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kin to come near unto him: the offering of the LORD. Now, baths, and I am profaned among dist whom he hath chosen | El was very old, and heard all them. I be cause to come near unto that his sons did unto all Israel;

Hosea v, 1. Hear ye this, 0 This do: Take your censers, and how they lay with the women priests; and hearken, ye house of knh, and all his company; And that assembled at the door of the Israel; and give ye ear, o bouse of

tre therein, and pot incense tabernacle of the congregation. the king; for judgment is toward them before the LORD to-mor- And he said unto them, Why do you, because ye have been a snare ni it shall be, that the man yo such things? for I hear of your on Mizpah, and a net spread ke the Lord doth choose, he evil dealings by all this people. upon Tabor. de bols. Ye take too much Nay, my sons; for it is no good you, ye sons of Levi. And report that I hear: ge make light and treacherous persons :

Zeph. iii, 4. Her prophets are said onto Korah, Hear I the Lord's people to trangress. her priests have polluted the Joe, ye sons of Levi; Seem- Wherefore kick ye at my sacrifice but a small thing unto you, and at mine offering, which I have sanctuary, they bave done vio

lence to the law. the God of Israel hath sepa- commanded in my habitation; and you from the congregation honourest thy sons above me, to Mal. 1, 6. A son honoureth his Larsel, to bring you near to make yourselves fat with the father, and a servant his master:

to do the service of the chiefest of all the offerings of if then I be a father, where is mine acle of the LORD, and to Israel my people ?

honour? and if I be a master, where before the congregation to

is my fear? saith the Lord of hosts rster unto them? And he hath


unto you, o priests, that despise at thee near to him, and all Ezra i1, 61, 62. And of the chil. have we despised thy name?

my name. And ye say, Wherein brethren the sons of Levi with and seek ye the priesthood dren of the priests: the children

For wbich cause, both thou of Habaiah, the children of Koz, Mal. 11, 8. But ye are departed All the company are gathered the children of Barzillai; (which out of the way; ye have caused

ther against the Lord; and took a wife of the daughters of many to stumble at the law; ye is Aaron, that ye murmur

Barzillal the Gileadite, and was have corrupted the covenant of inst him? And take every man

called after their name:) These Levi, saith the LORD of hosts. censer, and put incense in sought their register among those and bring ye before the that were reckoned by genealogy,

And IDOLATRY. Every man his censer, two but they were not found; there

Erek. xliv, 10-14. And the Ledred and fifty censers, thou fore were they, as polluted, put vites that are gone away far from and Aaron, each of you his from the priesthood.

me, when Israel

went astray, And they took every man Neh. vii, 64. These sought their which went astray from me after Deer, and put fire in them, and register among those that were their idols; they shall even bear sense thereon, and stood in reckoned by genealogy, but it was their iniquity. Yet they shall be toor of the tabernacle

of the not found: therefore were they, ministers in my sanctuary, having regation with

Moses, and as polluted, put from the priest charge at the gates of the house, And Korab gathered all the hood.

and ministering to the house: they paration against them unto dour of the tabernacle of the my God, because they have defiled and they shall stand before them Neh, xiil, 29, Remember thou, and the sacrifice for the people,

they shall slay the burnt-offering Kregation; and the glory of the the priesthood, and the covenant to minister unto them. Because

appeared unto all the con- of the priesthood, and of the they ministered unto them before Gation. Levites.

their idols, and caused the house Jer. il, 8. The priests said not, of Israel to fall into iniquity; DISSIPATION.

Where is the LORD? and they that therefore have I lifted up mine San. Il, 12-17, 22-24, 29. Now handle the law knew me not: the hand against them, saith the Lord ons of Eli were sons of Bellal; pastors also transgressed against God, and they shall bear their knew not the LORD. And the me, and the prophets prophesied iniquity. And they shall not come I's custom with the people by Baal, and walked aiter things wear unto me, to do the office of a that, when any man offered that do not profit.

priest unto me, nor to come near state, the priest's servant came, Jer. x, 21. For the pastors are

to any of my holy things, in the the flesh was in seething become brutish, and "have not most holy place ; but they shall a flesh-book of three teeth in sought the LORD: therefore they bear their shame, and their aboand And he struck it into shall not prosper. and all their minations which they have comfan, or kettle, or caldron, or flocks shall be scattered.

