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ancients of the people, and of the hand of him that betrayeth me is | honge? And she said, Tui ancients of the priests; Then with me on the table.

maid hath not any thin shalt thou break the bottle in the sight of the men that go with him a supper, and Martha served: John xil, 2. There they made house, save a pot of oil.

Neh, xiii, 8. And it gri thee.

but Lazarus was one of them that sore: therefore I cast fort Mark ii, 22. And no man putteth sat at the table with him. household stuff of Tobia new wine into old bottles: else the new wine doth burst the bottles, Let their table be made a snare,

Rom. xi, 9.
And David salth, the chamber,

Luke ix, 17. And they and the wine is spilled, and the and a trap, and a stumblingblock, and were all filled; and t bottles will be marred: but new and a recompence unto them. taken up of fragments wine must be put into new bot

mained to them twelve b tles.


2 Tim. ii, 20. But in Gen. xxiv, 14., 15. And let it come to pass, that the damsel to whom 1 Sam. 1, 9. So Hannah rose up house there are not onl I shall say, Let down thy pitcher, after they had eaten in Shiloh, of gold and of silver, bi I pray thee,

that I may drink; and and after they had drunk. Now wood and of earth; and she shall say, Drink, and I will Ell the priest sat upon a seat by a honour and some to dish give thy camels drink also: let the post of the temple of the LORD. same be she that thou hast ap- 1 Sam. iv, 18. And it came to

THE HEARI pointed for thy servant Isaac; and pass, when he made mention of

FIRE thereby shall I know that thou the ark of God, that he fell from Erod. XXXV, 3. Ye sha hast shewed kindness unto my off the seat backward by the side no fire throughout you master. And it came to pass, bo- of the gate, and his neck brake, tions upon the sabbath d fore he had done speaking, that, and he died: for he was an old

1 Kings lv, 40. So the behold, Rebekah came out, who man, and heavy. And he had

out for the men to eat. was born to Bethuel, son of Mil-judged Israel fory years.

came to pass, as they we cah, the wife of Nahor, Abraham's 1 Kings 11, 19. Bath-sheba there of the pottage, that tt brother, with her pitcher upon her fore went unto king Solomon, to out, and said, Othou mai shoulder.

speak unto him for Adonijah. there is death in the Judges vii, 16. And he divided And the king rose up to meet her, they could not eat therea the three hundred men into three and bowed himself unto her, and companies, and he put a trumpet sat down on his throne, and caused it as the breaking of the

18a. XXX, 14. And he sh in every man's hand, with empty a seat to be set for the king's vessel that is broken in pitchers, and lamps within the mother, and she sat on his right shall not spare: so that u pitchers. hand.

not be found in the burst Lam. iv, 2. The precious sons of 2 Chron. ix, 17-19. Moreover a sherd to take fire 1 Zion, comparable to fino gold, the king made a great throne of hearth, or to take wata how are they esteemed as earthen ivory, and overlaid it with pure out of the pit. pitchers, the work of the hands of gold. And there were six steps to the pottert the throne, with a footstool of thereof

in the fire; with


Isa. xliv, 16. He burt gold, which were fastened to the of he eateth flesh; he

throne, and stays on each side of roast, and is satisfied: TABLE,

the sitting place, and two lions Judges i, 7. And Adoni-bezek standing by the stays: And twelve I am warm, I have seen 1

warmeth himself, and sa said, Threescore and ten kings, lions stood there on the cne side having their thumbs and their and on the other upon the six

Jer, vil, 18. The childr great toes cut off, gathered their steps. There was not the like wood, and the fathers meat under my table: as I have made in any kingdom.

fire, and the women kni done, so God hath requited me.

dough, to make cakes

Job xxix, 7. When I went out to And they brought him to Jeru- the gate through the city, when I / Queen of heaven, and to .

drink unto prepared my seat in the street!

that they may provok 1 Kin. x, 5. And the meat of his

anger. table, and the sitting of his ser- OTHER ARTICLES. vants, and the attendance of his Gen. xxxi, 37. Whereas thou be taken up a curse by

