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Prov. xxi, 15. It is joy to the 1 Sam. xix, 4, 5. And Jonathan 2 Tim. 1, 16-18. The Lord Just to do judgment: but destruc- spake good of David unto Saul his mercy unto the house of op tion shall be to the workers of father, and said unto bim, Let not phorus; for he oft refreshed iniquity. the king sin against his servant, and was not ashamed of

But, when he was Prov. xxvill, 21. To have respect against David; because he hath chain. of persons is not good; for, for a not sinned against thee, and be Rome, he sought me out piece of bread that man will trans- cause his works hare been to thee- diligently, and found the gress.

ward very good: For he did put Lord grant unto him that leg

his life in his hand, and slew the find mercy of the Lord in Isa. Ivi, 1. Thus saith the LORD, Philistine, and the LORD wrought day; and in how many thing Keep ye judgment, and do justice: a great salvation for all Israel: ministered unto me at Epla for my salvation is near to come, thou sawest it, and didst rejoice: thou knowest very well. and my righteousness to be re- wherefore then wilt thou sin vealed.

against innocent blood, to slay Jer, xxii, 15, 16. Shalt thou reign, David without a cause.

INGRATITUDE. because thou closest thyself in

Judges ix, 16, 18-20. Now cedar? Did not thy father eat and

fore, if ye have done traly drink, and do judgment and justico, and then it was well with his daughters, And where is he? Abimelech king, and in a

Exod ii, 20. And he said unto sincerely, in that ye bave bim! He judged the cause of the why is it that ye have left the

with poor and needy; then it was well man? call him, that he may eat house, and have done with him: was not this to know bread.

him according to the desert me? saith the LORD.

his hands; And ye are rise Amos v, 24. But let judgment tbe Kenites, Go, depart, get you day, and have slain bis

1 Sam. xv, 6. And Saul said unto against my father's bonsa run down as waters, and righteous-down from among the Amalekites, threescore and tea persoas, ness as a mighty stream.

lest I destroy you with them: for one stone, and have a Zech. viii, 16. These are the ye shewed kindness to all the Abimelech, the son of his things that ye shall do; Speak yo children of Israel when they came servant, king over the se every man the truth to his neigh- I up out of Egypt. So the Kenites Shechem, because be lo bour; execute the judgment of departed from among the Ama- brother: If ye thea have truth and peace in your gates. lekites.

truly and sincerely with Matth. vii, 12. Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that said, Is there yet any that is left let him also rejoice in the

2 Sam. 1x, 1, 3, 7. And Davia baal and with his house this

then rejoice ye in Abinele. men should do to you, do yo even of the house of Saul, that I may if not, let fire come out 80 to them; for this is the law and shew him kindness for Jonathan's the prophets. sake? And the king said, Is there of Shechem,

and the bar

Abimelech, and devour the Luke vi, 31. And as ye would not yet any of the house of Saul, that men should do to you, do ye that I may shew the kindness of Millo; and let fire come on also to them likewise. God unto him? And Ziba said unto the house of Millo, and

the men of Shechem, and Luke xvi, 10, 12. He that is faith- the king, Jonathan hath yet a son, ful in that which is least, is faith-which is lame on his feet. And

Abimelech, ful also in much; and he that is David said unto him, Fear not: for 2 Chron. xx, 10. 11. Add unjust in the least, is uujust also I will surely show thee kindness behold, the children of Ad in much. And if ye have not been for Jonathan thy father's sake.... and Moab and mount Seir, faithful in that which is another

thou wouldest not let Isa

2 Sam. x, 2. Then said David, I man's, who shall give you that will shew Kindness unto Hanun vade, when they came out which is your own?

the son of Nahash, as his father from them, and destroyed James il, 1-4, 9. My brethren, shewed kindness unto me. And have not the faith of our Lord David sent to comfort him by the not; Behold, I say, how they Jesus Christ, the Lord of glory, hands of his servants for his father.

ward us, to come to cart with respect of persons. For if And David's servants came into hast given us to inherit.

of thy possession, which there come into your assembly a the land of the children of man with a gold ring, in goodly Ammon.

73. XXXV, 12. They rem apparel, and there come in also a poor man in vile raiment; And unto the sons of Barzillat the of my soul.

