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1883 of heart, for the aband have called unto them, but they shall be cut off: but those that of all things. buve not answered,

wait upon the LORD, they shall Ezek. xxi, 24. Therefore thus

inherit the earth. For yet a little 12. I, 15. But if ye will

saith the Lord GOD, Because ye bey the voice of the LORD,

while, and the wicked shall not ebel against the commandhave made your iniquity to be

be: yea, thou shalt diligently conof the LORD, then shall the remembered, in that your trans

sider his place, and it shall not of the LORD be against you, gressions are discovered, so that

be. mis against your futhers.

in all your doings your sins do Ps. Ixii, 3. How long will ve

appear; because, I say, that ye imagine mischief against a man? la 1,20. But if ye refuso and are come to remembrance, yel ye shall be slain all of you, as a ye shall be devoured by the shall be taken with the hand. bowing wall shall ye be, and as a for the mouth of the LORD

1, 1. Set the trumpet to toltering fence. poken it.

thy mouth. He shall come as an Ps. xcii, 9. For, lo, thine enemies 6A xxx, 1. Woe to the rebel eagle against the house of the LORD, for, lo, thine enemies bildren, saith the LORD, that LORD, because they have trans- shall perish; all the workers of punsel, but not of me; and gressed my covenant, and tres- iniquity shall be scattered. Dyer with a covering, but passed against my law. my spirit, that they may add

Prov. II, 22. But the wicked Hosea ix, 9, 17. They have

shall be cut off from the earth, deeply corrupted themselves, as X1, 8. Yet they obeyed not, in the days of Gibeah; therefore he

and the transgressors shall be

rooted out of it. lined their ear, but walked will remember their iniquity, he one in the imagination of will visit their sins. My God will! Isaiah i, 28. And the destructil heart: therefore I will cast them away, because they did tion of the transgressors and of pon them all the words of not hearken unto him: and they the sinners shall be together, and venant, which I commanded

they that forsake the LORD shall to do; but they did them tions.

be consumed.

Isaiah v, 23, 24. Which justify xil, 17. But if they will not AND DEATH IN EVERY SEXSE. the wicked for reward, and take I will ntierly pluck up and

away the righteousness of the that nation, saith the

Gen. vi, 13. And God said unto righteous from him! Therefore

Noah, The end of all flesh is come as the fire devoureth the stubble, LIV, 29, 31. For, lo, I begin before me; for the earth is filled and the flame consumeth the Peril on the city which is with violence through them; and, chaff, so their root shall be as roty my name, and should ye betold I will destroy them with tenness and their blossom shall go rly unpunished? Ye shall the earth.

up as dust: because they have opponished: for I will call Num.xxvii, 13.14. And when thou

cast away the law of the LORD of word upon all the inhabihast seen it, thoualso shalt be gath

hosts, and despised the word of the earth, saith the LORD ered unto thy people, as Aaron thy

the Holy One of Israel. . He will plead with

brother was gathered. For ye Isaiah ix. 18. For wickedness he will give them that

rebelled against my command burneth as the fire: it shall devour sked to the sword, saith ment in the desert of Zin, in the

the briers and thorns, and shall strife of the congregation, to sanc.

kindle in the thickets of the tvi, 4-7. And thou shalt say | tify me at the water before their

forest; and they shall mount up m, Thus saith the LORD, eyes: that is the water of Meri.

like the lifting up smoke. Fill not hearken to me, to buih in Kadesh in the wilderness my law, which I have set of Zin.

