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basband hath not power of Jer. XV, 8.9. Their widows are in thee have they vered the faNowa body, but the wite. De- increased to me above the sand therless and the widow. si se pot one the other, except of the seas: I bave brought upon Acts ix, 39. Then Peter arose k with consent for a time, that them, against the mother of the and went with them. When he my give yourselves to fasting young men, a spoiler at noon, was come, they brought him into prayer; and come together day: I have caused him to fall the upper chamber: and all the un, that Satan tempt you not upon it suddenly, and terrors up-widows stood by him weeping, your incontinency. But I on the city. She that hath borne and shewing the coats and garof this by permission, and not seven languisheth: she hath given ments which Dorcas made while buenta andment.

up the ghust; her sun is gone sbe was with them.

down while it was yet day: she DISSOLUTION OF bath been ashamed and confound.

1 Tim. V, 3, 4, 16. Honour wi

dows that are widows indeed. MARRIAGE.

ed: and the residue of them will I BY DEATH. deliver to the sword before their But if any widows have children

or nephews, let them learn first to enemies, saith the LORD. te vil, 2, 3. For the woman

shew piety at home, and to rehath an husband is bound

Lam. v, 3. We are orphans and quite their parents : for that is hw to her husband so long fatherless, our mothers are as good and acceptable before God. Teth: but if the husband be widows.

If any man or woman that believhe is loosed from the law

eth have widows, let them relieve 1 Tim. 5, 5, 9, 10. Now she that basband. So then it, while is a widow Indeed, and desolate, them, and let not the church be husband liveth, she be mar- trusteth in God, and continueth charged; that it may relieve them Ito another man, she shall be in supplications and prayers night N an adulteress: but if her and day. Let not a widow be James 1, 27. Pure religion and and be dead, she is free from taken into the number under undefiled before God and the law, so that she is no adul- threescore years old, having been Father is this, To visit the fatherthough she be married to the wife of one man, well report- less and widows in their affliction,

ed of for good works; if she have and to keep himself unspotted 07. Vii, 89. The wife is bound brought up children, if she have from the world, in law as long as her hus-lodged strangers, if she have

liveth; but if her husband washed the saints' feet, if she have God's CARE OF WIDOWS. nd, she is at liberty to be relieved the afflicted, if she have

Exod. xxii, 22-24. Ye shall not to whom she will only in diligeutly followed every good amict any widow, or fatherless work.

child. If thou afllict them in any

wise, and they cry at all unto me, WIDOWS.

WIDOWS SPECIALLY OBJECTS OF I will surely hear their cry; And TIIVIII. 12, 19. And in pro


my wrath shall wax bot, and I Mlime the danghter of Shuah Jobxxix, 13. The blessing of him

will kill you with the sword; and swife died; and Judah was red , and went up unto his that was ready to perish came your wives shall be widows, and

your children fatherless, whearers to Timnath, he upon me, and I caused the widow's heart to sing for joy.

Deut. x, 18. He doth execute Refriend Hirah the Adullam

the judgment of the fatherless And she arose, and went Job xxii, 9-11. Thou hast gent and widow, and loveth the stranand laid by her vail from widows away emply, and the ger, in giving him food and rai4 pat on the garments of arms of the fatherless have been ment. dow bood. broken. Therefore snares are

Deut. xxiv, 17, 18. Thou shalt 44,3, 5. And Elimelech, round about thee, and sudden Is husband, died; and she fear troubleth thee; Or darkness,

not pervert the judgment of the E, and her two sons. And that thou canst not 'see; and abun. stranger, nor of the fatherless,

nor take a widow's raiment to and Chilion died also dance of waters cover thee.

pledge: But thou shalt remember ther; and the woman was Job xxxi, 16-18. If I have with that thou wast a bond - man in Ther two sons and her hus- held the poor from their desire, Egypt, and the LORD thy God

or have caused the eyes of the redeemed thee thence: therefore 1, 11, 12. And Boaz an- widow to fail; Or have eaten my I command thee to do this and said unto her, It hath morsel myself alone, and the fa- thing. been shewed me all that therless hath not eaten thereof;

Deut. xxvii, 19. Cursed be he tast done unto thy mother. For from my youth he was that perverteth the judgment of

since the death of thine brought up with me, as with a the stranger, fatherless, and wiand; and howo thou hast left father, and I have guided her dow: and all the people shall say, aber and thy mother, and from my mother's womb.