mitted; But I will make them all that the flesh-hook

keepers of the charge of the eht up the priest took for

Jer. xii, 10, 11. Many pastors house, for all the service thereof, ell. So they did In Shiloh have destroyed my vineyard, they and for all that shall be done all the Israelites that came have trodden my portion under therein. ber. Also before they burnt foot, they have made my pleasant

the priest's servant came, portion a desolate wilderness. THE SACRED VESTMENTS. aid to the man that sacri- | They have made it desolate, and

Exod. xxviii, 2-5. And thou Give flesh to roast for the being desolate it mourneth unto shalt make holy garments for for be will not have sodden me; the whole land is made deso

Aaron thy brother, for glory and of thee, but raw. And late, because no man layeth it to for beauty. And thou shalt speak man said unto him, Let them heart.

unto all that are wise-hearted, fall to burn the fat presently, Exek. xxlI, 26. Her priests have whom I have filled with the spirit then take as much as thy soul violated my law, and have pro- of wisdom, that they may make rett; then he would answer faned mine holy things: they have Aaron's garments to consecrate Nery; but thou shalt give it put no difference between the him, that he may minister unto Dow: and if not, I will take it holy and profane, neither bave me in the priest's oflice. And force. Wherefore the sin of they shewed difference between these are the garments which

Foung men was very great the unclean and the clean, and they shall make; a breastplate, and be the LORD, for men abhorred have hid their eyes from my sab- an ephod, and a robe, and a broidered coat, a mitro and a Ezel. xIII, 14. When the priests, mitre upon his head: als op girdle: and they shall make holy enter therein, then shall they not the mitre, even upon his fo eft garments for Aaron thy brother, go out of the holy place into the did he put the golden pl te and his sons, that he may minister outer court, but there they shall holy crown; as the LORD unto me in the priest's office. And lay their garments wherein they manded Moses. they shall take gold, and blue, minister; for they are holy: and and purple, and scarlet, and fine shall put on other garments, and

COAT OB TUxia. linen. shall approach to those things

Exod. xxviii, 40, 41. Exod. xxix, 29, 30. And the holy which are for the people.

Aaron's sons thou garments of Aaron shall be his Ezek. xliv, 17-19. And it shall coats, and thon sbalt ma son's after him, to be anointed come to pass, that wben they then girdles, and bonnet therein, and to be consecrated in enter in at the gates of the loner thou make for them, for gl them. And that son that is priest court, they shall be clothed with for beauty. And thou sh in bis stead shall put them on linen garments; and no wool shall them upon Aaron thy brot! seven days, when he cometh into come upon them, whiles they his sons with him; an the tabernacle of the congrega- minister in the gates of the Inner anoint them, and consecrat tion, to minister in the holy place. court, and within. They shall and sanctity them, that th

have linen bonnets upon their minister voto me in the E.cod. xxxv, 19. The clothes of service, to do service in the holy breeches upon their loins; they

heads, and shall have linen office. place; the holy garments for shall not gird themselves with any bring his sons, end po

Exod. xxix, 8. And the E Aaron the priest, and the gar: thing that causeth sweat. And ments of his sons, to minister in

upon them. the priest's office.

when they go forth into the outer
court, even into the outer court

Exod. xxxls, 27. And that Exod. xxxix, 1, 41. And of the to the people, they shall put off coats of fine linen, of wove blue, and purple, and scarlet, they their garments wherein they

for Aaron, and for his sons made clothes of service, to do ministered, and lay them in the Exod. xl, 14. And tho service in the holy place, and holy chambers, and they shall bring his sons, and cloth made the holy garments for put on other garments; and they with coats. Aaron; as the LORD commanded shall not sanctify the people with Moses. The clothes of service to their garments.

