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think that he behaveth himself | the voice of mirth, and the voice upon him. And Saul said, I uncomely toward his virgin, if of gladness, the voice of the give him her, that she may she pass the flower of her age, and bridegroom, and the voice of the snare to him, and that the need so require, let him do what bride: for the land shall be deso- of the Philistines may be ag ho will, he sinneth not; let them late.

him. Wherefore Saul wal Inarry. Nevertheless he that

Jer. xvi, 9. For thus saith the David, Thou shalt this day! standeth stedfast in his heart,

LORD of hosts, the God of Israel; son-in-law in the one of the i having no necessity,,,but hath Behold, I will cause to cease ont And: Saul commanded his power over his own will, and bath of this place in your eyes, and in vants, saying, Commune 80 decreed in his heart that he your days, the voice of mirth, and David secretly, and say, B will keep his virgin, doeth well. the voice of gladness, the voice of the king hath delight in the So then be that giveth her in the bridegroom, and the voice of all his servants love thee marriage doeth well; but he that the bride.

therefore be the king's son-i giveth her not in marriage doeth

And Saul said, Thus shall

Jer. xxv, 10. Moreover I will better. take from them the voice of mirth, any

dowry, but an hundred

to David, The king desiret and the voice of gladness, the skins of the Philistines, NUPTIAL FEAST.

voice of the bridegroom, and the avenged of the king's en Gen. xxiv, 60. And they blessed voice of the bride, the sound of the But Saul thought to make Rebekah, and said unto her, Thou millstones, and the light of the fall by the hand of the Phili art our sister, be thou the mother candle. of thousands of millions, and let

And when his servants told thy seed possess the gate of those him the disciples of Jobn, saying, to be the king's son-in-la!

Vatth. ix, 14, 15. Then came to these words, it pleased Davi which hate them.

Why do we and the Pharisees the days were Gen. xxix, 22. And Laban gath- fast oft, but thy disciples fast not? | Wherefore David arose and ered together all the men of the And Jesus said unto them, Cen he and his men, and sler place, and made a feast.

the children of the bride-chamber Philistines two hundred De Judges xiv, 10, 11. So bis father mourn, as long as the bridegroom David brought their for went down unto the woman: and is with them? but the days will and they gave them in toll Samson made there a feast; for so

come, when the bridegroom shall the king, that he might! used the young men to do. And

be taken from them, and then king's son-in-law. it came to pass, when they saw shall they fast.

gave him Michal his daugi him, that they brought thirty John ii, 1, 2. And the third day wife. companions to be with him. there was a marriage in Cana of Dan. xi, 6, 17. And in tbe

Ruth iv, 11, 12. And all the peo-Galilee; and the mother of Jesus years they shall join them ple that were in the gate, and the

was there. And both Jesus was together; for the king's day elders, said, We are witnesses. called and his disciples to the of the south shall come The LORD make the woman that marriage.

king of the north to ni is come into thine house like

agreement. ..... He sus Rachel, and like Leah, which two MARRIAGES OF POLICY. set bis face to enter did build the house of Israel; and Gen. xxix, 23, 25, 26. And it strength of his whole kin do thou worthily in Ephratah, came to pass in the evening, that

and upright ones with bio and be famous in Beth-lehem: he took Leah his daughter, and shall he do: and he shall And let thy house be like the brought her to him; and he went

him the daughter of v honse of Pharez, whom Tamar in unto her. And it came to pass, corrupting her; but she s bare unto Judah, of the seed that in the morning, behold, it was

stand on his side, zeltber which the LORD shall give thee Leah: and he said to Laban, What of this young woman. is this thou hast done unto me?