Jer. xxix, 22. And of t] ministers, and their apparel, and hast searched all my stuff, what his cupbearers... hast thou found of all thy house- Babylon, saying, The Le

captivity of Judah whic Neh. V, 17. Moreover there hold stuff? set it here before my thee like Zedekiah and were at my table an hundred and brethren and thy brethren, that whom the king of Babyi fifty of the Jews and rulers, be- they may judge betwixt us both.

ed in the fire. side those that came unto us from

E.cod. xxxviii, 8. And he made among the heathen that are about the laver

of brass, and the foot of

Jer. XXXVI, 22, 23. Now us. it of brass, of the lookingglasses ninth month: and there :

sat in the winter-hous P8. xxiii, 5. Thou preparest a of the women assembling, which

on the hearth burning table before me in the presence of assembled at the door of the

him. And it came to y mine enemies: thou anointest my tabernacle of the congregation.

when Jehudi had read head with oil; my cup runneth Judges V, 26. She put her hand four leaves, he cut it with over.

to the nail, and her right hand to knife, and cast it into the Mark vil, 4. And when they the workmen's hammer, and with was on the hearth, unti come from the market, except the hammer she smote Sisera, roll was consumed in the they wash, they eat not. And she smote off his head, when she was on the hearth. many other things there be, had pierced and stricken through

Ezek. xv, 4. Behold, 1 which they have received to hold, his temples.

into the fire for fuel; the as the washing of cups, and pots, 2 Kings iv, 2. And Elisha said voureth both the ends o brazen vessels, and of tables. unto her, What shall I do for thee? the midst of it is burne Luke xxii, 21. But, bebold, the tell me, what hast thou in the meet for any work?

Faith. xvii, 15. Lord, have, selvcs about with sparks: walk in them? God distributoth sorrons rcy on my son: for he is luna- the light of your fire, and in the in his anger. and sore rexed: for ofttimes sparks that ye have kindled. falleth into the fire, and oft in- This shall ye have of mine hand; shined upon my head, and when

JOD xxix, 3. When his candle be water ye shall lie down in sorrow.

by his light I walked through lort xiv, 54. And Peter follow- Isa. Ixiv, 2. As when the melting darkness. him afar off

, even into the palace fire burneth, the fire causeth the he high priest: and he sat with waters to boil, to make thy name

P3, xviii, 28. For thou wilt light arrants

, and warmed himself known to thine adversaries, that my candle: the Lord my God will ke fire,

the nations may tremble at thy enlighten my darkness, ste all, 56. But a certain presence!

Ps. cxix, 105. Thy word is a bebeld him as he sat by the Jer. I, 13. And the word e! the lamp unto my feet, and a light and earnestly looked upon LORD came unto me the second unto my path. and said, This man was also time, saying, What seest thou? And I said, I see a seething pot; righteous rejoiceth: but the lamp

Prov. xiii, 9. The light of the wa MTül, 18. And the servants and the face thereof is toward the of the wicked shall be put out. ledes stood there, who had north. de a fire of coals; for it was Ezek. xxiv, 3, 6, 11, 12. And utter

Prov. xx, 20. Whogo curseth his & oi they warmed them- parable unto the rebellious

father or his mother, his lamp Bad Peter stood with them, house, and say unto them, Thus shall be put out in obscure darkred himself. saith the Lord God; Set on a pot,

ness. ITIII, 2. And the barbar- set it on, and also pour water into Prov. xxiv, 20. For there shall people shewed us no little

it. Wherefore thus saith the be no reward to the evil man; tho Lee for they kindled a fire, Lord Gop; Woe to the bloody candle of the wicked shall be put received us every one, because city, to the pot whose scum is out. e present rain, and because of therein, and whose scum is not

Prov. xxxi, 18. She perceiveth gone out of it! bring it out piece that her merchandise is good: her by piece; let no lot fall upon it. candle goeth not out by night.

Then set it empty upon the coals xviil, 5. Yea, the light of thereof, that the brass of it may

Jer. XXV, 10. Moreover I will ided shall be put out, and be hot, and may burn, and that the take from them the voice of mirth, part of his fire shall not filthiness of it may be molten in and the voice of gladness, the

it, that the scum of it may bo con- voice of the bridegroom, and the RETIE

. 3. My heart was hot sumed. She hath wearied herself voice of the bride, the sound of while I was musing with lies, and her great scum the millstones, and the light of the se karned: then spake I with went not forth out of her: her candle. scum shall be in the fire.