Amen, end of thy nativity, and art inte a people which thou and the stranger, and murder the fatherless, and a judge of the

Ps. xciv, 6. They slay the widow Ps. Ixvill, 5. A father of the 8 not heretofore. The

fatherless. recompense thy work, and

widows, is God in his holy babitareward be given thee of the Isa. liv, 4. Fear not; for thon tion. God of Israel, under whose shalt not be ashamed; neither be P3. cxlvi, 9. The LORD preservSthou art come to trust. thou confounded; for thou shalt eth the strangers; he relieveth

not be put to shame; for thon shalt the fatherless and widow: but the IT11,9. Arise, get thee to forget the shame of thy youth, way of the wicked he turneth upbath, which belongeth to and shalt not remember the re- side down. I sad dwell there: behold, I proach of thy widowhood any commanded a widow woman inore.

Prov. xv, 25. The LORD will deto sustala thee.

stroy the house of the proud: but level, 64. Their priests fell set light by father and mother, in widow.

Ezek. xxII, 7. In thee have they he will establish the border of the sword; and their widows the midst of thee have they dealt Jer. xlix, 11. Leave thy father. bbo lamentation.

by oppression with the stranger;' less children, I will preserve them 433

2 E


alive, and let thy widows trust in a strange nation le shall have no divorcement, whom I have me.

power, seeing he hath dealt de- away? or which of my creditor Zech. vii, 10. And oppress not ceitfully with her. And if he have it to whom I have sold yor! the widow, nor the fatherless, betrothed her unto his son, he hold, for your iniquities have the stranger, nor the poor; and shall deal with her after the man- sold yourselves, and for 1 let none of you imagine' evil ner of daughters. If he take bim transgressions is your molbei against his brother in your another wife, her food, her ral-away. Leart.

ment, and her duty of marriage, Jer. fil, 1, 8. They say, If 1 Tim. v, 8. But if any provide shall be not diminish. And if he put away his wife, and et not for his own, and specially for do not these three unto her, from him, and become si those of his own house, he hath then shall she go out free without man’s, shall he return aste denied the faith, and money.

again? shall not that las than an infidel.

Deut. xxl, 14. And it shall be, if greatly polloted? but thou

thou have no delight in her, then played the harlot with 1 MARRIAGES REPEATED. thou shalt let her go whither she lovers; yet return again to

Gen. xxv, 1. Then again Abra- will; but thou shalt not sell her at saith the LORD. And I may ham took a wife, and her nam- all for money, thou shalt not for all the causes whereby was Keturah. make merchandise of her, because sliding Israel committed sci

I had put her away, and give 1 Sam. XXV, 39, 40. And when thou hast humbled her.

a bill of divorce; yet her tre David heard that Nabal was dead, Deut. xxiv, 1-5. When a man ous sister Judah feared

David sent and communed hath taken a wife, and married went and played the barlot! with Abigail to take her to him to her, and it come to pass that she wife. And when the servants of find no favour in his eyes, because David were come to Abigail to he hath found some uncleanness

INSTANCES. Carmel, they spake unto her, say- in her, then let him write her a

Ezra , 2-4, 10-12, 14-17. ing, David sent as unto thee, to bill of divorcement, and give it of the sons of Elam, ani

Shechaniah the son of Jebis take thee to him to wife.

in her hand, and send her out of 2 Sam. xi, 27. And when the his house. And when she is and said unto Ezra, We mourning was past, David sent departed out of his house,she may trespassed against our Go and fetched her [Bath-sheba) to go and be another man's wife. the people of the land; se his house, and she became his and the latter husband hate there

is hope in Israel cost wife, and bare him a son. But the her, and write her a bill of dlthing that David had done dis- vorcement, and giveth it in ber make a covenant with our

this thing. Now therefore pleased the LORD. the son of Hezron begat children which took her to be his wife; Her the counsel of my lord, 1 Chron. il, 18-21. And Caleb house or if the latter husband die, put away all the wires, as

as are born of them, accord of Azubah his wife, and of Jeri- former husband, which sent ber

those that tremble at the oth: her sons are these; Jesher, away, may not take her again to

mandment of our God; as and Shobab, and Ardon. And be his wife, after that she is de

be done according to when Azubah was dead, Caleb filled; for that is abomination be

