 21. Whom the heaven THE SCENE OF GOD'S altis, 24. And it came to

must receive until the times of that in the morning watch GLORY, AND THE ABODE OF

restitution of all things, which Lexo looked unto the host of CHRIST, ANGELS, AND God hath spoken by the month tgptians. .....


of all his holy prophets since the

world began. des vil, 19. So Gideon, and 2 Rings ii, 1. And it came to Handred men that were with

Acts vii, 56. And said, Bebold. pass, when the LORD would take Same unto the outside of the

I see the heavens opened, and the up Elijah into heaven by a whirlin the beginning of the

Son of men standing on the right wind, that Elijah went with Elisha he watch, .....

hand of God. from Gilgal, el, 148. Mine eyes prevent

Gal. i. 8. But though we, or an Ps. II. 4. He that sitteth in the Talert-watches, that I might heavens shall laugh: the LORD

angel from heaven, preach any Data in thy word. shall have them in derision.

other gospel unto you than that

which we have preached unto th, IT, 25. And in the fourth Ps. viii, 1. 0 LORD our Lord, you, let him be accursed.

of the night Jesus went how excellent is thy name in all tem, walking on the sea. the earth! who hast set thy glory

Eph. iii, 15. Of whom the whole

family in heaven and earth is , 43. But know this, above the heavens.

named. Al the goodman of the house Ps. lxxiii, 25. Whom have I in town in what watch the heaven but thee? .....

Colos. 1, 5. For the hope which sold come, he would have

is laid up for you in beaven, P3. cxv, 3. But our God is in the el, and would not have

whereof ye heard before in the heavens: he hath done whatsoble house to be broken up.

4180- word of the truth of the gospel. ever he hath pleased. LUSTI, 85. Watch ye there

Heb. 1x, 24. For Christ is not P3. cxxiii, 1. Unto thee lift I up kr ye know not when the

mine eves. O thou that dwellest entered into the Holy places made of the house cometh, at

with hands, which are the figures in the heavens. or at midnigbt, or at the

of the true; but into heaven itself, Leuwing, or in the morning. P3. cxxxix, 8. If I ascend up into

now to appear in the presence of heaven, thou art there. .... tü, 38. And if he shall

God for us. Matth. v, 12. Rejoice, and be in the second watch, or come

Heb. x. 34. For ye had compasexceeding glad; for great is yoursion of me in my bonds, and took third watch, and find them

reward in heaven; for so perselased are those servants.

joyfully the spoiling of your goods, cuted they the prophets which

knowing in yourselves that yo were before you. III.

have in heaven a better and an Matth. vi, 10.... Thy will be enduring substance. HE THIRD HEAVENS. done in earth, as it is in heaven. I 1 Peter i, 4. To an inheritance Xings vili, 27. But will God Matth. xviil, 10. Take heed that incorruptible, and undefiled, and A dwell on the eartb? Be- ye despise not one of these little that fadeth not away, reserved in tee heaven, and the heaven ones: for I say unto you, That heaven for you. Avens, cannot contain thee; in heaven their angels do always much less this house that i behold the face of my Father builded! which is in heaven.

FOR OTHER PROPERTIES Caron. 11, 6. But who is able Mark xvi, 19. So then, after the

OF HEAVEN, u b'm an house, seeing the Lord had spoken unto them, hel (See under MAN.)


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Jer. vil. 17, 18. Seest thou not 1 and that swear by the LORD, SI

what they do in the cities of Ju- | that swear by Malchain. OBJECTS OF IDOLATRY. dah, and in the streets of Jerusa

Acts vil, 42. Then God turad 1.-THE HEAVENLY lem? The children gather wood,

and gave them up to worship t1 and the fathers kindle the fire. and LUMINARIES.

host of heaven; as it is written the women knead their dough, to Deut, iv, 19. And lest thou lift up make cakes to the queen of

the book of the prophets, O thine eyes unto heaven, and when heaven. ......

house of Israel, have ye offered thou seest the sun, and the moon,

me slain beasts and sacrifices

Jer. xix, 13. And the houses of and the stars, even all the host of

the space of forty years in the w Jerusalem, and the houses of the derness. heaven, shouldest be ariven to

kings of Judah, shall be defiled as worship them, and serve them,

the place of Tophet, becanse of all 2.-IMAGES OR IDOLS. which the LORD thy God hath

the houses upon whose roofs they divided unto all nations under the

Deut. ix, 12. And the LORD S have burned incense unto all the whole heaven.

unto me, Arise, get thee doy host of heaven, and have poured 2 Kings xvii, 16. And they left

quickly from hence; for thy peor out drink offerings unto other

which thou hast bronght forth d all the commandments of the

gods, LORD their God, and made them

of Egypt have corrupted the

Jer. xliy, 17-19. But we will molten images, even two calves,

selves; they are quickly turn. certainly do whatsoever thing and made a grove, and worship

aside out of the way which I con goeth forth out of our own mouth, ped all the host of heaven, and

manded them; they have a to burn incense unto the queen of them a molten image. served Baal.