Matth. v, 15. Neither do men nii, 14. As the fire burn

Micah 1, 4. And the mountains light a candle, and put it under a mand, and as the flame set- shall be molten under him, and bushel

, but on a candlestick; and moontains on fire. the valleys shall be cleft, as wax

it giveth light unto all that are ir. 2.3. For my days are con

before the fire, and as the waters the house. like soke, and my bones that are poured down a step Matth. XXV, 1, 7, 8. Then shall red as an hearth. place.

the kingdom of heaven be likened exi, 10. Let burning coals

Micah iii, 3. Who also eat the unto ten virgins, which took their ra theta: let them be cast

flesh of my
people, and flay their lamps, and went forth to meet

the be fire

, into deep pits, that skin from off them; and they break bridegroom. Then all those virdisa det up again.

their bones, and chop them in gins arose, and trimmed their ati , 7. Our bones are scat- pieces, as for the pot, and as flesh lamps. And the foolish said unto within the caldron.

the wise, Give us of your oil; for le the grave's mouth, as

our lamps are gone out. Ine eutteth and cleaveth

Zech. iii, 2. And the LORD said ben the earth.

unto Satan, The LORD rebuke Luke viii, 16. No man, when he 1.2. As vinegar to the thes, o Satan; even the LORD

that hath lighted a candle, covereth it ed as smoke to the eyes, thee: is not this a brand plucked hath chosen Jerusalem rebuke with a vessel, or putteth it under

bed; but setteth it on a candleSe sluggard to them that out of the fire?

stick, that they which enter in EITI , 20. Where no wood make the governors of Judah like

Zech, xii, 6. In that day will I may see the light. are the fire goeth out: 80

Luke xi, 36. If thy whole body an hearth of fire among the wood, therefore be full of light, having there is no talebearer, the and like a torch of fire in a sheaf; no part dark, the whole shall be

and they shall devour all the peo- full of light, as when the bright til

, 6. Set me as a seal ple round about, on the right shining of a candle doth give theo Keine heart, as a seal upon hand and on the left: and Jerusa- light. ke: for love is strong as lem shall be inhabited again in alousy is cruel as the her own place, even in Jerusalem, having ten pieces of sllver, if she

Luke xv, 8. Either what woman Elbe coals thereof are coals tkich hath a most vebe

Matth. iil, 10. And now also tho lose one piece, doth not light & ax is laid unto the root of the candle, and sweep the house, and

trees: therefore every treo which seek diligently till she find its Slit, 14. Behold, they shall bringeth not forth good fruit is Stutible, the fire shali burn hewn down, and cast into the

Acts xvi, 29. Then he called for they shall not deliver them- fire.

a light, and sprang in, and came from the power of the

trembling, and fell down before there shall not be a coal to

CANDLE, LAMP. Paul and Silas. Sat, wo fire to sit before it. Job,xxi, 17. How oft is the candle Rev. xviii, 23. And the light of a 111 Behold, all ye that of the wicked put out? and how candle shall shine no more at all le a fire that compass your. loft cometh their destruction upon in thee. ....

LEPROSY IN HOUSES. 1 Chron. vil, 24. (And his daugh- | DIFFERENT KINDS Lev. xiv, 34-41. When ye be come ter was Sheran, who built Beth

CITIES. into the land of Canaan, which I horon the nether, and the upper, give to you for a possession, and and Uzzen-sherah.)

ROYAL I put the plague of leprosy in a 1 Chron. viii, 12. The song of

Num. XXI, 26. For Heshbon house of the land of your posses- Elpaal; Eber,

and Misham, and the city of Sihon the king of sion; And, he that owneth the shamed, who built Ono, and' Lod, Amorites, who had foughts house shall come and tell the with the towns thereof.

