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childless. And if a man shall | sons are dead: for Amnon only is quarrel against him, and take his brother's wife, it is an dead.

have killed him; but she c unclean thing: be hath uncovered

pot. his brother's nakedness; they shall ADULTERY A HEINOUS John viii, 10, 11. When be childless. Ye shall therefore


had lifted up himsell, and keep all my statutes, and all my judgments, and do them; that the

Gen. xx, 9–11. Then Abimelech none but the woman be said land, whither I bring you to dwell him, What hast thou done unto called Abraham, and said unto her, Woman, where are 1

tbine accusers? hath no mat therein, spue you not out.

us?' and what have I offended demned thee? She said, No Deut. xxvii, 20-23. Cursed be he thee, that thou hast brought on

Lord. And Jesus said unto that lieth with his father's wife; me and on my kingdom a great Neither do I condemn thee because he uncovereth his father's sin ? thou hast done deeds unto and sin no more. skirt: and all the people shall say, me that ought not to be done. Amen. Cursed be he that lieth And Abimelech said unto Abrawith any manner of beast: and all ham, What sawest thou, that thou

Jer. XI, 15. What bath or the people shall say, Amen. Curs- hast done this thing? And Abra- loved to do in mine house, ed be be that lieth with his sister, ham said, Because I thought, she hath wrought lewdness the daughter of his father, or the Surely the fear of God is not in many, and the holy flesh is daughter of his mother: and all this place; and they will slay me

from thee? when thou does the people shall say, Amen. Curs for my wife's sake.

then thou rejoicest. ed be he that lieth with his mo

Jer. xlil, 27. I have seen ther-in-law: and all the people

Gen. XXVI, 10. And Abimelech shall say, Amen.

sald, What is this thou hast done adulteries, and thy neighing unto us? one of the people might lewdness of thy whoredom

lightly have lien with thy wife, I thine abominations on the 1 FATAL RESULTS.

and thou shouldest have brought the fields. Woe unto thee, 2 Sam. xill, 16-22, 32, 33. Then guiltiness upon us.

usalem! wilt thou not be Amnon hated her exceedingly; so

clean? when sha l it once that the hatred wberewith he shalt not lie carnally with thy

Lev. xvIII, 20. Moreover, thou

Ezek. xvi, 30-32. HOW hated ber was greater than the neighbour's wife, to defle thyself thine heart, saith the Lord love wherewith he had loved her; with her.

seeing thou doest all theset and Amnon said unto her, Arise, be gone. And she said unto him,

Deut. v, 18. Neither shalt thou the work of an imperious

woman; In that thou bi There is no cause: this evil in commit adultery.

thine eminent place in the sending me away is greater than 2 Sam. xii, 13, 14. And David the other that thou didst unto said unto Nathan, I have

sinned high place in every stree

of every way, and mašest me. But he would not hearken against the Lord.

hast not been as an barlot, unto her. Then he called his said unto David, The LORD also thou scornest hire; But as servant that ministered unto him, hath put away thy sin; thou shalt that committeth adultery, and said, Put now this woman out not die. How beit, because by taketh strangers instead i from me, and bolt the door after this deed thou hast given great

husband! her. And she had a garment of occasion to the enemies of the

Ezek, aslil,5,43-48. And] divers colours upon her: for with Lord to blaspheme, the child also auch robes were the king's daugh- that is born unto thee shall surely played the barlot when sh ters that were virgins apparelled. die.

mine; and she doted on her Then his servant brought her out, Job xxxl, 9–12. If mine heart Then said i unto her that

on the Assyrians her neigh and bolted the door after her. have been deceived by a woman, in adulteries, Will they bot And Tamar pat ashes on her or if I have laid wait at my neigh- mit whoredoms with her, a head, and rent her garment of bour's door; Then let my wife with themy Yet they went divers colours that was on her, grind unto another, and let others and laid her hand on her head, bow down upon her. For this is that playeth the harlot: 90

to her, as they go in unto al and went on crying. And Absalom her brother said unto her, quity to be punished by the they in unto Aholah and Hath Amnon thy brother been judges. For it is a fire that the righteous men, they with thee? but hold now thy consumeth to destruction, and judge them after the mai peace, my sister: he is thy bro- would root out all mine increase. adulteresses, and after the ther; regard not this thing. So

Prov. Vi, 26-29. For by means ner of women that shed blo Tamar remained desolate in her

of a whorish woman a man is cause they are adulterese brother Absalom's house. But when king David heard of all I brought to a piece of bread; and blood is in their hands.

the adulteress will hunt for the saith the Lord GOD, I will these things, he was very wroth And Absalom spake unto his bro- fire in his bosom, and his clothes will give them to be remov

precious life.

