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Full perish.

when they have heard, go forth, fear not: behold, your God will 1 Tim. iv, 8. For bodily exercise abi are choked with cares, and come with vengeance, even God profiteth little: but godliness is riches, and pleasures of this life, with a recompence; he will come profitable unto all things, having und bring no fruit to perfection. and save you.

promise of the life that now is, Matth. vi, 25, 31, 33, 34. There- and of that which is to come. HOPE.

fore I say unto you, Take no Heb. xii, 12, 13. Wherefore lift Juh xi, 18. And thou shalt be thought for your life, what ye up the bands which hang down, cure, because there is hope; yea, shall eat, or what ye shall drink; and the feeble knees; And mako Ibou shalt dig about thee, and nor yet for your body, what yo straight paths for your feet, lest thoa shalt take thy rest in safety. shall put on. Is not the life more that which is lame be turned out PTR. I, 28. The bope of the than meat, and the body than of the way: but let it rather be righteous shall be gladness: but

raiment? Therefore take healed. the expectation of the wicked thought, saying, What shall we

1 Peter v, 7. Casting all your eat? or, What shall we drink? or, care upon him; for he careth for

Wherewithal shall we be clothed? Proc. xil, 25. Heaviness in the But seek ye first the kingdom of

you. beart of man maketh it stoop: God, and his righteousness; and

2 Peter 1, 3. According as bis But a good word maaeth it glad. all these things shall be added

divine power hath given unto us Proc. xiii, 12. Hope deferred unto yon. Take therefore no

all things that pertain unto life mateth the heart sick : but when thought for the morrow: for the and godliness, through the knowdesire cometh, it is a tree ot morrow shall take thought for the lodgo of him that hath called us to

things of itself. Sufficient unto glory and virtue. Rom. iv, 18. Who against hope the day is the evil thereof. believed in bope, that he might Luke x, 39-42. And she had a

MURMURING. become the father of many na- sister called Mary, which also sat

Exod xvi, 9. And Moseg spake Mbas, according to that which at Jesus' feet, and heard his word. unto Aaron, say unto all the cun. us spöken, so shall thy seed And Martha was cumbered about gregation of the children of Is

much serving, and came to him, rael, Come near before the LORD: DESPAIR.

and said, Lord, dost thou not for he hath heard your murmurNum. XVII, 12, 13. And the chil- to serve alone? bid her therefore care that my sister hath left me ings.

Num. xiv, 27-29. IIow long an of Israel spake unto Moses, that she help me. And Jesus an- shall I bear with this evil congre; by inz, Behold, we die, we perish, swered and said unto her, Martha, gation, wbich murmur against me?

all perish.' Whosoever com- Martha, thou art careful and I have heard the murmurings

any thing near unto the ta- troubled about many things; But of the children of Israel, which racle of the LORD shall die : one thing is neediul: and Mary they murmur against me. Say we be consumed with dy hath chosen that good part, unto them, As truly as I live,

which shall not be taken away saith the LORD, as yo have spoken Job xvil, 15. And where is now from her.

in mine ears, so will I do to you; y bope? as for my hope, who li see it? Luke xii, 22, 23, 25-27. And he Your carcases shall fall in this

that were said, unto his disciples, Therefore wilderness; and all Ps

. lxxvil, 7-9. Will the LORD I say unto you, Take no thought numbered 'of you, according to ut off for ever? and will he be for your life, what ye shall eat; your whole number, from twenty Wearable no more? Is bis mercy neither for the body, what yo years old and upward, which ma gone for ever? doth his pro- shall put on. The life is moro

have murmured against me. Bor fall for evermore? Hath God than meat, and the body is more Num. xvii, 10, 11. And the LORD sitten to be gracious? hath be than raiment. And which of you, said unto Moses, Bring Aaron's woger shat up his tender mer- with taking thought, can add to rod again before the testimony, to si Selab.

his stature one cubit? If ye then be kept for a token against the bt xxii, 12. And in that day be not able to do that thing which rebels; and thou shalt quite take

the Lord God of hosts call to is least, why take ye thought for away their murmurings from me, sping, and to mourning, and the rest? Consider the lilies how that they die not. And Moses

baldbess, and to girding with they grow: they toil not, they did so: as the Lord commanded doth.