DOWRY. Ps. xlv, 9, 14, 15. Kings' daugh- did not I serve with thee for ters were among thy honourable Rachel? wherefore then hast thou

Gen. xxix, 24. And Lala women: upou thy right hand did beguiled me? And Laban said,

unto his daughter Leal, 1 stand the queen in gold of Ophir. It must not be so done in our

his maid for an handmaid. She shall be brought unto the country, to give the younger be- Gen. XXXI,14-16. 43. Andi King in raiment of needlework: fore the first-born.

and Leah abswered and the virgins her companions that follow her shall be bronght unto

Josh. XV, 16, 17. And Caleb said, inberitance for us in our

him, Is there yet any pert thee. With gladness and rejoic and taketh it, to him will I give him strangers ? for be ball

He that smiteth Kirjath-sepher, house? Are not we can ing shall they be brought: they Achsah

my daughter to wife. And us, and bath quite derou shall enter into the King's palace. Othniel the son of Kenaz, the Çant. iil, 11. Go forth, Oye brother of Caleb, took it: and he which God hath taken fra

our money. For all the daughters of Zion, and 'behold gave him Achsali liis daughter to father, that is ours, and king Solomon with the crown wife.

dren's: Dow tben, wbatsoen wherewith his mother crowned him in the day of his espousals, Israel had sworn in Mizpeh, say- Laban answered and

Judges xxi, 1. Now the men of hath said unto thee, da and in the day of the gladness of ing. There shall not any of us Jacob, These daughters his heart. Isa. Ixti, 5. For as a young man

give bis daughter unto Benjamin daughters, and these child to wife.

my children, and these cd marrieth a virgin, 80 shall thy sons marry thee; and as the

1 Sam. xviii, 17, 21, 22, 25-27. my cattle, and all that is bridegroom rejoiceth over And Saul said to David, Behold, day unto these my daust

is inine: and what can I the bride, so shall thy God rejoice will I give thus to wife; only be unto their children wbka over thee.

thon valiant for me, and fight the Jer. vii, 34. Then will I cause to Lord's battles: for Saul said, Let Gen. xxxiv, 12. Ask me 1 case from the citles of Judah, not mine hand be upon him, but so much dowry and girl and from the streets of Jerusalem, I let the hand of the Philistines be will give according as ye


sto me: bat give me the damsel unto his brother a name in Israel, have an issue, and her issue in her

he will not perform the duty of flesh be blood, she shall be put Jel

. XT, 18, 19. And it came to my husband's brother. Then the apart seven days; and whosoever 14, as she came unto him, that elders of his city shall call him, toucheth her shall be unclean

moted him to ask of her fa- and speak unto him: and if ho until the even. And every thing In a field : and she liguted ofr stand to it, and siy, I like nct to that she lieth upon in her separ188; and Caleb said unto her, take her; Then shall his brother's ation shall be unclean; every thing Plaat wouldest thou? Who an

wife come unto him in the pres- also that she sitteth upon shall be ered. Give me a blessing; for ence of the elders, and loose bis unclean. And whosoever toucheth sa bast given me a south land; shoe from off his foot, and spit in her bed shall wash bis clothes,

me also springs of water. his face, and shall answer and and bathe himself in water, and be M he gave her the upper say, So shall it be done unto that unclean until the even. And whoregs, and the nether springs.

man that will not build up bis soever toucheth any thing that

brother's house. Klags ix, 16. For Pharaoh

And his name she sat upon shall wash his clothes, of Egypt had gone up, and

shall be called in Israel, The and bathe himself in water, and

honse of bim that hath his shoe be unclean until the even. And Gezer, and burnt it with loosed.

if it be on her bed, or on any thing od slain the Canaanites that in the city, and given it for

Ruth iv, 5,6,10,11. Then said Booz, whereon she sitteth, when he est unto his daughter, Solo-What day thou buyest the field toucheth it, he shall be unclean Wasife.

of the hand of Naomi, thou must until the even. And if any man era il, 2. $0 I bought her to buy it also of Ruth the Moabitess, lle with her at all, and her fiowers te fifteen pieces of silver, and the name of the dead upon his seven days, and all the bed where

the wife of the dead, to raise up be upon bim, he shall be unclean an bomer of barley, and an Aboner of barley.

inheritance. And the kinsman on he lieth shall be unclean. And said, I cannot redeem it for my if a woman have an issue of her

self, lest I mar mine own inherit. blood many days out of the time Cor. sil 14. Behold, the third ance: redeem thou my right to of her separation, or if it run beI am ready to come to you; thyself; for I cannot redeem it. yond the time of her separation;

will not be burdensome to Moreover, Ruth the Moabitess, all the days of the issue of her for I seek not yours, but you: the wife of Mahlon, have I pur- uncleauness shall be as the days of the children ought not to lay chased to be my wife, to raise up

her separation : she shall be unthe parents, but the parents the name of the dead upon his lieth all the days of her issue shall

clean, Every bed whereon she Be children.