Can a man take up a company upon the ther Amnon neither good nor bad: for Absalom hated Amnon, hot coals, and bis feet pot be stone them with stones, as

not be burnt ? Can one go upon spoiled. And the compa because he had forced his sister burnt? So he that goeth in to patch them with their Tamar. And Jonadab the son of his neighbour's wife; whosoever they shall slay their son Shimeah, David's brother, an toucheth her shall not be inno- their daughters, and burua swered and said, Let not my lord cent.

houses with fire. Thu suppose that they have slain all the young men the king's sons

Matth. v, 27. Ye have heard cause lewdress to cease out for Amnon only is dead: for by that it was said by them of old land, that all women the appointment of Absalom this time, Thou shalt not commit adul- taught not to do after your

Dess. hath been determined from the tery. day that he forced his sister Ta- Mark vi, 18, 19. For Joba had Hosea il, 1,9. Say yo mar. Now therefore let not my said unto Herod, It is not lawful brethren, Ammi; and to yu lord the king take the thing to his for thee to have thy brother's ters, Ruhaman. Plead with heart, to think that all the king's wife. Therefore Herodias bad a mother, plead; for she N D seither am I her busband :/ aside from any thing that he com-, committeth adultery with another

her therefore put away her manded him all the days of his man's wife, eren he that commitFlaredorns out of her sight, and life, save only in the matter of teth adultery with his neighbour's Bradulteries from between her Uriah the Hittite.

wife, the adulterer and the adulpasts. Job xxiv, 15, 16. The eye also

tress shall surely be put to death. Sez. II, 22. Behold, I will cast of the adulterer waiteth for the Deut. xxii, 22–24. If a man bo ar into a bed, and them that twilight, saying, No eye shall see found lying with a woman married mait adultery with her into me: and disguiseth his face. In to an husband, then they shall at tribulation, except they re- the dark they dig through houses, both of them die, both the man est of their deeds.

which they had marked for them- that lay with the woman, and the

selves in the day-time: they know woman: so shalt thou put away ISETASCES IN PURPOSE OB not the light.

evil from Israel. If a damsel that REALITY.

Prov. vii, 19-21. For the good- is a virgin be betrothed unto an ben. xil,16–20. And he entreated man is not at home, he is goue a husband, and a man find her in as well for her sake, and he long journey: He hath taken a the city, and lie with her; Then sheep, and oxen, and he-asses, bag of money with him, and will ye shall bring them both out unto neuservants, and maidser come home at the day appointed. the gate of that city, and ye shall

and she asses, and camels. With her much fair speech she stone them with stones that they the LORD plagued Pharaoh caused him to yield, with the

die; the damsel, because she cried While house with great plagues fütering of her lips' she forced not, being in the city; and the

man, because he hath humbled him. use of Sarai, Abram's wife. N Pharaoh called Abram, and

his neighbour's wife: sv thou shalt Jer. xxix, 23. Because they put away evil from among you. What is this that thou hast have committed villany in Israel, unto me? why didst thou not and have committed adultery law commanded us, that such

John viil, 5-7. Now Moses in the toe that she was thy wife with their neighbours' wives, and hy saidst thou, She is my sister? have spoken lying words in my thou? This they said, tempting

should be stoned; but what sayest might have taken her to ine name, which I have not commandvile: now therefore behold thy ed them; even I know; and am a him, that they might have to actake her, and go thy way. witness, saith the LORD.

cuse him. But Jesus stooped Pharaoh commanded his men

down, and with his finger wrote Hosea lil, 1, 3. Then said the samning him: and they sent LORD unto me, Go yet, love a

on the ground, as though he heard away, and his wife, and all woman beloved of her friend, yet tinued asking him, he lifted up

them not. So when they conbe bad.

