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Gentiles shall come to thy light, prey upon thee will I give for al Ezek. xxxvii, 18-22. And wt and kings to the brightness of thy prey. Their children also shall the children of thy people sha rising. Lift up thine eyes round be as aforetime, and their congre- speak unto thee, saying. W about, and sea; all they gather gation shall be established before thou not shew us what thou mea themselves together, they come me, and I will punish all that est by these? Say unto ther to thee: thy song shall come from oppress them.

Thus saith the Lord God, Behol far, and thy danghters shall be

Jer. xxxi, 8, 9. Behold, I will I will take the stick of Josep nursed at thy side. Then thou bring them from the north coun- which is in the hand of Ephrait shalt gee, and flow together, and

try, and gather them from the and the tribes of Israel his fellow thine heart shall fear, and be en-coasts of the earth, and with them and will put them with him, erd larged; because the abundance of the blind and the lame, the woman with the stick of Judah, the sea shall be converted unto with child and her that travaileth make them one stick, and the thee, the forces of the Gentiles with child together: a great com- shall be one in mine hand. shall come unto thee. Therefore pany shall return thither. They the sticks whereon thou writa thy gates shall be open continu- shall come with weeping, and shall be in thine hand before the ally; they shall not be shut day with supplications will I lead eyes. And say unto them, Th nor night; that men may bring them: I will cause them to walk saith the Lord God, Behold, I w unto thee the forces of the Gen- by the rivers of waters in a straight take the children of Israel fra tiles, and that their kings may be way, wherein they shall not stum- among the heathen, whither the brought. For the nation and ble; for I am a father to Israel, and be gone, and will gather them kingdom that will not serve thee Ephraim is my first-born.

every side, and bring them in shall perish; yea, those nations Ezek. xi, 17, 18. Therefore say; them one pation in the land up

their own land: And I will mal shall be utterly . sbalt also suck the milk of the Thus saith the Lord God, I will the mountains of Israel; and a Gentiles, and shalt suck the breast even gather you from the people, king shall be king to them al of kings: and thou shalt know and assemble you out of the couns and they shall be no more te

tries where ye have been scatterand thy Redeemer, the mighty of Israel. And they shall come that I the LORD am thy Savioured, and I will give you the land nations, neither shall they

divided into two kingdoms an One of Jacob.

more at all. thither, and they shall take away Isa. Ixi, 7, 9. For your shame all the detestable things thereof, Ezek. xxxviii, 8. After AG ye shall have double; and for con- and all the abominations thereof, | days thou shalt' be visited; in th fusion they shall rejoice in their from thence.

latter years thou shalt come int portion: therefore in their land they shall possess the double;

Ezek. XX, 41, 42. I will accept the land that is brought hac

from the sword, and is gathere everlasting joy shall be unto them. you with your sweet savour, woen And their seed shall be known I bring you out from the people, out of many people, against til among the Gentiles, and their and gather you out of the coun mountains of Israel, which has offspring among the people: all tries wherein ye have been scat- been always waste: but it that see them shall acknowledge tered; and I will be sanctified in brought forth out of the nation them, that they are the seed which you before the heathen. And ye and they shall dwell safely all e the LORD hath blessed. shall know that I am the LORD,

them. when I shall bring you into the Amos ix, 14, 15. And I will brin Isa. Ixv, 9. And I will bring land of Israel, into the country again the captivity of my people forth a seed out of Jacob, and out for the which I lifted up mine of Israel, and they shall build the of Judah an inheritor of iny hand to give it to your fathers. waste cities, and inhabit them mountains: and mine elect sball

Ezek. xxviii, 24-26. And there and they shall plant vineyards inherit it, and my servants shall shall be no more a pricking brier and drink the wine thereof; tbe dwell there.

unto the house of Israel, nor any shall also make gardens, and ta Isa. Ixvi, 10. Rejoice ye with grieving thorn of all that are the fruit of them. And I will Jerusalem, and be glad with her, round about them that despised plant them upon their land, at all ye that love her: rejoice for them; and they shall know that I they shall no more be pulled ug joy with her, all ye that mourn am the Lord God. Thus saith the out of their land which I have for her. Lord God, When I shall have given them, saith the LORD thy