heaven, and to pour out drink-! 2 Kings XXI, 3,5. For he built up

Judoes xvil, 3, 4. And when offerings unto her, as we have

had restored the eleven hondr again the high places which Heze

done, we, and our fathers, our klah his father had destroyed; and

shekels of silver to his mother, kings, and our princes, in the cities he reared up altars for Baal, and

mother said, I had wholly de of Judah, and in the streets of made a grove, as did Ahab king

cated the silver unto the Le Jerusalem: for then had we of Israel; and worshipped all the plenty of victuals, and were well,

from my hand for my son, toms host of heaven, and served them.

a graven image, and a inolt and saw no evil. But since we And he built altars for all the left off to burn incense to the

image: now therefore I will 1 host of heaven in the two courts

store it unto thee. Yet he restor queen of heaven, ard to pour out of the house of the LORD.

the money unto his mother, al drink-offerings unto her, we have

his mother took two hundr 2 Kings xxiii, 5, 11. And he put wanted all things, and have been

shekels of silver, and gave them down the idolatrous priests, whom consumed by the sword and by

the founder, who made thereof the kings of Judah had ordained the famine. And when we burnt

graven image, and a mollen ima to burn incense in the high places incense to the queen of heaven,

and they were in the house in the cities of Judah, and in the and poured out drink-offerings

Micah. places round about Jerusalem; unto her, did we make her cakes them also that burned incense une to worship her, and pour out Isa, xl, 19, 20. The work to Baal,to the sun and to the moon, drink-offerings unto her, without melteth a graven image, and and to the planets, and to all the our men.

goldsmith spreadeth it over w host of heaven. And he took

gold. and casteth silver chals away the horses that the kings of me. Hast thou seen this. O son of

son of He that is so impoverished that

t Judah had given to the sun at tha

thou seen this, son of a to su poven man? Turn thee yet again, and

hath no oblation chooseth a tr entering in of the house of the thou shalt see greater abomina- ||

that will not rot: he seeketh w LORD. by the chamber of Nathan- tions than these. And he brought

him a cunning workman to par melech the chamberlain, which

me into the inner court of the pare a graveu image, that si was in the suburbs, and burnt the LORD'. house; and, behold, at the

not be moved. chariots of the sun with fire.

door of the temple of the LORD, Isa. xli, 6, 7. They helped eve 2 Chron. xxxiil, 3,5. For be built

between the porch and the altar, one his neighbour, and every el again the high places which Heze

were about five and twenty men, said to his brother, Be of god kiah his father had broken down,

with their backs toward the temple | courage. So the carpenter and he reared up altars for Baalim. of the LORD, and their faces to couraged the goldsmith, and and made groves, and worshipped

ward the east; and they worship that smootheth with the batt all the host of heaven, and served | ped the sun toward the east. him that smote the anvil, sayin them. And he built altars for Zeph. i. 4.5. I will also stretch

It is ready for the sodering: all the host of heaven in the two out inino hand upon Judah, and

he fastened it with Dails, the courts of the house of the LORD. Upon all the inhabitants of Jeru

should not be moved. Job xxx. 26. 28. If I beheld the salem; and I will cut off the rem 18a. xliv, 12-14. The soith . Ban when it shined, or the moonnant of Baal from this place, and the tongs both worketh in u walking in brightness; This also the name of the Chemarims with coals, and fashioneth it with a were an iniquity to be punished by the priests; And them that wor- mers, and worketh it with the judge; for I should have denied ship the host of heaven upon the strength of his arms: yes, he the God that is above.

house-tops; and them that worship hungry, and his strength failed

ir daughters delayed, be veople gathe

doketh no water, and is faint. , which are made with hands: Sofeet to worship him. And he said Ibe carpenter stretcheth out his that not only this our craft is in unto me, See thou do it not: I am ele be marketb it out with a line, | danger to be set at nought; but | thy fellow-servant, and of thy le steth it with planes, and he also that the temple of the great brethren that have the testimony narketh it ont with the compass, goddess Diana should be despised, of Jesus: worship God: for the ed maketh it after the figure of a and her magnificence should be testimony of Jesus is the spirit of en according to the beauty of a destroyed, whom all Asia and the prophecy. is, that it may remain in the world worshippeth,

Rev. xxil, 8, 9. And I John saw horse. He beweth him down

these things, and heard them. colars, and taketh the cypress 3. MEN AND SPIRITS.

And when I had heard and seen, Sed the oak. which be strength.