Jer. xxi, 14. But I will popish you, To hearken to the 2 Sam. xxiii. 6.7. But the sons of

you according to the fruit of your of my servants the pro Belial shall be all of them as

doings, saith the LORD: and I will Ybom I sent unto you, thorns thrust a way, because they

kindle a tire in the forest thereof, Ing up early, and sending I cannot be taken with hands. But

| and it shall devour all things tye have not hearkened;

round about it. the man that shall touch them ll I make this house like

must be fenced with iron and the Ezek. xviii, 18. As for his father, iod will make this city a staff of a spear, and they shall be because he cruelly oppressed, all the nations of the

utterly burned with fire in the spoiled his brother by violence, o the priests and the prosame place.

and did that which is not good od all the people, heard

Job iv, 8, 9. Even as I have seen among his people, lo, even ho hopeaking these words they that plow iniquity, and sow

shall die in his iniquity. use of the LORD.

wickedness, reap the same. By IXV, 16. 17. Because the the blast of God they perish, and

Ezek. xxil, 31. Therefore have I

poured out mine indignation upon obadab the son of Rechab

by the breath of his nostrils are rformed the command- they consumed,

them; I have consumed them with

the fire of my wrath; their own their father, which he

Job xxxvi, 12. But if they obey way have I recompensed upon ded them; but this people hearkened unto me:

not, they shall perish by the their heads, saith the Lord God.

sword, and they shall die without e, thus saith the LORD knowledge.

Mal. iv, 1. For, behold, the day hosts, the God of Israel,

cometh that shall burn as an oven; I will bring upon Judah, Ps. xi, 6. Upon the wicked he

and all the proud, yea, and all u all the inhabitants of shall reign snares, tire and brim

that do wickedly, shall be stubble: in, all the evil that I have stope, and an horrible tempest:

and the day that cometh shall ced against them: behem. be this shall be the portion of their

burn them up, saith the LORD of bave spoken unto them, cup.

bosts, that it shall leavo them are not beard; and il Ps. XXXVII, 9, 10. For evil-doers neither root nor branch.

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early, and sendinthorns thrust a wavor them as



we might live through him. And Verily, verily, I say unto DELIVERANCE FROM we have seen, and do testify, that | Whatsoever ye sballask THE CURSE AND POWER OF

the Father sent the Son to be the Father in my name, be will Saviour of the world.

it you. Hitherto have ye SIN.

nothing in my name: ask, so Matth. xvill, 11. For the Son of


shall receive, that your jos man is come to save that which THE REDEEMER.

be full. These things bas was lost,

spoken unto you in proverbs (HIS MESSIAHSHIP, DIVIN Luke ix, 56. For the Son of man

the time comneth, when I shal

ITY, HUMANITY, AND is not come to destroy men's lives,

more speak onto you in prov but to save them. ....

CHARACTER, ETC., but I shall shew you plainly Luke xix, 10. For the son of


Father. At that day ye shad

in my name; and I say at man is come to seek and to save

you, that I will pray the

THE DISPENSER OF GBACE. that which was lost.

for you; For the Father John ili, 17. For God sent not

John i, 16. And of his fulness

loveth you, because ye bare his Son into the world to conhave all we received, and grace

me, and have belived that I demn the world; but that the for grace.

out from God. world through him might be John xvii, 13, 19. And now come

John xyli, 11. 20. And now saved. I to thee; and these things I speak

no more in the world, but Acts iv, 12. Neither is there in the world, that they might

are in the world, and I salvation in any other: for there have my joy fulfilled in them

thee. Holy Father, keep is none other name onder heaven selves. And for their sakes I

thine own name those who given among men whereby we sanctify myself, that they also

hast given me, that they must be saved. might be sanctified through the

one, as we are. Neither truth. Rom. vi, 18, 22. Being then

for these alone, but for the made free from sin, yo became

1 Cor. i. 4-6, 30. I thank my which shall believe on me the servants of righteousness.

God always on your behalf, for their word. But now being made free from

the grace of God which is given Rom. viii. 34. Who be sin, and become servants to God, you by Jesus Christ; That in every

condemneth? It is Christ ye have your fruit unto holiness, thing ye are enriched by him, in

died, yea, rather, that is and the end everlasting life. all utterance, and in all know

again, who is even at the ledge; Even as the testimony of 1 Cor. 1, 30, 31. But of him are

band of God, who alsu Christ was confirmed in you: But ye in Christ Jesus, who of God is

intercession for us. of him are ye in Christ Jesus, who made unto us wisdom, and rightof God is made unto us wisdom,

Eph. lil, 12. In whom te eousness, and sanctification, and and righteousness, and sanctifica

boldness and access with a redemption: That, according as it

ence by the faith of bim. is written, He that glorieth, let tion, and redemption.

