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Joh wil, 4, 6. Where wast, and could not shake It: for it was | Elisha, Behold now, the place ther when I laid the foundations founded upon a rock. But he that where we dwell with thee is too

the earth? declare, if thou hast heareth, and doeth not, is like a strait for us. Let us go, we pray understanding. Whereupon are man that without a foundation theo, unto Jordan, and tako the foundations thereof fastened? | built an house upon the earth; thence every man a beam, ard let

sbo laid the corner stone against which the stream did beat us make us a place there, where thereof.

vehemently, and immediately it we may dwell. And he answered, R.Tili

, 15. Then the channels fell; and the ruin of that house Go ye. And one said, Be content, waters were seen, and the foun- was great.

I pray thee, and go with thy serBilans of the world were discov- Rom. xv, 20. Yea, so have I vants. And he answered, I willgo. med at thy rebuke, O LORD, at the strived to preach the gospel, not Isa. ix, 9, 10. And all the people List of the breath of thy nostrils. where Christ was named, lest I shall know, eren Ephraim and th

A. Kiv, 2. For he hath founded should build upon another man's inhabitaut of Samaria, tbat say in pen the seas, and established foundation.

the pride and stoutness of heart, tipon the floods. 1. Cor. iil, 9, 10. ... Ye are God's The bricks are fallen down. but we

will build with hewn stones: the Pteit

, 5,& Who laid the foun- building. According to the grace sycamores are cut down, but we bers of the earth,

that it should of God which is given unto me, as will change them into cedars. be removed for ever. They a wise masterbuilder, I have laid ep by the mountains; they go the foundation, and another build- Amos v, 11. . . . . Ye have built

houses of hewn stone, but ye shall on by the valleys unto the eth thereon. But let every man be which thou hast founded take heed how he buildeth there-not dwell in them. upon.

Hab. ii, 11. For the stone shall Pittà , rili, 35. That it might be

Eph. il, 20. And are built upon cry out of the wall, and the beam iled which was spoken by the

the foundation of the apostles and out of the timber shall answer it. It saying, I will open my being the chief corner stone. prophets, Jesus Christ himself

ERECTION. conth in parables, I will utter rashich have been kept Heb. vi, 1. Therefore leaving of Tyre sent messengers to David,

2 Sam. V, 11. And Hiram king est from the foundation of the the principles of the doctrine of and cedar trees, and carpenters,

Christ, let us go on unto perfec- and masons: and they buili David Ek, 17, 3. For we which have tfon; not laying again the founda

an house. Sand benter into rest, as he works, and of faith toward God. tion of repentance from dead

1 Kings vii, 1. But Solomon was As I have sworn in my

building his own house thirteen Libey shall enter into my

Heb. xi, 10. For he looked for a years, and he finished all his setgh the works were city which hath foundations, whose house. from the foundation of builder and maker is God.

1 Kings ix, 1. And it came to Rev. xxi, 14. And the wall of pass, when Solomon had finished

the city had twelve foundations, the building of the house of the SENSE AND OTHEB ALLusioxs. and in them the names of the LORD, and the king's house, and IT

, 19. How much less in twelve apostles of the Lamb. all Solomon's desire which he was that dwell in houses of clay, Safradation is in the dust.

pleased to do. xf, & If the foundations be


1 Chron. xiv, 1. Now Hiram Etused, what can the righteous

BRICKS, STONES, TIMBER. king of Tyre sent messengers to

Gen. xi, 3. And they said one to David, and timber of cedars, with Itali , 5. They know not, another, Go to, let us make brick, masons

and carpenters, to build baril they understand; they and burn them throughly. And him an house.

2 Chron. 11, 3. And Solomon La ca la darkness: all the foun. they had brick for stone, and

sent to Huram the king of Tyre, * of the earth are out of slime had they for morter.