God. Jer. iil, 7, 18. And I said, after gathered the house of Israel from she bad done all these things, the people among whom they are

Obadiah 17, 18. 20. But upon Turn thou unto me: but she re- scattered, and shall be sanctifed mount Zion shall be deliverance turned not. And her treacher in them in the sight of the heathen, and there shall be holiness, and dus sister Judah saw it. In those then shall they dwell in their laud the house of Jacob sball possess days the house of Judah shall walk that I have given to my servant their possessions. And the house with the house of Israel, and they Jacob. And they shall dwell of Jacob shall be a fire, and the shall come together out of the safely therein, and shall build house of Joseph a flame, and the land of the north to the land houses, and plant vineyards; yea, house of Esau for stubble and the that I have given for an inherit they shall dwell with confidence, shall kindle in them, and devoar ance unto your fatherg.

when I have executed judgments them; and there shall not be asp Jer. xxlli, 3. And I will gather upon all those that despise them remaining of the house of Ext: the remnant of my flock out of all round about them; and they shall for the LORD hath spoken it. Aut countries whither I have driven know that I am the LORD their the captivity of this host of the them, and will bring them again God.

children of Israel shall passess to their folds; and they shall be

Ezek. XXXVI, 33, 34. Thus saith that of the Canaanites, eren unta fruitful and increase.

the Lord Gon, in the day that I Zarephath; and the captivity

shall have cleansed you from all Jerusalem, which is in Sepharal, Jer. xxx, 16, 20. Therefore all your iniquities, I will also cause shall possess the cities of the they that devour thee shall be you to dwell in the cities, and the south. devoured; and all thine adver-wastes shall be builded. And tho Micah iv, 6-8. In that day, soith daries, every one of them, sball go desolate land shall be tilled, the LORD, Will I assemble her that into captivity; and they that spoil whereas it lay desolate in the halteth, and I will gather her that thee shall be a spoil, and all that sight of all that passed by. is driven out, and her that I have


lady And I will make her that righteousness. Yes, many peo- of the God of Jacob; and he will la remnant, and her that ple and strong nations shall come teach ns of his ways, and we will tast far off a strong nation: to seek the LORD of hosts in walk in his paths: for out of Zion the LORD shall reign over Jerusalem, and to pray before the shall go forth the law, and the la mount Zion from hence- LORD. Thus saith the LORD of word of the LORD from Jerusalem. eren for ever. And tbou, hosts, In those days it shall come rer of the flock, the strong to pass, that ten men shall take

Isa. xlii, 1, 4. Behold my ser of the daughter of Zion, hold, out of all languages of the

vant, whom I uphold; mine elect, kee eball it come, even the nations, even shall take hold of in whom my soul delighteth: I bisinion; the kingdom shall the skirt of him that is a Jew: shall bring forth judgment to the

have put my Spirit upon him; he to the daughter of Jeru- saying, We will go with you; for Gentiles. He shall not fail nor be

we have heard that God is with discouraged, till he have set judg. A VII, 12. In that day also you.

ment in the earth: and the isles Il come even to thee from Zech. xii, 7. The Lord also shall shall wait for his law. A, and from the fortified save the tents of Jndab first, that ! from the fortress even the glory of the house of David,

Isa, xlix, 5, 6, 8. And now, saith river, and from sea to and the glory of the inhabitants the Lord that formed me from a from mountain to moun- of Jerusalem, do not magnify the womb to be his servant, to themselves against Judah.

bring Jacob again to him, Though

Israel be not gathered, yet shall I 1, 9, 10, 15–17, 20. For Zech. xiv,10,11,13,14. All the land DI turn to the people a shall be turned as a plain, from Lord, and my God shall be my

be glorious in the eyes of the ngunge, that they may all Geba to Rimmon, south of Jeru

strength. And he said, It is a in the name of the Lord, salem: and it shall be lifted up, and light thing that thou shouldest be e Lim with one consent. inhabited in her place, from my servant, to raise up the tribes

beyond the rivers of Benjamin's gate unto the place of Jacob, and to restore the premy suppliants, even the of the first gate, unto tho