Col. lii, 17. And whatsoen him glory in the Lord.

2 Cor. xii. 9. And he said unto

do in word or deed, do al Gal. i, 4. Who gave himself for me, my grace is sufficient i

name of the Lord Jesus, our sins that he might deliver us for any strength 18 made perfect

thanks to God and the Fue from this present evil world, in weakness. Most gladly there

him. according to the will of God and

fore will I rather glory in my
infirmities, that the power of

1 Tim. 11, 6. our Father.

For there Christ may rest upon me.

God, and one mediator beg Gal. ill, 13. Christ hath redeem

Eph. iii, 18, 19. May be able to ed us from the curse of the law,

God and men, the sa

Jesus. being made a curse for us; for it is

comprehend with all saints what written, Cursed is every one that is the breadth, and length, and

Heb. vii, 25. Wherefore hangeth on a tree.

depth, and height; And to know able also to save te the love of Christ, which passeth

uttermost that come unto G Gal. iv, 1. Now I say, That the knowledge, that ye might be

him, seeing be ever the heir, as long as he is a child, filled with all the fulness of God.

make intercession for this differeth nothing from a servant, though he be lord of all.

Phil. iv, 13. I can do all things Heb. ix, 15, 24 And

through Christ which strengthen-l cause he is the mediator 1 Tim. i. 15. This is a faithful

eth me. saying, and worthy of all accep

new testament, that by tation, that Christ Jesus came

Col. il, 3. In whom are hid all death, for the redemptine into the world to save sinners; of the treasures of wisdom and

transgressions that we whom I am chief,

the first testament, taey knowledge.

are called might receive Titus il, 14. Who gave himself

mise of eternal inberitaso for us, that he might redeem us


Christ is not entered into from all iniquity, and purify unto

places made with hands himself a peculiar people, zealous

John xiv, 6. Jesns saith unto the figures of the true of good works.

me, I am the way, the truth, and heaven itsell, now to appes 1 John iv, 9,14. In this was mani- | the life: no man cometh unto the

presence of God for us. fested the love of God toward us, Father, but by me.

6. xll, 24. And to Jero because that God sent his only John xvi, 23-27. And in that mediator of the beso begotten Son into the world, that 1 day yo shall ask me nothing. I and to the blood of

made Paomied,

Ton I will co

m e thin in Chris Aused boljeti. CORSO

eaketh better things than tion of the fulness of times he more perfect tabernacle, not made Abel. might gather together in one all with hands, that is to say, not of

this building; things in Christ, both which are in il, 1. My little children,

Neither by the things write I unto you

in heaven, and which are on earth; blood of goats and calves, but by sin not. And if any man

even in him. Far above all princi- his own blood, he entered in once bave an advocate with the

pality, and power, and might, and into the holy place, having obJesng Christ the right dominion, and every name that is tained eternal redemption for us.

named, not only in this world, but For 11 the blood of bulls and of also in that which is to come; goats, and the ashes of an heifer

And hath put all things under his sprinkling the unclean, sanctifieth TAINS COMMUXION WITH

feet, and gave him to be the bead to the purifying of the fesh; How BELJEVERS.

over all things to the church. much more shall the blood of xlv, 18-20. I will not Which is his body, the fulness of Christ, who through the eternal ou comfortless; I will come him that filleth all in all.