an adulteress, according to the himself, and said unto then, He GEA. IX, 14. And Abimelech love of the LORD toward the child that is without sin amon; you, let

sheep, and oxen, and men- dren of Israel, who look to other him first cast a stone at bor. Prants, and women - servants, gods, and love nagons of wine.

gave them unto Abraham, And I said unto her, Thou shalt Brestored him Sarah his wife. abide for me many days: thou

AND IN PROVIDENCE. B. xxix, 7-11. And it came shalt not play the harlot, and thou Gen. xii, 17. And the LORD pues after these things, that bis shalt not be for another man; so plagued Pharaoh and his house wer's wife cast her eyes upon will I also be for thee.

with great plagues because of feph, and she said, Lie with Mark vi, 17. For Herod himsell Sarai, Avram's wife. But he refused; and said had sent forth and laid hold upon 2 Sam. xii, 10-12. Now therefore

his master's wife, Behold, John, and bound him in prison the sword shall never depart master wotteth not what is for Herodias' sake, his brother from mide house; because thou

me in the house, and he hath Pbilip's wife: for he had married hast despised me, and hast emitted all that he hath to my ber,

tiken the wife of Uriah the d: There is none greater in

Thus John vill, 3, 4. And the scribes Hittite to be thy wife. house than 1; neither hath and Pharisees brought unto him saith the LORD, Behold, I will skept back any thing from me a woman taken in adultery; and raise up evil against thee out of thee, because thou art bis when they had set her in the thine own house, and I will take

how then can I do this great midst, They say unto him, Mas- thy wives before thine eyes, and skedness, and sin against God? ter, this woman was taken in give them unto thy neighbour, el it came to pass, as sbe spake adultery, in the very act.

and he shall lie with thy wives in Joseph day by day, that he

the sight of this sun. For thou Sargebed not unto her, to lie by PUNISHMENT BY LAW.

didst it secretly: but I will do this or to be with her. And it

thing before all Israel, and before Lev. xix, 20-22 And whosoever the sun. me to pass, about this time, lieth carnally with a woman that Joseph went into the house is a bond-maid, betrothed to an

Prov. vi, 32, 33. But whoso comIdo bis business; and there was 098 of the men of the house there husband, and not at all redeemed, mitteth adultery with a woman

nor freedom given her, she shall lacketh understanding: he that

be scourged: they shall not be put doeth it destroyeth his own soul. Sem. xl, 3, 4. And David sent to death, because she was not a wound and dishonour shall he Enquired after the woman. free. And he shall bring his treg- get

; and

his reproach shall not be ed one said, Is not

this Bath- pass offering unto the LORD, unto wiped away. lebs, the daughter of Eliam, the the door of the tabernacle of the Jer. V, 8, 9. They were as fed tils of Uriah the Hittite? And congregation, even a ram for a horses in the morning: every one avid sent messengers, and took trespass-offering. And the priest neighed after his neighbour's

and she came in unto him, shall make an atonement for him wife. Shall I not visit for these ad lie lay with her; (for she was with the ram of the trespass-offer-things? saith the LORD: and shall trified from her uncleanness;) ing before the LORD, for his sin not my soul be avenged on such i she returned unto her house. which he hath done: and the sin a nation as this? 1 Kings xv, 6. Because David which he hath done shall be lor

Ezek. XVI, 38-40. And I will du trai nhich was right in the given him.

judge thee, as women that break tres of the Lord, and turned not Lev. xx, 10. And the man that wedlock and shed blood are



judged; and I will give thee blood morlal in her hands, which is the you shonld know how to poi in fury and jealousy. And I will jealousy offering and the priest his vessel in sanctification also give thee into their hand, shall have in his hand the bitter honour, Not in the last of and they shall throw down thine water that causeth the curse. And cupiscence, even as the Gen eminent place, and shall break the priest shall charge her by an which know not God. For down thy high places: they shall oath, and say unto the woman, If hath not called os unto und strip theo also of thy clothes, and no man have laiu with thee, and but unto holiness. shall take thy fair jewels, and if thou hast not gone aside to unleave thee naked and bare. They cleanness with another instead of