i iheritance, that the name of the be unto her as the bed of her

dead be not cut off from among RRIAGE OF BROTHER'S bis brethren, and from the gate separation : and whatsoever she WIDOW.

of his place: ye are witnesses this sitteth upon shall be unclean, as the

the uncleanness of her separation. Jusvill, 8, 11, 13 14. And in the gate, and the elders, said, And whosoever toucherh those said unto Opan, Go in unto We are witnesses.

things shall be unclean, and shall Brother's wife, and marry her,

wash his clothes, and bathe himhise op seed to thy brother.

Luke xx, 28-33. Saying, Master, self in water, and be unclean until maid Judah to Tamar his Moses wrote unto us, if any the even. But if she be cleansed of ater-in-law, Remain a widow man's brother die, having a wife, her issue, then she shall number 1 fatber's honse, till Shelah and be die without children, that to herself seven days, and after Ga be grown: (for he said, his brother should take his wife, that she shall be clean. And on Derudventure he die also, as

and raise up seed unto his bro- the eighth day she shall take unto Weibren did)

And Tamar ther. There were therefore seven her two turtles, or two young and dwelt in her father's brethren: and the first took a wife, And it was told Tamar, and died without children. And pigeons, and bring them into the

Behold thy father-in-law the second took her to wife, and priest, to the door of the taberop to Timnath to shear his bo died childless.. And the third the priest shall offer the one for And she put her widow's took her; and in like manner the

a sin-offering, and the other for vents off from her, and coverseven also: and they left no chil

a burnt-offering; and the priest er with a vail, and wrapped dren, and died, Last of all the shall make an atonement for her At abd sat in an open place, woman died also. Therefore in before the Lord for the issue of At by the way to Timnath; them is she? for seven had her to separate the children of Israel

Shelab was 2. and she was not given wife.

from their uncleanness; that they bi to wife. MISCELLANEOUS.

die not in their uncleanness, when 1. XIV, 6-10. If brethren Logether, and one of them Gen. xviii, 11. Now Abraham they defile my tabernacle that is

among them. This is the law of ad have no child, the wife of stricken in age; and it ceased to whose seed goeth from him, and

and Sarah were old, and well him that hath an issue, and of him bad shall not marry without be with Sarah after the manner is doiled therewith; And of lier stranger: her husband's

of women, ber ahall go in unto her, and

that is sick of her flowers, and of ter to hlin to wife, and per

Gen, xxxi, 34, 35. Now Rachel him that hath an issue, of the man, the duty of an husband's had taken the images, and put and of the woman, and of him that ter unto her. And it shall be, them in the camel's furniture, and lieth with her that is unclean. the Orst - born which she sat upon them. And Laban

Lev. xx, 18. And if a man shall vila shall succeed in the name searched all the tent, but found lie with a woman having her sick

Imother which is dead, that them not. And she said to her ness, and shall uncover her nakedsme be not put out of Israel. father, Let it not displease my ness, he hath discovered her

If the man like not to take lord that I cannot rise up before fountain, and she hath uncovered trother's wife, then let bis thee; for the custom of women is the fountain of her blood: and ter's wife go up to the gate upon me. And he searched, but both of them shall be cut off from the elders, and say, My hus- found not the images.

among their people. Es brother refuseth to raise up Lev, xv, 19-83. And if a woman Deut. xxii, 13-20. If any man

Saw that

take a wife, and go in anto her,, the captives a beautiful woman,, the people of these abominati and hate her, And give occasions and hast a desire unto her, that wouldest not thou be angry of speech against her, and bring thou wouldest have her to thy us till thou hadst consumed up an evil name upon her, and wife. And she shall put the rai. that there should be no rema say, I took this woman, and wlec ment of her captivity from off her. nor escaping? O LORD Go I came to her, I found her not a and shall remain inthinehouse,and Israel, thou art righteous maid: Then shall the father of bewall her father and her mother remain yet escaped, as # 1 the damsel, and her mother, take a full month; and after that thou day: bebold, we are before and bring forth the tokens of shalt go in unto her, and be her in our trespas-es; for we the damsel's virginity unto the husband, and she shall be thy stand before thee because elders of the city in the gate: And wife. And it shall be, if thou have the damsel's father shall say unto no delight in her, then thou shalt