Spirit offered himself without spot Yet a little while, and Eph. iv, 15, 16. But, speaking

to God, purge your conscience ild seeth me no more; but the truth in love. may grow up from dead works, to serve the pe: because I live, ye shall into him in all things, which is the

living God? 1. At that day ye shall head, even Christ: From whom I 1 Peter i, 18.-20. Forasmuch as bat I am in my Father, the whole body fitly joined to- ye know that ye were not redeema me, and I in you.

gether and compacted by thated with corruptible things, as IV, 1, 2, 4, 6. I am the

which every joint supplieth, silver and gold, from your vain le, and my Father is the

according to the effectual work conversation received by tradition Iman. Every branch in

ing in the measure of every part, from your fathers; But with the t beareth not fruit he

maketh increase of the body unto I precious blood of Christ, as of a

the edifying of itself in love. lamb without blemish and withiway, and every branch

out spot: Who verily was forerreth truit be purgeth it. Eph. V, 29, 30. For no man ever

yet hated jay bring forth more fruit,

I ordained before the foundation of his own flesh; but nourisheth and cherisheth it, even

the world, but was manifest in o me, and I in you. As och cannot bear frult of

these last times for you. as the Lord the church: For we cept it abide in the vine: are members of his body, of his Rev. v, 9. And they sung a new can ye, except ye abide flesh, and of his bones.

song, saying, Thou art worthy to I am the vine, ye are the Col. 1, 18. And he is the head of

take the book, and to open the she that abideth in me, the body, the church: who is the

seals thereof; for thou wast slain, him, the same bringeth beginning, the firstborn from the ana na

and hast redeemed us to God by ch fruits for witbout me I dead: that in all things he might | thy blood out of every kindred, o nothing. have the preeminence.

and tongue, and people, and

nation, XVI, 33. These things I Col. ii, 10. And ye are complete ken unto you, that in me in him, which is the head of all t have peace. In the principality and power.

1 Cor. vi, 20. For ye are bought shall have tribulation:

Heb. ii, 11-13. For both he that with a price: therefore glorify God good cheer, I have over sanctifeth and they who are in your body, and in your spirit, world.

Banctified are all of one: for which which are God's. 111, 8-10. So then they cause he is not ashamed to call 1 Cor. vil, 23. Yo are bought In the flesh cannot please them brethren. Saying, I will de- with a price: be not ye the ser

with a price: be not ye the serthe Spirit of Christ, he in the midst of the church will I The snow any man clare thy dame unto my brethren of his. And if Christ I sing praise unto thee. And again,

TUE DEATH OF CHRIST PREin the body is dead I will put my trust in him. And of sin; but the Spirit again, Behold I and the children

DETERMINED. because of righteous which God bath given me.

Luke ix, 30, 31. And, behold,

there talked with him two men, 11, 5. So we, being many. I (On the ofices of PROPHET and which were Moses and Elias: Who ody in Christ, and every KING, EXERCISED BY

appeared in glory, and pake of

his decease which he shonld acbers one of another.


complish at Jerusalem. II, 16. For who hath

See under JESUS CHRIST.) le mind of the Lord, that

John xvill, 81, 82. Then said instruct him? But we


Pilate unto them, Take ye him, mind of Christ.

and judge him according to your THE PRICE.

law. The Jews therefore said xii, 12. 27. For as the Acts xx, 28. Take heed there- unto hiin, It is not lawful for us ne, and hath many mem-fore unto yourselves, and to all to put any man to death: That all the members of that the flock, over the which the the saying of Jesus might be ful

being many, are one | Holy Ghost hath made you over-filled, which he spake, signifying also 18 Cbrist, Now ye seers, to feed the church of God, I what death he should die. ody of Cbrist, and mem- which he hath purchased with his John xix, 11. Jesus answered, Irticular. own blood.

Thou couldest have no power at til 3. Since ye seek a Eph. 1, 7, 8. In wbom we have all against me, except it were Christ speaking in me, I redemption through his blood, the I given thee from above; therefore yon-ward is not weak, I forgiveness of sins, according to be that delivered me unto theo shty in you.

the riches of his grace; Wherein hath the greater sin, 9. 10. 21--23. Having

he hath abounded toward us in Acts lil. 18. But those things, own unto us the mystery | all wisdom and prudence.

which God before had shewed by II. according to his good Heb. ix, 11-14. But Christ being the mouth of all his propbets, that which he hath purposed come a high priest of good Christ should suller, he hath so That in the dispensa-I things to come, by a greater and fulfilled.