1 Kings 11,7. But shew kindness me evil for good, to the are ye have respect to him that wear: Gileadite, and let them be of those

Ps. xxxvill, 20. They also bim, sit thou

here in a good place; that 'eat at thy table: for so they render evil for good are met and say to the poor, Stand thou1 came to me when I fled becausó versaries; because I follo there, or sit here under my foot- of Absalom thy brother.

thing that good is. stool: Are ye pot then partial Rom. xvi, 1-4. I commend unto

Ps. cix, 3-5. They coup in yourselves, and are become you Phebe our sister, which is a

me about also with judges of evil thoughts? But if servant of the church which is at batred, and fought aga ye have respect to persons, ye Cenchrea: That ye receive her without a causo.

Form commit sin, and are convinced of in the Lord, as becometh saints, they are my adversaries the law as transgressors.

and that ye assist her in whatso give myself unto prayer..

ever business she hath need of they have rewarded me GRATITUDE.

you: for she hath been a succourer good, and hatred for my los

of many, and of myself also. Greet Jer. xviii, 20. Shall Gen. xl, 14. But think on me Priscilla and Aquila my helpers in recompensed for good for when it shall be well with thee, Christ Jesus; Who have for my have digged & pit for my and shew kindness, I pray thee, life laid down their own necks: Remember that I stood unto me; and make mention of me unto whom not only I give thanks, thee to speak good for the unto, Pharaoh, and bring me out but also all the churches of the to turn away thy wrata from of this house.



GAB. II, 23. Yet did not the singing. Again, a new command those that love them. And if yo illel butler remember Joseph, inent I write unto you, which lend to them of whom ye hope to et forgat him.

thing true in him and in you; receive, what thank have yer for Judges riit, 34, 35. And the chil- because the darkness is past, and sinners also lend to sinners, to reb of Israel remembered not

the true light now shineth. He receive as much again. But love Load their God, who had de that saith he is in the light, and ye your enemies, and do good, Fared them out of the hands of hateth his brother, is in darkness and lend, hoping for nothing

their enemies on every side: even until now. He that loveth again; and your reward shall be Alther shewed they kinduess to his brother abideth in the light,

great, and ye shall be the children a house of Jerubbaal, namely, and there is none occasion of of the Highest: for he is kind unto Waon, according to all the stumbling in him.

the unthankful and to the evil. iness which he had shewed 1 John iil, 10, 11, 13, 14, 18, llo Israel

Whosoever doeth not

1 Sam. xxiv, 17-19. And he said

not of Caron, ZXİT, 22. Thus Joash righteousness is

God, to David, Thou art more righteous king remembered not the seither he that loveth not his than 1; for thou hast rewarded mo Stress which Jehoiada his brother. For this is the message

good, whereas I have rewarded her had done to him, but slew that ye heard from the beginning,

thee evil. And thou hast shewed son, and when he died, he that we should love one another. this day how that thou has dealt The Lord look upon it, and Marvel not, my brethren, it the well with me: forasmuch as, when world hate you.

know the LORD had delivered me into lentel xi, 28. Yea, they tha: unto life, because we love the For if a man find his enemy, will

that we have passed from death thine hand, thou killedst me not. d the portion of his meat brethren: he that loveth not his he let him go well away? Wheredestroy him, and his army brother abideth in death. My fore the LORD reward thee good

overlow; and many shall little children, let us not love in for that thou hast done unto me down slain.

word, neither in tongue; but in this day.

deed, and in truth. And hereby Job xxxi, 29, 30. If I rejoiced at LOVE. erexili

, 1. Behold, how good and shall assure our hearts before the destruction of him that hated how pleasant it is for brethren him.

me, or lifted up myself when evil well together in unity.

found him: Neither have I suf

LOVE TO ENEMIES. fered my mouth to sin by wishing wr xil, 31. And the second is amely this, Thou shalt love Ecod. xxiii, 4, 5. It thou meet a curse to his soul.

2 Tim. iv, 16. At my first answer Leighboar as thyself. There thine enemy's ox or bis ass going were other commandinent astray, thou shalt surely bring it no man stood with me, but all than these.

back to him again. If thou see men forsook me: I pray God that

the ass of him that bateth thee it may not be laid to their charge. illi, 8-11. Owe no man lying under his burden, and dog, but to love one another; wouldest forbear to help him; thou

SYMPATHY. that loveth another bath shalt surely help with him.