served of Israel; I will also give of my dispersed, shall corner gate, and from the tower thee for a light to the Gentiles, inite offeringThe Lord of Hananeel unto the king's wine that thou mayest be my salvation ken away thy judgments, presses. And men shall dwell in it, unto the end of the earth. Thus tast out thine enemy: the and there shall be no more utter saith the LORD, In an acceptable Israel, eren the LORD, is destruction; but Jerusalem shall time have I heard thee, and in a uxtst of thee: thou shalt be safely inhabited. And it shall day of salvation have I helped sul any more. In that day come to pass in that day, that a thee: and I will preserve thee, and emaid to Jerusalem, Fear great tumult from the LORD shall give thee for a covenant of the e and to Zion, Let not be among them; and they shall bois ba slack. The LORD lay hold every one on the hand of people, to establish the earth, to

cause to inherit the desolate heri. in the midst of thee is his neighbour, and his hand shall

tages. be will save, he will rise up against the band of his ter thee with joy; he will neighbour. And Judah also shall

Isa li, 5. My righteousness is His love, he will joy over fight at Jerusalem; and the wealth near; my salvation is gone forth,

singing. At that time of all the heathen round about and mine arms shall judge the kes you again, even in the shall be gathered together, gold, people; the isles shall wait upon I gather you: for I will and silver, and apparel, in great me, and on mine arm shall they

trust. pa name and a praise abundance. all people of the earth, Mal. iii, 12. And all nations shall Isa. III, 15. So shall he sprinkle barn back your captivity call you blessed: for ye shall be many nations; the kings shall shut war eyes, saith the LORD. a delightsome land, saith the their mouths at him: for that

which had not been told them 14, 6, 7, 11. And saia LORD of hosts. 3. Run, speak to this

shall they see, and that which blat, saying, Jerusalem

PROPHECIES HAVING they had not heard shall they contahabited towns


Isa. Iv, 5. Bebold, thou shalt ind cattle therein: Ho, ho,

call a nation that thou knowest and flee from the land


not; and nations that knew not ath, saith the LORD: for I


thee shall run unto thee, because read you abroad as the P8. 11. 8. Ask of me, and I shall of the LORD thy God, and for the We of the heaven, saith give thee the heathen for thine Holy One of Israel;' for he hath

Deliver thyself, Zion, inheritance, and the uttermost glorified thee. lent scith the daughter parts of the earth for thy posses- Isa. Ixil, 2, 3. And the Gentileg lon. And many nations sion. bined to the Lord in that

shall see thy righteousness, and all sliall be my people: and

P3, xxii, 27. All the ends of the kings thy glory: and thou shalt be

world shall remember, and turn called by a new name, which the fell in the midst of thee; unto the Lord; and all the kin- mouth of the Lord shall name. shalt koow that the dreds of the nations shall worship Thou shalt also be a crown of lasts bath sent me unto before thee.

glory in the hand of the LORD, and Isa. 11, 2, 3. And It shall come to a royal diadem in the hand of thy VIL, 7, 8.22, 23. Thus saith pass in the last days, that the God.

of bosts. Bebold, I will mountain of the Lord's house Isa. Ixv, 1, 15. I am sought of perple from the east shall be established in the top of them that 'asked not for me; I am and from the west coun: the mountains, and shall be ex- found of them that sought me not: I will bring them, and alted above the hills; and all na- I said, Behold me, behold me, unto a well in the midst tions shall flow unto it; And a nation that was not called by lem; and they shall many people shall go and say, my name. And ye shall leave

psople, and I will Come ye, and let us go up to the your name for a curse unto my God, in truth and in mountain of the Lord, to the house I chosen: for the Lord God shall


slay thee, and call his servants by stones to raise up children anto people, which were not my ped another name. Abraham.

and her beloved, which mae Amos 1x, 11. In that day will i Vatth. xii, 17, 18. That it might beloved, And it shall cond raise up the tabernacle of David be fulfilled which was spoken by pass, that in the place wiser that is fallen, and close up the Esaias the prophet, saying, Be- was said unto them, Ye are breaches thereof; and I will raise hold my servant, whom I have my people; there shall they up his ruins, and I will build it as chosen; my beloved, in whom my

called the children of the lit in the days of old.