Acts iv, 27, 28. For of a truth, ing, Get thee behind me, Satan: , might be a mercifol and fall against thy holy child Jesus, for thou savourest not the things | high priest in things pertal whom thou hast anointed, both that be of God, but the things that to God, to make reconciliation Herod, and Pontius Pilate, with be of men,

the sins of the people. For in the Gentiles, and the people of Mark x. 32-34. And they were

he himself bath suffered, Israel, were gathered together, in the way going up to Jerusalem;

tempted, he is able to see For to do whatsoever thy hand and Jesus went before them; and

them that are tempted. and thy counsel determined before

they were amazed: and as they Heb. III, 1, 2. Wherefore, to be done.

followed, they were afraid. And brethren, partakers of the 1 Peter i, 20. Who verily was he took again the twelve, and be-venly calling, consider the ap foreordained before the founda gan to tell them what things and High Priest of our profes tion of the world, but was maul should happen unto him, Saying. I Christ Jesus Who was faith fest in these last times for you. Behold, we go up to Jerusalem; him that appointed him,

and the Son of man shall be deli Moses was faithful is

vered unto the chief priests, and house. AxD PREDICTED.

unto the scribes; and they shall Heb. iv, 14, 15. Seeing the Gen, iii, 15. And I will put condemn him to death, and shall

we have have a great bigo deliver him to the Gentiles: And enmity between thee and the

that is passed into the bes woman, and between thy seed they shall mock him, and shall

Jess the Son of God. let and her seed; it shall bruise thy

scourge bim, and shall spit upon fast our profession. Forse

him, and shall kill him; and the head, and thou shalt bruise his

not an high priest which beel.

third day he shall rise again. be touched with the feelia Ps. xxll, 1, 16. My God, my God, Luke ix, 43, 44. And they were all infirmities; but was in all

tempted liko as we artyd why bast thou forsaken me? rohy amazed at the mighty power of art thou so far from helping me, God. God. But while they wondered

out sin. and from the words of my roar every one at all things which Heb. v, 6, 7, 10. As be ing? For dogs have compassed Jesus did, he said unto his dis-In another place, Thou art me; the assembly of the wicked ciples, Let these sayings sink for ever, after the order have enclosed me: they pierced down into your ears: for the Son chisedec: Who in the day my hands and my feet.

of man shall be delivered into the flesh, when he had olie hands of men.

prayers and supplication Dan. Ix, 26. And after threescore

strong crying and tears, and two weeks shall Messiah be | Luke xiii, 32, 33. And he said unto

that was able to save him cut off, but not for himself: and them, Go ye, and tell that fox, Be

death, and was heard in the the people of the prince that shall hold, I cast out devils, and I do

feared. Called of God sa come shall destroy the city, and cures to day and to morrow, and

priest, after the order of Me the sanctuary; and the end therethe third day I shall be perfected.

edec. of shall be with a flood, and unto! Nevertheless I must walk to day,

Heb. VI, 20. Wbither the the end of the war desolations are and to morrow, and the day lollowing: for it cannot be that a pro

runner is for us entered determined phet perish out of Jerusalem,

Jesus, made an high pula Zech, xiii, 7. Awake, O sword,

ever, after the order of against my Shepherd, and against | Luke xvii, 25. But first must be edec. the man that is my fellow, saith suffer many things, and be rejected Heb. yil. 7. 8. 1. 13-11, the LORD of hosts: smite the of this generation.