spin not; and yet I say unto you, him, so did he. Ter. II, 25.... But thou saidst, that Solomon, in all bis glory, was

1 Cor. x, 10. Neither murmur bere is no bope: no, for I have not arrayed like one of these.

ye, as some of them also mur. i strangers, and after them Trike xil, 28-31. If then God so mured, and were destroyed of tho

clothe the grass, which is to-day destroyer. 19. xvili, 12. And they said,

in the field, and to-morrow is cast Phil. II, 14. Do all things with. fere is no hope; but we will into the oven; how much more

out nurmurings and disputings, katter our own devices, and will he clothe you, o ye of little

faith? And seek not ye what ye i vill every one do the imaginon of his evil heart. shall eat, or what ye shall drink,

E.cod. xvi, 2, 3. And the whole neither be ye of doubtful mind. congregation of the children of len. III, 18. And I said, My For all these things do the nations Israel murmured against Moses tigth and my hope is perished of the world seek after; and your and Aaron in the wilderness. the Lord.

Futher knoweth that ye have and the children of Israel said 2. . 22. But thou hast utterly need of these things. But rather unto them, Would to God we bad Foled us; thou art very wroth seek ye the kingdom of God; and died by the hand of the Lord in

all these things shall be added the land of Egypt, when we sat unto you.

by the flesh-pots, and when wa EMILDT OP Ustus SOLICITUDE.

Rom. viii, 32. Ho that spared did eat bread to the full! for yo 1. IIXV, 3, 4. Strengthen yo not his own son, but

delivered have brought us forth into this weak hands, and contirm the him up for us all, how shall he not wilderness, to kill this wholo Bet knees, say to them that with him also freely give us all assembly with lunger. of a fearfal heart, Be strong, I things?

Num. XVI, 41. But on the mor

row all the congregation of the saw that there was no answer in, man worketh not the righteou children of Israel murmured the mouth of these three men, 1688 of God. against Moses and against Aaron, then his wrath was kindled. saying. Ye bave killed the people

Ps. lxxvl, 10. Surely the wrath REVENGE INSTANCED, BU of the LOBD. of man shall praise thee: the

FORBIDDEN. Num. XX, 2-4. And there was remainder of wrath shalt thou

Gen. 1, 15. And when Joseph no water for the congregation, restrain.

brethren saw that their father w and they gathered themselves

P3. cvi, 33. Because they pro-dead, they said, Joseph will p together against Moses and voked his spirit, so that he spake adventure hate us, and will a against Aaron. And the people unadvisedly with his lips. tainly requite us all the evil whi chode with Moses, and spake,

we did unto him. saying, Would God that we had

Prov. xii, 16. A fool's wrath is

Lev. xix, 18. Thou shalt 1 died when our brethren dled be- presently known: but a prudent

avengo por bear any grud tore the LORD! And why have man covereth shame.

against the children of thy peop ye bronght up the congregation Prov xiv, 17,29. He that is soon but thou shalt love thy neighbo of the LORD into this wilderness, angry dealeth foolisbly; and a man

as thyself: I am the LORD. that we and our cattle should die of wicked devices is hated. He there? that is slow to wrath is of great come to pass, when the La

1 Sam. XXV, 30-35. And it st Vum. xxl, 6. And the people understanding: but he that is hasty shall have done to my lord aces spake against God, and against of spirit exalteth folly.

ing to all the good that he N Moses, Wherefore


ye Prov. xvi, 32. He that is slow to spoken concerning thee, and ! brought us up out of Egypt to die anger 18 better than the mighty; have appointed thee ruler o In the wilderness? for there is no and he that ruleth bis spirit than Israel, That this shall be bread, neither is there any water; he that taketh a city,

grief onto thee, nor offence and our soul loatheth this light Prov. xix, 11. The discretion of heart unto my lord, either t bread.

a man deferreth bis anger, and it thou hast shed blood causeless Deut. 1, 26, 27. Notwithstanding is his glory to pass over a trans that my lord hath avenged ye would not go up, but rebelled gression.

self; but when the LORD shall h against the commandment of the Prov. xxii, 8. He that soweth dealt well with my lord, theu LORD your God. And yo mur iniquity shall reap vanity; and the member thine handmaid. mured in your tents, and said, rod of his anger shall fail.