Job xxx, 25. Did not I weep for the law. For this, Thou o commit adultery, Thon

Prov. xxiv, 17. Rejoice not when him that was in trouble? was not not kill, Thou shalt not thine enemy falleth, and let not my soul grieved for the poor? Thou shalt not bear false thine heart be glad when he stum- iam. lii, 51. Mine eye affecteth

bleth. , Thou shalt not covet;

mine heart, because of all the there be any other com- Prov. xxv, 21. 22. If thine enemy daughters of my city. darent, it is briefly compre- be hungry, give him bread to eat; Rom. xil, 15, 16. Rejoice with

in this saying, namely, and if he be thirsty, give him them that do rejoice, and weep Eshalt love thy neighbour as water to drink: For thou shalt with them that weep. Be of the HII Love worketh no ill to heap coals of fire upon his head, same mind one toward another.. Seighbour therefore love is and the LORD shall reward thee. Mind not high things, but condes

fainilling of the law. And Matth. v, 43, 44, 46, 47. Ye have cend to 'men of low estate. Be loowing the time, that now heard that it hath been said, Thou not wise iu your own conceits.

high time to awake out of shalt love thy neighbour, and Çol. iii, 12. Put on therefore, as P: for now is our salvation hate thine enemy: But I say unto the elect of God, boly and beloved, than when we believed. you, Love your enemies, bless bowels of mercies, kindness, hum1, 14. For all the law is ful them that curse you, do good to bleness of mind; meekness, long

in one word, even in this, them that hate you, and pray for suffering. sinalt love thy neighbour as them which despitefully use you, and persecute you; For if ye love that are in bonds, as bound with

Heb. xiii, 3. Remember them til, 1. Let brotherly love ward have ye do not even the them; and them which suffer adpublicans the same? And if ye in the body.

versity, as being yourselves also be 41, 8. If ye fulfil the royal salute your brethren only, what cording to the scripture, do ye more than others do not shalt love thy neighbour as even the publicans so?

FORGIVENESS OF INJURIES. St ye do well. Luke vi, 26-28, 32-35. Woe unto

Zech. vii, 9. Thus speaketh tho Peter iv, 8. And, above all you when all men shall speak well LORD of host, saying, Execute truo

bare fervent charity among of you! for so did their fathers to judgment, and shew mercy and Belves for charity shall cover the false prophets. But I say unto compassions, every man to his moltitude of sins.

you which
hear, Love your

brother, Jota il 7-10. Brethren, I write enemies, do good to them which Matth. v, 7, 23, 24. Blessed are kw commandment unto you, hate you, Bless them that curse the mercitul: for they shall obtain

old commandment, which you, and pray for them which mercy. Therefore, if thou bring but from the beginning: the despitefully use you. For if ye thy gift to the altar, and there re

commandment is the word love them which love you, what memberest that thy brother hath dhye bave heard from the be. I thank have ye? for sinners also love lought against thee; Leave there thy gift before the altar, and go lost his savour, wherewith sliall Deut. xvill, 9. When thon ar thy way; first be reconciled to it be salted? it is thenceforth good come into the land which the thy brother, and then come and for nothing, but to be cast out, LORD thy God giveth thee, tho offer thy gift.

and to be trodden under foot of shalt not learn to do after the Matth. vi, 14, 15. For if ye for men. Ye are the light of the abominations of those nations. give men their trespasses, your world. A city that is set on an

Neither do

2 Chron. xxx, 7. And he not heavenly Father will also forgive hill cannot be hid. you; but if ye forgive not men men light a candle, and put it like your fathers, and like mi

brethren, which trespasse their trespasses, neither will your

under a bushel, but on a candleFather forgive your trespasses.


and it giveth light unto all against the LORD God of the that are in the house. Let your

fathers, who therefore gave the Matth. xviil, 21, 22, 35. Then came light so shine before men, that up to desolation, as ye see. Peter to him, and said, Lord, how they may see your good works, Neh. v, 9. Also I seld, It is oft shall my brother sin against and glorify your Father which is good that ye do: ought ye not me, and I forgive him? till seven in heaven.