E.cod. 1, 11, 13, 14. Therefore saying, As thou didst deal with $, 25. As the whirlwind ters to amict them with their bar- him cedars to build

him an house they did set over them taskmas- David my father, and didst send a righteous is an everlasting le the wicked no more: dens. And they built for

Pharaoh to dwell therein, even so deal with treasure cities, Pithom

Raamses. And' the Egyptians LITTL, 16. Therefore thus made the children of Israel to Exod. 1, 21. And it came to

the Lurd God, Behold, I lay serve with rigour: La for a foundation a 'stone, made their lives bitter with hard | edGod, that he made them

And they pass, because the widwives fearMed stone, a precious corner bondage, in morter, and in brick, houses. igre foundation; he that and in all manner of service in reth shall not make haste.

Deut. xxv, 9. Then shall his the field: all their service, wherein brother's wife come unto him in , 11. O thou afflicted, they made them serve, was with the presence of the elders, and with tempest, and not com- rigour.

loose his shoe from off his foot, bebold, I will lay thy Iev. xiv, 42. And they shall and spit in his face, and shall anwith fair colours, and lay take other stones, and put them in swer and say, So shall it be done Thundations with sapphires.

the place of those stones; and he unto that man that will not build Whosoever

shall take other morter, and shall up his brother's house. to me, and heareth my plaister the house.

Ps. xxviii, 6. Because they re19, and doeth them, I will

Judges ill, 19. But he himself gard not the works of the LORD, you to whoin he is like: He turned again from the quarric3 nor the operation of his hands, he te a man which built an

that were by Gilgal, and said, I shall destroy them, and not build si dieged deep, and laid have a secret errand unto thee, them up. basdation on a rocks and O king: who said, Keep silence. Ps. cxviii, 22. The stone which the food arose, the stream 2 Kings vi, 1-3. And the the builders refused is become Xehemently

upon that house, I sons of the prophets said unto the head stone of the corner.

and | me.


Ps. cxxvii, 1. Except the LORD the dust praise thee? shall it de- were laid down, she came up build the house, they labour in clare thy truth? Hear, O LORD, them upon the roof. vain that build it. and have mercy upon me: LORD,

Judges xvi, 25-27. And it c Prov. ix, 1. Wisdom hath build- be thou my helper. Thou hast

to pass, when their hearts 1 ed her house, she hath hewn out turned for me my mourning into her seven pillars. dancing: thou hast put off my Samson, that he may make

Inerry, that they said, Call dom is an house bnilded; and by glory may sing praise to thee, and he made

them sport: and they Prod. xxiv, 3, 27. Through wis- gladness;' To the end that my sport. And they called for understanding it is established. Prepare thy work without, and will give thanks unto thee for not be silent. 0 LORD my God, I

him between the pillars. make it fit for thyself in the field

Samson said unto the lad that and afterwards build thine house.

him by the hand, Suffer me Luke xiv, 28-30. For which of


I may feel the pillars where you, intending to build a tower,

the house standeth, that I sitteth not down first, and count


lean upon them. Now the h eth the cost, whether he have 1 Sam. XX, 25. And the king sat was full of men and womers sufficient to finish it? Lest haply, upon his seat, as at other times, all the lords of the Philistines after he hath laid the foundation, even upon a seat by the wall: and there; and there were upon and is not able to finish it, all that Jonathan arose, and Abner sat by roof about three thousand behold it begin to mock him, Say- Saul's side, and David's place was and women, that beheld ing, This man began to build, and empty.

Samson made sport. was not able to finish.

2 Kings iv, 10. Let us make a 1 Sam. ix, 25, 26. And when Luke xvii, 28. Likewise also as little chamber, I pray thee, on the were come down from the it was in the days of Lot; they did wall; and let us set for him there place into the city, Samud eat, they drank, they bonght, they a bed, and a table, and a stool, and muned with Saul upon the te sold, they planted, they builded. a candlestick: and it shall' be, the house. And they arose Heb. iii, 3, 4. For this man was

when he cometh to us, that he and it came to pass about counted worthy of more glory shall turn in thither,

spring of the day, that sa than Moses, inasmuch as he who

called Saul to the top of the le

2 Kings xx, 2. Then he turned saying, Up, that I may send hath builded the house hath more his face to the wall, and prayed away. And Saul arose, and honour than the house. For unto the LORD, saying, .... every house is builded by some

went out both of them, he man; but he that built all things

Dan. V, 5. In the same hour Samuel, abroad. is God.