David said to Abigail, Blessed Because the LORD hated us, he

the LORD God of Israel, we hath brought us forth out of the rule over his own spirit is like a And blessed be thy advice,

Prov. xxv, 28. He that hath no sent thee this day to meet land of Egypt, to deliver us into city that is broken down, and blessed be thou, which hast the hand of the Amorites, to destroy us. without walls.

me this day from coming to Jude 16. These are murmurers,

Prov. xxvii, 3. A stone is heavy, blood, and from avenging my complainers, walking after their and the sand weighty; but a fool's with mine own hand. For in own lusts. wrath is heavier than them both.

deed, as the LORD God of le Prov. xxix, 22. An angry man

liveth, which hath kept met 8.-RELATIVE EMOTIONS. stirreth up strife, and a furious hadst basted and come to

from hurting thee, except VIRTUES AND VICES. man aboundeth in transgression.

me, surely there had not been ANGER.

Eccles. vil, 9. Be not hasty In unto Nabal, by the morning Num. xxxi, 14. And Moses was thy spirit to be angry: for auger any that pisseth against the wroth with the officers of the resteth in the bosom of fools. So David received of her

Jonah iv, 1, 4, 9. But it dis

that which she had brougit ! Judges 1x, 30. And when Zebul, pleased Jonali exceedingly, and

and said unto her, Go up in my the ruler of the city, heard the he was very angry. Then said the hearkened to thy volce, and

to thine house; see, words of Gaal the son of Ebed, his LORD, Dost thou well to be angry? I accepted thy persou. anger was kindled.

And God said to Jonah, Dost thou 1 Sam, xx, 84.

well to be angry for the gourd? So Jonathan

1 Kings 2x, 42, 43. And arose from the table in fierce

And he said, I do well to be angry, said unto him, Thus suite anger, and did eat no meat the even unto death.

LORD, Because thou hast 14 second day of the month: for he Matth. 7, 22. But I say unto your appointed to utter destra

out of thy band a man who was grieved

for David, because That whosoever is angry with his therefore thy life sball go for his father had done him shame.; brother without a cause shall be life, and thy people for bise

1 Sam. xxv, 17. Now therefore whosoever shall say to his brother, house heavy and displeased, know and consider what thou wilt Raca, shall be in danger of the do; for evil is determined against council; but whosoever shall say,

caine to Samaria. our master, and against all his Thou fool, shall be in danger of

Prov. xx, 92, Say not the household: for he is such a son of hell-fire.

will recompense evil; but wal Belial, that a man cannot speak to him. Matth. xx, 24. And when the the Lord, and he sball save th

Prov. xxiv, 29. Say not, I w Neh. V, 6. And I was very angry with indignation against the two su to him as he hath done to when I heard their cry and these brethren,

I will render to the man som words.

to his work. Job xxxil, 3-5. Also against his heard it, they began to be much Lord Goo; because lisa Ederend • Mark x. 41. And when the ten

Ezek. XXV, 12,15-17. Those dled, because they had found no displeased with James and John.

dealt against the house of Jo answer, and yet had condemned

Eph. iv, 26. Bo ye angry, and by taking vengeance, aut Job. Now Elihu had waited till bla not: let not the sun go down greatly okiended, and reper Job had spoken, because they upon your wrath.

himself upon them. This sala were elder than ine. When Ellbu James 1, 20. For the wrath of Lord God, Because the l'allia

host. .....


ite dealt by revenge, and have i geance; he shall wash his feet in | away: the dostre of the wicked ke rengeance with a despiteful the blood of the wicked.

shall perish. art, to destroy it for the old

PS. lix, 10. The God of my y Prov. I, 32. For the turning tren Therefore thus saith

mercy shall prevent me: God shall away of the simple shall slay then Lard God, Behold, I will let me see my desire upon mine and the prosperity of fools shall atch out mine hand upon enemies.

destroy them. Philistines, and I will cut the Cherethims, and destroy

P8. xcii, 11. Mine eye also shall Prov. Iil, 31. Envy thou not the rendant of the sea-coasts. see my desire on mine enemies; oppressor, and choose none of his

and mine ears shall hear my ways. I will execate great venince upon them with furious desire of the wicked that rise up