2 Tim. II, 22. Flee also foul shall also bring up a company thy husband, be thou free from

lusts: but follow rightecos against thee, and they shall stone this bitter water that causeth the faith, charity, peace, with thee with stones, and thrust the curse: But if thou hast gone aside that call on the Lord out of a through with their swords. to another fustead of thy husband,

heart. Ezck. xxxlil, 26. Ye stand upon and if thou be defiled, and some 1 Peter 11, 11. Dearly belon your sword, ye work abomination, man have lain with thee beside beseech you, as strangers and and ye defile every one his neigh-thine husband: Then the priest grims, abstain from fleshlyl bour's wife: and shall ye possess shall charge the woman with an which war against the soul the land?

oath of cursing; and the priest

shall say unto the woman, The JEALOUSY

LORD make thee a curse and an Gen. xxiv, 63-65. And 1 Gen. xxxix, 19. And it came to loath among thy people, when the went out to meditate in the

LORD doth make thy thigh to rot, at the even-tide; and he Lifte pass, when his master heard the and thy belly to swell: And this his eyes, and saw, and, be words of his wife, which she spake water that causeth the curge shall the camels were coming. unto him, saying, After this manner did thy servant to me; that his so into tby bowels

, to make thy Rebekah lifted up her eyes

belly to swell, and thy thigh to when sbe saw Isaac, she lig wrath was kindled,


And the woman shall say, off the camel. For she has Prov. vi, 84, 85. For Jealousy is Amen, amen. And the priest shall unto the servant, What to the rage of a man; therefore he write these curses in a book, and this that walketh in the fd will not spare in the day of his he shall blot them out with the meet ns? And the servant, vengeance. He will not regard bitter water; And he shall cause said, It is my master, then any ransom; neither will he rest the woman to drink the bitter she took a vail, and covered content, though thou givest many water that causeth the curse : self. gifts.

and the water that causeth
the curse shall enter into tier,

LEWDNESS. 2 Cor. xi, 2. For I am Jealous and become bitter. Then the Gen. xx, 16. And unto & over you with godly jealously: for priest sball take the jealousy he said, Behold, I have giret I have espoused you to one hus- offering out of the woman's brother a thousand pieces of band, that I may present you as a band, and shall wave the offering behold, he is to thee a coveri chraste virgin to Christ.

before the LORD, and offer it upon the eyes, unto all that are

the altar. And the priest shall thee, and with all other; thus ORDEAL.

take an handful of the offering, was reproved. Num. V, 12-31. Speak unto the even the memorial thereof, and

Gen, xxxlx, 11, 12. And it children of Israel, and say unto burn it upon the altar, and after

to pass about this time, tliem, If any man's wife go aside, ward shall cause the woman to Joseph went into the house ! and commit a trespass against drink the water. And when he bis business; and there musi him, And a man llo with her bath made her to drink the water of the men of the house ! carnally, and it be bid from the then it shall come to pass, that, if within. And she caught ble eyes of her husband, and be kept she be defled, and have done bis garment, saying, Lle with close, and she be defled, and there trespass against her husband, that and he left his garment in be no witness against her, neither the water that causeth the curso sho be taken with the manner; shall enter into her, and become band, and fled, and got him or And the spirit of jealousy come bitter, and ber belly shall swell,

Lcv, xx, 17. And if a man upon hiin, and ho be jealous of his and her thigh shall rot: and the take his sister, bis father's da wife, and she be defied; or if the woman shall be a curse among

ter, or his mother's daughter, spirit of jealousy come upon him, her people. And if the woman be see her nakedness, and she said aud he be jealous of his wife, and not defiled, but be clean; then nakedness; it is a wicked u she be not denled; Then shaủ the she shall be free, and shall con and they shall be cut od in man bring his wife unto the priest, ceive seed. This is the law of sight of their people: be hat and he shall bring her offering for jealousies, when a wife goeth covered his sister's cakedes her, the tenth part of an epbah aside to another instead of her shall bear bis iniquity. of barley - meal; he shall pour husband, and is defiled; Or when Deut. xxii, 5. The woman no oil upon it, nor put frank- the spirit of jealousy cometh upon not wear that which perinta incense" thereón; for it is an him, and be be jealous over his unto a man, neither shall at offering of jealousy, an offering of wife, and shall set the woman be- put on a woman's garment: memorial, bringing iniquity to fore the LORD, and the priest shall ihat do so are abominatica u remembrance. And the priest execute upon her all this law. the LORD thy God. shall bring her near, and set her Then shall the man be guiltless