came forth fingers of a mat's hand, 2 Sam. xi, 2. And it carce to Jude 20.

and wrote But ye, beloved, candlestick upon the plaister of arose from off his bed, and w

over against the in an eveningtide, that I building up yourselves on your the wall of the king's palace: and upon the roof of the king's be most holy faith, praying in the the king saw the part of the hand and from the

roof he sawa w Holy Ghost. that wrote.

washing herself; and the wo CEREMONY AND PRIVILEGE,

was very beautiful to look! Deut. xx, 5. And the officers


2 Sam. xvi, 22. So they s shall speak unto the people, say

2 Kings XX, 4. And it came to Absalom a tent upon the ing, What man is there that' hath pass, afore Isaiah was gone out the house; and Absalom built a new house, and hath not into the middle court, that the unto his father's concubin, dedicated it? let him go and re-word of the LORD came to him, the sight of all Israel. turn to his house, lest he die in saying. ...

2 Sam. xviii, 24. And Dar the battle, and another man de-, Esth. i. 5. And when these days between the two gates: a dicate it.

were expired, the king made a watchman went up to the

feast unto all the people that were over the gate unto the wall A PSALM OF DEDICATION. present in Shushan the palace, lifted up his eyes, and looked

Ps. xxx, 1-12. I will extol thee both unto great and small, seven behold a man running alone. O LORD; for thou hast lifted me days, in the court of the garden of 1 Kings vii, 2, 3. He built als up, and hast not made my foes to the king's palace.

house of the forest of Leb rejoice over me. O LORD my God, I cried unto thee, and thou hast vants said unto him, Behold, thereof fifty cubits, and the be

the length thereof tras an

Esth. vi, 5. And the king's ser- dred cubits, and the be healed me.

O LORD, thou hast Haman standeth in the court. And thereof thirty cubits, upon brought up my soul from the the king said, Let him come in. grave: thou hast kept me alive,

rows of cedar pillars, with that I should not go down to the

Luke v, 19. And when they beams upon the pillars. A pit. Sing unto the LORD, O ye could not find by what way they was covered with cedar saints of his, and give thanks at might bring him in because of the upon the beams, that lay on the remeinbrance of his holiness. multitude, they went upon the five pillars, fifteen in a row. For his anger endureth but a mo- housetop, and let him down

2 Kings xi, 14. And when ment; in his favour is life: weep-through the tiling with his couch looked, behold, the king stod ing may endure for a night, but into the midst before Jesus.

a pillar. ... joy cometh in the morning. And in my prosperity I said, I shall ROOF AND PILLARS. never be moved. LORD, by thy

Cant. i, 17. The beams of favour thou hast made my moun

Deut. xxii, 8. When thou build- house are cedar, and our tain to stand strong: thou didst est a new house, then thou shalt of fr. hide thy face, and I was troubled. that thou bring not blood upon lars of marble, set upon se make a battlement for thy roof,

Çant. v, 15. His legs are al I cried to thee,

O LORD; and unto thine house, if any man fall from of fine gold: his countenance the LORD I made supplication What profit is there in my blood, thence.

Lebanon, excellent as the ced when I go down to the pit Shali Joshua II, & And before they Jer. xix, 13. And the hors


1, and the honses of the DOOR, PORCH, GATE. in with him to the marriage: and udah, shall be defiled as Gen. xliii, 19. And they came the door was shut. of Tophet, because of all near to the steward of Joseph's Luke xi, 7. And he from within s upon whose roofs they house, and they communed with shall answer and say, Trouble me ed incense unto all the him at the door of the house. not: the door is now shut, and my aven, and have poured offerings unto other

2 Sam. xiii, 17,18. Then he called children are with me in bed; Í his servant that ministered unto cannot rise and give thee.

him, and said, Put now this uro3. In their streets they man out from me, and bolt the certain beggar named Lazarus

Luke xvi, 20. And there was a themselves with sack door after her.