Prov. xiv, 30. A sound heart is nkes, and they shall know that against me.

the life of the flesh; but envy the the LORD, when I shall lay Ps. cxii, 8. His heart is estab- rottenness of the bones. Tengeance upon them. Iished, he shall not be afraid, until he see his desire upon his

Prov. xxill, 17--19. Let not thine do ks, 54, 55. And when his enemies,

heart envy sinners; but be thou in Oples James and John saw

the fear of the LORD all the day they said, Lord, wilt thou

Ps. cxxxvII, 8. O daughter of long. For surely there is an end; ve command are to come Babylon, who art to be destroyed; and thine expectation sball not be e from heaven, and consume | happy shall he be that rewardeth cut off. Hear thou, my son, and even as Elias did? But he thee as thou hast served as.

be wise, and guide thine heart in ed, and rebuked them, and Ps. cxxxviii, 7. Though I walk the way. Ye know not what manner in the midst of trouble, thou wilt Prov. xxiv, 1, 2, 19. Be not thou frit se are of.

reviveme: thou shalt stretch forth envious against evil men, neither bez, ril, 17-19. Recompense to thine hand against the wrath of desire to be with them; For their em evil for evil. Provide mine enemies, and thy right hand heart studieth destruction, and honest in the sight of all shall save me,

their lips talk of mischief. Fret If it be possible, as much as Jer. XX, 11. But the LORD is not thyself because of evil men, to you, live peaceably with with me as a mighty terrible neither be thou envious at the ben. Dearly beloved, avenge one; therefore my persecutors wicked. yourselves, but rather give shall stumble, and they shall not Prov. xxvii, 4. Wrath is cruel

unto wrath: for it is written, prevail : they shall be greatly and anger is outrageous, but who prance is mine; I will repay, ashamed; for they sball not pros is able to stand before envy. the LORD. per: their everlasting confusion

Isa. xxvi, 11. LORD, when thy IT, SI. Let all bitterness, shall never be forgotten,

hand is lifted up, they will not see: Erarb, and anger, and clam

Jer. II, 35. The violence done to but they shall see, and be ashamed und evil - speaking, be put me and to my flesh be upon Baby- for their envy at the people; yea, from you, with all malice.

lon, shall the inhabitant of Zion the fire of ibine enemies' shall Thus. V, 15. See that none say; and, My blood upon the in-devour them.

tevil for evil unto any man; habitants of Chaldea, shall Jeruever follow that which is salem say.

Exek. XXV, 6, 7. For thos gaith I both among yourselves, and Lam. 1, 21. They have heard clapped thine hands, and stamped

the Lord God, Because thou hast that I sigh; there is none to com- with the feet, and rejoiced in mies v, 9. Grudge not one fort me: all mine enemies have heart with all thy despite against s another, brethren, lest ye heard of my trouble; they are

the land of Israel; Behold, therendemned: behold, the Judge glad that thou hast done it: thou fore I will stretch'out mine hand deth before the door. wilt bring the day that thou hast

upon thee, and will deliver theo boks 1,9, 10. He that saith he called, and they shall be like unto for a spoil to the heathen; and I the light, and hateth his me.

will cut thee off from the people, der, is in darkness even until Rev, xvill, 20. Rejoice over her, and I will cause thee to perish

te that loveth his brother thou beaven, and we holy apostles out of the countries: I will destroy th in the light, and there is and prophets; fur God bath aveng- thee; and thou shalt know that I occasion of stumbling in ed you on ber.

am the LORD. Ivfil, 6. Reward her even

Gal. v, 26. Let us not be desirous ENVY.

of vain glory, provoking ono rewarded you, and double iber double according to ber foolish man, and envy slayeth the

Job V, 2. For wrath killeth the another, envying one another. be in the cap which sbe bath silly one.

James iil, 14–16. But if ye have 401 to her double.

bitter envying and strife in your Ps. xxxvi1,1,2, 7, 8. Fret not thy hearts, glory not, and lie not

self because of evil-doers, neither against the truth. This wisdom skil, 19. The righteous see be thou envious against the work; descendeth not from above, but are glad; and the innocenters of Iniquity: For they shall is earthly, sensual, devilish. For them to scorn.

soon be cut down like the grass, where envying and strife is, there Rom. IXY, 39. . . . . The LORD

and wither as the green herb. is confusion and every evil work.