ROBE. do service in the holy place; and the holy garments for Aaron the

Exod. xxviii, 31. 92. Ar priest, and his sons garments, to

SPECIAL PORTIONS OF shalt make the role of tb minister in the priest's office.


all of blue. And there

an hole in the top of it,

TURBAN AND MITRE. Exod. xl, 13. And thou shalt

midst thereof; it sha 1 put upon Aaron the holy gar

Exod. xxvill, 36-39. And thon binding of woven work inents, and anoint him, and sanc shalt

make a plate of pure gold, about the hole of it, as it tify hím; that he may minister aad grave upon it, like the en- hole of an habergeon, tha unto me in the priest's office. gravings of a signet, HOLINESS

not rent. Lev. viii, 7. And he put upon TO THE LORD. And thou shalt

Exod. xxxis, 22-24. A him the 'coat, and girded him put it on a blue lace, that it may with the girdle, and clothed him front of the mitre it shall be. And woven

work, all of blue be upon the mitre; upon the fore made the robe or tbe ep with the robe, and put the ephodit shall be upon Aaron's forehead, there was an hole in the a upon him, and he girded him with the curious girdle of the ephod, of the holy things, which the chilgeon, with 2 band round

that Aaron inay bear the iniquity the robe, as the hole of an and bound it unto him there-dren of Israel swall hallow in all the Lole, that it should at with,

their holy gifts; and it shall be and they made upon the Lev. XVI, 4, 23, 24, 82. He shall always upon his forehead, that the robe pomegranates of put on the holy linen coat, and

he they may

be accepted before the purple, and scarlet, and shall have the linen breeches LORD. And thou shalt embroider

linen. upon his flesh, and shall be girded the coat of fine linen, and thou with a linen girdle, and with the shalt make the mitre of fine linen,

BREECHES Jinen mitre shall he be attired: and thou shalt make the girdle Ecod. xxvili, 42, 43. ABI these are holy garinents; there- of needle-work.

shalt make them linen tar fore shall be wash his flesh in water, and so put them on. And

Exod. xxix, 6, 9. And thou shalt to cover their nakedness Aaron shall come into the taber: put the mitre upon his head, and the loins even unto the nacle of the congregation, and put the holy crown upon the they shall reach. And the

be upon Aaron, and upon shall put off the linen garments, with girdles, (Aaron and his sons, when they come in tut which he put on when he went and

put the bonnets on them; and tabernacle of the conste

or when they come near un them there; And he shall wash the priest's office sball be theirs his flesh with water in the holy shalt consecrato Aaron aud his that they bear not iniqun

for a perpetual statute: and tbou altar to minister in the baly, place, and put on his garments,

die. It shall be a statute and come forth, and offer his

sous. burnt offering, and the burnt- Exod. xxxix, 30, 31. And they unto bim, and his seed after offering of the people, and make made the plate of the holy crown E.cod. xxxix, 28. And a an atonement for himself, and for of pure gold, and wrote upon it a of fine linen, and goodly the people. And the priest, whom writing, like to the engravings of of fine linen, and linea he shail anoint, and whom he a signet, HOLINESS TO THE of Ano twined linen. shall consecrate to minister in the LORD. And they tied unto it a priest's office in his father's stead, lace of blue, to fasten it on high

GIEDIE shall make the atonement, and upon the mitre; as the LORD com- Erod. IIFII, S. And the a shall put on the linen clothes, manded Moses.

glrdle of the ephod, which a even the holy garments.

Lev. vill, 9. And he put the it, shall be of ihe same, aces


to the work thereof; even of gold, ofit, over against the other coup-, ephod before it. And thou shalt

bine, and purple, and scarlet, ling thereof, above the curious make two rings of gold, and thon and fine twined linen.

girdle of the ephod. And they shalt put them upon the two ends Izod. xxix, 5. And thou shalt did bind the breastplate by his of the breastplate, in the border like the garments, and put upon rings unto the rings of the ephod thereof, which is in the side of the Aarun the coat, and the robe of with a lace of blue, that it might ephod 'inward. And two other le ephod, and the ephod, and the be above the curious girdle of the rings of gold thou shalt make, breast-plate, and gird him with ephod, and that the breastplate and shalt

put them on the two Khe curious girdle of the ephod.

might not be loosed from the sides of the ephod underneath, Exod. xxxix, 29. And a girdle of ephod; as the Lord commanded toward the fore - part thereof, Moses.

over against the other coupling Ese tsined linen, and blue, and purple, and scarlet of needle-work;

thereof, above the curious girdle wthe Lord commanded Moses.