Then his which was laid at his gate, full of he tops of their houses, servant brought her out, and eir streets, every ono bolted the door after her. weeping abundantly.

John xx, 19. Then tho samo lil, 38. There shall be

1 Kin. vii, 6-8. And he made a day at evening, being the first a generally upon all porch of pillars; the length thereof day of the week, when the doors tips of Moab, and in the roas fifty

cubits, and the breadth were shut where the disciples reof: for I have broken thereof thirty cubits: and the were assembled for fear of the a vessel wherein is no porch was before them: and the Jews, came Jesus and stood in the sith the LORD.

other pillars and the thick beams midst, and saith unto them, Peace

were before them. Then he made be unto you. 27. What I tell you in

a porch for the throne where he hat speak ye in light: might judge, even the porch of

Acts xii, 13, 14. And as Peter a hear in the ear,

that upon the housetops.

judgment; and it was covered knocked at the door of the gate,

with cedar from one side of the a damsel came to hearken, named LIF, 17. Let him which floor to the other. And his house Rhoda. And when she knew bousetop not come where he dwelt had another court Peter's voice, she opened not the ke any thing out of his within the porch, which was of the gate for gladness, but ran in,

like work.' Solomon made also and told how Peter stood before . And when they could an house for Pharaoh's daughter, the gate. tgh unto him for the whom he had taken to wife, like i uncovered the roof unto this porch.

P3. xxiv, 7. Lift up your heads, Tag: and when they had

2 Kin. iv, 4, 5. And when thou O ye gates; and be ye lift up, ye 19, they let down the

art come in, thou shalt shut the everlasting doors; and the King of the sick of the palsy door npon thee and upon thy sons, glory shall come in. and shalt pour out into all those

P3. Ixxxvil, 2. The LORD loveth 1. Therefore whatso- vessels, and thou shalt set aside the gates of Zion more than all te spoken in darkness that which is full. So she went the dwellings of Jacob. tard in the light; and from him, and shut the door upon ye have spoken in the her and upon her sons, who

Prov. xvil, 19. He loveth transbe shall be proclaimed brought the vessels to her; and

she gression that loveth strife: and he .

that exalteth his gate seeketh poured out.

destruction. \, 31. In that day, he

2 Kin. XXV, 18. And the captain Prov. xxvi, 14. As the door be upon the housetop, of the guard took Seraiah the turneth upon his hinges, so doth

in the house, let him chief priest, and Zephaniah the the slothful upon his bed. lown to take it away: second priest, and the

threo is in the field, let him return back. keepers of the door.

Cant. v, 4, 5. My beloved put in

his hand by the hole of the door, Esther i, 21. In those days, and my bowels were moved for Which shaketh the while Mordecai sat in the king's him. I rose up to open to my of her place, and the gate, two of the king's chamber beloved; and my hands dropped of tremble.

lains, Bigthan and Teresh, of with myrrh, and my fingers with 11. The pillars of hea- those which kept the door, were sweet

smelling myrrh, upon the and are astonished at wroth, and

sought to lay hand on handles of the Sock. the king Ahasuerus.

Cant. viil, 9. If she be a wall, we 1. The earth and all the

Esther v, 1. Now it came to will build upon her a palace of thereof are dissolved: pass on the third day, that Esther silver: and if she be a door, wo de pillars of it. Selah, put on her royal apparel, and will inclose her with boards of

stood in the inner court of the cedar, . And when James, king's house, over against the Isa. xxvi, 2. Open ye the gates, John, who seemed to king's house; and the king sat up, that the righteous nation which perceived the grace iven uato me, they house, over against the gate of the

on his royal throne in the royal keepeth the truth may enter in. and Barnabas the

1 Cor. xvi, 9. For a great door of fellowship, that we house.

and effectual is opened unto me, mto the heathen, and Jer. xxxv, 4. And I brought and there are many adversaries. he circumcision. them into the house of the LORD,