Arise; for this matter took unto him Ephrath, which fore the LORD:

and thou

shalt not unto thee: we also rolu bare bim Hur. And Húr begat Lord thy God giveth thee for an

thee: be of good courage, a Uri, and Uri begat Bezaleel. And

inheritance. afterward Hezron went in to the

And Ezra the priest stood1

When a man hath daughter of Machir, the father of taken

a new wife, be shall not go gressed, and have taken

said unto them, Ye bate Gilead, whom he married when he out to war, neither shall be be was threescore years old, and she charged with any business; but wives, to increase the tres he sball be free at home one year,fession onto the LORD God

Israel. Now therefore na bare him Segub.

and sball cheer up his wife which
he hath taken.

fathers, and do his please Ezek. xliv, 22. Neither shall they

separate yourselves from t take for their wives a widow, nor said, Whosoever shall put away strange wives.

Matth. v, 31, 32. It hath been ple of the land, and N her that is put away: but they his wife, let him give her a writ- congregation


Then the house of Israel, or a widowing of divorcement: But I say with a loud voice, as the that had a priest before.

unto you, That whosoever shall said, so must we do. La

put away his wife, saving for the our rulers of all the com 1. Cor. vii, 40. But she is happier cause of fornication, canseth her stand, and let all the if she so abide, after my judgment: to commit adultery: and whoso- have taken strange wires and I think also that I have the ever shall marry her that is di- cities come at appointed Spirit of God.

vorced committeth adultery. and with them the elderd 1 Tim. v, 11. But the younger

city, and the judges there

Matth. xix, 9, 10. And I say unto the fierce wrath of our widows refuse: for when they you, Whosoever

shall put away this matter be turned have begun to wax wauton against his wife, except it be for fornica- Only Jonathan the son of Christ, they will marry.

tion, and shall marry another, and Jabaziah the son of

committeth adultery, and whoso were employed about this 2nd-BY DIVORCE. marrieth her which is put away and Meshullam and the THE LAW.

doth commit adultery. His dis the Levite helped them. Exod. xxl, 7-11. And if a man sell ciples say unto him, If the case of children of the captivity his daughter to be a maid-servant, the man be so with his wife, it is And Ezra the priest, solla she shall not go out as the men not good to marry.

chief of the fathers, a servants do. If she please not

house of their fathers, her master, who hath betrothed

of them by their naman her to himself, then shall be let Isa. 1, 1. Thus saith the LORD, separated, and at down her be redeemed: to sell her unto Where is the bill of your mother's first day of the tenth so enmins the matter. And they put away from her husband, com- , married I command, yet not I, but made an end with all the men mitteth adultery.

the Lord, Let not the wife depart that had taken strange wives by

from her husband: But and if she first day of the first month. OTHER KINDS OF depart, let her remain unmarried, Either 1, 19. If it please the king,


or be reconciled to her husband: there go a royal commandmest from him, and let it be writ-swered and said to Laban, Be

Gen. xxxi, 31. And Jacob an- his wife. But to the rest speak I,

and let not the husband put away en among the laws of the Perans and the Medes, that it be not Peradventure thou wouldest take cause I was afraid: for. I said, a wife that believeth not, and she

not the Lord; If any brother hath Bered, That Vashti come no by force thy daughters from me.

be pleased to dwell with him, let bore before king Ahasuerus;

him not put her away. And the ed let the king give her royal

Judges xiv, 20. But Samson's woman which hath an husband este unto another that is better wife was given to his companion, that believeth not, and if he he whom he had used as his friend.

pleased to dwell with her, let her Judges xv, 1, 2. But it came to not leave him. For the unbelievDIVORCE CONDEMNED. pass within a while after, in the ing husband is sanctified by the NL ii, 13, 14, 16. And this have time of wheat harvest, that Sam- wife, and the unbelieving wife is te agaiu, covering the altar

son visited his wife with a kid; sanctified by the husband: else De LORD with tears, with and he said, I will go in to my were your children unclean; but

sing, and with crying out, wife into the chamber: but her now are they holy. But if the unauch that he regardeth not father would not suffer him to go believing depart, let him depart. dering any more, or receiveth in. And her father said, I verily A brother or a sister is not

under with good will at your hand. thought that thou hadst utterly bondage in such cases: but God yo say, Wherefore? Because hated her, therefore I gave her bath called us to peace. For what Lord hath been witness be to thy companion is not her knowest thou, o wife, whether ta thee and the wife of thy younger sister fairer than she thou shalt save thy husband? or th, against whom thou hast take her, I pray thee, instead of how knowest thou, o man, whea treacherously: yet is she thy her.