the former king of Moab. priest, saying, It seemeth to me

taken all his land out of his there is as it were a plague in the 2 Chron. viii, 5, 6. Algo he built even unto Arnon. house: Then the priest shall com- Beth-horon the upper, and Beth- Josh. x, 2. That they fe mand that they empty the house, horon the nether, fenced cities, greatly, because Gibeons before the priest go into it to see with walls, gates, and bars; And great city, as one of the the plague, that all that is in the Baalath, and all the store cities cities, and because it 10918 TE house be not made unclean: and that Solomon had, and all the than Ai, and all the men the afterward the priest shall go iu to chariot cities, and the cities of the were mighty. see the house: And he shall look horsemen, and all that Solomon 2 Sam. xil, 26. And Joab fe on the plague, and, behold, if the desired to build in Jerusalem, and against Rabbah of the childrs plague be in the walls of the house in Lebanon, and throughout all Ammon, and took the royal c with hollow strakes, greenish or the land of his dominion. reddish, which in sight are lower 2 Chron. xxvil, 4. Moreover he

TREASURE than the wall; Then the priest shall go out of the house to the built cities in the mountains of

Exod. 1, 11. Therefore they door of the house, and shut up the Judah, and in the forests he built set over them taskmaster

aftlict them with their bur house seven days. And the priest castles and towers. shall come again the seventh day,

And they built for Pharaok and shall look: and, behold, vf the provided him cities, and posses

2 Chron. xxxil, 29. Moreover he sure cities, Pithom and Raad plagne be spread in the walls of sions of flocks and herds in abundthe house: Then the priest shall ance: for God had given him sub

COMMERCIAL command that they take away the stance very much.

Isa. xxiii, 11. He stretchen stones in which the plague is, and

his hand over the sea, ba they shall cast them into an un- Jonah fil, 3. So Jonah arose, and the kingdoms: the LORD hatha clean place without the city: And went unto Nineveh, according to a commandment against the he shall cause the house to be the word of the LORD. Now chant city, to destroy the st scraped within round about, and Nineveh was an exceeding great holds thereof. they shall pour out the dust that city of three days' journey.

Ezek. xxvii, 3. And say they scrape off without the city

Tyrus, O thou that art situat into an unclean place.


the entry of the sea, schick

merchant of the people for 3 CITIES.

Gen. xi, 8. So the LORD scattered Isles, Thus saith the Lord Go

them abroad from thence upon Tyrus, thou hast said, I ex ERECTION.

the face of all the earth: and they perfect beauty. Gen. x, 11, 12. Ont of that land left off to build the city. went forth Asshur, and builded

CHARIOT. Nineveh, and the city Rehoboth, 1 Kings xv, 21, 22. And it came and Calah, And Resen between to pass, when Baasha heard there

2 Chron. 1, 14. And Solo Nineveh and Calah: the same is a of, that he left off buildlug of gathered chariots and hors. great city. Ramah, and dwelt in Tirzah. / and he had a thousand and

hundred chariots, and the Gen. xi, 4,5. And they said, Go Then king A sa made a proclamato, let us build us a city and a tion throughout all Judah; none

thousand horsemen, whics tower, whose top may reach unto was exempted: and they took away placed in the chariot citice heaven; and let us make us a the stones of Ramah, and the tim- with the king at Jerusalem.

2 Chron. ix, 25. And Sales name, lest we be scattered abroad ber thereof, where with Baasha upon the face of the whole earth. had builded; and king Asa built had four thousand stalls for bo And the LORD came down to see with them Geba of Benjamin, and and chariots, and twelve the the city and the tower, which the Mizpah.

horsemen; whom he bestowe

the chariot cities, and with children of men builded.

king at Jerusalem. 1 Kings ix, 17-19. And Solomon

NAMING. built Gezer, and Beth-horon the

STORE. Gen. 1v, 17. . . . He builded a nether, and Baalath, and Tadmor city, and called the name of the in the wilderness, in the land, city, after the name of his son, Tadmor in the wilderness, and

2 Chron. viii, 4. And het And all the cities of store that Enoch,

the store cities, which he but Solomon had, and cities for his

Hamath. chariots, and cities for his horse- Judges xvili, 29. And they callmen, and that which Solomon de-ed the name of the city Dan, after sired to build in Jerusalem, and the name of Dan their father, who

FENCED AND FORTIFIU In Lebanon, and in all the land of was born unto Israel: howbeit the

CITIES. bis dominion.

name of the city was Laish at the Num. xiii, 28. Nevertheless 1 Kings xli, 25. Then Jeroboam first.