Deut. xxv, 11, 12. When before the LORD. And the priest from iniquily, and this woman strive together one with all shall take holy water in an shall bear her iniquity.

and the wife of the ode dras earthen vessel; and of the dust

near for to deliver her los that is in the floor of the taber


out of the hand of him thai nacle the priest shall take, and put


eth him, and patteth forth it into the water. And the priest 1 Thess. iv, 3-5,7. For this is the hand, and taketh bim by shall set the woman before the will of God, even your sanctifica- secrets: Then thou shalt cat LORD, and uncover the wonian's tion, that ye should abstain from her hand, thine eye shall boi p bead, and put the offering of me- fornication: That every one of her.


da raxi, 1. I made a covenant, cease from sin; beguiling unstable, but be that committeth fornica

sa mise eyes: why then should souls: an heart they have exer- tion sinneth aguinst his own think upon a maid.

cised with covetous practices; body. Free. v, 3. For the lips of a cursed children: For when they

1 Cor. x, 8. Neither let us communge woman drop as an honey-speak great swelling words of mit fornication, as some of them nd, and her moath is smoother vanity, they allure through the committed, and fell in one day

lusts of the flesh, through much three and twenty thousand.

wantonuens, those Proe, Fi, 25. Lust not after her clean escaped from them who live fornicator, or profane person, us


Heb. xil, 16. Lest there be any sety in thine heart; neither let

in error. rtake thee with her eyelids.

Esau, who for one morsel of meat Jude 8. Likewise also these sold his birthright. Por. Ixili, 28. She also lieth in El us for a prey, and increaseth filthy dreamers defile the flesh....

Rev. Ii, 14. But I have a few stransgressors among men.


things against thee, because tbou X. xlii, 14, 16, 19-21. And

hast there them that hold the she increased her whore- from the strange womau, even Balac to cast a stumblingblock

Prov. ii, 16. To deliver thee doctrine of Balaam, who taught 1: for when she saw, men from the stranger which flattereth before the children of Israel, to anged upon the wall, the with her words. a of the Chaldeans pour

eat things sacrificed unto idols, w with vermillion, And as Prov. V, 8. Remove thy way far and to commit fornication.. cashe saw them with her eyes, from her, and come not nigh the doled upon them, and sent door of her house.

INSTANCES WITH AGORAVATIONS. sagers unto them into Chal- Prov. vi, 24. To keep thee from Gen, xxxviii, 25, 26. When she

Yet she multiplied ber the evil woman, from the flattery was brought forth, she sent to redoms, în calling to remem- of the tongue of a strange wo her father-in-law, saying, By the ke the days of her youth, man.

man whom these are, am I with rain she had played the harlot

Proo. vii, 4-9, 24-26. Say unto child: and she said, Discern, I hand of Egypt. For she wisdom, Thou art my sister, and pray thee, whose are these, the Cupon theirparamours, whose call understanding

thy kins signet, and bracelets, and staff. 18 as the flesh of as-es, and

woman: That they may keep And Judah acknowledged them, se besue 18 like the issue of thee from the strange woman, and said, she hath been more

Thus thou calledst to re- from the stranger which flattereth righteous than 1; because that I Szece the lewdness of thy with her words. For at the win- gave her not to Shelah my son: tin bruising thy teats by the dow of my house I looked tbrough and he knew her again no more. plans for the paps of thy my casement, And beheld among Num. XXV, 1, 6, 14, 15. And

the simple ones, I discerned Israel abode in Shittim, and the , 28. Bat I say unto you, among the youths, a young man people began to commit whorewhosoever looketh on a vold of understanding, Passing Hom with the daughters of Moab. 91 to last after her, hath through the street near her cor- And, behold, one of the children of Tiited adultery with her al- per: and he went the way to her Israel came and brought unto his fin his heart.

house, In the twilight, in the brethren a Midianitish woman, in 1Y, 19. Who, being past evening, in the black and dark the sight of Moses, and in the

have given themselves night; Hearken unto me now sight of all the congregation of trito lasciviousness, to work therefore, 0. ye children, and the children of Israel, who were aleanness with greediness.