ther thou shalt save thy wife? mpanion, and the wife of thy

1 Sam. XXV, 44. But Sanl had Reant. For the LORD, the God given Michal hig daughter,

VIOLATIONS Israel, saith that he hateth David's wife, to Phalti the son of

OF THE ORIGINAL lits away: for one covereth Lalsh, which was of Gallim.

LAW OF MARRIAGE. face with his garment, saith 2 Sam. iii, 13-16. And he said,

POLYGAMY. Lord of hosts; therefore take Well; I will make a league with to your spirit, that ye deal thee: but one thing I require of

Gen. iv, 19. And Lamech took teacherously. thee, that is, Thou shalt not see

unto him two wives: the name of d. 313, 6-8. Wherefore they Michal, 'Saul's daughter, when of the other Zillah.

my face, except thou first bring the one was Adah, and the name tə more twain, but one flesh. thon comest to see my face. And Etherefore God hath joined David sent messengers to Ish-Abram's wife, bare him no chill

Gen. xvi, 1-3. Now Sarai say into him, why did bosheth, Saul's son, saying, De- dren: and she had an Handmaid, then command to give a espoused to me for an hundred Hagar. And Sarai said unto

an Egyptian, whose name was Ung of divorcement, and to foreskins of the Philistines. And Abram, Behold now, the LORD bez away? Moses, because of the hard- Ish-bosheth sent, and

took her hath restrained me from bearing: of your hearts, suffered you Phaltiel the son of Laish. And it may be that I may obtain chil

from I pray thee, go in unto my maid; laway your wives: but from her husband went with her along dren by her. And Abram hearbeginning it was not so.

weeping behing her to Bahurim. kened to the voice of Sarai. And lurk , 2-5, 9--12. And the Then said Abner unto him, Go, Sarai, Abram's wife, took Hagar 1ees came to him, and asked return. And be returned.

her maid, the Egyptian, after Is it lawful for a man to put

Jer. iii, 20. Surely as a wife Abram had dwelt ten years in the his wife tempting, him. treacherously departeth from her land of Canaan, and gave her

to be answered and said unto What did Moses command

husband so have ye dealt treach- her husband Abram to be his And they said, Moses erously with me, o house of wife.

Gen. xxvi, 31. And Esad was med to write a bill

of'divorce-Israel, saith the Lord. and to put her away. And Hosea ii, 7. And she shall fol- forty years old when he took to answered and said unto low after her lovers, but she shall Beeri the Hittite, and Bashemath,

wife Judith, the daughter of For the hardness of your not overtake them; and she shall the daughter of Elon the

Hittite. she wrote you this precept: seek them, but shall not find w therefore God hath joined them: then shall she say, I will go Gen. xxviii, 8, 9. And Esau seebor, let not man put asun- and return to my first husband; ing that the daughters of Canaan And in the house his dis- for then was it better with me pleased not Isaac his father; Tben naked him again of the same than now.

went Esau unto Ishmael, and took ber. And he saith unto them, John iv, 16-18. Jesus saith unto unto the wives which he bad

tever shall put away his her, Go, 'call thy husband, and Mahalath, the daughter of Ishand marry another, com

come hither. The woman an- mael, Abraham's son, the sister of Fith adaltery against her. swered and said, I have no hus- Nebajoth, to be bis wifo. it a woman shall put away band. Jesus said unto her, Thou Gen. xxix, 27-30. Fulfil her

kasband, and be married to hast well said, I have no husband: week, and we will give theo this ter, she committeth adultery. For thou hast' had five husbands; also, for the service which thoa ale TVI, 18. Whosoever put- and he whom thou now. bast is shalt serve with me yet seven sway his wife, and marrieth not thy husband: in that saidst other years. And Jacob did so, Kher, coumltteth adultery: thou truly.