walk in the fear of our God b times Jesus salth unto him, I

John xiii, 13--15. Ye call me cause of the reproach of the be say not unto thee, Until seven

Master and Lord: and ye say well; then our enemies ? times; but, Until seventy times

for so I am. If I then, your Lord Isa. viii, 11. For the LORD Epal Feven. so likewise shall my and Master, have washed your thus to me with a strong ban beavenly Father do also unto you, feet, ye also ought to wash one and instructed me, that I shoes if ye from your hearts forgive not another's feet. For I have given not walk in the way of this peop! every one bis brother their tres- you an example, that ye should saying. passes. do as I have done to you.

Ezek. xx, 18. But I said on Luke vi, 36, 37. Be ye therefore merciful, as your Father also is

2 Çor. viil, 8. I speak not by their children in the wilderne merciful. Judge not, and ye shall of the forwardness of others, and your fathers, neither observe th:

commandment, but by occasion Walk ye not in the statotes not be judged: condemn pot, and to prove the sincerity of your judgments, por defle yoursely ye shall not be condemned: forlove.

with their idols. give, and ye shall be forgiven.

Phil. lil, 17. Brethren, be fol- Zech. 1, 4. Be ye not as your Luke xvii. 3. 4. Take heed to lowers together of me, and mark thers, unto whom the former yourselves: If thy brother trespass them which walk so, as ye have phets have cried, saying, TI against theo, rebuke him; and if us for an ensample.

saith the LORD of hosts, Turn he repent, forgive him. And if he trespass against thee seven times

now from your evil ways, al

1 Thess. 1, 6–8. And ye became from your evil doings: butt in a day, and seven times in a

followers of us, and of the Lord, did not hear, nor hearken day turn again to thee, saying, i having received the word in much repent; thou shalt forgive him. affliction, with joy of the Holy

me, saith the Lord. Ghost: Só that ye were ensamples Matth. xxill, 1-3. Then spal Eph, 1v, 32. And be ye kind one to all that believe in Macedonia Jesus to the multitude, and to to another, tender-hearted, for and Achaia. For from you sound disciples, Saying, The scribes a giving one another, even as God ed out the word of the Lord not the Pharisees sit in Moses' for Christ's sake hath forgiven only in Macedonia and Achaia, All therefore whatsoever they! you.

but also in every place your faith you observe, that observe and Col. lil, 13. Forbearing one an- to God-ward is spread abroad; 80 but do not ye after their was ottier, and forgiving one another, that we need not to speak any for they say, and do not. if any man have a quarrel against thing.

1 Çor. v, 6. Your glorying tot any: even as Christ forgave you, Heb. vi, 12. That ye be not sloth-good. Know ye not that a 110 so also do ye.

ful, but followers of them who leaven leaveneth the

through faith and patience inlierit lump. GOOD EXAMPLE.-DUTY the promises.

1 Cor. x, 6. Now these the OF SETTING AND

1 Pet. 11, 12. Ilaving your con- were our examples, to the tot FOLLOWING IT.

versation honest among the Gen- we should not just after e

tiles; that, whereas they speak things, as they also lusted. Josh. xxiv, 31. And Israel served against you as evil-doers, they the LORD all the days of Joshua,

may by your good works, which Eph. iv, 17. This I say thered and all the days of the elders that they shall behold, glorify God in and testify in the Lord, that overlived Joshua, and which had the day of visitation.

henceforth walk not as other ! known all the works of the LORD

tlles walk, in the vanity of th that he had done for Israel.


BAD EXAMPLE TO PE AVOIDED. Judg. ii, 7. And the people Lev. xrill, 2, 3. Speak unto the that which is evil, bot that wil

3 John 11. Beloved, follow served the LORD all the days of Joshua, and all the days of the children of Israel,

and say unto is good. He that doeth good elders that outllved Joshua, who them, I am the LORD your God. God: but

he that doeth evil ha had seen all the great works of After the doings of the land of

not seen God. the LORD, that he did for Israel.