1 Sam. 11, 28. And did I choose of the ephod. And they shall

him out of all the tribes of Israel bind the breastplate by the rings BELLS.

to be my priest, to offer upon mine thereof unto the rings of the Ind. Uvili, 33-35. And deneath, altar, to burn lucense, to wear an ephod with a lace of blue, that it a the hem of it, thou shall ephod before me? and did I give may be above the curious girdle Bute pomegranates of blue, and unto the house of thy father all of the ephod, and that the breastparple, and of scarlet, round

the offerings made by fire of the plate be not loosedfrom the ephod. children of Israel?

And Aaron shall bear the names fout the hem thereof; and bells

of the children of Israel in the gold between them round

1 Sam. xiv, 3. And Ahiah, the breastplate of judgment upon his book

: A golden bell and a son of Abitub; 1-chabod's brother, heart, when he goeth in unto the deegranate, a golden bell and a the son of Phivehas, the son of holy place, for a memorial before megranate, upon the hem of El, the Lord's priest in Shiloh, the LORD continually.

robe round about. And it wearing an ephod. And the peoall be upon Aaron to minister: ple know not that Jonathan was Exod. xxxix, 8-17. And he his sound shall be heard when gone.

made the breastplate of cunning goeth in unto the holy place 1 Sam. xxiil, 6,9. And it came work, like the work of the ephod; fore the LORD, and when he to pass, when Abiathar, the son of of gold, blue, and purple, and maeth out, that he dio not. Abimelech, fled to David to scarlet, and fine twined linen. It

was four-square; they made the Apol. xxxix, 25, 26. And they Kellah, that he came down with de bells of pure gold, and put an ephod in his hand. And David breastplate double: a span was bells between the pomegran- knew that Saul secretly practised the length thereof; and a span the apon the hem of the robe, mischief against him; and he said

. And they set in it four rows of 1st about between the pome to. Abiathar the priest, Bring stones; the first row was a sardius, alates: A bell and a pome- hither the ephod.

a topaz, and a carbuncle: this sate, a bell and a pomegranato,

1 Sam. xxx, 7, 8. And David was the first row. And the and about the hem of the robe said to Abiathar the priest, Ahime- second row, an emerald, a sapminister in; as the LORD com- lech's son, I pray thee, bring me phire, and a diamond. And the anded Moses.

bither the ephod. And Abiathar third row, a ligure, an agate, and ЕРДор.

brought thither the eplod to an amethyst. And the fourth row, .

David. And David enquired at a beryl, an onyx, and a jasper: they Exod. xxviii, 6, 7, 13, 14. And the LORD, saying, Shall I pursue were inclosed in ouches of gold in sball make the ephod of gold, after this troop? shall I overtake their inclosings. And the stones

blue, and of purple, of scarlet, them? And he answered him, were according to the names of & fine twined linen, with cun- Pursue; for thou shalt surely the children of Israel, twelve, acwork. It shall have the overtake them, and without failcording to their names, like the sloulder-pieces thereof join recover all.

engravings of a signet, every one at the two edges thereof, and

with his name, according to the It shall be joined together,


twelve tribes. And they made N thou shalt make ouches of Add two chains of pure thou shalt make the breastplate Exod. xxvili, 15, 16, 22-29. And upon the breastplato chaius at

the ends, of wreathen work of Mat the ends; of wreathed-work

pure gold. And they made a thou make them, and fasten of judgment of cunning work;after two ouches of gold, and two gold wreathen chains to the

make it: of gold,
of blue, and of rings; and put the two rings in the

two ends of the breastplate. And Exod. xxxix, 2, 4, 18-21. And he twined linen, shalt thou make it. they put the two wreathen chalns kde the ephod of gold, blue, and Four-square it shall be, being ends

of the breastplate.

of gold in the two rings on the sple, and scarlet, and fine doubled; a span shall be tho bed linen. They made shoulder length thereof, and a span shall be es for it, to couple it together. the breadth thereof. And thou