attend to the words of my weeping before the door of the

mouth. Let not thine heart decline tabernacle of the congregation. 1.8 4. 12. But fornication

to her ways, go not astray in her Now the name of the Israelito Ducleanness, or covetous. paths. For she hath cast down that was slaiu, even that was slain it cotbeoncenamed among becometh saints; Neither

many wounded; yea, many strong with the Midianitish woman, was Reis, por foolish talking, nor

men have been slain by her. Zimri, the son of Salu, a prince of which are not convenient;

& chief house among the SimeonFORNICATION.

ites. And the name of the Midsther giving of thanks. For ebame even to speak of

Prov. xxxi, 3. Give not thy lanitish woman that was slain was things which are done of strength unto women, nor thy Cozbi, the daughter of Zur; ho

ways to that which destroyeth was head over a people, and of a kings.

chief house in Midian. D. & But she that liveth

1 Çor. VI, 13-18. Meats for the leasure is dead while she belly, and the belly for meats: would not bearken to him: so tha

Judges xix, 25, 26. But the men but God shall destroy both it and man took his concubine, and me v, 5. Ye bave lived in them. Now the body is not for brought her forth unto them; and are on the earth, and been fornication, but for the Lord, and they knew her, and abused her

Je have nourislied your the Lord for the body. And God all the night until the morning: as in a day of slaughter. hath both raised up the Lord, and and when the day began to spring, Peter iv, 3, 4. For the time will also raise up as by his own they let her go. Then came thie sur life may suffice us to power. Know ye not that your

woman in the dawning of the Brought the will of the

bodies are the members of Christ? | day, and fell down at the door of Lites, when we walked in

shall I then take the members of the man's house where her lord bonsness, lasts, excess


Christ, and make them the mem- was, till it was light. berellinga, banquetings, and What! know ye not that he which

bers of an harlot? God forbid. ainable Wolatries: Wherein

SPIRITUAL ALLUSIONS. think it strange that ye run

is joined to an harlot is one body? with them to the same excess for two (saith he) shall be one

Ps. cvi, 39. Thus were they M, speaking evil of you.

flesh. But he that is joined unto deflled with their own works, and

the Lord is one spirit. Flee went a whoring with their own Po II, 14, 18. Having eyes fornication. Every sin that inventions e adultery, and that cannot man doeth is without the body: Isa. I, 21. How is the faithful

lin secret.

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Are ye

city become an harlot I it was full , hand over thee, and have dimin- , them to err, and they have go of judgment; righteousness lodged ished thine ordinary food, and de- a whoring from under their Go 10 it: but now murderers.

livered thee unto the will of them Hosea v, 3, 4. I know Ephral Isa. xxiii, 17. And it shall come that hate thee, the daughters of and Israel' is not hid from me to pass, after the end of seventy the Philistines, which are asham- now, o Ephraim, thou committ years, that the LORD will visited of thy lewd way, Thou hast whoredom, and Israel is den Tyre, and she shall turn to her played the whore also with the They will not frame their dai hire,' and shall commit fornica- Assyrlans, because thou wast un to turn unto their God: for tion' with all the kingdoms of satiable; yea, thou hast played the spirit of whoredoms is in the world upon the face of the barlot with them, and yet

could. midst of them, and they have earth,

est not be satisfied, Thou hast known the LORD. Isa. Ivil, 7, 8. Upon a lofty and tion in the land of Canaan unto moreover multiplied thy foruica

Hosea vi, 9, 10. And as tra bigh mountain hast thou set thy Chaldea; and yet thou wast not of robbers wait for a man, 30 bed, even thither wentest thou

satisfied herewith. Before thy company of priests murder in up to offer sacrifice.

Behind the wickedness was discovered, as at way by consent: for they can doors also and the posts hast thou the time of thy reproach of the lewdness. I have seen an born set up thy remembrance: for thou daughters of Syria, and all that thing in the house of Israel: hast discovered thyself to another are round about her, the daugh- is the whoredom of Epla than me, and art gone up; thou ters of the Philistines, which Israel is defled. hast enlarged thy bed, and made despise thee round abont. Thou thee a covenant with them; thou bast borne thy lewdness and Israel, for joy, as other pee

Hosea ix, 1. Refolce not lovedst their bed where sawest it.

abominations, saith the for thou hast gone a whoring LORD.

thy God; thou hast loved a ren Jer. II, 20. For of old time I Ezek. xx, 80. Wherefore say upon every corn-floor. have broken thy yoke, and burst unto the house of Israel, Thus thy bands; and thou saidst, I will saith the Lord GOD,

Rev. xvii, 1-5, 15--16. And

came one of the seven an not transgress; when upon every polluted after the manner of your which had the seven vials, high hill and 'under every green fathers? and commit ye whoredom talked with me, saying into tree thou wanderest, playing the after their abominations?