Egypt, wberein ye dwelt, shall ye

not do; and after the doings of Judg. iv, 1. And the children the land of Canaan, whither I

V. of Israel again did evil in the bring you, shall ye not do; nelsight of the LORD when Ehud was ther shall ye walk in their ordi

MAN SOCIAL dead, nances.

EQUALITY IN VARIOUS Prov. 11, 20. That thou mayest Lev. xx, 23. And ye shall not

FORMS. walk in the way of good men, walk in the manners of the na- Gen. Ix, 18. 19. And the sons and keep the paths of the right tions which I cast out before you: Noah, that went forth of these eous.

for they committed all these were Shem, and Matth. v, 13-16. Ye are the salt things, and therefore I abhorred Japheth: and Mam is the face of the earth; but in the salt have them,

of Canaan. These are the the as of Noah: and of them was Isa, xxiv, 2. And it shall be, as Acts xvil, 26. And hath made of La whole earth overspread. with the people, so with the priest; one blood all nations of men for

End, IVI, 17, 18. And the child as with the servant, so with his to dwell on all the face of the m of Israel did so, and gather- master; as with the maid, so with earth, and hath determined the some more, some less. And her mistress; as with the buyer, so times before appointed, and the ten they did mete it with an

with the seller, as with the lender, bounds of their habitation, Ir, be that gathered much bad so with the borrower; as with the

2 Cor.viii, 13-15. For I mean pot thing over, and be that gather-taker of uspry, so with the giver that other men be eased, and you little bad no lack: they gather- of usury to him.

burdened: But by an equality, every man according to his Jer. V, 4, 5. Therefore I said, that now at this time your abunflag.

Surely these are poor; they are dance may be a supply for their 10 Ixx, 13-15. If I did foolish: for they know not the way want, that their abundance also is the cause of my man-der- of the LORD, nor the judgment of may be a supply for your want, le, or of my maid-servant, when their God. I will

get me unto the that there may be equality; As it contended with me: What great men, and will speak unto is written, He that had gathered a sball I do when God riseth up? them; for they have known the much had nothing over, and he Kaben he visiteth, wbat shall I

way of the LORD, and the judge that had gathered little had no war him? Did not he that ment of their God: but these have

lack. me in the womb make him? altogether broken the yoke, and

James I, 9, 10. Let the brother did not oue fashion us in the burst the bonds.

of low degree rejoice in that he is Jer. xiii, 13, 14. Then shalt thou exalted; But the rich, in that he LXXİP, 19. How much less to say unto them, Thus saith the is made low: because as the dat accepteth not the persons LORD, Behold, I will fill all the flower of the grass he shall pass princes, nor regardeth the rich inhabitants of this land, even the

away. than the poor? for they all kings that sit upon David's throne, tba work of his hands. and the priests, and the prophets, the earth, and the great men,

Rev. vi, 15. And the kings of and all the inhabitants of Jerusailk, 1, 2. Hear this, all ye lem, with drunkenness. And I

and the rich men, and the ple, give ear, all ye inhabitants will dash them one against an

chief captains, and the mighty Workel: Both low and bigli, other, even the fathers and the men, and every bond man, and and poor, together.

sons together, saith the LORD: I every free man, hid themselves in wil, 9. Surely men of low will not pity, nor spare, nor have the dens and in the rocks of the

mountains. re are vanity, and men of mercy, but destroy them. degree are a lie: to be laid in

Mal. 11, 10. Have we not all one Alarce, they are altogether father? hath not one God created

SOLITUDE IN VARIOUS than vanity. us? why do we deal treacherously

FORMS. altii, 11-13. Kings of the every man against his brother, by Lev. XXVI, 6. And I will give and all people; princes, and profaning the covenant of our peace in the land, and ye shall lie piges of the earth: Both fathers?

down, and none shall make you men and maidens, old men

Acts 11, 44-47. And all that be afraid. children: Let them praise lieved were together, and had all Judges vi, 2. And the band of Esme of the LoBo: for his things common; And sold their Midian prevailed against Israel: slone is excellent; his glory possessions and goods, and partea and because of the Midianites the bove the earth and heaven.

them to all men, as every man children of Israel made them the vafi, 2. The rich and poor had need. And they, continuing dens which are in the mountains, Logether, the LORD is the daily with one accord in the tem- and caves, and strong holds. # of them all. ple, and breaking bread from