Ezra x, 18, 19, 44. Auda the elders, I gave my daughter let her go whither she will; but the sons of the priests there unto

this man to wife, and he thou shalt not sell her at all for wive“; namely, of the hateth her; And, lo, be hath money, thou shalt not make mer. given occasions of speech against chandise of her, because thou

Jeshua the son of Jozadas

his her, saying, I found not thy daugh-hast humbled her.

brethrer; Masselah, ter a maid; and yet these are the Josh. xxiii, 12, 13. Else, if ye do And they gave their hands tokens of my daughter's virginity. in any wise go back, and cleave they would

put away their

Eliezer, and Jarib, and Ged And they shall spread the cloth unto the remnant of these nations, and, being guilty, they before the elders of the city. And even these that remain among ram of the dock for their tre the elders of that city shall take you, and shall make marriges with all these had taken strange that man and chastise him; And them, and go in unto them, and and some of them bad they shall amerce him in an hun. they to you: Know for a certainty, whom they had children. dred shekels of silver, and give them that the LORD your God will no unto the father of the damsel, bemore drive out any of these na

Neh, x, 30. And that we cause he hath brought up an evil tions from before you; but they not give our daughters un name upon a virgin of Israel; and shall be shares and traps unto people of the land, nor taxe she shall be his wife: bo may not you, and scourges in your sides, daughters for our sons. put her away all his days. But and' thorns in your eyes, until ye

Neh. xiii, 23-28. In those If this thing be true, and the perish from off this good land also saw ! Jews that had tokens of virginity be not found which the LORD your God hath wives of Ashdod, of Amme for the damsel. given you.

of Moab : And their Isa, xxx, 22. Ye shall defle also

Judges ili, 5, 6. And the chil- spake half in the speech the covering of thy graven images dren of Israel dwelt among the dod, and could not speak of silver, and the ornament of thy Canaanites, Hittites, and, amo the language of each people, molten images of gold: thou shalt rites, and Perizzites, and Hivites, cast them away as a menstruous and 'Jebusites: And they took

I contended with their cloth; thou shalt say unto it, Get their daughters to be their wives, them, and plucked off the

cursed them, and smote cert thee hence.

and gave their daughters to their Lam. 1, 17. Zion spreadeth forth sons, and served their gods.

and made them swear her hands, and there is none to

saying, Ye shall not gir comfort her: the LORD hath com, these things were done, the take their daughters Unle

Ezra ix, 1, 2, 12-15. Now, when daughters unto their his adversaries should be round princes came to me, saying, The sons, or for yourselves about him: Jerusalem is as a people of Israel, and the priests, Solomon king of Israe menstruous woman among them.

and the Levites, have not separate these things yet among

ed themselves from the people nations was there do kine Ezek. xvill, 6. And liath not of the lands, doing according to him, who was beloved of eaten upon the mouutains, neither their abominations, eren of the and God made him king hath lifted up his eyes to the Canaanites, the

Hittites, the Israel: nevertheless even idols of the house of Israel, neither Perizzites, the Jebusites, the Am- outlandish women cause hath defiled his neighbour's wife, monites, the Moabites, the Egyp- Shall we then bearken noither hath come near to a men- tians, and the Amorites. For they to do all this great evil. struous woman.

have taken of their daughters for gress agaiust our God, in a Exek. xxil, 10. In thee have they themselves, and for their sons; soing strange wives ? And discovered their father's naked- that the holy seed have mingled the sons of Joiada tle ness; in theo have they bumbled themselves with the people of Eliashib the high priest, her that was set apart for pollu- those lands: yea, the hand of the in-law to Sanballat the la tion.

princes and rulers have been chief therefore I chased him fra Ezek. xxxvi, 17. Son of man, in this trespass. Now therefore