2 Cor. 11, 12. Furthermore, when 1, 15. But if I tarty into the chamber of the sons of I came to Troas to preach Christ's hou mayest know how Hanan, the son of Igdaliah, a man gospel, and a door was opened est to behave thyself in of God, which was by the cham- unto me of the Lord. of God, which is the ber of the princes, which was the living God, tho above the chamber of Maaseiah for us, that God would open unto

Col. iv, 3. Withal praying also Tound of the truth. the son of Shallum, the keeper of

us a door of utterance, to speak 2. Him that overcomthe door.

the mystery of Christ, for which I take a pillar in the

Matth. XXV, 10. And while they am also in bonds. ay God, and he shall go went to bny, the bridegroom came; Rev. ili, 20. Behold, I stand at

and they that were ready went the door, and knock: if any man



hear my voice, and open the door, thresholds: for he shall uncover his house, then he shall add I will come in to him, and will the cedar work.

fifth part of the money of sup with him, and he with me.

Acts xx, 9. And there sat in a estimation unto it, and it shal Rev. iv, 1. After this I looked, window a certain young

his. and, behold, a door was opened in named Eutychus, being fallen in- Acts xxviil, 30. And Paul & heaven:

and the first voice which to a deep sleep: and as Paul was two whole years in his own ! I heard was as it were of a trum- long preaching, he sunk down house, and received all that pet talking with me; which said, with sleep, and fell down from in unto him. Come up hither, and I will shew the third loft, and was taken up theo things which must be here-dead,


Gen. xliii, 30. And Joseph 2 Kin. vii, 2. Then a lord on haste; for his bowels did yeart Gen. vi, 16. A window shalt whose hard the king leaned an- on his brother, and he sa thou make to the ark, and in a swered the man of God, and said, where to weep; and he entere cubit shalt thou finish it above; Behold, v the LORD would make to his chamber, and wept the and the door of the ark shalt thou windows in heaven, might this set in the side thereof; with lower, thing be? And he said, Behold, went forth through the porch

Judges fil, 23-25. Then 1 second, and third stories shalt thou

shalt see it with thine eyes, shut the doors of the parlour thou make it. but shalt not eat thereof.

him, and locked them. Whe Gen. xxvi, 8. And it came to

Eccles. xii, 3.

And those was gone out, his servants pass, when he had been there a that look out of the windows be and when they saw that, bu long time, that Abimelech king of darkened.

the doors of the parlour the Philistines looked out at a Cant. 0, 9. My beloved is like a locked, they said, Surely window, and saw, and, behold, roe or a young hart: behold, he covereth his feet in his en Isaac was sporting with Rebekah standeth behind our wall, he chamber. And they tarra his wife.

looketh forth at the windows, they were ashamed; and, by Josh. ii, 15, 21. Then she let shewing himself through the he opened not the doors of them down by a cord through the lattice.

parlour, therefore they tooks window: for her house was upon Isa. liv, 12. And I will make and opened them: and, be the town wall, and she dwelt up- thy windows of agates, and thy their lord was fallen dowe on the wall. And she said, AC-gates of carbuncles, and all thy on the earth. cording unto your words, so be it. borders of pleasant stones.

1 Kin. XX, 30. But the rest And she sent them away, and

to Aphek, into the city, and they departed: and she bound


a wall fell upon twenty and the scarlet line in the window.

thousand of the men that

2 Kin. xx, 11. And Isaiah the 1 Sam. xix, 12. So Michal let prophet cried unto the LORD: and came into the city, into an


And Ben-hadad fied, David down through a window: he brought the shadow ten and he went, and fled, and degrees backward, by which it

chamber. escaped. had gone down in the dial of

1 Kin. xxil, 25, 39. And MI 1 Kin. vii, 4, 5. And there were Ahaz.

said, Behold, thou shalt & windows in three rows, and light Isa, xxxvIII, 8. Behold, I will an inner chamber to hide the

that day, when thou shalt gø was against light in three ranks. bring again the shadow of the Now the rest of the acts of ! And all the doors and posts were degrees, which is gone down in the and all that he did, and the Bquare, with windows: and

sun dial of Ahaz, ten degrees backlight was against light in three

So the sun returned ten the cities that he built, are ward.