1 Kings xvii, 2,3. And the word INVI, 10. The great God, house to house, did eat their meat of the LORD came unto him, sayformed all things, both re

with gladness and singleness of ing, Get thee bence, and turn wh the tool, and rewardeth heart, Praising God, and having thée eastward, and hide thyself

favour with all the people. And by the brook Cherith, that is beIgressors.

the Lord added to the church daily fore Jordan. s. Ixvii, 19. As in water face such as should be saved. ud to face; so the heart of Acts iv, 32, 34-37. And the mul- them, What manner of man was

2 Kings 1, 7, 8. And he said unto is, 13. The poor and the Litude of them that believed were

he which came up to meet you, iftai man meet together, the

of one heart and of one soul: and told you these words? And lighteneth both their eyes,

neither said any of them that they answered him, He was an

ought of the things which he pos- hairy man, and girl with a girdle Wh, iv, 1. So I returned, and sessed was his own; but they had of leather about his lolns. And Bered all the oppressions all things common. Neither was he said, It is Elijah the Tishbiie. are done under the sun; and there any among them that lack

the tears of such as were ed: for as many as were possessors 2 Kings x1, 2, 3. But Jehosheba, ased, and they had no com- of lands or houses sold them, and the daughter of king Joram, sister and on the side of their op- brought the prices of the things that of Ahaziah, took Joash the son of ains there toas power, but they were sold, And laid them down at Ahaziah, and stole him from to comforter.

the apostles' feet; and distribution among the king's sons which were vies. vi, 8. For what hath the was made unto every man accord slain; and they bid him, even him more than the fool? what ing as he had need. And Joses, and his nurse, in the bed-chamber the poor, that knoweth to who by the apostles

was surnamed from Athaliah, so that he was not hedore the living?

Barnabas, (which is, being inter- slain. And he was with her hid

preted, The son of consolation.) a in the house of the LORD six 1, e. And the mean man Levite, and of the country of years: and Athallah did reign

down, and the great man Cyprus, Having land, sold it, and over the land. beth bimself, therefore for- brought the money, and laid it at Job xv, 28. And he dwelleth in the apostles' feet.

desolate cities, and in houses

lo man.

bet not.

which no man inhabiteth, which , am as a sparrow alone upon the good works of some are manif are ready to become heaps. house-top.

beforehand; and they that a Job xvl, 7. But now be hath P3. cxix, 19, 20, 54. I am a stran- otherwise cannot be bid. made me weary: thou hast made ger in the earth; hide not thy Heb. xi, 14, 15, 38. For they di desolate all my company.

commandments from me. My say such things declare plai Job xix, 13-16. He hath put my soul breaketh for the longing that that they seek a country. A brethren far from me, and mine it hath unto thy judgments at all truly, if they had been mindful acquaintance are verilý estranged times. Thy statutes have been that country from wbence ti from me. My klosfolk have failed, my songs in the house of my pil- came out, they might have 1 and my familiar frinds have for grimage.

opportunity to have return gotten me. They that dwell in

Isa. 1, 8. And the danghter of (of whom the world was mine house, and my maids, count Zion is left as a cottage in a vine-worthy:) they wandered in dese me for a stranger: I am an alieu yard, as a lodge in a garden of and in mountains, and in d in their sight. I called my ser- cucumbers, as a besieged city.

and caves of the earth. vant, and he gave me no answer, Isa, il, 10. Enter into the rock, I entreated him with my mouth. and bide thee in the dust, for fear

NEIGHBOURHOOD. Job xxiv, 8. They are wet with of the LORD, and for the glory of Judges xviii, 22. And when the showers of the mountains, and his majesty.

were a good way from the bo embrace the rock for want of a Jer. ix, 2. Oh that I had in the of Micah, the men that toere in shelter. wilderness a lodging-place of way, gathered together, and overt

houses near to Micah's house w Job xxx, 3, 7, 28, 29. For want faring men, that I migut leave my the children of Dan. and fumine they were solitary; people, and go from them! for

Prov. xxi, 10. The soul of fleving into the wilderness in they be all adulterers, an asseinbly of treacherous men.