Mal. 11, 11, 12. Judah when the house of Israel dwelt in give not your daughters unto their own land, they defled it by their sons, neither take their tion is committed in Israel

treacherously, and an their own way, and by their do- daughters unto your sons, nor ings: their way was before me as seek their peace or their wealth Jerusalem; for Judah

faned the holiness of the the uncleanness of a removed for ever, that yo may be strong, which he loved, and bath

and eat the

good of the land, and the daughter of a strans woman,

leave it for an inheritance to your The Lord will cut oil RESTRICTIONS UNDER JEW.

children for ever. And alter all

that is come upon us for our evil that doeth this, the
deeds, and for our great trespass,

the scholar, out of the tale Deut. xxl, 10, 11, 13, 14. When seeing that thou our God last of Jacob, and him that thou goest forth to war against punished us less than our iniqui- offering unto the Low or thine enemies, and the LORD thy ties deserve, and hast given us God hath delivered them into such deliverance as this; Should

DUTIES OF HUSBAND thine hands, and thou hast taken we again break thy command- Prov. v, 15-19. Drink hem captive, Aud seest among I ments, and join in affinity with l of thine own cistura: 194


fers out of thine own well. I come abroad unto all women, so, not the word, they also may K toy fountains be dispersed that they shall despise their hus- without the word be won by the ed, and rivers of waters in bands in their eyes, when it shall conversation of the wives; while streets. Let them be only be reported, The king Ahasuerus they behold your chaste'converte own, and not strangers' commanded Vashti the queen to sation coupled with fear. For Athee. Let thy fountain be be brought in before him, but she after this manner in the old time sed; and rejoice with the wife came not. Likewise shall the the holy women also, who trusted thy youth. Let her be as the ladies of Persia and Media say in God, adorned themselves, befiz bind and pleasant roe; let this day unto all the king's princes, ing in subjection unto their own breasts satisfy thee at all which have heard of the deed of husbands: Even as Sarah obeyed

and be thou rayished al- the queen. Thus shall there arise Abraham, calling him lord: whose is with ber love.

too much contempt and wrath. daughters ye are as long as ye do E. i 17, 29. The merciful If it please the king, let there go a well, and are not afraid with any deth good to his own soul: royal commandment from him, amazement. Le that is cruel troubleth leis and let it be writtten among the Titus il, 4, 5. That they may

flesh. He that troubleth his laws of the Persians and the teach the young women to be Louse shall inherit the wind; Medes, that it be not altered, That sober, to love their husbands, to te fool shall be servant to the Vashti come no more before king love their children. To be disbeart.

Ahasuerus; and let the king give creet, chaste, keepers at home, II, 9. Live joyfully with her royal estate unto another that good, obedient to their own huswife whom thou lovest all the

is better than she. And when the bands, that the word of God be not of the life of thy vanity, king's decree, which he shall blasphemed. be hath given thee under make, shall be published throughall the days of thy vanity: all the wives shall give to their out all his empire, (for it is great,)

Gen. xvi, 6. But Abram said is thy portion in this life, husbands honour, both to great thy hand: do to her as it pleaseth

unto Sarai, Behold, thy maid is in tu thy labor which thou under the sun. and small. Aud the saying pleas

thee. And when Sarai dealt

king ; brethren, the time is short: it of Memucan. Du vil, 29, 33. But this, the king did according to the word hardly with her, she fled from her

face, beth, that both they that

Gen. xxi, 12. And God said unto sives be as though they had

P3. xlv, 10. Hearken, o daugh. Abraham, Let it not be grievous But he that is married ter, and consider, and incline in thy sight because of the lad, for the things that are of thine ear; forget also thine own and because of thy bond-woman; kald , how he may please his people, and thy father's house.

in all that Sarah hath said unto 1 Çor. xl, 8, 9. For the man is thee, hearken unto her voice; for 7,28, 33. So ought men to

not of the woman; but the woman in Isaac shall thy seed be called. deir wives as their own of the man. Neither was the man