soul is well pleased:' I will put my God. What shall we say ti Micah iv, 1, 2. But in the last spirit npon him, and he shall That the Gentiles, which folla

not after righteousness, have days it shall come to pass, that the shew judgment to the Gentiles. mountain of the house of the

John xi, 49–52. And one of them righteousness which is of 1

tained to righteousness, ever LORD shall be established in the

named Caiaphas, being the high But Israel, which followed top of the mountains, and it shall priest that same year, said onto be exalted above the hills; and them, Ye know. nothing at all, attained to the law of right

the law of righteousness, batt people shall flow unto it. And Nor consider that it is expedient

ness. Wherefore? Because inany nations shall come, and say, for us, that one man should die Come, and let us go up to the for the people, and that the whole sought it not by faith, but mountain of the Lord, and to the nation perish not. And this spake Were by the works of the las house of the God of Jacob; and he he not of himself

: but being high they stumbled at that stom!

stone. will teach us of his ways, and we priest that year, he prophesied will walk in his paths: for the law that Jesus should die for that Rom. x, 19, 20. But I say, shall go forth of Zion, and the nation; And not for that nation not Israel know? First, word of the Lord from Jerusalem. only, but that also he should saith, I will provoke you to

gather together in one the chil- ousy by them that are no Mal. 1, 11. For from the rising of dren of God that were scattered and by a foolish nation ! the sun, even unto the going down abroad.

anger you.

But Esaias is of the same, my name shall be

Acts xiii, 46, 47. Then Paul and bold, and saith, I was los great among the Gentiles; and in every place incense shaủ be of- Barnabas waxed bold, and said, them that sought me not; 1 fered unto my uame, and a pure

It was necessary that the word of made manifest unto them offering : for my name shall be God should first have been spoken asked not after me.

Rom. xv, 9-12, 21. And the great among the heathen, suith the to you: but seeing ye put it from LORD of hosts.

you, and judge yourselves un- Gentiles might glorify God

worthy of everlasting life, lo, wo his mercy; as it is written, Matth. viii, 11. And I say unto turn to the Gentiles: For so hath this cause I will confess to you, That many shall come from the Lord commanded us, saying, among the Gentiles, and sing the east and west, and shall sit I have set thee to be a light of the thy name. And again be down with Abraham, and Isaac, Gentiles, that thou shouldest be Rejoice, ye Gentiles, with a and Jacob, in the kingdom of for salvation unto the ends of the ple. And again, Praise the heaven. earth.

all ye Gentiles; and land Matth. xll, 21. And in bis name Acts xv, 11-17. But we believe ye people. And again! shall the Gentiles trust. that, through the grace of the

saith, There shall be a no Matth. xxi, 43. Therefore say ! Lord Jesus Christ, we shall be

Jesse, and he that shall : unto you, The kingdom of God saved, even as they. Then all the reign over the Gentiles, to shall be taken from you, and given multitude kept silence, and gave shall the Gentiles trust. Be to a nation bringing forth the audience to Barnabas and Paul, is written, To whom he w fruits thereof.

declaring what miracles and won spoken of, they shall see: An Luke xiii, 29, 30. And they shall ders God had wrought among the that have not heard shall

stand. come from the east, and from the Gentiles by them. And after they west, and from the north, and had held their peace, James an- 1 Cor. 1, 24. But unto from the south, and shall sit down swered, saying, Men and brethren, which are called, both Jes in the kingdom of God. And, be- hearken unto me: Simeon bath Greeks, Christ the power of hold, there are last which shall be declared how God at the first did and the wisdom of God. first, and there are first which visit the Gentiles, to take out of shall be last.

2 Cor. ill, 8-11. How shal them a people for his name. And

the ministration of the Sp! Acts vi, 14. For we have heard to this agree the words of the him say, that this Jesus of Naza- prophets; as it is written, After rather glorious? For if the

istration of condemnation de reth stall destroy this place, and this I will return, and will build again the tabernacle of David, of righteousness exceed to

mnch more doth the minist shall change the customs which which is fallen down; and I will Moses delivered us. Rev. xl, 15. And the seventh I will set it ap: That the residue glorious had no glory in

build again the ruins thereof, and For even that which was angel sounded; and there were of men might seek after the Lord,

spect, by reason of the glar great voices in heaven, saying, and all tho Gentiles, upon whom

excelleth. For if that The kingdoms of this world are my name is called, saith the Lord,

done away wus glorious, become the kingdoms of our Lord, who doeth all these things

more that which remalo, and of his Christ; and he shali

glorious. reign for ever and ever.