wicked desireth evil: his nel former time desolate and waste:

bour findeth no favour in lise Among the bushes they brayed; Jer. XXXVI, 19. Then said the under the nettles they were gath- princes unto Baruch, Go, hide foot from thy neighbour's hoy

Prov. xxv, 17. Withdraw ered together. I went mourning thee, thou and Jeremiah, and let lest le be weary of thes and without the sun; I stood up, and no man know where ye be.

hate thee. I cried in the congregation, I am a brother to dragous, and a com- lives, and be like the heath in the adan the captain of the guard

Jer. xlviii, 6, 28. Flee, save your Jer. xxxix, 10. But Nebu panion to owls.

wilderness. Oye that dwell of the poor of the people, w 180.xxvi, 20. Come, my people, in Moab, leave the cities, and had nothing, in the land of Jad enter thou into thy chambers, and dwell in the rock, and be like the and gave them vineyards shut thy doors about thee: hide dove that maketh her nest in the fields at the same time. thyself as it were for a little sides of the hole's mouth. moment, until the indignation be

Jer, xlix, 8. Flee ye, turn back,

Micah iv, 4. But they shall overpast.

dwell deep,

O inhabitants of every man under his rine, P3. xxxis, 12. Ilear my prayer, Dedan; for i'will bring the calam- under luis tig-tree; and nones O Lord, and give car unto iny cry; ity of Esau upon him, the time make them afraid; for the mic hold not thy peace at my tears: that I will visit him.

of the LORD of hosts bath spok for I am a stranger with thee, and

Ezek. xxxiv, 25. . a sojourner, as all my fathers shall dwell safely in the wilder. the Lord of hosts, sball yo

.... And they

Zech. iii, 10. In that day, were. ness, and sleep in the woods.

every man his neigbbuur un P3. lv, 6. 7. And I said, Oh Hosea xiii, 12. The iniquity of the vine and under the ig-tred that I had wings like a dove! for Ephraim is bound up: his sin is then would I fly away, and be at bid.

FRIENDSHIP rest. Lo, then would I wander far Obad. 6. How are the things of off, and remain in the wilderness. Esan searched out! how are his

Job vi, 14, 15. To him th3 Selah. hidden things sought up!

afflicted pity should be sto Ps. Ivi, 8. Thou tellest my wan

from his friend; but he forsak

Jonah iv, 5. So Jonah went out the fear of the Almighty derings: put thou my tears into of the city, and sat on the east brethren have dealt deceitfung thy bottle: are they not in thy side of the city, and there made a brook, and as the stream book?

him a booth, and sat under it in brooks they pass away. Ps. Ixvlii, 6. God setteth the the shadow, till he might see what solitary in families: he bringeth would become of the city.

Prov. xvill, 24. A man that out those which are bound with

friends must show himself in chains; but the rebellious dwell in

Luke 1, 80. And the child grew, ly: and there is a friend that si a dry land.

and waxed strong in spirit, and eth closer than a brother.

was in the deserts till the day of Ps. Ixix, 8. I am become a stran- his shewing unto Israel.

Prov. xxvii, 10, 14. Thideo ger unto my brethren, and an

friend, and thy father's frie alien unto iny mother's children.

Luke xii, 2, 3. For there is noth-forsake not; neither go into

ing covered, that shall not be re- brother's house in the day of Ps. IxxxvIII, 8, 18. Thou hast vealed; nelther hid, that shall not calamity: for better is a nel put away mine acquaintance far be known. Therefore, wbatso- bour that is near, than a brod from me; thou hast made me an ever ye have spoken in darkness far off. He that blessetb his trie abomination unto them: I am shall be beard in the light; and with a loud voice, tising early shut up, and I cannot come forth. that which ye have spoken in the the morning, it shall be wune Lover aud friend hast thou put ear in closets shall be proclaimed curse to him. far from me, and mine acquaint- upon the house-tops. ance into darkness.

Amos iil, 3. Can two walk 1 Tim. v, 24, 25. Some men's sing ther, except they be agreet Ps. cii, 6, 7. I am like a pelican are open beforehand, going before of the wilderness; I am like an to judgment; and some men they

ITS BENEFIL owl of the desert. I watch, and follow after. Likewise also the 1 Sam. xix, 3, 7, 8 And I

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