house which he made, and ranks.

degrees, by which degrees it was not written in the book 2 Kin. I, 2. And Ahaziah fell gone down.

chronicles of the kings of Is down through a lattice in his upper chamber that was in Sa


2 Kin. iv, 11. And it fellas maria, and was sick.

that he came thither, so

Lev. XXV, 29-31. And if a man turned into the chamber, an 2 Kin. xill, 17. And he said, sell a dwelling house in a walled there. Open the window eastward. And city, then he may redeem it withhe opened it. Then Elisha said, in a whole year after it is sold; servants said,

None, my lo

2 Kin. vi, 12. And one Shoot. And he shot. And he

within a full year may he redeem king: but Elisha, the prophet said, The arrow of the LORD's

it, deliverance, and the arrow, of within the space of a full year, Israel the words that thou

And if it be not redeemed is in Israel, teleth the deliverance from Syria: for thou then the house that is in the est in thy bedchamber. shalt smite the Syrians in Aphek, walled city shall be established till thou have consumed them. for ever to him that bought it

2 Kin. ix, 2. And when Jer. 1x, 21. For death is come up throughout his generations: it comest thither, look out into our windows, and is entered shall not go out in the jubilee. But Jehu the son of Jehoshapha into our palaces, to cut off the the houses of the villages which

son of Nimshi, and go be children from without, and the have no wall round about them make him arise up from ar young men from the streets.

shall be counted as the fields of his brethren, and carry him 1 Joel 11, 9. They shall run to and the country: they may be redeem- inner chamber. fro in the city; they shall run up-ed, and they shall go out in the Esther 1, 6. Where wert" on the wall, they shall climb up jubilee.

green, and blue, hangings, i upon the houses; they shall enter

Lev. xxvil, 14, 15. And when a ed with cords of fine linea in at the windows like a thief.

man shall sanctify his house

to be purple to silver rings and Zeph. 11, 14. And flocks shall lie holy unto the Lord, then the of marble: the beds were down in the midst of her, all the priest shall estimate it, whether

it and silver, upon paveme beasts of the nations:

be good or bad: as the priest shall red, and blue, and white, their voice shall sing in the win- estimate it, so shall it stand. And black, marble. dows; desolation shall be in the lif he that sanctified it will redeem

LE XIT, 14, 15. And whereso- Ezek. xxi, 14. Thou therefore, heart upon your bed, and be stin. The shall go in, say ye to the son of man, prophesy, and smite Selah. iman of the house, The Mas- thine hands together, and let the Ps. XXXVI, 4. He deviseth mis. saith, Where is the guest-sword be doubled the third time, chief upon his bed; he setteth Bler, where I shall eat the the sword of the slain: it is the himself in a way that is not good; over with my disciples? And sword of the great men that are he abhorreth not evil. will shew you a large upper slain, which entereth into their

P8. xli, 8. The LORD will farnished and prepared: privý chambers. remake ready for us.

strengthen him upon the bed of Haggai 1, 4. Is it time for you, languishing: thou wilt make all his 17. And she brought 9 ye, to dwell in your cieled bed in his sickness. be firstborn son, and houses, and this house lie waste?

Prov. vii, 16, 17. I have decked 19 Wim in swaddling clothes, Matth. xxiii, 6. And love the my bed with coverings of tapestry, I was him in a manger, becausé uppermost rooms at feasts, and with carved works, with fine bo room for them in the chief seats in the synagogues. linen of Egypt. I have perfumed

Matth. xxiv, 26. Wherefore if my bed with myrrh, aloes, and cinAL 13. And when they were they shall say unto you, Behold, namon.

they went up into an he is in the desert; go not forth: Prov. xxil, 27. If thou hast nothPon, where abode both behold, he is in the secret cham-ing to pay, why should he tako red James, and John, and bers: believe it not.

away thy bed from under thee? has, Philip, and Thomas, domew, and

Cant. i, 16. Behold, thou art Matthew the son of Alphæus, and FURNITURE.

fair, my beloved, yea, pleasant: Zelotes, and "Jadas the


alsó our bed is green. o James.