1 Sam. xxv, 19, 26. And she ho that loveth his wife created for the woman; but the

said unto her servants, Go on woman for the man. bimself. Nevertheless, let

before me; behold, I come after te of you in particular so 1 Cor. xiv, 34, 35. Let your you. But she told not her husHy wife even as himself; and women keep silence in the band Nabal. Now therefore, my ke see that she reverence churches: for it is not permitted lord, as the LORD liveth, and as

unto them to speak; but they are thy soul liveth, seeing the LORD fit, 19. Husbands, love your commanded to be under obedi, hath withholden thee from comand be not bitter agaiustence, as also saith the law. Adding to shed blood, and from

if they will learn any thing, let avenging thyself with thine own ter ill, 7. Likewise, yo hus- for it is a shame for women to they that seek evil to my lord, be

them ask their husbands at home: hand, now let thine enemies, and dwell with them according speak in the church.

as Nabal, wledge, giving honour unto le, as unto the weaker vesEph. V, 22-24. Wives, submit

Esther 1, 10--12. On the seventh 1 as being heirs together of yourselves unto your own husHoe of life; that your prayers bands, as unto the Lord. For the day, when the heart of the king husband is the head of the wife, manded Mehuman, Biztha, llar

was merry with wine, bo comhindere... even as Christ is the head of the


church: and he is the saviour of bona, Bigtha,

the body. Therefore as the church Zetuar, Cascas, the seven cham11 , 16. Unto the woman he is subject unto Christ

, so let the berlains that served in the prewill greatly multiply thy wives be to their own husbands in sence of Ahasuerus the king, To and thy conception: in sor- every thing.

bring Vashti the queen before tho bon shalt bring forth chilCol. iii, 18. Wives, submit your-shew the people and the princes

king with the crown-royal, to ni thy desire shall be to Estand, and he shall rule selves unto your own husbands, her beauty; for she was fair to as it is fit in the Lord.

look on. But the queen Vashti 1, 15--21. What shall we 1 Tim. ii, 11-14. Let the woman

refused to come at the king's the queen Vashti accord- learn in silence with all subjec-commandment by his chamberlaw, because she hath not tion. But I suffer not a woman to lains: therefore was the king med the commandment of teach, nor to usurp authority very wroth, and his anger burned Sabasuerus by the cham. over the man, but to be in silence. in him.

And Memucan answered For Adam was first formed, then Prov. XXXI, 23. IIer husband is the king and the princes, Eve. And Adam was not de- known in the gates, when be the queen hath not doneceived; but the woman, being sitleth among the elders of the

to the king only, but also deceived, was in the transgres- laud.
the princes, and to all the sion.
that are in all the pro- 1 Peter III, 1, 2, 5, 6. Likewise,

GOOD WIVES. of the king Ahasuerus. ye wives, be in subjection to your Gen. xxiv, 67. And Isaac As deed of the queen shall Town husbands; that if any obey brought her into bis mother Sarah's tent, and took Rebekah, he said, Let Asher be blessed with Exod. xix, 15. And he sal and she became his wife; and le childron; let him be acceptable to the people, Be ready agalu loved her: and Isaac was comfort- bis brethren, and let him dip his third day: come not at ed after his mother's death. foot in oil.

wives. Prov. xi, 16. A gracious woman Job v, 24. And thou shalt know Lev. xv, 18. The woma retaineth honour; and strong men that thy tabernacle shall be in with whom man shall l retain riches.

peace, and thou shalt visit thy seed of copulation, they shu Prov. xviil, 22. Whoso findeth a habitation, and shalt not sin. bathe themselves in water, wife findeth a good thing, and

unclean until the even.

Job xix, 17. My breath is strange obtaineth favour of the LORD.

to my wife, though I entreated 1 Sam. I, 19. And they Prov. xxxi, 10-12, 28--81. Who for the children's sake of mine in the morning early, a can find a virtuous woman? for own body.

shipped before the LOR her price is far above rubies. The

Ruth iii, 1. Then Naomi, her returned, and came to thei heart of her husband doth safely mother-in-law, said unto ber, My to Ramah: and Elkanal trust in her, so that he shall have daughter, shall I not seek rest for Hannah his wife; and th no need of spoil. She will do him thee, that it may be well with remembered her. good, and not evil, all the days of thee?