Lev. xvii, 7. And they shall no I fell down to worship before the Eneth for himself among the trees

more offer their sacrifices unto feet of the angel which shewed the forest: he planteth an asb, devils, after whom they have gone | me these things. Then saith he and the rain doth nourish it.

a whoring. This shall be a statute unto me, See thou do it not: for 2. vi. 6. They lavish gold for ever unto them throughout I am thy fellow - servant, and of of the bag and weigh silver | their generations.

thy brethren the prophets, and Se balance, and hire a gold

Job v. 1. Call now, if there be of them which keep the sayings the and he maketh it a god: I any that will answer thee; and to

of this book: worship God. S tall down, yea, they wor- | which of the saints wilt thou turn?

4. BEASTS. Der 34. For the customs of Ps. cvi. 37. Yea, they sacrificed

Exod. xxxil, 1-4, 31, 34, 35. And people are vain: for one cut their song and their daughters

when the people saw that Moses & tree out of the foxest (the unto devils.

delayed to come down out of the k of the hands of the work

mount, the people gathered them

Acts x, 25, 26. And as Peter was 3) with tbe axe: They deck coming in,' Cornelius met him,

selves together unto Aaron, and with silver and with gold; they

said unto him, Up, make us gods, and fell down at his feet, and Stan it with nails and with

which shall go before us; for as worshipped him. But Peter took ters, that it inove not.

for this Moses, the man that him up, saying, Stand up; I myself brong vil. 20. As for the beauty

brought us up out of the land of also am a man. sorpament, he set it in

Egypt, we wot not what is become

Acts xiv. 11-16, 18. And when of him. sty, but they made the images

And Aaron said unto the people saw what Paul had them, Break off the golden ear. abominations and of their

done, they lifted up their voices, rings which are in the ears of table things therein: there

saying in the speech of Lycaonia, your wives, of your sons, and of have I set it far from them.

The gods are come down to us in your daughters, and bring them 1 1. Nebuchadnezzar the the likeness of men. And they unto me. And all the people made an image of gola, called Barnabas, Jupiter, and Paul, brake off the golden ear-rings height was threescore

Mercurius, because he was the which were in their ears, and e. and the breadth thereof

chief speaker. Then the priest of brought them unto Aaron. And abits he set it up in the plain

Jupiter, which was before their he received them at their hand, me in the province of Baby- city, brought oxen and garlands and fashioned it with a graving

unto the gates, and would have tool, after he had made it a mol1. Israel 18 an empty done sacrifice with the people. ten calf; and they said, These be

oth forth fruit unto | Which when the apostles, Barna- | thy gods, O Israel, which brought

ording to the multi- bag and Paul, heard of, they rent thee up out of the land of Egypt. De of his fruit he hath increased their clothes, and ran in among And Moses returned unto the

are according to the good- the people, crying out, And say- LORD, and said, Oh! this people of his land they have made ing, Sirs, why do ye these things have sinned a great sin, and have diy images.

We also are men of like passions made them gods of gold. There

with you, and preach unto you, ** Tİ, 40. Saying unto Aaron,

| fore now go, lead the people unto I that ye should turn from these I the place of which I have spoken Peus gods to go before us: for

1 vanities unto the living God, I unto thee. Behold, mine Angel for this Moses, which Toat of the land of Egypt, we which made heaven, and earth. I shall go be pot what is become of him.

of him and the sea, and all things that in the day when I visit, I will

are therein: Who in times past visit their sin upon them. And swil, 29. Forasmuch then

suffered nations to walk in their the LORD plagued the people, bese are the offspring of God,

own ways. And with these say-cause they made the calf, which gught not to think that the

ings scarce restrained they the Aaron made. tead is like unto gold, or

people, that they had not done Ter, or stone, graven by art and

Deut. ix, 16. And I looked, and, sacrifice unto them. 's device.

| behold, ye had sinned against the

Col. ii. 18. Let no man beguile LORD your God, and had made dets xix, 23-27. And the same

you of your reward in a voluntary | you a molten calf: ye had turned etbere aroge no small stir

humility and worshipping of an- aside quickly out of the way that way. For a certain

gels, intruding into those things which the LORD had commanded Lamed Demetrius, & silver

which he hath not seen, vainly you. Eth which made silver shrines puffed up by his fleshly mind,

1 Kinos xil. 29. 30. And he set Dlana, brought no small gain

Rev. ix, 20. And the rest of the the one in Bethel, and the other o tbe craftsmed: Whom he

work men which were not killed by I put he in Dan. And this thing De together with th

und said, these plagues yet repented not of became a sin: for the people went or like occupation, and said, I these plagues yet repented not af

w An, ye know that by this

this craft the works of their hands, that to worship before the one, even

I they should not worship devils, | unto Dan. Lave our wealth. Moreover, they should not worslin see and hear that not alone at 14018 of gold, and silver, and 2 Kings x, 29. Howbeit from the

brass, and stone, and of wood; sing of Jeroboam Ez, but almost throughout

the son of which neither can see, nor hear, Nebat. who made Israel to sin, Asia this Paul bath persuaded which neither can see. nor h terted away much people, or walk.

Jehu departed not from after aying that they be

y be

no 5
no gods! Rev. xix, 10. And I fell at his them, to wit, the golden calves


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