Rom. il, 10. But glory, honour, and peace, to every man that

Gal, ili, 14, 28, 29. That the worketh good; to the Jew first, the Gentiles through Jesus

ing of Abraham mlgbt cau APPLICATION AND FULFILMENT OF and also to the Gentile.

that we might receive the po THOSE PROPHECIES.

Rom. ill, 29. 18 he the God of the of the Spirit through faith.

Jews only? is he not also of the is neither Jew nor Geek Matth. 111, 9. And think not to Gentiles? Yes, of the Gentiles neither bond por free, there Bay within yourselves, We have also.

ther male por female: for y Abrabam to our father: for I way Rom. 1x, 25, 26, 30-32. As he gaith one in Christ Jesus. And unto you, that God is able of these also in Usee, I will call them my Christ's, then are ye Abra 1 and heirs according to the company, or como unto one of fellow-workers unto the kingdom

another nation; but God hath to God, which have been a comIT, SO, 81. Nevertheless, shewed me that I should not call fort unto me. with the scripture? Cast any man common or unclean. the bond woman and her son: Acts xi, 1-3, 9.-14, 17, 18. And JEWISH UNBELIEF. the son of the bond woman the apostles and brethren that Acts xiil, 19, 40, 41, 50. And I not be helr with the son of were in Judea heard that the when he had destroyed seven free woman. So then, breth-Gentiles had also received the nations in the land of Chanaan, We are not children of the word of God. And when Peter he divided their fand to them by I wornan, but of the free. was come up to Jerusalem, they lot. Beware, therefore, lest that 4. ill

, 5, 6. Which in other that were of the circumcision con- come upon you which is spoken was not made known unto tended with him, saying, Thou of in the prophets; Behold, ye 3 of men, as it is now re

wentest in to men uncircumcised, despisers, and wonder, and perish: unto his holy apostles and and didst eat with

them. But the for I work

a work in your days, & at by the Spirit That the voice answered me again from work which ye shall in no wise s should be fellow-beirs, heaven, What God hath cleansed, believe, though a man declare it

the same body, and par- that call not thou common. And unto you. But the Jews stirred nd his promise in Christ by this was done three times and all up the devont and honourable

were drawn up again into heaven. women, and the chief men of the & Ti, 13, 18. For the priest were three men already come against Paul and Barnabas, and And, behold, immediately there


and raised persecution being changed, there is of necessity a change also from Cesarea unto me. Apl the unto the house where I was, sent expelled them out of their coasts.

Acts xlv, 2. But the unbelieving aling of the commandment Spirit bade me go with them, Jews stirred up the Gentiles, and

Moreover, tfore, for the weakness and

made their minds evil affected these six brethren accompanied against the brethren. ditableness thereof.

me, and we entered into the man's 11, 39, 40. And these all, house: And he shewed us how

Acts xvii, 5. But the Jews which obtained a good report he had seen an angel in his house, believed not, moved with envy, faith, received not the which stood and said unto him, took unto them certain lewa

God having provided Send men to Joppa, and call for fellows of the baser sort, and gathbetter thing for us, that they Simon, whose surname is Peter. ered a company, and set all the u should not be made Who shall tell thee words, where- city on an uproar, and assaulted

by thou and all thy house shall be the house of Jason, and sought to

saved. Forasmuch then as God bring them out to the people. FAITH AND JEW. gave them the like gift as he did

Acts xviii, 12, 13. And when 18H PREJUDICES.

unto us, who believed on the Lord Gallio was the deputy of Achaia,

Jesus Christ, what was I, that I the Jews made insurrection with vii, 35. Then said the Jews could withstand God? When they one accord against Paul, and themselves, Whither will heard these things, they held their brought him to the judgmentLat we shall not find bim? peace, and glorified God, saying, seat, Saying, This fellow persuad

go unto the dispersed Then hath God also to the Gentiles eth men to worship God contrary the Gentiles, and teach the granted repentance unto life. to the law.