Rest in the LORD, and wait pareturned the wickedness of upon his own head. And I tiently for him: fret not thyself

HYPOCRISY EXPOSED. sent and communed with because of him who prospereth in sail , to take ber to bim to bringeth wicked devices to pasu. be astonied at this, and tho inc

his way, because of the man who Job. xvii, 8. Upright men shall

Cease from anger, and forsake nocent shall stir up lit, &. The righteous also wrath: fret not thyself in any wise against the hypocrite. i see, and lear, and shall laugh to do evil.

Matth. vi, 24. No man can serve Ps. cxii, 10. The wicked shall two masters: for either he will eivät 10. The righteons shall see it, and be grieved; he shall hate the one, and love the other; Hoe when he seeth the ven- ' gnashi' with his teeth, and melt or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye can- undone. Ye blind guides, which wicked God salth, What hast tu not servo God and mainmon. strain at a guat, and swallow a to do to declare my statutes,

Matth. xxiii, 26. Thou blind camel. Even so ye also outward that thou shouldest tako ay ea Pharisee, cleanse first that which ly appear righteous unto men, nant in thy mouth? Sering ta is within the cup and platter, that but within ye are full of hypoc hatest instruction, and casteth the outside of them may be clean risy and iniquity.

words behind thee. also.

Mark vil. 6. He answered and Isa. ix, 17. Therefore the L Heb. x, 23. Let us hold fast the said unto them, Well bath Esaias shall have no joy in their yo profession of our faith, without prophesied of you hypocrites, as men, neither shall have mere wavering, for he is faithful that it is written, This people honour their fatherless and widons promised.

eth me with their lips, but their every one is an hypocrite and heart is far from me.

evil-doer, and every mouth ge James i, 6-9. But let him ask in faith, nothing wavering: for he

Luke xvi, 13. No servant can

eth folly.. that wavereth is like a wave of serve two masterg: for either he Isa. xxxiii, 1, 14. Woe to the sea driven with the wind and

will hate the one, and love the that spoilest, and thou tossed. For let not that man other, or else he will hold to the not spoiled; and dealest tre think that he shall receive any one, and despise the other. Yo erously, and they dealt not tre thing of the Lord. A double cannot serve God and mammon. erously with thee! When minded man is unstable in all bis Rom. II, 20-23. An instructer of shalt cease to spoil, thou shak ways. Let the brother of low de- the foolish, a teacher of babes, spoiled; and when thou gree rejoice in that he is exalted. which hast the form of knowledge make an end to deal treacher James iv, 8. Draw nigh to God, and of the truth in the law. ly, they shall deal treachers

with thee. The sinners lo and he will draw nigh to you. Thou therefore which teachest Cleanse your hands, ye sinners; another, teachest thou not thyself? are afraid; fearfulness hath and purify your hearts, ye double thou that preachest a man should prised the hypocrites: who an minded, not steal, dost thou steal? Thou

us sball dwell with the derog that sayest a man should not fire? who among og shall a ITs DECEIT9. commit adultery, dost thou com

with everlasting burning Isa. Iviii, 2. Yet they seek me idols,

dost thou commit sacrilege? you, scribes and Pbarisees,

mit adultery? thou that abhorrest Matth. xxiii, 14, 25, 27. We daily, and delight to know my Thou that makest thy boast of the crites! ways, as a nation that did right law, through breaking the law houses, and for a pretence

for ye devour vi eousness, and forsook not the

dishonourest thou God? ordinance of their God: they ask

long prayer: therefore ye of me the ordinances of justice;

Gal. il, 18. For if I build again receive the greater danra they take delight in approaching the things which I destroyed, I Woo unto you, scribes and to God. make myself a transgressor.

sees, hypocrites! for ye Jer. Ill, 10, 11. And yet for all Titus i, 16. They profess that clean the outside of the this ber treacherous sister Judah they know God; but in works they of the platter, but within the

full of extortion and esoris hath not turned uuto me with deny him, being abominable, and her whole heart, but feignedly, disobedient, and unto every good unto you, scribes and Plur saith the LORD.

hypocrites! for ye are lite And the LORD work reprobate.

whited sepulchres, which is said unto me, The backsliding Israel hath justified herself more


appear beautiful outward,

within full of dead men's than treucherous Judah.