URIM AND THUMMIX. I the two edges was it coupled shalt make upon the breastplate Exod. xxviii, 9-11, 80. And thou Rather. And the two ends of the chains at the ends of wreathen- shalt take two onyx-stones, and

o wreatben cbains they fasten- work of pare gold. And thou grave on them the names of the In the two ouches, and put shalt make upon the breastplate children of Israel: Six of their en on the shoulder-pieces of the two rings of gold, and shalt put names on one stone, and the other hod, before it. And they made the two rings on the two ends six names of the rest on the otber o rings of gold, and put them of the breastplate. And thou stone, according to their birth,

the two ends of tho breast- shalt put the two wreathen chains With the work of an engraver in kte, upon

the border of it, of gold in the two rings which are stone, like the engravings of a tich was on the side of the on the ends of the breastplate. signet, shalt thou engrave the two bod inward. And they made and the other two ends of tbe two stones with the names of the chil

other golden rings, and put wreathen chalns thou shalt fasten dren of Israel; thou shalt make ent on the two sides of the ephod in the two ouches, and put them them to be set in ouches of nderneatb, toward the forepart | on the shoulder-pieces of the l gold. And thou shalt put in the

breastplate of Judgment the Urim me, (I am the LORD.) instead of all | Egypt I sanctified them for my and tho Thummim; and they shall the first-born among the children self. And I have taken the La be upon Aaron's heart when he of Israel; and the cattle of the Le vites for all the first-born of to goeth in before the Lord: and vites instead of all the firstlings children of Israel. And I hav Aaron shall bear the judgment of among the cattle of the children given the Levites as a gift the children of Israel upon his of Israel. Take the Levites in- Aaron, and to his sons, fros lieart before the LORD contin- stead of all the first-born among among the children of Israel, ually.

the children of Israel, and the do the service of the children Exod. xxxfx, 6, 7. And they cattle of the Levites instead of Israel in the tabernacle of wrought onyx-stones' inclosed in their cattle; and the Levites shall congregation, and to make ouches of gold, graven, as signets be mine: I am the LORD.

atonement for the children of are graven, with the names of the

Num. IV, 48. 49. Even those that rael; that there be no plagi children of Israel. And he put were numbered of them, were

among the children of Israel them on the shoulders of the eight thousand and five hundred when the children of Israel aut ephod, that they should be stones and fourscore. According to the Moses, and Aaron, and all for a memorial to the children of commandment of the LORD they congregation of the children Israel; as the LORD commanded were numbered by the hand of Moses.

Moses, every one according to his Israel, did to the Levites breastplate upon him: also be put den: thus were they numbered of Levites, so did the children of Lev. vill, 8. And he put the service, and according to bis bar-cording unto all that the L

commanded Moses concerning in the breastplate the Urim and him, as the LORD commanded rael unto them. And the Lent the Thummim. Moses.

were purified, and they wab Num. xxvil, 21. And be shall Num. viii, 6-21. Take the Le-their clothes; and Aaron oiles stand before Eleazar the priest, vites from among the children of them as an offering before who sball ask counsel for him Israel, and cleanse them. And LORD; and Aaron made an ater after the judgment of Urim before thus shalt thou do unto them, to ment for them to cleanse then the LORD: at his word shall they cleanse them: Sprinkle water of go out, and at his word they shall purifying upon them, and let them

Num. XXVI, 62. And those come in, both he, and all the chil- shave all their flesh, and let them

were numbered of them dren of Israel with bim, even all wash their clothes, and so make males, from a month old and

twenty and three thousand, the congregation.

themselves clean. Then let them ward: for they were not number Deut. xxxiii, 8. And of Levi he take a young bullock with his Urim be with thy holy one, whom gled with oil, and another young given them among the chilar said, Let thy Thummim and thy meat-offering, even fine flour min-among the children of Israel

cause there was no inheritan thon didst prove at Massuh, and bullock shalt thou take for a sin

of Israel. with whom thou didst strive at offering. And thou shalt bring the waters of Meribah. the Levites before the tabernacle