Acts xiv, 1. And it came to pass Acts XXVI, 19.-21. Whereupon, 0.41 , 42. Then they that in Iconium, that they

went both o king Agrippa, I was not dised and the same day there together into the synagogue of obedient unto the heavenly vision: sided unto them about

the Jews, and so spake, that a But shewed first unto them of lacusand souls. And they great multitude

both of the Jews Damascus, and at Jerusalem, and

and also of the Greeks believed. throughout all the coasts of bed stedfastly in the aposferite and fellowsbip, and Acts xv, 8, 9. And God, which that they should repent and turn

Judea, and then to the Gentiles, saking of bread, and in knoweth 'the hearts, bare them

to God, and do works meet for witness, giving them the Holy repentance. For these causes the IT, 4. Howbeit many of Ghost, even as he did unto us; Jews caught me in the temple, hieb beard the word be- and pat no difference between and went about to kill me. sad the number of the us and them, purifying their about five thousand. hearts by faith.

Acts xxviil, 25-29. And wlen T, 13, 14. And of the rest Acts xxl, 20-22. And when they themselves, they departed, after

they (the Jews] agreed not among so thau join himself to them: heard it, they glorified the Lord, that Paul had spoken one'word, people magnified them, and said unto him, Thou seest,

Tell spake the Holy Ghost by believers were the more brother, how many thousands of Esaias the prophet unto our

to the Lord, multitudes Jews there are which believe; fathers, Saying, Go unto this men and women.)

and they are all zealous of the people, and say, Hearing ye shall

law: And they are informed of hear, and shall not understand; TL, 7. And the word of thee, that thou teachest all the and seeing ye shall see, and not screased, and the number of Jews which are among the Gen. perceive: For the heart of this Isdples multipled in Jeru- tiles to forsake Moses, saying that people is waxed gross, and their greatly; and a great com- they ought not to circumcise their ears are dull of hearing, and their the priests were obedient children, neither to walk after the eyes have they closed; lest they

customs. What is it therefore? should see with their eyes, and 1X, 27, 28. And as he talked the multitude must needs come hear with their ears, and underhim, he went in, and found together: for they will bear that stand with their beart, and should that were come together. thou art come.

be converted, and I should heal 19 said unto them, Ye know Col. iv, 11. And Jesus, which is them. Be it known therefore w It is an unlawful thing called Justus, who are of the cir- unto you, that the salvation of um that is a Jew to keep cumcision. These only are my God is sent unto the Gentiles, ani thct they will hear it. And and from the power of Satan unto enmits, eren the law of comme when he had said these words, God, that they may receive for- ments contained in ordinance the Jews departed, and had great giveness of sins, and inheritance to make in himself of twain reasoning among themselves. among them which are sanctified new man, 80 making peace. 1 Thess. ii, 16. Forbidding us to by faith that is in me.

came and preached peace to speak to the Gentiles, that they Rom. i, 5 13-15. By whom we which were afar off, and to t might be saved, to fill up their have received grace and apostle that were nigh. sins alway: for the wrath is come ship, for obedience to the faith Eph. III, 1--4,7,8 For thisa upon them to the uttermcst. among all nations, for his name; 'I Paul, the prisoner of

Now I would not have you igno- Christ for you Gentiles (1 THE CHURCH AMONG THE rant, brethren, that oftentimes I have heard of the dispers GENTILES.

purposed to come unto you, (but of the grace of God whid Acts xiii, 48, 49. And when the have some fruit among you also, by revelation be made

was let hitherto,) that I might given me to you-ward: How Gentiles heard this, they were glad, and glorified the word of the I am debtor both to the Greeks afore in few words, Wbe

even as among other Gentiles. unto me the mystery; (as I Lord: and as many as were or- and to the Barbarians, both to the when ye read, ye may code dained to eternal life believed. And the word of the Lord was much as in me is, I am ready to Christ.) Whereof I was

wise and to the unwise. So, as my knowledge in the wysig published throughout all the re-preach the Gospel to you that are minister, according to the gion. at Rome also.