Job vill, 13, 14. So are the paths and of all uncleanness. Jer. xlil, 20. For yo dissembled of all that forget God; and the in your hearts, when yo sent me hypocrite's hope shall perish:

STRIFE. unto the LORD your God, saying, Whose hope shall be cut off, and Pray for us unto the LORD our whose trust shall be a spiders) Exod. XI, 13. And when he God. web.

went out the second day, Exek. xxxill, 30, 31. Also, thou

Job xiii, 16. He also shall be my together: and he said to him

two men of the Hebrews son of man, the children of thy salvation for an hypocrite shall did the wrong, Wherefore people still are talking against not come before hini.

tbou thy fellow? thee by the walls, and in the doors of the houses, and speak this of old, since man was placed against thy neighbour, seein

Job xx, 4-7. Knowest thou not Prov. iil, 29, SO. Devise of one to another, every one to his upon earth, That the triumph. dwelleth securely by thee and hear what is the word that ing of the wicked is short, and not with a man without a cometh forth from the LORD. moment? Though his excellency

the joy of the hypocrite but for a he have done thee no barel And they come unto thee as the

Prov. xvii, 13, 14. Whoso te people cometh, and they sit be- /mount up to the heavens, and his fore thee as my people, and they he shall perish for ever like his depart from his house. T

Lead reach unto the clouds; Yet eth evil for good, evil shak do them: for with their mouth own dung: they which have seen ginning of strife is a who

letteth out water, therefore they shew much love, but their him shall say, Where is he?

off contention, before heart goeth after their covetous- Job xxvii, 8. For what is the meddled with. ness. hope of the hypocrite, though he

Pror, xxv, 8-11. Go Dot Matth. xxili, 23, 24, 28. Woo hath gained, when God taketh

hastily to strive, lest on unto you, scribes and Pharisees, away his soul?

not what to do in the end tj hypocrites! for ye pay tithe of

Job xxxvi, 13, 14. But the hypo- when thy neighbour kata mint and anise and cummin, and crites in heart beap up wrath; thee to shame. Debate uso have omitted the weighter 'mat- they cry not when he bindeth with thy neighbour Alle ters of the law, judgment, mercy, them. They die iu youth, and discover not a secret to su and faith: these ought ye to have their life is among the unclean. Lest be that hearer a pre done, and not to leuve the other P3. 1, 16, 17. But unto the I to sbame, and the infamy


away. A word filly spoken i forcing of wrath bringeth forth as much as lieth in you, live peacelike apples of gold in pictures of strife.

ably with all men. Mark iii, 24, 25. And if a king

Eph. iv, 1, 2. I therefore, the RELA. , 34-36. Think not that

dom be divided against itseir, prisoner of the Lord, beseech you, El come to send peace on earth: that kingdom cannot stand. And that ye walk worthy of the voc. sme not to send peace, but a if a house be divided against tion wherewith ye are called, ed. For I am come to set a itself, that house cannot stand.

With all lowliness and meekness, at variance agaiost his bar, and tbe daughter against Luke xi, 17. But he, knowing one another in love.

with long-suffering, forbearing mother, and the daughter-in-their thoughts, said unto them,

Heb. xii, 14. Follow peace with against her mother-in-law. Every kingdom divided against

men, and holiness, without Is Dar's foes shall be they of itself is brought to desolation; and own household. a house divided against a house

which no man shall see the Lord. falleth. Prtfk, xvill, 14-16. Even so it is

1 Peter iii, 13. And who is he the will of your Father which Gal. v, 15. But if ye bite and that will harm you, if ye be folheaven that one of these devour one another, take heed lowers of that which is good? Des should perish More-that ye be not consumed one of thy brother shall trespass another.

EXEMPLIFIED. t thee, go and tell him his


Num. xii, 3. (Now the man kbetween thee and him alone:

Moses was very meek, above all shall hear thee, thou hast

Ps. xxii, 26. The meek shall eat
and be satisfied; they shall praise of the earth.)

the men which were upon the face ed thy brother. But if he

the LORD that seek him; your the bear thee, then take with heart shall live for ever.