Come hither, I will shew harlot.

Ezek. xxill, 2, 3, 7, 8, 11-13, 17, theo the judgment of the E Jer. iii, 2, 6, 9. Lift up thine 35. Son of man, there were two

wbore that sitteth upon eyes unto the high places, and see women, the daughters of one

waters: With whom the where thou hast not been lien mother, And they committed of the earth have committed with. In the ways hast thou sat whoredoms in Egypt; they com- nication, and the inhabitant for them, as the Arabian in the mitted whoredoms in their youth: the earth have been made dr wilderness; and thou hast pollut- there were their breasts pressed, with the wine of her fornica ed the land with thy whoredoms and there they bruised the tents So he carried me away in and with thy wickedness. The of their virginity. Thus she spirit into the wilderness se LORD said also unto me in the committed her whoredoms with saw a woman sit upon a sce days of Josiah the king, Hast them, with all them that were the coloured beast, full of nan thou seen that which backsliding chosen men of Assyria, and with blasphemy, having seren Israel bath done? she is gone up all on whom she doted: with all and ten horns. And the wa upon every high mountain and their idols she deflled herself. was arrayed in purple under every green tree, and Neither left she her whoredoms colour, and decked with goll there hath played the harlot. brought from Egypt: for in her precious stones, and pearls, bs And it came to pass, through the youth they lay with her, and they golden cup in her hand to lightness of her whoredom, that bruised the breasts of her virgin abominations and filthiness a she defiled the land, and comity,

and poured their whoredom fornicatiou: And upon her mitted adultery with stones and upon her. And when her sister head was a name written, with stocks.

Aholibah saw this, she was more TERY, BABYLON THE GRE Ezek. xvi, 7, 16, 25-29, 57, 58. corrupt in her inordinate love THE MOTHER OF HARI I have caused thee to multiply as

than she, and in her whoredoms AND ABOMINATIONS OF the bud of the field, and thou hast more than her sister in her whore- EARTH. And he saith tato increased and waxen great, and

doms. She doted upon the As- The waters which thoa thou art come to excellent 'orna-syrians her neighbours, captains where the whore sitteth, are ments: thy breasts are fashioned, and rulers clothed most gorge- ples, and multitudes, and af and thine hair is grown, whereas ously, horsemen riding upon and tongues. And the tes 2 thou wast naked and bare. And horses, all of them desirable which thou savest upon the of thy garments thou didst take, young men. Then I saw that she these shall bate the wbone,

make her desolate and deckedst thy high places was defiled, that they took both shall with divers colours, and playedst one way. And the Babylonians paked, and shall eat her desa the harlot thereupon: the like came to her into the bed of love, barn her with fire. For God. things shall not come, neither and they defiled her with their put in their bearts to talk shall it be so. Thou hast bullt whoredom; and she was poiluted will, and to agree, and give thy high place at every bead of

with them, and her mind was kingdom unto the beast, uste the way, and hast made thy beauty alienated from them. Therefore words of God shall be tur to be abhorred, and hast opened thus saith the Lord God, Because and the woman which these thy feet to every one that passed thou hast forgotten me, and cast est is that great city, which re by, and multiplied thy whore-me behind thy back, therefore eth over the kings of the eart doms. Thou hast also committed bear thou also thy lewdness and

Rev. xvill, s. For an a foruication with the Egyptians thy whoredoms.

bave drunk of the wins of thy neighbours, great of Desh; and Hosea iv, 12. My people ask wrath of her fornication, and hast increased thy whoredons, to counsel at their stocks, and their kings of the earth bave comme provoke me to anger. Behold, staff declareth unto them: for the fornication with ber, at therefore I have stretched out my spirit of whoredoms bath caused I merchants of the earth so we

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