Deut. xil, 19. Take beed to of the congregation; and thou self that thou forsake bot the Ezra 11, 63. And the Tirshatha shalt gather the whole assembly vite as long as thou livest said unto them, that they should of the children of Israel together: the earth. pot eat of the most holy things And thou shalt bring the Levites 1 Sam. 11, 36. And it shall ea till there stood up a priest with before the LORD, and the children to pass, that every one that is Urim and Thumınim.

of Israel shall put their hands in thine house shall como

upon the Levites: And Aaron crouch to him for a piece of 2-LEVITES.

shall offer the Levites before the and a morsel of bread, and

LORD for an offering of the child say, Put me, I pray thee, Into Num. 1, 47-49. But the Levites

dren of Israel, that they may exe- of the priest's offices, that I after the tribe of their fathers cute the service of the LORD. eat a piece of bread. were not numbered among them. And the Levites shall lay their For the LORD had spoken unto hands upon the heads of the bul

1 Chron. xxill, 8. Now the Moses, saying, Only thou shalt locks: and thou shalt offer the one vites were numbered frea neither take the sum of them for a burnt-offering, unto the age of thirty years and op among the children of Israel. LORD, to make an atonement for and their number by their

the Levites. And thou shalt set man by man, was thirty and Num. ill, 15, 16, 89-41, 45. Nom-tho Levites before Aaron, and be

thousand, ber the children of Levi, after the fore his sons, and offer them for

2 Chron. xl, 13, 14. house of their fathers, by their an offering unto the LORD. Thus priests and the Levites that families: every male from a month shalt thou separate the Levites in all Israel resorted to bim old and upward shalt thou num- from among the children of Israel; of all their coasts. (For the ber them. And Moses numbered and the Levites shall be mine. vites left their suburbs, and them, according to the word of And after that shall tbe Levites possession, and came to jen the LORD, as he was commanded, go in to do the service of the ta- and Jerusalem: for Jeroboarte All that 'were numbered of the bernacle of the congregation: and his sons bad cast them off Levites, which Moses and Aaron thou shalt cleapse them, and offer executing the priest's office numbered at the commandment them for an offering. For they the LORD. of the LORD, throughout their are wholly given unto me from families, all the males, from a among the children of Israel; in

AGE AND QUALIFICATTO. month old and upward, were stead of such as open every womb, Lev. xxl, 17-24. Spouk chi twenty and two thousand. And even instead of the first-born of Aaron, saying, Whosoever 19 the LORD said unto Moses, Num- all the children of Israel, have 1 of thy seed in their generatin ber all the first-born of the males taken them unto me. For all that hath any blemish, let him u of the children of Israel, from a the first-born of the children of approach to offer the bread of 1 month old and upward, and take Israel are mine, both man and God: For whatsoever man Me the number of their names. And beast : on the day that I smote that hath a blemish, be shall a thou shalt take the Levites for every first - born in the land of approach; a blind man, or a la


& hath a flat nose, or any | them, were seven thousand and every one that entereth into the pertigous, Or a man that five hundred. The families of the service, for the work in the taber-footed, or broken-hand-Gershonites shall pitch behind the nacle of the congregation; Even pok-backt, or a dwarf, or tabernacle westward. And the those that were numbered of a blemish in his eye, or chief of the house of the father of them, throughout their families, 1, or scabbed, or hath his the Gershonites shall be Eliasaph by the house of their fathers, were oßen: No man that hath the son of Lael. And of Kohath two thousand and six hundred 1 of the seed of Aaron was the family of the Amramites, and thirty. These are they that shall come nigh to offer and the family of the Izeharites, were numbered of the families of ngs of the LORD made by and the family of the Hebronites, the song of Gershon, of all that hath a blemish; he shall and the family of the Uzzielites: might do service in the tabernacle nigh to offer the bread these are the families of the Ko- of the congregation, whom Moses 1 He shall eat the bread hathites. In the number of all and Aaron did number, according d, both of the most holy, the males, from a month old and to the commandment of the LORD.