24-28. And without all Shepherd, and the sheep shall be scattered; and I will turn mine

Luke xviil, 31-33. Then he took

diction, the less is blessed hand upon the little ones.

unto him the twelve, and said unto better. And bere men that

them, Behold, we go up to Jerusa ceive tithes, but there bere Matth. xvi. 21. From that time I lem,and all things that are written

them, of whom it is witness forth began Jesus to sew unto by the prophets concerning the

he liveth. If therefore per his disciples, how that he must go Son of man shall be accomplished,

were by the Levitical pie unto Jerusalem, and suffer many | For he shall be delivered unto the I (for under it the people to things of the elders and chief Gentiles, and shall be mooked,

the law) What ferihet deed priests and scribes, and be killed, and spitefully entreated, and spit

there that another priest and be raised again the third day. ted on: And they shall scourge

rise after the order of Melch Matth. xvil, 22

and not be called after the 23. And while

him, and put him to death, they abode in Galilee, Jesus said

John xli, 92-34. And I, If I be of Aaron? For be ol be

lifted up from unto them, The Son of man shall

things are spoken perta

the earth, will be betrayed into the hands of

another tribe, of which draw all men unto me. This he mea; And they shall kill him, and

gare attendance at the star said, signifying what death he the third day he shall be raised should die. The people answer

it is evident that our Lord ed him. We have heard out of the

out of Judah; of which tribe again. And they were exceeding law that Christ abideth for ever.

spake nothing concerns sorry. and how sayest thou, The Son of

hood. And it is yet tar Vart vill, 30-33. And he charged man must be lifted up! who is

dent for that after the sea them that they should tell no man this Son of man?

of Melchisedec there are of him. And he began to teach

other priest. Who is them, that the Son of man must NARRATIVE OF CHRISTS after the law of carga suffer many things, and be reject

DEATH AND SUFFERINGS. ed of the elders, and of the chief

mandment, but after the

an endless life. For lates priests, and scribes, and be killed.


Thou art a priest for et and after three days rise again.

the order of Melchisedec And he spake that saying openly.


law made totaleg perfect, Aud Peter took him and began to


bringing in of a better D rebuke him. But when he hadl Hed. il, 17, 18, Wherefore in all by the which we draw turned about and looked on his things it bebored him to be made God. And lastecek disciples de rebuked Peter.



those priests were made) nifying, that the way into the holl- CHRIST'S DEATH SACRIFIout an oath; but this with an est of all was not yet made mani.

CIAL. by himn that said unto him, fest, while as the first tabernacle Lord sware, and will not re- / was yet standing: Which

Ps, x1, 6-8. Sacrifice and offering Thou art a priest for ever, figure for the time then present,

thou didst not desire; mine ears the order of Melchisedec:) in which were offered both gifts

hast thou opened: burnt-offering o much was Jesus made a and sacrifices, that could not make

and sin-offering hast thou not reEs of a better testament. But him that did the service perfect, I quired. Then sala 1, LO, I come: man, becanse he continueth as pertaining to the conscience;

nscience in the volume of the book it is bath an unchangeable priest Which stood only in meats and

written of me, I delight to do tby For such an high priest drinks, and divers washings, and will, my God; yea, thy law is me ns. echo is holy, harinless. carual ordinances. imposed on within my heart. diled, separate from binners, them until the time of reforma Dan, ix, 27. And he shall conmade higher than the hea- tion,

form the covenant with many for Who needeth not daily, as Heb. x, 1-5, 10, 11, 17--19, 21, 22. one week: and in the midst of the high priests, to offer up sa-For the law having a shadow of week he shall cause the sacrifice

first for his own sins, and good things to come, and not the and the oblation to cease, and for for the people's: for this he very image of the things, can the over-spreading of abominaDoce, when he offered up never with those sacrifices, wbich | tions he shall make it desolate, PL For the law maketh men they offered year by year conti. even until the consummatioti, and priests which have infirmity; nually, make the comers there that determined shall be poured he word of the oath, which unto perfect: For then would they upon the desolate. ence the law, maketh the

not have ceased to be offered? bewho is consecrated for ever

Heb. ix, 25, 26. Nor yet that he cause that the worshippers once

should offer himself often, as the purged should have had no more

high priest entereth into the holy vill, 1-5. Now of the things conscience of sins. But in those

place every year with blood of we have spoken this is the sacrifices there is a remembranco

others; (For then must he often We have such an high priest, agaiu made of sins every year.