people be strong that dwell in built Shechem in mount Ephraim, 1 Kings xvi, 24. And he bought land, and the cities are w and dwelt

therein; and went out the hill samaria of Shemer for two and very great: and moreover from thence, and built Penuel.

talents of silver, and built on the saw the children of Anak thers 2 Kings xiv, 22. He built Elath, hill, and called the name of the Num. Xxxl, 17. But we and restored it to Judah, after city which he built, after the name selves will go ready armed les that the king slept with his of Shemer, owner of the hill, the children of Israel, unin fathers, Samaria.

have brought them unto

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tuto fenced cities.

lace and our little ones shall Gath, and Mareshah, and Ziph, thereof, neither had respect unto well in the fenced cities because And Adoraim, and Lachish, and him that fashioned it long ago. the inhabitants of the land. Azekah, And Zorah, and Aijalon, Isa. xxxvi, 1. Now it came to Deut. 1, 98. Whither shall we

and Hebron, which are in Judah pass in the fourteenth year of noget our brethren have dis- and in Benjamin fenced cities. king Hezekiah, that Sennacherib voriged our heart, saying, The And he fortified the strong holds, king of Assyria came up against ople is greater and taller than and put captains in them, and all the defenced cities of Judah,

the cities are great and walled store of victual, and of oil and and took them. » to heaven; and moreover we wine. And in every several city

Isa, xxxvii, 26. Hast thou not ave seen the sons of the Anakims he put shields

and spears, and heard long ago,

how I have done Det, 11. 6. All these cities were ing Judah and Benjamin on his it; and of ancient times, that I

have formed it? now have I med with high walls, gates, and

side. And he dealt wisely, and

his children

brought it to pass, that thou was beside unwalled towns a throughout all the countries of shouldest be to lay waste defenced

cities into ruinous heaps. Judah and Benjamin, unto every Dekk1. Hear, O Israel: Thou fenced city; and he gave them Jer. iv, 5. Declare ye in Judah, eri te pass over Jordan this day, victual in abundance. And he and publish in Jerusalem; and bob to possess nations greater desired many wives.

say, Blow ye the trumpet in the mightier than thyselt, cities Teat and fenced up to heaven.

2 Chron. xii, 4. And he took the land: cry, gather together, and

fenced cities which pertained to say, Assemble yourselves, and let Vek I, 19, 20. And stay ye not, Judah, and came to Jerusalem. us go into the defenced cities. pursue after your enemies, 2 Chron. xiv, 6, 7. And he built

Jer. v, 17. And they shall eat up sonite

the hindmost of them; fenced cities in Judah: for the land thine harvest, and thy bread, let them not to enter into their had rest, and he had no war in which thy sons and thy daughters files for the LoBD your God hath those years; because the Lord

had should eat: they shall eat up thy Wivered them into your hand.

. and it came to pass, when Joshua said unto

Judah, Let us build these eat up thy vines and thy fig trees: de an end of slaying them with cities, and make about them walls, they shall impoverish thy

fenced toy great slaughter, till they the land is yet before us; because with the sword.

and towers, gates, and bars, while cities, wherein thou trustedst, tiek remined of theia

entered we have sought him, and he hath still? assemble yourselves, and let

we have sought the LORD Our God, Jer. viii, 14. Why do we sit Josk IT, 12. Now therefore they built and prospered. given us rest on every side. So us enter into the defenced cities,

and let us be silent there: for the ere this mountain, whereof the Lao spake in that day; for

2 Chron. xvii, 2, 12. And he Lord our God hath put us to Sacantest in that day how the placed forces in all

the fenced silence,

and given us water of gall Asthms were there, and that the in the land of 'Judah, and in the against the LORD.

are great and fenced: if Ok the Logd rül be with me, father had taken.

cities of Ephraim, which Asa his Jer. xxxiv, 7. When the king of al shall be able to drive them phat waxed great exceedingly; Jerusalem, and against all the

And Jehosha- Babylon's army fought against i as the Lord said.

and he built in Judah castles, and cities of sudah that were left, 1 Saa. Ixill, 7. And it was told cities of store. ut that David was como

against Lachish, and against Lelah And Saul said, God hath

2 Chron. xix, 5. And he set Azekah: for these defenced cities Svered him into mine hand; for Judges in the land throughout all remained of the cities of Judah. S shunt in, by entering into a the fenced cities of Judah, city by