holy: Only he shall not upward, were eight thousand and and those that were numbered of o the vall, por come nigh six hundred, keeping the charge the families of the sons of Merari, iltar, because he hath a of the sanctuary. of Merari was throughout their families, by the that he profane not my the family of the Mahlites, and house of their fathers, From thirty 29: for I the LORD do the family of the Mushites: these years old and upward, even unto bem. And Moses told it are the families of Merari. And fifty years old, every one that enon, and to his sons, and those that were numbered of tereth into the service, for the le children of Israel. them, according to the number of work in the tabernacle of the con

all the males, from a month old gregation; Even those that were apward, even unto fifty and two hundred. 1,47. From thirty years and upward, were six thousand numbered of them, after their fa

milies, were three thonsand and every one that came to

two hundred. These be those ervice of the ministry, service of the burden Take the sum

of 'the sons of Ko- lies of the sons of Merari, whom

Num. iv, 2, 3, 22, 23, 29, 30, 34-46. that were numbered of the famieruacle of the congregar hath from among the sons of Levi, Moses and Aaron

numbered, acafter their families, by the house cording to the word of the LORD III, 24-26. This is it that of their fathers; From thirty years by the hand of Moses. All those onto the Levites; From old and upward, even until fifty that were numbered of the Leid five years old and up- years old, all that enter into the vites, whom Moses and Aaron, shall go in to wait up-host, to do the work in the taber- and the chief of Israel, numbered, rvice of the tabernacle nacle of the congregation. Take after their families, and after the gregation: And from the also the sum of the song of Ger- house of their fathers, 3 years they shall cease shon, throughout the houses of pon the service thereof, their fathers, by their families: serve no more; But shall From thirty years old and upwith their brethren in ward, until fifty years old, shalt

INFERIOR TO THE PRIESTS. nacle of the congrega- thou number them; all that enter lep the charge, and shall in to perform the service, to do Num. III, 6, 7, 9. Bring the tribe vice. Thus shalt thou the work in the tabernacle of the of Levi near, and present them Levites touching their congregation. As for the sons of before Aaron the priest, that they

Merari, thou shalt number them may minister unto him. And they 1. xxiii, 24-27. These

after their families, by the house shall keep his charge, and the

of their fathers: From thirty years charge of the whole congregation, sons of Levi after the old and upward, even unto fifty before the tabernacle of the conthe fathers,' as they years old, shalt thou number gregation, to do the service of

them, every one that entereth in the tabernacle. And thou shalt ted by number of names to the service, to do the work of give the Levites unto Aaron, and rolls, that did the work the tabernacle of the congrega- to his sons: they are wholly

given rvice of the house of the tion. And Moses and Aaron, and

unto him out of tho children of in the age of twenty the chief of the congregation, Israel. I upward. For David LORD God of Israel hath numbered the sons of the Kobath

Num. viii, 22

And after that unto his people, that ites, after their families, and after

went the Levites in to do their dwell in Jerusalem for thirty years old and upward, even congregation before Aaron, and

the house of their fathers, From service in the tabernacle of the d also unto the Levites; unto Arty years old, every one Do more carry the ta- that entereth into the service, for

before his sods: as the Lord had nor any vessels of it for the work in the tabernacle of the

commanded Moses concerning e thereof. For, by the

the Levites, 80 did they unto

And those that s of David, the Levites congregation:

them. bered from twenty years families, were two thousand seven were numbered of them, by their

Num. xviil, 2, 6.

And thy bore.

hundred and fifty. These were brethren also of the tribe of Levi,

they that were numbered of the the tribe of thy father, bring thou IREE CLASSES.

families of the Kohathites, all that with thee, that they may be (, KOHATH, AND MERARI.

might do service in the tabernacle joined unto thee, and minister li, 21-24, 27, 28, 33, 34. of the congregation, which Moses unto thee: but thon and thy song on nous the family of the and Aaron did number, according with thee shall minister before and the family of the to the commandment of the LORD, the tabernacle of witness. And I, these are the families of by the hand of Moses. And those behold, I have taken your brebonites. Those that were that were numbered of the sons thren the Levites from among the d of them, according to of Gershon, throughout their fa- children of Israel; to you they are ber of all the males, from milies, and by the house of their given as a gift for the LORD, to do

old and upward, even fathers, From thirty years old and the service of the tabernacle of at were numbered of upward, even unto fifty years old, the congregation.

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