have suffered since the foundaset on the right band of For it is not possible that the

tion of the world;) but now Once blood of bulls and of goats shonld trone of the Majesty in the

in the end of the world hath he as A minister of the sanc

| take away sins. By the which and of the true tabernacle,

appeared, to put away sin by the will we are sanctified, through the

sacrifice of himnself. the Lord pitched, and not

offering of the body of Jesus Por every high priest is or

Christ once for all. And every Heb. X, 5-9, 14. Wherefore,

priest standeth daily ministering, when he cometh into the world, I to offer gifts and sacrifices:

and offering oftentimes the same he saith, Sacrifice and offering fore it is of necessity that ian have somewhat also to

sacrifices, which can never take thou wouldest not, but a body For if he were on earth, he

away sins. And their sins and in-hast thou prepared me: In burntInot be a priest, seeing that

quities will I remember no more. offerings and sacrifices for sin are priests that offer gifts

Now, where remission of these is, thou hast had no pleasure: Then

there is no more offering for sin.) said I, LO, I come (in the volume lng to the law; Who serve

Having therefore, brethren, bold- of the book it is written of me) to be example and shadow of bly things, as Moses was ad

ness to enter into the holiest by do thy will, O God. Above, when

the blood of Jesus, And having an he said, Sacrifice, and offering. bed of God when he was

high priest over the house of God; and burnt-offerings, and offering to make the tabernacle: for.

Let us draw near with a true for sin, thou wouldest not, neither with he) that thou make all

heart, in full assurance of faith, according to the pattern

hadst pleasure therein; (which having our hearts sprinkled from d to thee in the mount.

are offered by the law:) Then an evil conscience, and our bodies said he, Lo, I come to do thy will, It, 1-10. Then verlly the | washed with pure water.

O God. He taketh away the first, venant had also ordinances Heb. xlil, 10-12. We have an

that he may establish the second. loe service, and a worldly altar, whereof they have no right

For by one offering he hath perary. For there was a taberto eat wbich serve the tabernacle. |

fected for ever them made; the first, wherein was

that are For the bodies of those beasts,

sanctified. Dalestick, and the table and

whose blood is brought into the jew-bread; which is called inctuary.' And after the

sanctuary by the high priest for SUBSTITUTIONARY.

sin, are burned without the camp. I vall, the tabernacle which

180. liil, 4-6. Surely he hath Wherefore Jesus also, that he borne our griefs, and carried our d the Holiest of all; Which be golden censer, and the might sanctify the people with

sorrows; yet we did esteen him the covenant overlaid round his own blood, buffered without

stricken, smitten of God, and with gold, wherein was the the gate.

afflicted. But he u003 wounded pot that had manna, and Eph. v, 2, 25-27. And walk in for our transgressions, he was is rod that budded, and the love, as Christ also hath loved us,

bruised for our iniquities: the of the covenant; And over and hath given himself for us an

chastisement of our peace was Cherubiins of glory shadow I offering and a sacrifice to God for upon bim; and with his stripes wo e tuercy-seat; of which we

| a sweet-smelling savour. Hus- jare healed. All we, like sheep. bow speak particularly. | bands, love your wives, even as have gone astray; we bave turned Then these things were thus Christ also loved the church, and every one to his own way; and ted, the priests went always I gave himself for it: That he | the LORD hath laid on him the the first tabernacle, accom- might sanctify and cleanse it with iniquity of us all. by the serviceof God: But into the washing of water by the word;

Mark x, 45. For even the Son of boond went the high priest That he might present it to him

man came not to be ministered once every year, not without self & glorious church, pot hav

unto, but to minister, and to give which he offered for him- | ing spot, or wrinkle, or any such und for the errors of the thing: but that it should be boly

his life a ransom for many. The Holy Ghost this sig. land without blemisli,

Rom. v, 6-8. For when we were

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