Dan. xl, 15. So the king of the w that hath gates and bars. city.

north shall come, and cast ap a 83. , 9. So David dwelt in

2 Chron. xxi, 3. And their father mount, and take the most fenced a brt, and called it the city of gave them great gifts of silver, cities and the arms of the south ul. And David built round and of gold, and of precious shall not withstand, neither his at from Millo and inward.

things, with fenced cities in Ju-chosen people, neither shall there

dah: but the kingdom gave he to be any strength to withstand. 1Sam. 22, 6. And David said to Jehoram; because he was the Bashal, Now shall Sheba the son firstborn.

Hosea viii, 14. For Israel hath Bichni do us more harm then

forgotten his Maker, and buildeth Absalom: take thou thy lord's Uzziah built towers in Jerusalem plied fenced cities: but I will send

2 Chron. xxvi, 9. Moreover temples; and Judah hath multitrants, and pursue after him, be get him fenced cities, and at the corner sate, and at the a fire upon his cities, and it shall

valley gate, and at the turning of devour the palaces thereof. Kings 1, 2. Now as soon as the wall, and fortified them.

(See under War.) Ma letter cometh to you, seeing covered the covering of Judah,

Isa. xxil, 8-11. And he dispor master's sons are with you, and thou didst look in that day to there are with you chariots

P3. xlvili, 12, 13. Walk about wat borses, a fenced city also, and the armour of the house of the Zion, and go round about her: tell

Yo have seen also the the towers thereof. Mark ye well breaches of the city of David, that her

bulwarks, consider her 1 Chron. II, 7. And David dwelt they are many: and ye gathered palaces; that ye may tell it to the the castle, therefore they called together the waters of the lower generation following.

pool. And ye have numbered 2 Prom. 11,5-12, 23. And Reho- the houses of Jerusalem, and the

Ps. cxxv, 2. As the mountains bram dwelt in Jerusalem, and houses

have ye broken down to Lord is round about his people

are round about Jerusalem, so the felt cities for defence in Judah fortify the wall. Ye made also a from henceforth even for ever. le bait eren Beth-lehem, and ditch between the two walls for btain and Tekoa, And Peth-zur, the water of the old pool: but ye 18a. XXVI, 1. In that day shall i shoco, and Adullam, And I have not looked unto the maker this song be sung in the land of


the city of David.

Judah; We have a strong city; and it shall consume the palaces opened till after the sabbath: a. Balvation will God appoint for of Ben-hadad.

some of my servants set I at t walls and bulwarks.

Ezek. xiil, 10. Because, even gates, that there should no burde Nah, 1, 1. He that dasheth in because they have seduced my be brought in on the sabbath ds pieces is come up before thy face: people, saying, Peace; and there and I commanded the Levit keep the munition, watch the was no peace; and one built up a

that they should cleanse the way, make thy loins strong, fortify wall, and, lo, others daubed it selves, and that they should con thy power mightily. with untempered morter.

and keep the gates, to sancti Zeph. 1, 16. A day of the trumpet

Acts ix, 25. Then the disciples o my God, concerning this al

the sabbath day. Remember and alarm against the fenced took him by night, and let him and spure 'me according to cities, and against the high towers. down by the wall in a basket.

greatness of thy mercy. WALLS.


Isa. xlv, 1, 2. Thus saith t Josh. i1, 15.

LORD to his anointed, to Cymi For her Gen. xxili, 10. And Ephron whose right hand I have holde house was upon the town-wall, dwelt among the children of Heth: to subdue nations before him, ar and she dwelt upon the wall. and Ephron the Hittite answered I will loose the loins of kings, Josh. vi, 5. And it shall come to children of Heth, even of all that gates; and the gates shall not

Abraham in the audience of the open before him the two lear pass, that when they make a long went in at the gate of his city, shut;' I will go before thee, ar blast with the ram's horn, and when yo hear the sound of the saying.

make the crooked places straigh trumpet, all the people shall shout Gen. xxxiv, 20, 24. And Hamor I will break in pieces the gates with a great shout; and the wall and Shechem his son came into brass, and cut in sunder the bu of the city shall fall down flat, and the gate of their city, and com- of iron. the people shall ascend up every muned with the men of their city, man straight before him.