Gen. xlvii, 31. And he said, 18a, xxviii, 20. For the bed is 3. And it came to pass Swear unto me. And he sware shorter than that a man can se days, that she was sick,

unto him. And Israel bowed stretch himself on it: and tho ded: sbom when they had himself upon the bed's head. covering narrower than that he bel, they laid her in an upper

can wrap himself in it.
Deut. 111, 11. For only Og king
of Bashan remained of the rem-

Isa, Ivii, 2. He shall enter into & And there were nant of giants; behold, his bed- peace: they shall rest in their lebts in the upper cham- stead was a bedstead of iron; is it beds, each one walking in his uples they were gathered not in Rabbath of the children of

rightness. Ammon?

Ezek. xxiii, 41. And satest upon 1 Sam. xix, 18, 15. And Michal

a stately bed, and a table preparAs,& Which is as a bride-took an image, and laid it in the hast set mine incense and mine

ed before it, whereupon thou 3 aming out of his chamber, bed, and put a pillow of goats'

oil. riniceth as a strong man tó hair for his bolster, and covered it with a cloth. And when Saul

Amos vi, 4. That lie upon beds

of ivory, and stretch themselves , & And hast not shut sent messengers to take David, into the hand of the enemy: she said, He is sick. And Saul upon their coucties, and eat the fat met my foot in a largo David, saying, Bring him up to sent the messengers again to see

lambs out of the flock, and the

calves out of the midst of the IRI, 2. I is better to dwell me in the bed, that I may slay

stall, him.

Mark iv, 21. And he said unto arter of the housetop, than a larawing woman in a wide

1 Kin. xxi, 4. And Ahab came in them, is á candle brought to be

to his house heavy and displeased put under a bushel, or under a 14 Draw me, we will the Jezreelite had spoken to him: stick?

because of the word which Naboth bed? and not to be set on a candlethee: the king bath for he bad said, I will not give Act8 v, 15. Insomuch that they me into his chambers: thee the inheritance of my fathers. brought forth the sick into the sabe glad and rejoice in And he laid him down upon his streets

, and laid them on beds and 14. He brought me to and' would eat no bread. bed, and turned away his face, couches, that at the least the

shadow of Peter passing by might Stating house, and his Torer me mas love.

2 Kings 1, 4. Now therefore thus overshadow some of them.

saith the LORD; Thou shalt not 2014. It was but a little come down from that bed on passed from them, but I which thou art gone up, but shalt

BOTTLE, PITCHER. the whom my soul'loveth: surely die. And Elijah departed. rose up early in the morning, and

Gen. xxi, 14. And Abraham hem, and would not let til I had brought him 2 Kings iv, 21. And she went

took bread, and a bottle of water, y mother's house, and into the man of God, and shut the door

up, and laid him on the bed of and gave it unto Hagar, putting it uber of her that conceived

on her shoulder, and the child, upon him, and went out.

and sent her away: and she deLT, 20. Come, my people, shall comfort me, my couch shall wilderness of Beer-sheba.

Job vil, 13. When I say, My bed parted, and wandered in the to doors about thee: hide ease my complaint.

Ps. Ivi, 8. Thou tellest my ut were for a little mo

Job xvii, 13. If I wait, the grave wanderings: put thou my tears Botil the indignation be is mine house: I have made my into thy bottle: are they not in thy bed in the darkness.

book? i, 14. That saith, I will

Job xxxiii, 15. In a dream, in a P3. cxix, 83. For I am became me a wide house and large vision of the

night, when' deep like a bottle in the smoke; vet do bers, and cutteth him out sleep falleth upon men, in slum- I not forget thy statutes. **** add it të cieled with berings upon the bed.

Jer. xix, 1, 10. Thus saith the s, and painted with vermil

Ps. iv, 4. Stand in awe, and sin LORD, Go and get a potter's not: commune with your own earthen bottle, and take of the

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