1 Sam. xxi, 4, 5. And 0 her life. Her children arise up,

1 Sam. I, 4. And wben the time answered David, and sai and call her blessed; her husband

was that Elkanah offered, he is no common bread und daughters have done virtuously all her sons and her daughters, If the young men have kel also, and he praiseth her. Many gave to Peninnah his wife, and to hand; but there is hallowe but thou excellest them all. portions.

selves at least from wome Favour is deceitful, and beauty is vain: but a woman that feareth

P8. cxvill, 15. The voice of re

David answered the pri the LORD, she shall be praised. Joicing and' salvation is in the said unto him, or a truth and let her own works praise her right hand of the LORD doeth val. and the vessels of the you Give her of the fruit of her hands; tabernacles of the righteous: the have been kept from u

these three days, since I c in the gates. iantly.

are holy, and the bread P3. cxxviil, 3, 4. Thy wife shall manner common, yea, BAD WIVES.

be as a fruitful vine by the sides it were sanctifled this da 2 Sam. vi, 16. And as the ark of of thine house: thy children like vessel. the Lord came into the city of olive plants round about thy table.

2 Sam. xi, 9-11. But ur David, Michal, Saul's daughter Behold, that thus shall the man

at the door of the king

that feareth the looked through a window, and be blessed LORD,

with all the servants of Baw king David leaping and

and went not dowu to hi dancing before the LORD; and she Prov. iii, 33. The curse of the And when they had tol despised him in her heart. Lord is in the house of the wicked: saying, Uriah went not da 1 Kings xl, 4. For it came to

but he blesseth the habitation of his house, David said ant

the just. pass, when Solomon was old, that

Camest thou not from the his wives turned away his heart

why then didst thou not after other gods: and his beart

unto thine house? was not perfect with the Lord his

Gen. iv, 25. And Adam knew said unto David, The art God, as was the heart of David his bis wife again; and she bare a son, rael, and Judah, abide father.

and called his name Seth: For and my lord Joab, and 1 Kings xxi, 25. But there was God, said she, hath appointed me vants of my lord, are e

another seed instead of Abel, in the open fields; shall | none like unto Ahab, which did whom Cain slewi

into mine house, to eat sell himself to work wicaedness in the sight of the LORD, whom

Gen. xxix, 21. And Jacob said drink, and to lie with my Jezebel his wife stirred up. unto Laban, Give me my wife, for thou livest, and as thys my days are fulfilled, that I inay

I will not do this thing. Prov, xix, 13. A foolish son is go in unto her.

2 Sam. xll, 24. And Da the calamity of his father; and the contentions of a wife are a

Gen. xxx, 15, 16. And she said forted Bath-sheba his1 continual dropping.

unto her, Is it a small matter that went in unto her, and

thou hast taken my husband? and her: and she bare a so Prov. xxl, 9, 19. It is better to wouldest thou take away my called his name Solomon dwell in a corner of the house-top, son's mandrakes also ? And Ra. LORD loved him. than with a brawling woman in a chel said, Therefore he shall lie Esther iv, 11. All the wide house. It is better to dwell with thee to-night for thy son's vants, and the people of 1 in the wilderness, than with a mandrakes, And Jacob came provinces, do know, tha contentious and an angry wo-out of the field in the evening, ever, whether man or man.

and Leah went out to meet him, shall come unto the king Prov. xxv, 24. It is better to and said, Thou must come in inner cuurt, who is no dwell in a corner of the house-top, unto me; for surely I have there is one law of his ti than with a brawling woman, and hired thee with my son's man- to death, except such ! in a wide house.

drakes. Aud de lay with her the king shall hold out th that night.

sceptre, that be may lie Prov. xxvii, 15, 16. A continual dropping in a very rainy day and

Gen. xxxviii, 1, 2. And it came have not been called a contentious woman are alike. went down from his brethren, days.

to pass at that time, that Judah in unto the king the Whosoever hideth her hideth the

and turned in to a certain Adul. wind, and the ointment of his lamite, whose name was Hirah. render unto the wife drae

1 Çor, vil, 3-6. Lo the right hand, which bewrayeth And Judah saw there a dangbter lence: and likewise

also uself. SUNDRIES.

of a certain Canaanite, whose unto the busbabit. TDA

name was Shuab; and he took her, not power of ber own! Deul. xxxiii, 24. And of Asher, and went in unto her.

the husband: aod lieu

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