P8. xxxviii, 12-14. They also cæ or two more, that in the

that seek after my life lay snares th of two or three witnesses P3. xxv, 9. The meek will be for me; and they that seek my *word may be established. guide in jodgment; and the meek hurt speak mischievous things, de vil, 53. The father shall be will he teach his way.

and imagine deceits all the day led against the son, and the P3. xxxiv, 14. Depart from evil, long. But I, as a deaf man, heard vinst the father, the mother and do good; seek peace, and pur- not, and I was as a dumb man 4 the daughter, and the sue it.

that openeth nothis mouth. Thus fer against the mother; the Ps. xxxvii, 11. But the meek I was as a man that heareth not, E-o-law against her daugh- shall inherit the earth; and shall and in whose mouth are no reFlaw, and the daughter-in-delight themselves in the abuu- proofs. Satest her mother-in-law. dance of peace.

Ps. xliv, 22. Yea, for thy sake 50, 26. And the next day P3. Ixxvi, 9. When God arose to are we killed all the day long, we red himself unto them as judgment, to save all the meek of

are counted as sheep for the pove, and would have set the earth. Selah.

slaughter. it one again, saying, Sirs, P3. cxlvii, 6, 7. The LORD lifteth

Jer. xf 19. But I was like a brethreu; why do ye wrong up the meek: he casteth the wick- lamb or an ox that is brought to Janother?

ed down to the ground. sing unto he slaughter; and I knew not that

the Lord with thanksgiving, sing they had devised devices against ITS EVILS. praise upon the harp unto our me, saying, Let us destroy the

tree with the fruit thereof, and let INT, 10. Aud the son of God,

Us cat him off from the land of elltish woman, whose fi- P3. cxllx, 4. For the Lord taketh the living, that his name may be ires an Egyptian, went out pleasure in his people: be will no more remembered. the children of Israel: and beautify the meek with salvation. Go of the Israelitish woman Isa. xxix, 19. The meek also hold, I am in your hand; do with

Jer. xxvi, 14, 15. As for me, be man of Israel strove toge- shall lucrease their joy in the me as seemeth good and meet In the camp.

LORD, and the poor among men unto you. But know ye for cer1. L. 12. Hatred stirreth up

shall rejoice in the Holy One of tain, that if ye put me to death, but love covereth all Israel.

ye shall surely bring innocent 17, 18 A wrathful man Zeph. 11, 3. Seek ye the LORD, all blood upon yourselves, and upon t up strife: but he that is ye meek of the earth, which have this city, and upon the inhabitants lo anger appeaseth strife. wrought his judgment; seek thereof: for of a truth the LORD EIVII , 19. He loveth trans- righteousness, seek meekness: it bath sent me unto you, to speak

may be ye shall be hid in the day all these words in your ears. t that loveth strife: and

of the LORD's anger. peralteth his gate seeketh

2 Cor. xl, 20. For ye suffer, If a action.

Matth. v,5,9, 39-41. Blessed are man bring you into bondage, if a 2.1X, 2. It is an honour for the earth. Blessed are the peace you, if a man exalt himself, if a

the meek: for they shall inherit man devour you, If a man take of to cene from strife: but Bei will be medullog.

makers: for they shall be calied man smite you on the face.
the children of God. Ye hath

James v, 6. Ye have condemned KIVI, 21. As coals are to heard that it hath been said, An and killed the just; and he doth

coals, and wood to fire; eye for an eye, and a tooth for a not resist you. contentious man to kindló tooth: But I say unto you, That ye resist pot evil; but whosoever


Deut. xvi, 20. That which is alIETIII, 25, 26. He that is "shall smite thee on thy right proud beart stirreth np cheek, turn to him the other also. together just shalt thou follow, bat be that putteth his

And if any man will sue thee at that thou mayest live, and inherit in the Lozd shall be made the law, and take away thy coat, the land which the LORD thy God Ile that trusteth in his own

let him have thy cloak also. And giveth thee. In a fool: but whoso walk- whosoever shall compel thee to

Job xill, 10. He will surely reMely, he shall be delivered, go a mile go with him twain.

prove you, if ye do secretly accept B. III, 33. .. .. So the Rom. xii, 18. If it be possible, persons.

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