the grace of God given to Acts xlv, 27, 28. And when they were come, and had gathered the they not heard? Yes verily, their power. Unto me, who sa

Rom. x, 18. But I say, Have by the effectual working church together, they rehearsed sound went into all the earth. ihan the least of all saints, all that God had done with them, and their words unto the ends of grace given that I should and how he had opened the door the world.

among the Gentiles the w of faith unto the Gentiles. And

able riches of Christ. there they abode long time with

Rom. xv, 16-19. That I should the disciples.

be the minister of Jesus Christ to Col. 1, 6, 25-27. Which the Gentiles, ministering the gos

unto you, as it is in all the Acts xv, 3. 4. And being brought pel of God, that the offering up of and bringeth forth fruit on their way by the church, they the Gentiles might be acceptable, doth also in you, since to passed through Phenice and being sanctified by the Holy

heard of it, and knew the Samaria, declaring the conversion Ghost. I have therefore whereof of God in truth: Where of the Gentiles and they caused I may glory through Jesus Christ made a minister, according great joy unto all the brethren. in those things which pertain to dispeusation of God And when they were come to God. For I will not dare to speak given to me for you, to Jerusalem, they were received of of any of those things which word of God; Even the the church, and of the apostles Christ hath not wrought by me, which hath been bid from and elders, and they declared: to make the Gentiles obedient, by and from generations, but all things that God had done word and deed, Through mighty made manifest to his with them. signs and wonders, by the power

whom God would make Acts xvii, 4, 12, 33, 34. And some of the Spirit of God; so that from what is the riches of the of them believed, and consorted Jerusalem, and round

abont unto this mystery among the with Paul and Silas; and of the Illyricum,'I have fully preached which is Christ in you, the devout Greeks a great multitude, the gospel of Christ.

of glory. and of the chief women not a few.

2 Cor. iii, 6. Who also hath 2 Tim. 1, 11. Wberenate Therefore many of them believed; made us able ministers of the new appointed a preacher, also of honourable women which testament; not of the letter, but of apostle, and a teacher were Greeks, and of men not a the spirit: for the letter killeth,

Gentiles. few. So Paul departed from but the spirit giveth life.

Rev. xiv, 6. And I saw among them. Ilowbeit certain men clave unto him, and believed Gal. ii, 7-9. But contrari wise. angel fiy in the midst of among the which was Dionysius when they saw that the gospel of preach unto them tba: ar ed Damaris, and others with them. unto me, as the gospel of the cir: the earth, and to every

and kindred, and tongue cumcision was unto Peter, (For Acts xxi, 19. And when he he that wrought effectually in

people. had saluted them, he declared Peter to the apostleship of the

REFLECTIONS particularly what things God had circumcision, the

Acts xv,19 20. Wherefore wrought among the Gentiles by mighty in me toward the Gen- tence is, that we trouble his ministry.

tiles:) And when James, Cephas, which írom among the Acts xxii, 21. And he said unto and John, who seemed to be are turned to God: Bot me,

Depart: for I will send thee pillars, perceived the grace that write unto them, that there far hence unto the Gentiles. was given unto me, they gave to from pollutions of idols, so

Acts xxvi, 16-18. But rise, and me and Barnabas the right hands fornication, and from stand upon thy feet: for I have of fellowship, that we should go strangled, and from blucl appeared unto thee for this pur- unto the heathen, and thoy unto Rom. xi, 17-91. And it pose. to make thee a minister and the circumcision.

the branches be brokea 4 a witness both of these things Eph. ii, 13-15, 17. But now, in thou, being a wild olivet wbich thou hast seen, and of Christ Jesus, ye who sometimes graffed in among them. those things in the which

I will were far off are made nigh by the them partakest of the to appear unto thee; Delivering the blood of Christ. For he is our fatness of the olive tre from the people, and from the peace, who hath made both one, not against the brance Gentiles, unto whom now I send and hath broken down the mid- thou' boast, thou bearest thee, To open their eyes and to dle wall of partition betreen us; root, but the root the turn them from darkness to light, Ilaviag abolished in his flesh the wilt say then, the braucht



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