and fulfilled her week; and he delicaderer marrieth ber that is 1 Cor. vii, 10–16. And unto the I gave bim Rachel his daughter to

wife also. And Laban gave to noam the Jezreelitess, and Abigail, did bear to Nabor, Abraham Rachel his daughter, Bilbab his the wife of Nabal, the Carmelite. brother. And his concubini handinaid to be her maid. And

2 Sam. 11, 2. So David went up who pame was Reumah, she bar he went in also unto Rachel, and thither, and his two wives also, also Tebah, and Gabam, an he loved also Rachel more than Ahinoam the Jezreelltess, and Thabash, and Maachah, Leah, and served with him yet Abigail, Nabal's wife, the Car- Gen. xxv, 6. But unto the sot seven other years. melito.

of the concubines, which Abraba Gen. xxx, 3, 4, 9, 26. And she 2 Sam. 111, 2-5. And unto Davia had, Abrabam gave gifts, and set said, Behold, my maid Bilhah, go were sons born in Hebron; and his them away from Isaac his so in unto her, and she shall bear upon first-burn was Amnon of Abinoain (while he yet lived) eastwar my knees, that I may also have the Jezreelitess; And his se nd, unto the east country. children by her. And she gave Chileab, of Abigail the wile of Judges vili, 31. And his co him Bilhah ber handmaid to wife; Nabal the Carmelite ; and the cubine that was in Shechem, s and Jacob went in unto her. third, Absalom the son of Maacah, also bare him a son, whose na When Leah saw that sho had the daughter of Talmal, king of be called Abimelech. left bearing, she took Zilpah her Gesbur, And the fourth, Adonijah maid, and gave her Jacob to wife. the son of Haggith; and the fifth, to pass in those days, when the

Judges aix, 1-3, 10. And It car Give me my wives and my chil. Shephatiah the son of Abital; was no king in Israel, that the dren, for whom I have served And the sixth, Ithream, by Eglah, was a certain Levite sojournit thee, and let me go: for thou David's wife. These were born on the side of mount Éphrai knowest my service which I have to David In Hebron.

who took to him a concubi done thee.

1 Chron. viii, 8. And Shaharaim out of Beth-lehem-judah. Al Gen. XXXVI, 2, 3. Esau took his begat children in the country of his concubine played the who wives of the daughters of Canaan, Moab, after he had sent them against him, and went away fro Adah tho daughter of Elon the away; Husbim and Baara were him unto her father's house Hittite, and Aholiba mah the his wives.

Beth-lehem-judah, and was the daughter of Anah the daughter

2 Chron. xi, 18--20, 23. And Re- four whole months. And I of Zibeon the Hivite; And hoboam took him Mahalath, the

husband arose, and went after hi Bashemath, Ishmael's daughter, daughter of Jerimoth, the son or to speak friendly unto her, and sister of Nebajoth.

David, to wife, and Abiball, the bring her again, having his s Deut. xvil, 17. Neither shall lie daughter of Ellab, the son of Jesse; vant with him, and couple multiply wives to himself, that his which bare him children; Jeush, arses: and she brought him ir heart turn not away; neither shall and Shamarlah, and Zalam. And her father's house, and when t he greatly multiply to himself after that he took Maachah the father of the damsel saw him, silver and gold.

daughter of Absalom, which bare rejoiced to meet him. Butt Deut. xxi, 15, 16. If a man have him A bijah, and Aliai, and Ziza, man would not tarry that bigl

and Sbelomith. . ,....

And he two wives, one beloved, and an

but he rose up and departed, si

came over against Jebus, (wki other hated, and they have born desired many wives. him children, both the beloved

2 Chron. xlii, 21. But Abijah him two asses saddled; his a

is Jerusalem, (and there xera and the hated; and if the first-born waxed mighty, and married four

cubine also eas with him. son be her's that was hated; teen wives, and begat twenty and Then it shall be, when he maketh two sons, and sixteen daughters. Judges xx, 8-6. (Now the bls sons to inberit that which he 2 Chron. xxi, 12, 14. And there

dren of Benjamin beard that hath, that he may not make the came a writing to him from Elijah to Mizpeh.) Then said ile e

children of Israel were gone 1 son of the beloved first-born be- the prophet, saying..