Jer. xxxix, 3. And all the prina And unto Hamor and of the king of Babylon came i saying.

unto Shechem his son hearkened and sat in the middle gate, end 2 Sam. xxi, 30. For by thee 1 all that went out of the gate of his Nergal - sharezer, Samgar.neb have run through a troop: by my city; and every male was circum- Sarsechim, Rab-saris,

Neng God have I leaped over a wall. cised, all that went out of the gate sharezer, Rab-mag, with all 2 Kin. Vi, 26. And as the king of of his city.

residue of the princes of the kis Israel was passing by upon the Josh. ii, 6. And it came to pass of Babylon. wall, there cried a woman uuto about the time of shutting of the him, saying, Help, my lord, o gate, when it was dark, that the shall be opened, and the palat

Nah. 11, 6. The gates of the rive king!

men went out: whether the men shall be dissolved. 2 Kin. xviii, 26. Then said went I wot not: pursue after them

Acts ix, 24.

But their layia Eliakim the son of Hilkiah, and quickly; for ye shall overtake

await was known of Saul. An Shebna, and Joah, unto Rab-them. shakeh, Speak, I pray thee, to thy Judges xvi, 3. And Samson layaight to kill him.

they watched the gates day an servants in the Syrian language; til midnight, and arose at midfor we understand it: and talk not night, and took the doors of the

Acts xii, 10. When they wer with us in the Jews' language in gate of the city, and the two

posts, past the first and the second war the ears of the people that are on and went away with them, bar they came unto the fronu the wall.

and all, and put them upon his that leadeth unto the city; while high gate of the house of the the top of an hill that is before through one street; and forth wil 2 Chron. xxvii, 3. He built the shoulders, and carried them up to opened to them of his own accor

and they went out, and passed LORD, and on the wall of Ophel Hebron.

the angel departed from him. he built much.

2 Kin. vil, 1, 18. Then Elisha Neh. II, 15, 17. Then went I up i said, Hear ye the word of the Acts xlv, 18. Then the priesto in the night by the brook, and Lord; Thus saith the LORD, TO Jupiter, which was before the viewed the wall, and turned back, morrow about this time shall a city, brought oxen and garland and entered by the gate of the measure of fine flour be sold for a unto the gates, and would hay valley, and so returned. Then shekel, and two measures of bar- done sacrifice with the people. said I unto them, Ye see the disley for a shekel, in the gate of tress that we are in, how Jerusa-Samaria. And it came to pass as

Ps. cvil, 16. For he hath broken lem lieth waste, and the gates the man of God had spoken to the the gates of brass, and cut to thereof burned with fire: king, saying, Two measures of bars of iron in sunder. come, and let us build up the barley for a shekel, and a measure

Prov. 1, 21. She crieth in the wall of Jerusalem, that we be no of fine flour for a shekel, shall be more a reproach. to morrow about this time in the openings of the gates: in the city

chief place of concourse, in Neh. IV, 6. So built we the wall; gate of Samaria.

she uttereth her words, saying, and all the wall was joined to. 2 Chron. xviii, 9. And the king gether unto the half thereof: for of Israel and Jehoshaphat king Prov. viil, 34. Blessed is the me the people had a mind to work.

of Judah sat either of them on his that heareth me, watching daily Neh. vi, 1. Now it came to pass throne, clothed in their robes, and at my gates, waiting at the post when the wall was built, and I had they sat in a void place at the of my doors. set up the doors, and the porters and all the prophets prophesied known in the gates, when

Prov. xxxi, 23. Her husband 14 and the singers and the Levites were appointed. before them.

sitteth among the elders of the Isa. 11, 15. And upon every

Nch. xiil, 19, 22. And it came to land. high tower, and upon every Jerusalem began to be dark before throngh the gates; preparo ye the

the gates of Isa. Ixil, 10. Go through, fenced wall.

thu sabbath, I commanded that way of the people; cast up, cast us Jer. xlli, 27. And I will kindle the gates should be shut, and the highway; gather out the stones a tre in the wall of Damascus, I charged that they should not be lift up a standard for the peopla.


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