...: Behold, I dren of Israel, Tell us, how fore the son of the hated, which with a great plague will the LORD is indeed the first-born. smite thy people, and thy children, this wickedness? And

the Lers Judges viii, 80. And Gideon bad and thy wives, and all ily goods. the busband of the woman sa

was slain, answered and said, threescore and ten sons of his 2 Chron. xxiv, 2, 3. And Joash came into Gibeah that belong body begotten: for he bad many did that which was right in the to Benjamin, I and my concubin wives.

sight of the LORD all the days of to lodge: And the men of Gibe 1 Sam. 1, 2. And he had two Jehoiada the priest. And Jehoiada rose against me, and beses wives; the name of the one was took for him two wives; and be house round about aponta Hannah, and the name of the begat sons and daughters.

night, and thought to have sa other Peninnah: and Peninnah Ezek. xxill, 4. And the names of me; and my concubine hare 1 had children, but Hannah had no them were Aholah the elder, and forced, that she is dead. And children,

Aholibah her sister; and they took my concubine, and cut 1 Sam. XXV,42,43, And Abigall were mine, and they bare sons in pieces, and sent her throagus hasted, and arose, and rode upon

and da ters. Thus were their all the country of the inheritan an ass, with five damsels of her's namnes; Samaria is Alolah, and of Israel; for they have contri that went after her, and she went Jerusalem Aholibah.

lewdness and folly in Israel after the messengers of David, Mal. II, 15. And did not be 2 Sam. 1il, 6,7. And it came and became his wife. David also make one? Yet had be the resi-pass, while there was war bered took Abinoam of Jezreel; and they due of the Spirit. And wherefore ite house of Saul and the bra were also both of them his wives. one? That he might seek a goodly of David, that Abner made

1 Sam. xxvii, 3. And David seed. Therefore take heed to self strong for the bouse of dwelt with Achish at Gath, he and your spirit, and let none deal And Saul bad a copcubine, who his men, every man with his treacherously against the wife of name was Rizpah, the daught household, even David with his his youth.

of Alah: and 28kbosketh out two wives, Abinoam the Jezreel

Abuer, Wherefore last thou gr itess, and Abigail the Carmelitess,

CONCUBINES OR in unto my father's coacebide Nabal's wife.


2 Sam. XV, 16. And the bir 1 Sam. XXX, 6. And David's two Gen. xxit, 23, 24. And Bethuel went forth, and all his houseina wives were taken captives, Abi- I begat Rebekah: these eight Milcah after him. And the king del a , which were concubines, shall approach to any that is near father. And they made their p the house.

of kin to him, to uncover their father drink wine that night. . . 2. IVİ, 21. And Ahithophel nakedness: I am the LORD. The

Gen, xx, 12, And yet indeed she. ato Absalom, Go in unto nakedness of thy father, or the is my sister: she is the daughter her's concubines, which he nakedness of thy mother, shalt of my father, but not the daughift to keep the house; and thou not uncover: she is thy ter of my mother, and she became ael eball hear that thou mother, thou shalt not uncover

my wife. torted of thy fatherthen her nakedness. The nakedness be hands of all that are of thy father's wife shalt thou not

Gen. XXXV, 22.. And it came to ee be strong.

uncover: it is thy father's naked pass, when Israel dwelt in that L Xlx, 5. And Joab came ness. The nakedness of thy

sister, land, that Reuben went and lay

with Bilhah his father's concubine: the daughter of thy father, or e house to the king, and

and Israel heard it. Now the hou hast shamed this day daughter of thy mother, whether

sons of Jacob were twelve. * of all thy servants, which she be born at home, or born

Exod. vi, 20. And Amram took y have saved thy life, and abroad, even their nakedness thou

shalt not uncover. The naked-him Jochebed bis father's sister is of thy sons and of thy ness of thy sun's daughter, or of to wife; and she bare him Aaron ere, and the lives of thy and the lives of thy concuthy daughter's daughter, even

and Moses. And the years of the their nakedness thou shalt not life of Amram were an hundred

uncover; for theirs is thine own and thirty and seven years. 1. XX, 3. And David came nakedness. The nakedness of bouse at Jerusalem; and thy father's wife's daughter, be- Judah; Er, and Onan, and Shelah:

1 Chron. il, 3, 4. The sons of took the ten women his gotten of thy father, (she is thy which three were born unto him bes, whom he had left to sister,) thou shalt not uncover her of the daughter of Shua the le house, and put them in

nakedness. Thou shalt not un- Canaanitess. And Er, the firstind fed them, but went cover the nakedness of thy father's born of Judah, was evil in the unto them: so they were sister: she is thy father's near sight of the LORD, and he slew ► onto the day of their kinswoman. Thou shalt not un-him. And Tamar' his daughteriving in widowhood.

cover the nakedness of thy in-law bare him Pharez and 93 x1, 3. And he had seven mother's sister: for she 18 thy Zerah. All the sons of Judah

wives, princesses, and mother's near kinswoman. Thou were five. indred concubines; and his shalt not uncover the nakedness Irned away bis beart.

Ezek. xxil, 11. And one hath of thy father's brother, thou shalt committed abomination with his DR. 1, 32. Now the sons of not approach to his wife: she is

neighbour's wife; and another 1, Abraham's concubine: thine aunt. Thou shalt rot un

hath lewdly defiled his daughterdan, and Midian, and Ish- ter-in-law: she is thy son's wife; humbled his sister, his father's Zimran, and Jokshan, cover the nakedness

of thy dangh: In-law; and another in thee hath id Shuah. And the sons thou shalt not uncover her naked

daughter. han: Sheba and Dedan. ness. Thou shalt not uncover the

nakedness of thy brother's wife: 1 Cor. v, 1. It is reported comon. 1, 46-48. And Ephah, it is thy brother's nakedness: monly that there is fornication 22, and Gazez: and Haran' Thou shalt not uncover the naked among you, and such fornicativa lazez. And the sons of

ness of a woman and her daugh- as is not so much as named among Regem, and Jotham, and ter, delther shalt thou take her the Gentiles, that one should h, and Pelet, and Ephan, son's daughter, or her daughters have his father's wife. aaph. Haachah, Caleb's daughter, to uncover her nakedbe, bare Sheber, and ness; for they are her near kins

PUNISHMENT women; it is wickedness. Neither

Gen. xlix, 4. Unstable as water, shalt thou take a wife to her sis-thou shalt not excel; because thou n. vii, 14. The sons of

ler, to vex her, to uncover ber wentest up to thy father's bed; eb; Ashriel, whom she

nakedness, beside the other in then defiledst thou it: he went up but his concubine

the E88 bare Machir, the father approach unto a woman to un

her life-time. Also thou shalt not to my couch.

cover her nakedness as long as Lev. xx, 11-14, 20-22. And the on, si, 21. And Rehoboam she is put apart for her unclean- man that lieth with his father's Maachah the daughter of ness.

wife hath uncovered his father's n above all his wives and

nakedness: both of them sball cubines: (for he took eigh- Deut. xxli, 30. A man shall not surely be put to death; their blood ves and threescore concu- take his father's wife, nor discover shall be upon them. And if a man nd begat twenty and eight bis father's skirt.

lie with his daughter-in-law, both id threescore daughters.)

of them shall surely be put to . VI, 8, 9. There are three

death: they have wrought confu

INSTANCES. [ueens, and fourscore con

sion; their blood shall be upon band virgins without Gen. xix, 30-33. And Lot went them. If a man also lie with 6. My dove, my undefiled up out of Zoar, and dwelt in the mankind as he lieth with a ne; she is the only one of mountain, and his two daughters woman, both of them have comther, she is the choice one with him; for he feared to dwell mitted an abomination: they shall bat bare her. Tue daugh- in Zoar: and he dwelt in a cave, surely be put to death; their blood Wher and blessed her, yea, he and his two daughters. And shall be upon them. And if a man kens and the concubines, the first - born said unto the take a wife and her mother, it is 'y praised her.

younger, Our father is old, and wickedness: they shall be burnt

there is not a man in the earth with fire, both he and they; that ATIONS OF THE LAW to come in unto us after the there be no wickedness among P CHASTITY AND

manner of all the earth: Come, you. And if a man shall lie with MARRIAGE.

let us make our father drink his uncle's wife, he hath uncoverINCEST.

wine, and we will lie with him, ed his uncle's nakedness: they vili, 6 - 19. None of you that we may preserve seed of our | shall bear their sin; they shall die

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